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I came home after cheerleader practice to find the house empty. I was not overly surprised, considering my mom usually didn’t get home for another hour. I put my dirty clothes in the laundry and changed into a pair of short shorts and a small t-shirt. I had already showered at school, so I just decided to relax and watch a little TV. I was in a fun and didn’t really notice anything that was playing, I just liked the background noise. I didn’t want to wallow in my own misery too much, so any distraction helped. I’m not sure how long I stayed there, sprawled out on the couch, but the next thing I knew my mom came home with her customary “Baby girl, I’m home.”

I smiled and almost burst into tears right then and there, as I heard her footsteps entering the room. I am eighteen years old and was in my senior year of high school. I had been on the cheerleader squad since my freshmen year. I was physically fit and hand blonde hair and blue eyes. I kept my hair cut just passed my ears for easier control and because my hair framed my face in a way that I thought made me look cuter. I had come out to my mother as a lesbian when I was thirteen, and she had always been supportive of my life choices. My dad had split when I was two years old, so it was always just my mom and me.

Mom had a successful career as a bank manager, so money was not an issue for us. I was lucky to get my good looks from my mom. Her hair was a darker shade of blonde and she was a fully developed woman. I always commented that I hoped to look like here when I grew up. She had a great figure. She was not overly skinny. She was always turning down men, and I bet some women, because of her good looks. It was customary for me to see men openly admire her body when were out together. We were always very conscientious and maybe a little territorial about people hitting on either of us while we were out together, and we both seemed happiest when it was just the two of us. She had full DD breasts and a shapely ass, that filled out every outfit she wore. I was slightly smaller with breasts that were pushing up to me a solid D cup, but hopefully more.

It was the off season, but even so it was a little strange for me to be home this early on a Friday night. I would usually get together with friends, and a simple call home to tell mom where I was, what we were doing, and who I was with always kept her informed and her worries at bay. She walked into the living room to find me sitting there silently with a far out look in my eyes as I stared unseeingly at the TV. I guess she could tell something was wrong, because she knelt down next to me and asked “Sweetheart, what’s wrong.”

I had been holding back for so long that her simple question opened the flood gates and I immediately burst into tears, as she pulled me into her. I flung my arms around her and clung to her body for all that I was worth, as I cried my eyes out. Feeling my tears subside as my mom rubbed my back soothingly, was finally able to answer her “Jamie said we were done and told everyone on the squad that I was in love with her. She called me a dyke and said that I wasn’t worth her time. She said that I was just a spoiled little girl who always gets what she wants. She told everyone in the gym that I had been stalking and harassing her, just to try and get into her pants.”

Mom was shocked at this statement, and let me explain everything. She had known that Jamie and I were an item, having caught us in my bed on several occasions. She had never embarrassed me and had told me that I didn’t need to be embarrassed just because I was caught by my mom. She had always treated all of my friends with respect and never pried into my personal life, but was also always available to me if I needed to talk. She answered back, “I’m sorry, sweetie. I know she was lying. I’ve seen you to together and she was obviously interested in you too. What did you say back?”

I hiccupped and answered back, “I didn’t say much. I was too shocked. She’s never said anything like that to me. I don’t know what brought this on. I thought we were doing really good together. I guess she just got tired of playing with me and wanted everyone to think that she was the victim. I doubt everyone believed her, but it still hurt that she said all of that.”

Mom continued to rub my back and shoulders soothingly, as she said “I know it does. Teenagers can be fickle and mean like that when they feel it’s in their best interests. Try not to dwell on this too much. You’re a beautiful young lady and any girl or woman should be more than happy to have you.”

I smiled and laughed softly at my mom’s statement. I know that several of her female friends had openly checked me out from time to time, but I never gave them much thought. I wondered if mom had chased any of them off over the years. I had the suspicion that mom was at the very least bisexual, as I had heard feminine moans coming from her bedroom from time to time when she had a lady friend over. But she had never been overly affectionate around me, so I didn’t know for sure. I just relaxed into her body, as she continued to hug me innovia escort close and rub me soothingly.

