Molly Ch. 01

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Ava Addams

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I’ve known Molly for many years. In fact, I’ve known her since she was born. You see, she is the little sister of one of my friends. She was always there over the years to bug us, take our stuff, and just generally drive us crazy as she is about ten years younger than us.

However, things change with time, and Molly is no exception to that rule. I had gone away to college and then on to a fancy job in the city. After a few years I grew bored of the fast paced life and decided to move home. I found a nice little apartment and started reconnecting with old friends.

One of my first stops was Simon’s house, the older brother of Molly. I hadn’t seen her in probably 10 years and I guess somewhere in the back of my mind she was 8. Now I’m 28 and I was soon to find out that she had changed quite a bit in the last decade.

I pull up in front of Simon’s place in my new Mustang, thinking I could show it off to an old friend. He had always been a fan of the muscle car, so I figured he’d enjoy this. I give it another look as I head up the sidewalk and knock on the door.

The door opens and there stands a gorgeous woman. I can’t even think of anything to say because I’m so shocked to see someone of this caliber at Simon’s place. Nothing against Simon, but he was never the guy in school that had his pick of the women.

“Well?” she says.

“Oh, yeah, sorry… is Simon here?” I ask apologetically.


“Well, can you tell him Bobby stopped by?”

“He’ll be back in ten minutes” she says.

“Yeah ok, I’ll just swing back by…”

“OR, you could just come in and wait, dumbass”

Suddenly it hits me, this is Molly.

“Oh, holy shit, I didn’t even recognize you!”

“Yeah, I figured that much out”

“Quite the feisty one aren’t you now!”

She just grins and turns away, heading up the stairs. I can’t help but notice the oh so fine ass that she is sporting. I follow her up the stairs and can’t help but watch her hips sway as she walks.

Just as she is about two steps from the stop she happens to step on a loose piece of the carpeting. She falls backwards as her foot gives way, thinking quickly I grab the handrail and catch her with the other arm.

“Whoa!” I say as I pin her against me so she can regain her feet. Purely be accident, as she fell my arm came to rest across her chest. The sweatshirt completely hides her figure, but holding her like this leaves little to the imagination. Her tits have to be at least a 38 C!

“Oh, my savior!” she says mockingly as she pries herself free from my arm.

“I guess I shoulda let you fall then huh?”

“You probably would have if hadn’t had a chance to grab my tits,” she jeers.

“I didn’t… I mean… it was…”

“Sure sure! Save it for the jury.”

She continues up the stairs and heads for the kitchen. I follow her up and find a seat on the couch to wait.

“You want a beer?” she asks.

“Sure, whatever is cold.”

Molly walks back out with two beers and I chuckle at her.

“Don’t tell me you are drinking too! I didn’t think were old enough yet,” I joke.

“You want the beer or not, smartass?”

“Give it here”

She sets hers on the end table and sighs.

“Damn, its warm in here. I just came in from a walk.”

She begins pulling her sweatshirt off over her head. As it goes up, it pulls the tee shirt under it up too. The static cling hold on long enough that I just catch a glimpse of the bottoms of her tits. She isn’t even wearing a bra! One arm frees itself from a sleeve, allowing her to grab the tee and pulls it back down just before I can see anything more. She get the sweatshirt off and looks at me with a grin.

“You almost got a show, huh!”

“What? I was watching TV.”

“Bullshit,” she says. “I can see living proof from right here.” I follow her line of sight directly to my crotch. Damned if it wasn’t pitching a bit of a tent right there for the whole world to see.

“Oh, yeah, sorry about that. I couldn’t help it really.”

“I know I’m smokin’ hot, I’ve learned to live with fethiye escort it.”

I just shake my head and take a sip of my beer.

“What? You sayin’ you wouldn’t fuck me right now?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying! You are my buddy’s kid sister and besides that, he’ll be home in ten minutes.”

Almost as if someone had scripted this situation, the phone rings. Molly grabs it.

“Hello… well I’m not waiting dinner on you… hell no… oh, your fucktard friend Bobby is here… yeah, hold on…”

“He wants to talk to you.”

“Hello” I say.

“Hey asswipe!”

“Good to talk to you too!”

“Hey, I’m gonna be stuck here at work until at least nine, feel free to hang out and we can get a drink when I get home.”

“Sounds good to me, besides I don’t even have cable at my new place yet.”

“Cool, just don’t let my shithead sister bug you!”

“I won’t take any crap from her, that is a guarantee!”

“Good luck with that, gotta run dude! Later.”

He hangs up the phone and I toss the handset back to Molly.

“He told me to hang out until he gets back and that I shouldn’t take an shit from you!”

“He doesn’t own me, besides now you get to have his part of the dinner I was working on.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Molly disappears back into the kitchen and I can hear some rattling around in there. Moments later she emerges with two bowls of stew.

