My Happy Ending Massage

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This happened around 10 years ago. A friend of mine had been to a massage parlour in London and had told me what a good time he had, though it transpired from later conversation that he had not had sex. After weeks of confused thinking, shall I or shant I and plucking up the courage I decided to go.

I was worried about a number of aspects of visiting such a place with getting caught and my wife and family finding out being the main one. In addition there was the stigma I felt of ‘paying for it,’ the worry over what it and she would be like and the health issues also playing their parts.

Eventually I plucked up the courage and went along full of nerves and trepidation.

I had to ring a buzzer and wait for the door to be opened and that made me even more nervous. However, inside it was clean and tidy with some pop music, probably a radio playing. The receptionist was about my age, mid-thirties at the time was neatly dressed, very friendly and efficient. She handed me a laminated card that listed the services and asked what I wanted. What I actually wanted, sex, was not listed, of course.

“Er how do you mean?” I rather ridiculously asked.

Smiling she said. “Well how long do you want, thirty or forty five minutes or an hour, or you can have VIP that includes being bathed by the masseuse and champagne with the massage.”

Being bathed by a girl, though sounding exciting was I thought a little ambitious for my first time and I certainly did not want the champagne.

“Er just an hour perhaps?”

“Yes that will be fine, that’s fifty pounds. Would you like to pamper yourself and perhaps have two girls?”

“I would love to, but as it’s my first time I won’t be greedy,” I replied.

“Well save that as a treat for next time,” she said smiling and handing me a towel as she added. “And in case we only have one lady working this afternoon.”

The idea of being bathed by a masseuse or having two girls assuming they got it on with each other was very tempting. However, I knew that I would be hellishly nervous and that could easily lead to the dreaded premature ejaculation so I avoided anything more adventurous than an hour massage.

She showed me to a well-appointed room that had a shower in the corner and a double sized massage table.

“Unfortunately we only have Andrea working today so James I cannot offer you a choice, but she is lovely and very er friendly; I am sure you will not be disappointed.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled as she turned and left saying.

“She will be here in just a moment or two,” and she was.

I was amazed and very pleasantly surprised. I had not been expecting to have an extremely attractive woman and had been worried that she might be fat, ugly and dirty. She was none of those. Best guess is she was late twenties and was a redhead wearing a white uniform, a coat like doctors wear, which came mid-thigh; she had nice legs. It fitted her tightly across her ample breasts and slightly oversized hips and bottom and gaped a little at the buttons. She had very sexy, lovely white teeth, big blue, almond-shaped eyes, and voluptuous lips that it was very easy to imagine being round my cock. I could not tell for sure at this stage, but she looked to have nice breasts. If anything, she was on the plump side canlı bahis and certainly she was not skinny, which suits me down to the ground. To be honest I doubt that I could have got a more suitable masseuse even if I had a wide choice.

She introduced herself as Andrea, and asked how long I had booked for. I told her an hour and she smiled and said. “Good we will have plenty of time and won’t have to rush anything will we?” As she said that she gazed right into my eyes sending shudders of desire through me. She asked me to undress and take a shower and told me she would be back in five minutes.

I was not quite sure what to do after drying myself. Should I lie on the table or sit on it, wrap the towel round me or remain naked. Andrea solved my quandary by returning just as I finished drying myself.

“Ready James?”

“Yes Andrea I am.”

Taking the towel from me and glancing at my slight erection she nodded and smiled knowingly.

“Ok luv, on your front first. Oil or powder?”


“Do you want me to use oil or powder?”

I had no idea really, but as I had used oil to jerk off and I had rubbed into my wife’s breasts a few times as part of our lovemaking, I asked for that.

She began on my shoulders and neck. I was in fairly good nick from five-a-side football and lots of tennis and she began with long strokes on the back of my arms to my wrists, then extensive shoulder work. I would guess this went on for five minutes with her standing at my head and massaging me over my head. She had a lovely smell and I was intoxicated by her. As she worked my back she asked me if the pressure was ok and I kind of mumbled it was fine’ already I was becoming turned on. She moved round the table and began on my lower back. She moved onto my calfs, the backs of my knees, lower thighs and the soles of my feet after. After I stopped leaping around due to being ticklish, which she found amusing, I found the foot massage very stimulating mainly because she rested my feet on her hips.

She then worked more on my thighs and this is when I became fully stiff, which was most awkward when lying on it! I solved it partially by raising one knee that lifted my stomach off the bed a little way. Seeing that, I think she sensed that I was hard for her fingers slid down my side, around my hip bone and just into the gap between that and the bed. They touched the tip of my dick, which made my body jerk and made me grunt.

She asked if I would like to turn over. Oh no I thought, this is too fucking embarrassing for words. I have a generous sized cock, around seven inches and a thick girth. Being uncircumcised it is not easily hidden when fully erect and naked on that bed there was no hiding place.

Anyway, I kind of shuffled round and lay back with my eyes closed tightly. Feeling her hands lifting my head I opened my eyes and saw that she was holding a small pillow. I watched her as she put it under my head and saw that she made no obvious signs of looking at my cock, but it must have been very noticeable. She asked if I was ok, I said yes so she started back on my upper chest and neck area.

Slowly she worked down my chest and actually spent time on my nipples and upper stomach. I am fairly hairy so the oil was becoming matted in the hairs on my chest bahis siteleri hence, she spent a long time on this part of my body. My eyes were closed again and I was in heaven at the touch of her hands and fingers. I was probably breathing heavier now, which she must have picked up on as she worked slowly down to my stomach. She didn’t massage that but ran what felt like the back of her fingernails over it, into my groin and onto my upper thigh. They went so close to my erection and even closer to my balls and again my body tingled and I groaned with pleasure and anticipation.