I had not been in love with Jamie, but we were exclusive to each other. At least I thought we were, but now I was not so sure. We had been together for about a year and had been having sex for over nine months now. Neither of us had been virgins when we got together and even though I had never been with a guy, I knew she had. We never talked about our sexuality, as far as either of us being complete lesbian or her just being bisexual. I had the feeling that she was still interested in guys, because she would openly admire a guy from time to time even when we were together. I had always gone out of my way to do anything that she wanted, and I came to the conclusion that our relationship was not a good one.

She finally said, “Well, why don’t we make dinner together tonight? I was thinking chicken stir fry sounds good.”

I nodded and said, “Ok.”

She then went upstairs and changed out of her business suit and into a pair of her favorite black yoga pants and a firm fitting t-shirt. Since it was about 7pm and we both seemed to be hungry, I followed her into the kitchen and we started dinner. We engaged in small talk, as I cut up the vegetables as she cut up the chicken. She would hug me to her from time to time, whenever I felt myself sinking back into my funk. We finished cooking dinner and sat down to eat. We kept our conversations light throughout dinner. After dinner we cleaned the kitchen and then mom suggested we watch a movie.

We put on a light comedy and I think she avoided any romances for my benefit, which I appreciated. We cuddled together on the couch as we watched the movie in silence. I had laid my head on her chest and my leg over her body, as she hugged me to her and rubbed my back soothingly again. I felt my body relaxing into her, as the movie progressed. I jumped when I heard the phone ring, and mom excused herself to answer it. I stayed on the couch as I heard her having a whispered conversation over the phone. I heard her raise her voice almost shouting, “If I hear any bull shit has come my daughters way because of that little bitch I can assure you that you and the school board will be hearing from my attorney. Do you understand me? I will bring holy hell down on you and the school if I ever get even the idea that you are allowing this bullshit to stand.”

With a slam, she hung up the phone and stalked back into the room, before cuddling back up on the couch with me. I felt and heard her take several deep breaths to calm herself down, and I swear she was smelling my hair as she did so. I stayed quiet, as I let her calm down. I stroked my fingers up and down her spine, trying my best to sooth her and get her to relax again. She finally huffed and said, “That was the principal. I don’t think you have anything to worry about at school. Apparently your coach informed him of Jamie’s little tirade in the gym. Several other girls have even talked to your coach and told her what they know about the two of you. They all said that they knew Jamie was lying, even the coach blasted Jamie after you left. I have the feeling that Jamie is no longer going to be cheering for any team sports.”

I snuggled into my mom’s side more and relaxed my head on her chest, as I said “Thanks mom. I appreciate it.”

She went back to rubbing my back and shoulders, as she relaxed once again. She finally said, “If anything happens at school you can go to your coach or come to me and we’ll take care of it.”

I nodded silently against her body. I then giggled as I said, “I think you made him pee himself, mom. I could practically hear his apologies from here.”

She smiled and laughed along with me, as she pulled me closer. We continued to relax against each other, as the movie continued. We were so comfortable that we stayed still, as the movie ended and the credits rolled. Apparently neither of us wanted to move. I guess that all of today’s events had finally caught up to me, because I suddenly felt myself yawn widely. Mom smirked at me, as she said “Why don’t you get ready for bed. I’ll be up in a minute, sweetie.”

I nodded and we stepped up off of the couch. I left her downstairs as she turned off the TV and the downstairs lights. I went about my normal routine before bed and then changed into my normal sleepwear of a large baggie shirt with nothing underneath. I was mom had done the same, but changed into a red silk slip that I got her for mother’s day from Victoria’s Secret. I smiled when I saw her wearing it, as I knew she liked to wear if to bed. I had patterned my own sleepwear after hers from a young age. Neither of us were embarrassed to find the other lounging or walking around the house in attire such as this.

She smiled warmly as she approached me and took my hand in hers, leading me into her bedroom. I was not overly surprised at her actions, considering that it was normal for us to sleep in the same if one of us was going through a rough patch. I could remember throughout my life sleeping in mom’s istanbul escort bed as she held me from behind and spooned me. I always felt very loved and safe in her bed, and we always slept very peacefully as she held me throughout the night. I helped her pull down the covers and we slid into bed, as she turned out the lights. I snuggled into her side, laying my head and right arms across her chest, and my right leg over her lower body.

She kissed my forehead and said, “Goodnight, sweetie. I love you.”

I answered back, “Love you too, mom.”

