Mile High

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“Six hours to go” thought Carrie as she snuggled into her business class seat and took another sip of champagne. Flight AA 916 was just over 5 hours into its journey from Los Angeles to London Heathrow and Carrie was desperate to return home. Not that she missed England, the rain or the queues on the M25, but she was desperate for a shag!

Carrie Anderson was 27, a Sales Executive for a magazine company and had been in California to persuade the Americans to buy her new women’s monthly. After days of meetings with various distributors, she had finally persuaded one to trial a distribution. On top of that they would also co-fund a modest poster campaign to promote the publication! She was chuffed to bits and was returning back home triumphant!

She had been away for 8 days now and was missing her new found love Andy who she had only met 1 month ago. Since that night at a friends party, Carrie and Andy had seen each other nearly every day… and had great sex nearly every day too!

All she could think about now was him taking her hard and fast from behind. She was getting aroused and wet just thinking about it!

Running her hands through her shoulder length silky black hair she smoothed her white blouse down, gently brushing her breasts with her fingers, turning her on even more. Her breasts ached, wanting to be touched and squeezed, her nipples gently sucked and nibbled.

The Business class cabin was surprisingly quiet, with only 3 other passengers travelling – all men, one in his early 30’s, and the others in their late 40’s. She had already exchanged pleasantries with the younger guy when she first boarded the plane, and he sat across the aisle from her now. The other two men were out of canlı bahis sight. The Air Stewardesses had done their bit and only wandered up the cabin occasionally to check that everyone was OK.

Carrie continued to fondle her breasts as much as she dare, glancing over to the guy across the aisle occasionally, who seemed to be buried in his book. She could feel herself getting more and more turned on and getting moist as she thought of Andy touching her. Then she had an idea. Reaching for the blanket on the seat next to her she covered herself from her shoulders to her knees.

She slowly began to reach down and stroke her inner thighs, parting her legs slightly to make it easier. “Lucky I decided to wear this short skirt” she thought, as her hands moved higher up her legs. Her legs were so smooth… so hot. She closed her eyes and began to rub her fingers gently against her pussy through her knickers… they were so wet! Now with two hands down there, she began to rub herself harder… faster. She hadn’t noticed the man across the aisle had lowered his book and was watching her intently. He knew exactly what she was doing – the expression on her face said it all, and it was beginning to turn him on!

Carrie eased her knickers to one side and began to rub her pussy with the other. Slowly dragging her finger along her slit, she moaned quietly to herself, as she became more aroused. Opening her legs wider, she concentrated on her clit, working away at it with her middle finger. Her luscious lips prised apart with her other fingers she began to slide a finger as deep as she could into her hot wet love-hole.

Breathing heavily Carrie raised her hips to allow her finger to explore deeper, dragging it over bahis siteleri her hotspot each time. Suddenly hearing a cough, she opened her eyes to find the guy over the aisle staring right at her. He appeared to be rubbing himself too!

Carrie sat bolt upright, trying to cover up her previous actions, but she knew she’d been rubbled. She glanced over to see the man rising out of his seat. He looked straight at her and to her horror, nodded in the direction of the back of the cabin. She immediately guessed what he wanted and, without hesitation she rose out of her seat and followed him down the aisle. She was so aroused, desperate for a man, desperate to be taken right there, right then. He opened the door to a vacant WC and she slipped in behind him, shutting the door and sliding the bolt across behind her.

As Carrie turned around to face her man, he pushed her up against the door and began to run his hands over her heaving breasts. Carrie frantically rubbed his bulging cock through his trousers, wanting to feel him for real. He skilfully unbuttoned her blouse and before she knew it had removed her bra, releasing her heavy firm breasts. Carrie moaned quietly as he sucked and licked her erect nipples, biting them just how she liked. She unzipped him, thrust her hand inside his open trousers and gripped his pole firmly and started the slow wank she knew she was so good at.

Still pinned to the door, Carrie felt a hand slip down and pull her skirt up, over her butt and the other now thrust roughly between her legs. She lifted up one leg and wrapped it around her man, opening herself up nicely for him to rub her mound hard.

Beyond the point of no return, Carrie let herself go completely, pulling bahis şirketleri on his stiff dick hard. She wanted him inside her NOW! Pushing him away from her, she told him to sit on the toilet. Practically ripping her own panties off, she straddled him and lowered herself down onto his throbbing pole. Normally Carrie would have teased her man by just taking the head of his stiff cock into her a few times before lowering herself down on him completely. This time she was so desperate for a dick inside her she plunged down on him, taking his length completely in. She steadied herself for a few seconds appreciating the throbbing hardness inside her.

She took a deep breath and slowly rose, his cock glistening with her wetness. Carrie knew that they had to be quick, otherwise people would begin to wonder who was in the toilet so long, so in full control she slid up and down his shaft getting faster all the time. As she rose and fell onto him she rocked his length against her clit.

Now pounding up and down, he gripped her butt cheeks and almost pulled her down on him. Sweat poured off the pair of them as she became desperate for him to cum inside her,,, and he duly obliged a few moments later as Carrie felt the hot gushes of semen fill her hot pussy. Quickly climbing off him, Carrie sank to her knees to catch the last few drops of cum from his pulsating knob, licking him clean in the process.

Hardly a word was spoken as they quickly dressed and one by one crept out of the loo. As Carrie walked back to her seat, still bright red from her antics and feeling that everyone was staring at her, she felt the satisfying dribble of semen running down her inner thigh. Sat down she could not resist, scooping a little more onto her fingers and licking it up. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep dreaming of doing it all again this time with her lover Andy… and this time he would be in control as he took her from behind… mmm…

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