My Kind of Bar

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A number of years ago my wife and I were visiting a bar in New Zealand. We were there for the Christchurch Fetish Ball and were dressed in our finest latex. I look around the club after ordering our drinks and along a wall was a bench. On the bench was a couple dressed in their amazingly sexy latex outfits. He sat on the bench and she was on the floor between his legs sucking his cock.

The first thought I have is I’d love to be on my knees sucking a cock too. You see, I am a proud and very horny cocksucker and love being watched. Because of my love of latex and craving for cock this image is as clear today as it was in person ten years ago.

Fast forward to today. I dream of entering a bar, a gay bar. I order a drink and look to find a place to sit. I notice an older man looking my way and he gestures for me to sit with him. There is no small talk. He takes my hand and moves it under the table to his cock. He is hard and ready. Again, with no words spoken, he takes his other hand and places it behind my head and pulls me down toward him. I know what he wants. I get down on my knees, under the table, between his legs. I get the first look at his beautiful cock. It is glistening with pre-cum. He takes his cock and slaps my face again and again. He then rubs it over my face and across my lips. I’ve opened my mouth to take him in but he continued to tease me by making me bob and weave canlı bahis trying to capture the object of my desire. I do so crave him in my mouth and down my throat but he is in control. This will be on his terms. It is clear that I am here to serve him and satisfy his desires.

“I finally ask , May I please taste and suck his magnificent cock?”

He continues to toy with me.

“He says, you need to speak louder now so all in the bar can hear.”

At this point I am so in need for his cock.

“With the loudest voice I can speak, Sir, you have a beautiful cock. May I please have the honor of sucking that magnificent cock.”

“He says, that’s better faggot, although you don’t deserve this, I can see you are in distress and I will let you serve me. There is only one requirement, you must agree to be used by anyone in this bar after we’re done for you to have the honor of sucking my cock. Do you agree?”

“I respond, Yes Sir, anything you desire Sir, I am here to serve you and please you Sir.”

With that he allows me to kiss the head of his steel hard cock. I take his cock in my hand and lick his shaft from the tip of the slit down to the base of his balls. I can taste him and the taste drives me wild. I cup his balls in my hands delicately I massaged them as I take them into my mouth.

“He moans, you’re such a good faggot cocksucker.”

I move back to bahis siteleri his cock. I’m not sucking him, I’m making love to his cock. I adore his cock. I crave his cock. I must have and worship his cock.

As I work my way back up his cock and take him in my mouth and down my throat I work my magic. I can see that his cock glistened with my saliva and pre-cum. It is so beautiful, so hard, so tasty. My urgency is growing as is his. I want to have his cum fill my mouth. I swallow his cock. It is deep in my throat. I feel him hard and his cock is pulsing. He puts his hands behind my head and starts fucking my face. Harder, faster, deeper. I hear his breathing become labored. We both have lost control. I crave his cock and cum and he wants to release.

“I hear a loud, Oh fuck me!!”

And there it is, pulse after pulse of cum fills me. I take it in my mouth and savor it. I’ve stopped moving because I know he is sensitive. He slowly withdraws from the warmth and wetness of my mouth. He takes his cock and cleans it by rubbing it on my face. I swallow my delicious reward.

“He tells me, you’ve been a great faggot. The men here will enjoy you. You must not remove that cum from your face. Stay on your knees boi, there are others here ready to use you.” I obey.

As I turn to get up someone grabs me and throws me across a table.

“You’re not done yet boi. Don’t move and do bahis şirketleri as I say and all will be well”.

I obey. Someone is removing my pants. I turn to see who but someone else grabs my head.

“Open up and suck my cock.”

I’m more than happy to obey. I feel the plump mushroom head of his cock enter my mouth. I’d love to kiss and lick it but this man has an urgency about him. While my mouth and throat are being impaled on this steel hard cock I feel fingers on my ass. One, then two are in me. I feel moist there, no pain, just a pleasure of being explored. Just as quickly as I notice the fingers they disappear and I feel a cock being rubbed between my ass cheeks.

The man with the cock in my mouth and down my throat is pounding me and it is causing me to push back against the man getting ready to fuck me. The man behind me has put his cock against my opening and as I am slammed one more time in the face I am pushed back and down on the cock behind me. I’m being spit roasted. I’m in heaven as both cocks are using me, pounding me, fucking me, not for me but for their own pleasures. I can feel the urgency building in the cock in my mouth. He is now being quite verbal.

“Take that you faggot, suck my cock. I’m going to cum and you’d better not spill a drop.”

With that he begins to fill me with rope after rope of cum. I swallow every last drop. This has been enough to trigger the man in my ass. He is hard and deep and is filling me with his cum as well. I am fucked and so very happy. I have found my place.

Several men approach but what happens next is another story.

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