I sighed as she hugged my body close, and we both immediately relaxed into each other. Her skin smelled of her sweet scented body wash and lotion, that always lulled me into relaxation. I felt my exhaustion begin to take me, with the smell of her skin sending me into a deep slumber.

I’m not sure how long I had been asleep, but I became aware of soft moans and a warmth growing between my legs. Consciousness came back to me and I found myself humping my mom’s leg as I rubbed her clit with my hand. I heard her soft moans and realized I was moaning as well. I felt her hands holding me tightly to her body, as I rubbed her clit and ground my wet pussy up and down her bare leg. I felt her hands moving up my body and sliding my shirt over my head. I sighed in pleasure realizing that she was in fact awake and was not pushing me away from her. I moved my hand back to her clit and rubbed her furiously, as I began to pull her slip over her head with my other hand.

I felt her large breast bounce free against my face and I instinctively wrapped my lips around her hard nipple and began to suck and lick it in my mouth. I moaned around her nipple as I felt her hand slide between my legs and begin to rub my clit as well. Her moans grew in volume as my hand worked over her clit faster and faster and I continued to suck and lick her nipple. My muffled moans grew in volume as well, as her fingers expertly worked my clit. I rocked my hips into her hand needing more stimulation. With a sudden pull of my body, she then lifted me on top of her.

My hand moved away from her clit, as I straddled my mother’s naked body. I felt her pull my face down to her, and our lips connected for a passionate kiss. Our hands roamed and felt each other’s naked bodies, as she slid her tongue deep into my mouth. I moaned into the kiss, loving the feeling of her hands all over me. I then gasped when she gripped my ass cheeks hard and pulled my body upwards until I was straddling her face. I cried out in pleasure, when I felt her warm lips and wet tongue begin to lick and suck my pussy. I gripped my hands tightly against the headboard for support, as mom’s expert tongue licked deep into my pussy.

I began to grind my pussy on her face and tongue, as she licked all the wonderful places inside my pussy. I was so hot and horny with the knowledge that my beautiful mother was moaning in pleasure as she licked and sucked my teen pussy. I felt her hands reaching up my back and coming down with her fingers clawing against my skin. I cried out again as the pleasure and pain made my hips buck involuntarily. My breathing was labored and my chest was heaving, as she suddenly moved her mouth from my pussy and latched her lips around my clit. I moaned deeply as she began to suck and lick my clit with a gusto that I had never felt before.

Jamie was completely forgotten, as my mother’s amazing lips and tongue worked my slit like no one ever had before. I was moaning and grinding my hips against her face, as I heard her moaning in pleasure. I felt my pussy getting so wet and knew that I would soon orgasm spectacularly. I breathed out, “Mommy, I’m going to cum.”

She moaned louder but never stopped sucking and licking my clit, as I felt my body begin to shake. I felt the warmth in my pussy grow hotter and begin to spread, as I held myself as still as I could. My whole body then went completely rigid, as I felt like an explosion occurred inside my pussy. I cried out loudly, as my orgasm shot through my body. Mom quickly moved her mouth from my clit and latched her lips around my pussy as she shoved her wet tongue back inside me. I screamed, as I felt her tongue licking all of my juices from the inside.

My breaths were coming in gasps and soft moans, as my body began to sag. I felt her withdraw her tongue from inside me and place a gentle kiss to me pussy, as she began to pull me back down to her. I crawled back down her body, feeling her hands moving over my skin. I gasped again as I felt our pussies come to rest against each other. I think she had meant for me to rest, but I didn’t stop my downward journey, as I licked and kissed my way down her amazing body. I didn’t linger or go slow, but quickly settled myself between her legs and placed a kiss to her clit and pussy lips.

She moaned and I smiled as I smelled her scent and felt her juices on my lips. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips, as I tasted her deliciousness. I moaned out, “Your pussy tastes so good, mom. I’m going to make you cum all over my face now.”

Mom kadıköy escort gasped and bucked her hips as I suddenly latched onto her swollen clit. I began sucking and licking her clit just like she had done to me. I gripped her thighs tightly to keep her still, as she seemed to be trying to buck me off of her. I smiled as I simply sucked her clit harder and held onto her thighs tighter. I moaned deeply as I enjoyed the feeling of sucking and licking her clit. I felt her hand gliding over my head and her fingers running through my hair, as I continued to suck and lick her clit. I heard her moan out, “Baby girl, you are so fucking good at that. Be a good girl and make mommy cum. I want to cover your whole beautiful face with my juices.”