“Here, hope you like beef stew.”

“Smells good.”

She doesn’t respond but I dive in, taking a couple big bites. This is really good stuff indeed, and I wonder where she learned to cook like this.

“Do you clean too?” I say as I smile at her.

“Maybe, but not for you or Simon!”

“Damn, almost the perfect woman.”

“Woman? I thought I was just Simon’s little sister!”

“Well, I have to admit there isn’t anything little about you,” I say, grinning at her.

“Are tits the only thing guys think of?” she asks as she goes back to eating her dinner.


“Nevermind, I don’t want to know,” she interrupts.

I keep eating my stew and try to focus on the tv, hoping this will keep me from staring openly at Molly. The effort is in vain as I keep finding my eyes drifting back towards her, trying to picture her naked. This is where my brain is fighting with my hormones over the fact that my buddy’s “little” sister is so fucking hot.

“What?!” she finally says.

“What?” I ask.

“You seriously haven’t stopped staring at me for the last ten minutes.”

“Oh, that, well yeah. But, can you really blame me? Seriously!” She has finished her dinner and sets the bowl on the coffee table.

She stands and says, “Well, I’m going to go get cleaned up, you can hang out and watch the tube if you want.”

I watch her as she walks past me and towards the hall. She disappears from my sight and I turn back to the television. Then, a tee shirt lands over my shoulder. I freeze for a moment, and then turn to look behind me. She had already gone, but I could smell her scent on the shirt.

“Molly! I think you lost something!”

I hear a giggle down the hall, so I decide to see what she is doing. I notice the bathroom door is slightly ajar, so I try to peek in. Sure enough, I can just barely see her completely nude figure standing near the shower. She has one hand on the wall, and the other is keeping busy. She appears to be feverously massaging her clit, which I know could be good for me!

The door snaps open suddenly, she screams, “Perv!”

“Oh, shit… uh…”

“Yeah, oh shit,” she says, but my eyes can’t stay focused on hers as she is standing there completely nude. My gaze drifts lower and I can’t decide what to look at, her perfect breasts or her clean shaven pussy.

“Up here, asshole!” she says.

I immediately look up and she is smiling. Damn, she can sound pissed and be smiling, she is the devil in disguise I think.

“You like?” she asks. “I’ll assume by that lump in your pants that something here must meet your approval?”

“Oh, yeah, everything meets my approval! You have an amazing body!”

“Well, escort fethiye if you like it so much, why are you just standing there?”

I step forward quickly, planting a kiss on her lips. My hands roam down her back as I get a nice feel of her strong, round ass. I sneak one finger between her legs from behind, and can feel her juices.

“Easy now!” she says as she steps back. “One thing at a time right.”

“Yeah, sure,” I say as I pull my shirt off. My pants are quick to follow, leaving only my boxers. I push them down and step out of them. My rigid cock points directly at her as I wait for her next move.

“Holy shit, that is a nice cock.”

“Why, thank you!” I say as I reach out and take two handfuls of her perky tits. She moans a little as I move in closer to her. Finally I hug her tight against me. My cock is pinned between our bodies as we begin kissing with great passion.

I pick her up and set her on the vanity, putting her ass just on the edge. I step in close to her and she grabs my penis. I sigh in ecstasy as she begins stroking it against her wet pussy. I look down just as she places the head inside her.

“Fuck, Molly, you are so hot!” I exclaim as I feel her warm pussy begin pulling at my cock. She wraps her legs around me and pulls be closer to her. My cock slowly slides into her, the sensation driving me crazy.

“Oh, its so good,” she says.

I slowly begin rocking my hips back and forth, setting the rhythm for our fucking. I want this to last a while, so I keep it nice a slow. I begin kissing her again, and massaging her perfect tits while we fuck.

I can hardly believe how my potential guy’s night has turned into my chance to get laid. Not just laid, but fucked by Molly. She obviously had been looking for a cock and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time… or so I thought.

“I have always wanted to fuck you,” she says, looking into my eyes.


“Don’t act so surprised! You just didn’t notice all the flirting I did with you when I was younger… I was just Simon’s stupid little sister then,” she adds as her pussy continues to milk my cock. I give a solid thrust and bury my cock in her.

“You like that? Is that what you wanted?”

“Mmm… yeah… do it again.”

I begin pounding her pussy, my pace increasing as I sense my orgasm nearing.

“YES!” she screams as she begins to pant. I feel her body shake as her first orgasm rips through her. Her muscles convulse around my cock and I know the time is drawing near.

“You want me to come on your stomach or what?” I ask, knowing I need an answer quickly. She says nothing as I continue to pump into her. She looks me directly in the eyes and uses her legs to pull me tight against her.

“Fill me up…” she says in a sexy tone. My brain has lost control by this point and my primal urges take over. I lift her from the vanity, as her pussy is impaled on my cock. I give her a couple quick bounces and then begin spewing my load inside her.

