My Ex-Mom Ginny Pt. 01

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My name is steve and I stay in california. We have a small family in which there are only three of us, me, my mom Ginny and my dad James.

“My mom is a very caring home maker now, once she was a working lady. She was a lady with a great attitude. Since my childhood I have noticed that my mom was very careless about her dressing, as we all are cultured but she always used to wear clothing with deep neck, exposing her milky white deep cleavage most of the time. She was a little bit buxom lady but with perfect curves as she took very much care of her body. I have noticed lot of men would get a nice view of assets and they usually ogle at her body in front of me.”

Everything in my family was going well, until I turned 18 and mainly until the entry of an African man named Rick came into our neighborhood just next to my house. He said that he had come here for business but the actual matter was something different. He was a very tall man with a built physique. My mom’s age was 38 at that time but she didn’t look that old. My mom would be alone in the house most of the time as Dad would be usually out due to his work. Whenever she used to do household work she used to tuck her clothing up, exposing her muscular milky white thighs and also a huge lump of her cleavage and fleshy hips.

One day as usual my mom was doing usual stuff with short clothes on and i heard a knock on the door and it was none other than Rick.

“He came here for some assistance in work in his house as he was new here. My mom actually adored black men and had a wild fantasy for them, so she invited him to come in and have a seat and they chatted with each other for a while. When Rick arrived it was 5 in the evening and when I came out of my room it was about 8 and he was still there and they sat even closer and were chatting in fact flirting and they hardly noticed me while flirting. Then Rick left shortly taking my moms number and whispered something in her ear to which she blushed.”

That night when i couldn’t sleep i went to the kitchen to find something to eat, when maltepe escort i passed by my parents room I could hear mom moaning, so i stood there for a while and listened her saying “yes, Rick fuck me, Fuck me like a whore!”. I understood that she was fantasising Rick while masturbating. The next day my dad arrived home after a long time and I noticed that mom wasn’t very happy to see him. Then later in the evening my mom came out of her room nicely dressed and told my dad that she was going out with some friends, so my dad agreed to it, but i could smell something fishy as mom wouldn’t usually dress like this while meeting her friends so i decided to follow her. She left the house and crossed the street and stood there for a while as if she was waiting there for someone. After a while a Black SUV came there Mom sat in it and went somewhere. I went on following her but i couldn’t see what was going on in the car as the glass was tinted. But then suddenly the car stopped near a nice restaurant and I saw my Mom stepping out of the car with a black hand on her waist and this hand was of none other than Rick.

“Then they went into the restaurant and sat on the table and came closer to each other and started cuddling and then they kissed each other, all the people on the nearby tables started seeing as this black thug was kissing such a sexy milf even I was shocked as I witnessed the scene. Then they came out of the restaurant and sat in the car and leaved. I was standing there completely shattered that how could my Mom cheat on me and my dad with a Thug. Then I went back home hoping to see my mom there. When i got back home it was about 9 in the night and my dad was watching TV so i went inside to look for my Mom but she wasn’t there when i asked my dad he said, “She wouldn’t be coming home tonight as she will be spending tonight at Lara’s place”. Lara was a very close friend of my mom, but i knew that she lied to my dad about staying at Laras place. So I immediately decided to go to Ricks house to see if mom was there but the house mecidiyeköy escort was locked and there was no one there. I decided to call her but she didn’t respond, so i just went to sleep hoping for mom to come.

“That night Dad got a phone call due to which he had to leave for work urgently and he told me to inform mom that he’ll be back in a few days. So dad left that night and I slept again. In the morning at 8 I heard our doorbell ringing, so i went to answer it and as soon as I opened the door I saw my mom standing there. She was a complete mess there, she looked pretty when she left the house but was so messy now. Her hair scrambled, her dress was half tore from the upper left side, her make up was smeared over all across her face and she smelled musky and shitty at the same time. As she entered the house she first went for a bath without answering any of my questions.

When she was tidy again and i asked her about her mess, she said she was drunk and all this happened while dancing, which i knew was a lie, then i told her that dad had to leave urgently for some work and after hearing this she had a sly grin on her face.

I went to for my work then and when i returned in the early evening I heard noises coming out of my house. When i went nearby the window i saw Rick was sitting on the couch and mom wearing a short skirt and tank top was sitting on top of him and they were kissing and occasionally he spanked her ass. When I rang the doorbell first nobody answered, but when i rang it for the second time my mom came to answer it with an angry look on her face, I could clearly see that she was in no mood to answer the door. When i entered the house Rick was still sitting there, he greeted me and then i went inside my room. I got freshened up and came out of my room in the living area but i couldn’t see him so i hoped he had gone but suddenly i heard slurping voices from my moms room and after a while the voiced stopped and I heard Rick saying “Don’t even waste a drop bitch!” Then after some time mom opened merter escort the door of the room and came out dressing slutty. She wore a short tank top with a deep cut that showed ample of cleavage and the top ended just before her stomach exposing her bare belly, then she was wearing a a very short denim skirt which ended just above her butt cheeks, showing her milky white ass, she wore 7 inches long heels making her look even sluttier. She even applied cheap makeup which acted like cherry on the cake.

“She then told me she was going out for dinner with Rick and would be home late. After that they disappeared in his SUV. I decided to follow them again, they went to the same restaurant again to which they had been before. They again kissed and cuddled and came out after an hour. Now they went again his car, I followed the car and the car went in the ghetto areas of the city and stopped near a club which was named “THE MALIBU”. My mom then stepped out of the car with Rick and they entered the club. The club was not a very high end club it was a black club, all the people there was mostly black with a few white woman and there was hardly any or no white men there except me. When i decided to enter the club a tall bouncer stopped me and told me that white men are not allowed inside the club, I then requested him but he denied, then i had to give him 100 bucks for entry to the club.”

“As soon as i entered the club i saw it was a very crowded place with all black men dancing with white chicks most of them were whores. I was looking for my mom after searching for a while i finally found her, she was on the dance floor dancing between two black men. One of them was Rick and the other was someone new. The danced very closely to each other, Rick placed his hand on my moms ass and grabbed it and spanked it and the other man was pressing her boobs. This continued for a long time and occasionally they kissed. The spanking had turned her ass red, due to her short skirt it was easily noticeable that the ass had turned red. Then suddenly the other man took my moms hand and guided her to come along with him, my mom obeyed and followed him, Rick was still dancing there with some other girl. I followed my mom, he guided her to the bathroom and what I saw in the bathroom was horrible, in fact it was the most horrible scene of my life…”

TO BE CONTINUED in part 2…

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