My Life as a Wittol Ch. 07B

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Roger and Max had both been to the lake where my co-workers and I had gone fishing and they knew it would be late afternoon before I would be home. Neither man was in a hurry to leave and planned to take their time as they continued to use CJ.

As the two naked men followed CJ to her bedroom, Roger scooped her up in his arms. CJ squealed loudly as he carried her towards our bedroom and she playfully tried to fight him off. He gently tossed her in the middle of the bed and the two guys walked along side it then they each lay beside her. She softly purred as they each tenderly kissed and caressed her breasts.

As they rested up on their elbows lying beside her, she slid her arms around each of their necks. Her breathing grew heavier and it was apparent she was very much aroused. Her head slowly fell back as Roger took a nipple in his mouth and gently rubbed his tongue over the hard nipple. She slowly pulled Max to her other breast and she softly cooed as his lips closed around her sensitive nipple.

The two men were so different in their assault on her breasts. Max liked to gently rub her breast as he tenderly kissed and licked her nipple and gently sucked on it, Roger was more urgent, he made her squirm as he squeezed her breast harder and bit at her nipple.

She felt Roger’s lips move as he kissed her breast and then she felt the familiar sensation as he started to suck on the side of her breast. She sorrowfully sighed as she realized he was marking her breast and she held his head to her tit as she told him, “Oh yes Baby… that’s it… remind everyone that you own my pussy…” She felt his mouth open wider and he started to aggressively suck and she knew he was a going to leave a big mark.

She turned to Max and smiled softly as she asked, “You really thought I was a… How did you it put it? Oh yeah… a good fuck?”

Max smiled back as he caressed her breast, “Oh yes! You’re not only gorgeous… but a good fuck too. I can’t remember the last time I came that hard. I had been waiting to fuck you since the first time I saw you at the club.”

She thoughtfully stared into Max’s face, and then pulled him up to her. She kissed him as her legs opened and Max moved on top of her.

He lay over her, his body supported on his out stretched arms. Her legs wrapped around his thighs as she reached between them and took his rapidly growing cock in her hand. Her hips rose as she rubbed the head along her wet pussy. She whimpered as he pulled away and each time he got close enough for her to get the head in her he would pull away again. He slyly smiled down at her as he teased her.

She angrily cried out, “Come on Max… fuck me!”

He chuckled, “Oh my. CJ doesn’t like to be teased I see… all you have to do is tell me what you want.”

CJ whimpered, “I want you to fuck me… to feel your hard cock sliding canlı bahis deep in me… stretching me… I want you to shoot your seed deep in me…”

He let nearly half his cock slide in her and her hips rose and fell as her pussy slid up and down on part of his cock. She grew frustrated at his teasing and Roger and Max were startled at the loud smack as CJ’s hand landed on his bare ass. She angrily told him, “Now fuck me!” She cried out in ecstasy as he thrust his cock hard into her and she moaned as she felt it plunge all the way.

Their bodies began to shine as the light from the living room faintly illuminated their sweat covered bodies. He thrust his cock in her over and over as she lay on her back, her legs wrapped tightly around his thighs. He slid his arms under her legs and pulled them up on his shoulders and he thrust his cock hard and it pushed deeper still. He took her ankles and pushed her legs back over her and he started to thrust hard, his hips moving faster as he slammed his cock into her.

CJ could hardly do anything other than lie back and take the hard pounding. Her whimpers grew louder as her orgasm neared. She grunted loudly as he continued to slam his cock deep into her. She cried out as another orgasm crashed through her body. Her hips rose and she held them high as he fucked her while she came on his cock. He continued to aggressively fuck her through her orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided he lowered her legs down and slowly slid his still hard cock in and out as she calmed. He smiled and chuckled as he teased her, “Damn CJ… I think you could be dangerous when you come!” He chuckled as he added, “I imagine you may have woken some of your neighbors”

Roger nudged Max and he frowned as he pulled his still hard cock out of CJ’s aroused cunt. He moved to the side of the bed as he slowly stroked his still hard cock.

Roger gently urged CJ onto her side and he pushed her top leg up as he straddled the lower leg. His cock slid easily into her stretched pussy and he slowly started to fuck her. CJ, from experience with Roger, knew at this pace he would last a long time, especially after he had come a short time earlier. She decided to just lie there and enjoy Roger’s big cock as it slid smoothly in and out.

CJ was exhausted from all the orgasms and she slowly opened her eyes to the sight of Max standing next to the bed watching as his hand slowly slid along the long hard shaft. She looked up into his face and slowly stretched her arm out and reached for his manhood.

He knelt on the bed next to her head and she wrapped her fingers around his cock and slowly rubbed it. She looked up into his face and lustfully smiled as she gently tugged on it and he moved closed. His finger wrapped around the back of her head and he drew her head close. And as her lips parted he guided his cock into her mouth and slowly bahis siteleri started to fuck her mouth.