Then she moved to my legs. Starting at my ankles and working up gradually she spent time on my calf muscles and strangely my knees. When she went further up she worked hard on the bigger muscles going quite deeply into them as do straight masseurs. As she went further upwards I was now fully erect and couldn’t give a damn about it, in fact I was getting a kick from flaunting it at her; deep down I am probably an exhibitionist. Now I wanted her hands on me, I wanted her to stroke it and rub it.

I was now squirming on the table and she clearly knew that so she stopped in mid flow. I opened my eyes, and she said.

“Ok James?”

“Oh yes Andrea, very ok.”

“You enjoying it, is it good?”

“Yes I am and yes it is good, very good,” I mumbled.

Looking pointedly at my hard on she said with a smile. “Will you be requiring extras?”

“What’s on the menu?” I asked dying to shove my hand up her short, white coat.

She said ” I can lock the door and we can have fun. This will cost you more, are you aware of that?”

I said sure, and how much. She told me it was twenty five pounds for hand relief, fifty for a blow job and a hundred for sex.

“Will you be naked?”

“Not for the hand relief or blow job, but I could,” she said smiling. “Be persuaded to undo these,” as she undid the buttons on her coat.

She rested her fingertips on my cock and said. “So what’s it to be big boy?”

“Lets go for the naked sex,” I said sliding my arm round her and slipping my hand up the coat and onto her fulsome bum; she did nothing to make me move it. “Can I cum on these?” I asked lifting her breasts.

She said of course and walked to the door and locked it. She turned and came back to the table removing her tunic as she walked. Standing close to me she stripped down to her bra and pants. Although she indeed was a little overweight with a slightly bulging tummy, she had great tits and in my aroused state she looked amazing, truly amazing.

With a big smile, she then said. “Ok let’s rock “, and grasped my cock and rubbed it slowly. I lay back as she stroked it and cupped my balls and rolled them around. “This is lovely,” she said referring to my erection. “It’s so lovely I am going to throw in a blow job for free if you want one.”

Andrea then asked me to open my eyes and unclip her bra, which amazingly I managed first time. She turned round and her tits were all I had imagined, nice size, firm and big pink, erect nipples. She bent over the table and fed her nipples one at a time into my mouth whilst holding my cock. She began to stroke me and wank me slowly as I fed my mouth on her tits. I put my hand on her thigh then worked round to the front of her pants. bahis şirketleri I would love to say she was dripping wet but she wasn’t, however I rubbed her crotch as she now cradled my balls and played with them like two eggs.

I got my hands under the hem of her pants and worked my hand in, she was entirely smooth and I found her slit with my index finger. She allowed me to play with her pussy for a minute or two then she stood up. She took her panties off and stood before me naked, flaunting her body at me

“You like?” she asked still softly rubbing my cock.

“Jesus you are beautiful,” I croaked.

“Ok,” she said smiling. “I need to suck that cock. You can finger me whilst I suck you but please do not touch my arse, I just don’t do that.”

“Fine,” I replied as she turned sideways with her bum facing me as she sunk my cock into her mouth. She licked the top, pressed the tip of her tongue against the hole and then ran it down my length and onto and around my balls. I was likely oozing pre cum by now and she twirled her tongue round the end, pulling my foreskin back. She then slowly ran her mouth all the way down my cock and sucked my balls, I simply adore that. As she was bending over slightly and her legs were apart I found her pussy quite easily and slid two fingers up her. She was becoming moist now and I worked her folds and found her clit at the top. She did moan a little then, despite her mouth being full of me at the same time. She deep throated me, which was my first time ever, what an amazing experience! She was now wet and I began finger fucking her. I pushed another finger against her cunt and that went in easily so I quickened my pace. She had now moved her mouth and was kissing my cock and just sucking the end of it; from my limited experience I would have said she was a star at oral.

She looked round at me and said. “You ready.”

I nodded. She turned her head away, put her hand to her mouth and then bent over me and took my cock in her mouth again. I could hardly believe that she had slid a condom onto me with her mouth

She lifted herself up on the table and straddled me facing away from me. I cupped the full cheeks of her arse as she hovered above me and guided my cock to her pussy lips, rotated slightly then sunk down on it to the hilt. She started to fuck by slowly lifting her arse up and then sinking back down, I was thrusting upwards and we found a rhythm. We fucked like that for a few minutes with me slamming into her as she rode me. Amazingly agilely she managed to rotate her body without taking me out.

“You can play with these now,” she said leaning forward and grazing her tits over my face. “Tell me when you are near.”

She fucked me harder in this position and it was not long before I felt the first tell-tale signs of my impending orgasm. I told her that I was ready. Quickly easing herself off me she said.

“Cum on my tits then,” as she pulled the condom off, slid down the bed and held her tits together. I wriggled so that I was above them and as she cupped my balls I wanked myself until streams of cum shot onto her full tits.

I collapsed backwards as she eased herself upright and drew breath . I wanted to lick her pussy but decided against asking. After a few minutes rest I composed myself enough to stand, and get dressed as she showered.

“Why not try two girls next time James, Cindy and I are very, very friendly,” she said.

“Hmmm why not,” I smiled as she kissed me on the cheek and showed me out.

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