I moaned in pleasure at her dirty talk, which only spurred my on further. I wanted her to completely let go. I wanted her writhing in pleasure under me. I brought one hand down to her pussy and began to run two fingers between her pussy lips until they were coated in her warm juices. I then slipped them both inside her wet pussy all the way up to my knuckles and began to slide them both in and out of her. She moaned and ground her pussy into me, as she was now overcome with pleasure. Her moans had grown louder now, and I felt my own pussy growing wet just from the noises she was making.

She moaned out, “Just like that, baby girl. Suck Mommy’s clit. Right there, baby. Fuck me harder! I need this so bad, baby.”

Mom’s moans and pleas for more had my pussy throbbing and dripping wet. I was now plunging my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, as I attacked her clit with my lips and tongue. My tongue was flying over her clit as I sucked in deep into my mouth, causing her to cry out in pleasure. I was not overly experience sexually, but I always was able to adapt to circumstances when I found out what my partner enjoyed. I refused to think of Jamie and simply concentrated on licking and sucking my mom’s clit as I forcefully finger fucked her wet pussy.

I had always been attracted to my mom and older women, but I had been shy and hardly ever was able to take advantage even when I knew a woman was interested in me. Now that I was firmly positioned between my mom’s legs while she begged for release and egged me on, I was completely free to show her all of my talents. I felt her legs jerk as I grazed my teeth over her sensitive clit, causing a deep moan to erupt from her. I wanted more, so I removed my mouth from her clit and slid my fingers from her pussy. I then shoved my face right up to her pussy and plunged my tongue deep inside her. I reached up with my fingers, still slick from her juices, and began to rub her clit as I licked deep inside her pussy.

I moaned deeply as I tasted all of her juices on my tongue. I felt her pussy lips pressing against my cheeks and leaving trails of wetness on my skin. Mom was writhing above me, as she felt my tongue licking deep inside her. I felt her hand gripping my hair to keep my head in place. I moaned, as I loved the feeling of her holding me against her wet pussy as I licked her to orgasm. My fingers were still rubbing her clit furiously and I began to grip her clit between my two juices slick fingers, pinching her gently as I rubbed her to ecstasy.

She cried out loudly, as I pinched her clit between my fingers. I was about to stop, thinking that I had actually hurt her. But I was stopped as she cried, “Baby, I’m so close now. Don’t stop. Mommy needs to cum. Lick mommy’s pussy, baby. Make me cum.”

I smirked into her pussy, hearing mom’s continued dirty talk and pleas for more. I was happy to oblige, as I pressed my tongue deeper into her pussy and made my tongue lick faster. I tried to hit her g-spot with my tongue. I knew about where it was from when I fingered her, but still had to feel about with my tongue before I was sure I had found my mom’s sweet spot. I felt a change in the texture of her inner pussy with my tongue and pressed my tongue into this with all of my might licking furiously. Mom screamed loudly and her whole body shook, as her pussy clamped down on my tongue.

I felt a flood of her delicious juices flowing over my tongue, down my throat, and over my face. I moaned as I continued to lick and suck her pussy, as I continued to rub her clit. Mom was moaning loudly, as he body shook with smaller tremors from head to toe. She rode out her orgasm, grinding her pussy into my face with what little strength she could muster. I felt her pussy relax as the rest of her body seemed to go limp above me. I then licked all around the inside of her pussy, before withdrawing my tongue from her. I smiled as I placed a gentle kiss to her pussy lips and smirked when I felt them quiver at the contact.

I then crawled back up her naked body and settle myself into her side. Mom pulled my face into hers for another passionate kiss. We both moaned as we tasted our juices on each other. We broke the kiss with both of us sighing in pleasure. I then settled back in my original position with my leg sprawled over her naked thighs, my head resting on her exposed breast, and my hands wrapped around her. I felt mom wrap her hands around me again, as we both relaxed into each other. I felt a quiver in my pussy as mom moaned out, “Baby girl, you have no idea what you are in for. After this, I am going to fuck you so much that I bet the whole house smells like our pussies.”

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