In her exhausted state she could only lie there as the two guys used her sloppy cunt and mouth. She softly moaned as their cocks start to move more aggressively. She could faintly hear them in her sex induced cloud, but she heard enough to know they were planning on coming together.

Roger groaned as he pushed her leg further back and he started fucking her with long strokes. Roger excitedly asked Max, “I’m getting close… you ready to come in her mouth?”

Max gripped CJ’s head tighter and he started thrusting his cock faster into CJ’s mouth.

He looked down at CJ and watched his cock slid in and out of her mouth as he told Roger, “I am pretty close… I need a few more minutes.” Max moaned, “Her mouth feels so good. I could fuck it like this all night.”

CJ listened to their crude talk and she became more aroused and excited. She took Max’s cock in her hand and held it. She felt his cock start to swell as she started to suck harder.

Max was the first to cum. He roared loudly as he thrust his cock deep. It erupted in CJ’s mouth and her mouth quickly filled with the thick cum. She held his hard cock as she tried to swallow his cum and slowly stroked it as she sucked and caressed the head with her tongue. He slowly fucked her mouth as more cum gushed into her waiting mouth.

She felt Roger start to slam his cock in her, but with Max’ cock still in her mouth her muffled groans were barely audible as another strong orgasm rushed through her body.

Roger felt her pussy tighten around his cock as CJ shook from the powerful orgasm. Her pussy gripped his cock and he could not hold back any longer. He moaned loudly as he came in her pussy. He continued to keep thrusting his cock all the way in her and he would groan yet again each time he shot more cum deep in her trembling cunt.

The trio started to calm after their orgasms. They all kind of froze in place as if in slow motion. Roger slowly slid his softening cock in and out of CJ as he tried to catch his breath, Max was gently moaning as he held CJ’s head. CJ softly moaned as she felt Roger’s cock ever so slowly sliding in and out. She held the head of Max’s cock in her mouth and gently purred as she lovingly stroked it. She caressed the soft head with her tongue and she smiled to herself as she felt Max’s body jerk each time her tongue slid over the sensitive head.

His cock slipped from her mouth and she squeezed the base as her hand slid upward. She smiled as a small white drop of thick cum oozed from his cock. She gently licked the droplet of cum off the tip of his cock and she looked up at him. They looked into each other’s face and she tenderly kissed the head of his cock.

They all fell exhausted onto the bed. They lay silently only their heavy bahis şirketleri breathing was noticeable.

Max was the first to speak as the morning sun shone through the windows. He rolled over and cupped CJ’s breast and started to lightly caress it, “It has been an amazing evening and greatly enjoyed, but I have to be at my real job in just a few hours.”

After the guys finished dressing CJ walked with the two men to the back patio. CJ, dressed in only her short red satin flowered robe, rose up on her toes as she in turn kissed Roger and Max goodbye. The short robe rose exposing her tiny naked ass. The guys took the opportunity to once again slide their hands inside her robe and gently caress her bare breasts.

She stood on the back patio, her open robe exposing the sides of her small bare breasts as well as the short curly bush that sparsely covered her pussy, as she watched the guys back out of the driveway.

She heard the click of a lighter and notice the low flame as the older neighbor from the rear rental home walked onto the patio as he took a hit from his glass pipe. She got a whiff of the pot scent as he inhaled the smoke. He offered the pipe to CJ as he held the potent smoke in and smiled as he gazed at CJ’s partially exposed breasts.

She blushed a little as she realized her robe was open and she apologized as she sensuously pulled it closed and loosely retied the satin belt. She took the pipe and took a nice hit before handing it back to him.

He knowingly smiled as he spoke, “I guess it was a long night for you I see…” He paused just for a moment then said, “And from what I heard you very much enjoyed it too… but next time you might want to consider closing your bedroom window or the neighbors might talk.”

They stood on the back patio and talked as they finished the bowl of pot. He tapped the pipe out on his hand and shoved it in his pocket then turned to CJ and slowly pulled her robe open exposing her breasts. He stepped forward and slipped his hand inside her robe and cupped her bare breast. CJ gasped and caught her breath as his thumb slid over her sensitive nipple as he laughed, “It’s going to be a bit hard to hide that hickey.”

Suddenly he just stepped back and as he turned to leave, he slyly grinned as he told her, “I think it is going to be interesting living next to you… we’ll talk later.” CJ watched him walk away. She realized how aroused she had gotten when the neighbor had caressed her breast but also concerned about the mark Roger left on her breast.

CJ was just getting out of the shower when I eventually got home from the fishing trip. I noticed the dark mark on CJs breast as she toweled herself off. She hurriedly slipped into her robe, trying to conceal Roger’s mark. I didn’t say anything about it. I kissed her on the back of the neck and slid my arms around her. I gently took her small breast in my hands and caressed them. I asked her, “Did you enjoy the weekend?”

She replied, “Yeah, I did. I met the neighbor next door. He seems like a nice guy. I hope we get to know him better.”

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