My Aunt Violet Ch. 01

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This is a true story of my youth. Its amazing how life takes its shape. I had the good luck to be able to live out my fantasy with a wonderful lady. My aunt Violet.

My aunt Violet was the first real love of my life. I was 18 and revelling in the excitement that older ladies were now causing me. A little while earlier, I had been seduced by my teacher, a Nun. But that’s another story.

Violet was a young boy’s dream. Long shoulder-length raven black hair, ruby red lips, a voluptuous, well-rounded figure and a way of moving that gave me an instant erection. She was married to my Uncle Gerry. He was ok I guess, but he never said much. I would stay with them often during the summer months as they lived out in the country and it was great to spend as much time there as I could.

I had gotten into the practice of searching in the laundry basket for my aunts underwear, and taking them to bed with me. I really enjoyed smelling them, sucking on the gusset and wrapping them around my cock as I masturbated. Like I said, I was 18 and well developed for my age and had already been introduced to real adult sex a few months before. I’d obviously been with a few girls from school and suchlike, but the inexperience bakırköy escort of them and myself never really made for complete satisfaction. So my fantasies were all about Violet, and how great it would be if she would let me fuck her sometime.

One night I had been going at it for hours in bed, and had masturbated into her panties a couple of times. I was tired, and instead of returning the underwear to the basket, I placed them under my pillow and went to sleep. Of course, being as forgetful as young boys are at that age, I forgot all about them next morning and gleefully went down to breakfast with not a care in the world.

My cousins Joe and Roy had already left for a fishing trip that day. My uncle Gerry was just leaving for his work as I entered the kitchen. So I sat there having my tea and toast when my aunt came storming in. One look at her face told me that something was up, and that it was probably my hide she was after! I saw her sodden underwear clenched in her hand and knew that I was for the chop!

She slapped me in the face with her underwear and demanded I tell her what they were doing under my pillow and why they were covered in my spunk. başakşehir escort (She actually said the word ‘spunk’ which kind of turned me on even though I was embarrassed)

I could only mumble words of innocence and felt my face flush so red.

Again she brought the underwear to my face and demanded I tell the truth, but even if I had wanted to I couldn’t utter a word.

She took a step backwards. I could see her lovely face all flushed and her breasts heave as she drew deep breaths. There was a momentary silence. I looked down at the floor, so ashamed and she went on, but now her voice softened a little, a she obviously saw how much discomfort I was in.

“Tell me. What are you doing with the underwear?”

Silence from me

“Are you masturbating into them?”

I looked up on hearing those words and felt myself almost ready to faint. I did manage however to stammer a faint ‘Yes’.

“Why? Is it the scent of auntie’s cunt that makes you do it. Is it the pubic hairs that remain in there when I take them off? Do you also smell them and suck on them? Do you enjoy the taste of your auntie’s cunt?”…

I was now so shocked at hearing her bebek escort talk like this. My aunt had never ever spoken like that before when I was around. In spite of everything I could feel my cock begin to stiffen. I was only wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts, so my erection was already becoming visible. I caught my aunt look long and hard at my cock as it stiffened under my shorts.

Once more I mumbled “Yes” to all her questions.

She leaned back on the kitchen table and was silent for a few moments. I looked at her now and all signs of anger were gone. She was looking at me and there was a kind of smile on her lips.

“Ok” she said. “I want you to promise me one thing”

I boldly answered that I would promise anything

“I never want you to suck, lick, smell my panties or wank into them ever again!”

I nodded my affirmation, but heard her continue..

“Don’t ever do it again, unless I’m wearing them!”

As she said those final words, she reached down and pulled her skirt up around her waist to show me her beautiful long legs and her panty-clad cunt.

For a moment it all seemed surreal and I was glued to my chair almost, but she reached out a hand and beckoned me to come stand beside her.

“Now then” she ordered “I want you to smell my panties and to lick them and I want you to wank your cock while you do! When you almost cum, I want you to pull my knickers down to my knees and shoot your spunk into them. Do it for me now!”

end of part 1

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