Morning Gift

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I wake up instinctively around 4 am. It is dark and silent like I love. Only the gentle hum of the still sleeping world and the sound of your sweet breath fill my senses. I roll over, breath heavy, sleep still lingering to see you sleeping soundly beside me.

Today is your birthday.

I watch your chest rise and fall slowly as I decide what I’d like to do. What I’d like to give you. I know. I slide my naked body down to the foot of the bed. My full breasts brushing against you softly, moisture building between my legs. I place my warm soft mouth on your beautiful flaccid cock. I want to enjoy the feeling of your delicate skin engulfed in my mouth. I can feel the warmth radiate from your core as I take you in. You stir only slightly, still caught in a dream.

I work slowly, not wanting to rush, not wanting to wake you yet. I explore your thick tip with my tongue, gently following the smooth edges, fully engaged and wanting nothing more than to please you. I suck softly and lick your delicate slit. I hear a soft moan escape your lips as I feel your cock begin to swell in my mouth. Your scent is thick and intoxicating. I can feel the wetness drip between my legs.

I look up at you. Your dick almost fully canlı bahis erect in my mouth as I slowly suck up and down your incredible length. I’m working as gently as I can, in no hurry, so we can both enjoy this fully.

Unsure if you are merely dreaming, your eyes begin to open as your hands find their way into my messy hair. You grip hard and press my face firmly into you as you thrust your cock deeper into me. You groan with pleasure.

I pull off to look at you. You moan and attempt a sleepy smile. Your dick is covered in my glistening saliva but I work up more and let it fall from my lips onto your shaft. I slowly move my fist up and down your length as my mouth works down to your tight sensitive balls. I savor each one sucking slowly while you begin to wriggle.

I move further down to the sensitive skin beneath your cock, getting closer to your ass. I can feel your anticipation as I work faster with my fist on your cock. I look up into your eyes as you watch me, you nod. I start gently licking and tonguing your sensitive hole. My tongue pushes deeper and you moan. I love watching you squirm. You grab the back of my head hard and pull my face deep into your ass as my mouth covers your hole and my tongue plunges bahis siteleri deeper and deeper over and over until it’s too much. You gasp and yell out ‘Fuck!’ You pull my hair, yank my face back and look deep into me. I lick my way back up to your shaft.

I admire and suck your dick until you are fully swollen and throbbing. I slide you out briefly then I descend slowly onto your thick hard cock, excited to give you this.

My hands move up and down while I take in all the breath I can before I really begin. I circle slowly, my eyes locked with yours until I reach the base, then I push further. Your dick is now in my throat, my face pressed tightly into your body as your hands roughly guide my head deeper. Your moans become louder as you fuck my face in slow short movements. I can feel your pulse deep in my mouth as I gag and saliva pools around your shaft. I work it onto your beautiful cock and suck again and again until you can’t stand it.

You pull me off by my hair and push your throbbing cock against my cheek. You hit my reddened messy face with your gorgeous dick over and over. Then slide your hand up and down jacking yourself off as you push your dick against my face. I want you back inside of my mouth. bahis şirketleri I want the connection.

I muster up the saliva pooling in my mouth and spit it onto your beautiful tip. I guide your dick back into my hungry mouth. I suck hard and deep like a ravenous beast. I want your cock and your cum. I want all of you like never before.

I can tell you’re close. You say my name over and over in a hushed plea as I fuck your swollen cock with my mouth. I can taste your salty precum. I love it. I want more. I cup your balls and take all of you deep down my throat, you grip my hair tightly.

‘Fuck, I’m going to come.’

I nod wanting nothing more. Your breath quickens and your moan becomes deep. ‘Oh fuck!’ You explode in my mouth. Your muscles convulse around me. I lift slightly to watch the hot steamy cum erupt from your tip over and over. I lick it and suck, milking it all as your orgasm continues. I push your swelling cock back into my throats wanting every last drop for my greedy self. You grip my hair and thrust your hips. I kiss and suckle your pulsing softening shaft, not wanting to be finished. Your body relaxes and you pull me up close to your face. Taking all of me in with your eyes. You’re smiling as you look deeply into me, like only you do.

‘Happy Birthday,’ I whisper.

‘Thank you my dear,’ you reply.

Then lean in to kiss me good morning. Savoring the taste of your cum on my salty rosey lips.

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