“Fuck yes Molly! Fuck yes!” I yell as my twitching cock pushes my cum deep inside her.

She clings to me as we soar through the heights of sexual nirvana together. Her eyes are clinched shut as she shivers her way through another orgasm. I can feel our mixed fluids leaking back out of her as my cock begins to soften.

I slowly lower her to the floor and she looks up at me.

“That was amazing, Bobby,” she says as I just grin, kissing her on the forehead.

“We should do this again sometime,” I state.

“Oh, you can count on it, but maybe at your place next time?”

Chuckling, I give her a kiss and a strong hug. “Anything you want!”

As we look each other in the eye, the moment is broken by the phone ringing. Molly reaches over to the sink and grabs the portable phone. She glances at the caller ID and sees Simon’s cell number.

“Hello” she says as she puts the phone to her head.

“Hey! I’ll be home in ten minutes. I got off a little early, hopefully you saved some dinner for me!”

“Yeah, there is plenty left for you.”

“You haven’t fethiye escort bayan been bugging Bobby too much have you?”

“Well, yeah, I have been driving him crazy I think,” she says as she smiles at me. I feel a little twitch in my penis.

She gives my cock a good squeeze with her free hand and says, “I’ll even be a nice sister and warm your dinner up for you.”

“That is awful nice of you. Hey, do we need any beer or anything?”

“Hmm, yeah, why don’t you pick up a case.”

“Alright, well let’s see, that means I’ll be there in twenty minutes I guess. Tell Bobby not to give up on me, I’ll be there soon enough!”

“Oh, I’ll make sure he stays, I think he is looking forward to having a drink with his ‘old buddy’ anyway,” she says in a sarcastic tone.

“Alright then, see you in twenty.”

She hangs up the phone and lays it back on the counter. She says, “He’ll be here in twenty minutes. We should probably get cleaned up.”

I step over and turn on the shower. It quickly reaches a good temperature and I step in. Molly is close behind.

“We can save time if we do this together,” she says.


She steps under the water and turns her back to me. I can only smile as I appreciate her fit body and perfect naked ass for the first time. She leans forward to grab some soap and I notice her puffy lips between her legs. My cock had already begun to harden and this sight brought it back to life immediately.

Leaning forward, I press the head of my penis against her pussy. She sighs and braces herself against the shower wall.

“You better make this quick, we don’t have much time.”

I don’t waste any time talking as I bury my cock inside her again. I begin fucking her at a frantic pace. Our moans echo in the shower as my body pounds against her. I reach around her body and cup her tits as I continue to fuck her from behind. Her nipples are so hard and her tits are so firm. My balls contract as I begin cumming inside her again. I scream out in ecstasy as her pussy milks me to the conclusion of my orgasm.

“Amazing…” is all I can manage as she pulls away from me and turns around.

“Now, get out of here… Simon is gonna wonder where you are if he walks in the door right now.”

“Alright… but you may have to come to my place later tonight!”

“We’ll see… you don’t have TV do you…”

“No, but I think we could find a way to entertain ourselves.”

“You are probably right,” she says as she smiles at me, gently pushing me away from her.

Reluctantly I leave the shower and grab my clothes. I dress quickly and race back to the living room. Not a moment too soon either, as the front door squeaks open.

I expect to see Simon, but instead it is Charlie Baker, a guy about Molly’s age.

“Hey, Bobby”

“Hey, Charlie”

“Is Molly here?”

“Yep, I think she is taking a shower or something,” I say, trying not to smile.

“Cool, I finally got her to go on a date with me. I pretty excited.”

Poor kid, I have a feeling I may have just ruined his night, and he may never know it.

“Have seat Charlie, you want a beer?”

“Nah, I don’t drink, thanks though.”

“Suit yourself,” I say as I crack open a cold one.

About this time, the door opens again. Simon comes bounding up the steps and I toss him a beer… an unopened one.

“Good timing,” he says as he holds up the case in the other hand. “Hey Charlie, you here for Molly?”

“Yeah, I’m pumped.”

I notice that Simon rolls his eyes a little as he heads for the kitchen. He gets a bowl of stew and plops down in his recliner.

“You wanna watch the game or what?” Simon asks.

“Yeah, should be a good one tonight.”

“Probably so,” he says as he starts in on his dinner.

Molly enters the room.

“Oh, hey Charlie,” she says as he stands to greet her.

“Hi Molly, you look really nice.”

It is all I can do not to laugh at the poor guy. I can see that Simon is having a similar reaction. The couple heads for the door, but Molly turns slightly at the top of the steps.

“See ya later,” she says.

“Later, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” answers Simon, not looking up from his food.

I make eye contact with her and get a quick wink. I know she actually meant that she would see ME later. I can hardly wait!

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