Miss You Want You

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Thrill, it is a damned shame we are not lovers anymore.

I imagine meeting you in the parking lot of the grocery store where we used to meet. I meet you there to get the pictures back that you scanned for me. You get into my Expedition that used to be our rolling bedroom. I guess you figure you will be polite and make small talk for two or three minutes before getting back in your car and leaving.

You sit there beside me and hand me the pictures. I thank you again for the favor. And there are those eyes. Those killer eyes that go all through me…they see into me…they pierce and control me. My breath catches in my throat. My clit hardens and my legs involuntarily part slightly as if to make room for the expansion and contraction taking place inside my pussy. You are sitting there; I could touch you if I had the courage. But I don’t have the courage; just the desire…the unmitigated longing to touch you, to put my hand against your chest, move it down your stomach, to your thigh and back up to TheEnterprise…that gorgeous cock that deserved the name…for it has gone inside me “where no man has gone before”.

Before I realize it, I am doing it…leaning over to you brazenly…without reservation or consideration of the consequences. I am kissing you, groping you, tasting, smelling, touching you…all my senses filled with you. I invite you to the back seat. No time to go to our usual spot. I need you now. I crawl to the back. I lift my tight red skirt to reveal my naked and shaved pussy. You see my wetness on the lips of my pussy seeping from me. My clit is peaking from its hood, begging to feel your sweet pubic hair rubbing and scratching against it.

Please come to me Thrill. Let me fuck you.

You get out of the truck and climb into the back seat. I can’t get to you fast enough. You open your canlı bahis pants while I watch, opening my blouse and releasing my breasts in the meantime. Oh God, there it is…TheEnterprise, erect, hard, tall, strong. Your pants are beneath your knees. I take you in visually from head to toe. Jesus, God you are gorgeous. I lean down and take your cock into my mouth. I begin to shake. It has been too long. Your scent wafts into my nostrils. Your pheromones, the scent owned by no other. It sends me over the edge.

I suck your cock…worshipping it, savoring it. My mouth waters with sticky wet saliva that saturates your cock. My mouth grips you and moves from the gorgeous head down to the base. Your head hits and presses against the back of my throat. You moan. My tongue reaches for your balls, coming just to the top of the sack, where it meets the base of your cock. I work my tongue against whatever part of you it can reach. Rolling it against the base of your cock. Slowly I move back up to the top. I hold your head in my mouth and slowly roll it around inside my mouth. It touches my tongue, the sides and roof of my mouth, against my lips. I slide the head out and move my mouth sideways down the underside to the base again. I can’t control myself. I suck and lick the base of your cock while my hand pumps up and down the upper part of the shaft. I take your balls into my mouth. My spit slides down between the cheeks of your ass. I want to devour you.

My attention is averted to my pussy as it starts to throb powerfully. It is almost painful. I need to be filled. I need you inside me. I straddle you. Your cock is hard and pointed at my pussy, poised for entry. I don’t touch it with my hands. I just let it find its target like the heat seeking missile that it is. The head finds the opening. The head of your cock is immediately bahis siteleri covered with the juices oozing from me more and more with each pulsation of my inner walls. My pussy is opening and closing…inviting you in. To come in and feel the warmth; the close, pulsating walls; the sticky cream that only you generate in such abundance.

I slide down on your cock, down slowly, deliberately…farther and farther until it touches the tip of the inside of me…with still more to go until I reach the bottom of you. Pushing down further, I have all of you in me at last. The head of your cock is pressing against my cervix. My bare mound rests against your pubis. I feel your hair against me. I feel your cock filling the inside of me. I rise on it, slowly so that we feel the opposite of what was just felt. When I can go no higher, and drop back to where I was…and sit there and savor the feeling again. My pussy spontaneously squeezes you. Then, I start to ride you, up and down, pumping you. You meet my strokes with your own…lifting your ass from the seat and back in rhythm with me.

We are pumping now. My eyes start to water. My face contorts, my mouth opens to form a scream, but I must not scream. I am losing my breath…tears are streaming from my eyes. I quiver, then shake, then finally, I convulse and buck. I am cumming. I have to hold onto you. I am afraid, happy, breathless, weightless. I pull you to me for strength. I bury my face in your neck. I have to yell, or scream, or cry out. I go down onto you as far as I can and push there as if I could go farther. My body stiffens. I can no longer move. My orgasm takes over me. I am no longer in control. I scream into your neck, “I am cumming.” But you already know. You feel the walls of my pussy squeezing your cock as if it were trying to milk the cum from you. My orgasm bahis şirketleri lasts forever…and not long enough.

You push me back into the seat and push my legs far apart and look down at me from between them. I gain enough composure to look at you. You begin to move toward me, between my legs, above me, looking at me as you approach. Oh God, I am cumming again at the very sight of you mounting me…that beautiful sight that I can never see too often. How much can I take? Tears swell again. I am panting moans. You are above me now. You slide your cock into me and lay down atop me. I feel your body against mine. Your face in my neck, your chest, your arms against mine…pulling me in, your cock and strong pubis banging into me. I wrap my thighs around your back and pull you closer in. You continue to pump me. I pump you right back. I run my hands along your back, from the narrow part just above your ass, up as it widens to your shoulders. Another wave hits me. I can’t breath. I don’t want to. I only want to feel this, you, your cock, my orgasm. I cannot hear, see, or think. I can only feel…and it feels wonderful.

As you continue to pump into me tears flow down my cheeks. They are voluntary and involuntary. Another climactic wave flows over me. I have to breath. I have to get control. You are sending me further out. But I don’t want to come back. I don’t want this to end. You rise up and look down at me. I look into your eyes. I see my secrets reflected back at me. You know me. You lean down and softly kiss me. My head is getting lighter. My body is trembling. I bury my face against you. I hold on as tightly as I can until I can’t any longer. I become weak. I have no more control. My head falls back. I let go…I sink into the seat with you still in me, on me, surrounding me with your body, your heat, your sensuality. It is more than I can stand. I drift away softly.

“Bunny. Hey…Bunny, are you OK?” I hear your voice. I open my eyes and see you there above me. I smile. God, yes, My Thrill…I am fine. And so are you.

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