Meeting Brett Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

She sat nervously in a chair at the airport terminal. She had been waiting and dreaming of this day for months, but now that it was here, she was full of mixed emotions—fear and excitement, desire and anxiety. Her fingers absently twisted at her short blonde hair while she waited.

He had called four hours before saying that he was at the airport and he would see her soon. After that she had quickly showered, shaved, and gotten ready to leave. She wore a black ribbed tank top, her favorite dark blue jeans, and her high heeled black sandals Underneath her clothes she wore a black thong and matching push-up bra. She scrutinized every aspect of her appearance while she put on makeup and fixed her hair. She applied thick black eyeliner, brown shadow, and mascara to accentuate her bright green eyes and bronze blush on her high, pale cheekbones. Seven years of marriage and having a baby had taken its toll on her once almost-perfect body, and now she was a little overweight and her D-cup breasts sagged more. But she knew that he liked her anyway, and with that she should be content. Finally, she got in her car and drove two hours to the airport to await his arrival.

An announcement came over the loudspeaker. “Flight 547 from Raleigh-Durham International has landed at gate 42.” She smiled. Only a few more minutes.

She stood up, put on her chocolate flavored lip gloss, ran her fingers through her golden ringlets, and picked up the hand-written sign that read, “Billy Bob Johnson.” That, of course, was not his real name, but his nickname on Yahoo Messenger, where they had spent so many hours talking in the past few months.

She held the sign as people started exiting the plane, and her stomach tightened nervously. Would she recognize him? Would he like her after meeting her in person? Would he be disappointed in her looks? They had exchanged many pictures, but she knew that pictures aren’t always an accurate representation of the person. After a minute she started wondering if he even got on the plane or if he backed out at the last second. After all, it took several beers and a lot of coaxing to get him to even talk to her on the phone at first.

Then, she saw him. Oh, he was even better looking than the pictures made him seem. He had dark curly hair and huge brown eyes. His skin was smooth and tan over his subtle muscles. He wore a green t-shirt, blue jeans and black skater shoes. He was neither chubby or skinny or muscular, but a perfect combination of the three. He scanned the crowd as he stepped into the terminal and finally his eyes landed on her. Smiling, he walked toward her.

Her pulse quickened and she fiddled with her silly sign as he approached. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for. She had envisioned running toward him and jumping on him the moment he stepped into the terminal, but suddenly that seemed to be the wrong thing to do. Instead, she smiled at him and stood still, her stomach full of butterflies.

“Lindsay?” he said to her.

“Brett?” she said back. They stood for a moment just looking at each other. Then she dropped the sign at her feet and reached up to touch his face. Electricity shot through her body with their first contact.

“Hi,” he said, and put his hand on her waist. He pulled her to him and their lips met for the first time. Her arms wrapped around his neck and his responded by encircling her waist, his hands exploring her back. Their tongues lightly mingled and their breath became heavier. They pressed closer against each other, lost in the bliss of their long-awaited connection.

She realized that second that it would be impossible to wait two hours to feel the rest of his body. She needed to touch his chest, his stomach, his legs… and of course she wanted so badly to have his cock inside of her in every imaginable position. She pulled away, awestruck and breathless. They stood quietly for a while, holding each other and basking in the passion that they already had for each canlı bahis other. Then she grabbed his hand and said, “Let’s go get your suitcase.”

They walked hand in hand toward the baggage claim area. Once there, Lindsay turned to Brett again and they put their arms around each other.

“You smell incredible,” he said to her as his fingers grasped her hair, “and your lips taste like chocolate.”

She nuzzled against his neck and held him tightly. “I am so glad you’re here,” she said.

“Me too. You have no idea,” he responded.

Giggling, she replied, “Yeah, I have some idea.” She looked into his eyes and once again they kissed passionately. She couldn’t wait to get out of the airport. She had so many things she wanted to do.

Finally his suitcase came around and he grabbed it. They walked out of the airport together to the back of the parking garage where her blue Jeep Wrangler sat. She opened the back door and lifted his worn black suitcase into the back of the Jeep. Then she sat down and motioned for him to follow her.

As soon as he sat down she locked the doors and straddled him. They kissed, more hungrily this time, sucking on each others lips and tongues, their hands exploring one another more feverishly. His hands went up the back of her shirt and he felt the soft skin of her back. With one quick motion, Brett pulled her shirt over her head. They resumed their kiss, and her fingers danced over his smooth chest and stomach. She tugged at his shirt and he leaned forward so she could remove it.

She could feel the bulge growing through his jeans, and her pussy instantly became moist. He deftly unsnapped her bra in the back and took it off her body, tossing it aside. Her breasts hung firmly, crowned with large brown areolas and long, stiff nipples. He noticed a birthmark on her right breast just before his mouth engulfed her nipple. She moaned and arched her back as pleasure washed through her body. His hand toyed with her other breast as he continued sucking and nibbling at the right one. She moaned louder, her hands grabbing his hair and pulling him closer. The bulge in his pants was growing harder and she wanted desperately to be fucked by him.

She scooted back and began unbuckling his belt. Brett’s hands continued to knead her breasts as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She rubbed his cock through his jeans and looked him in the eye.

“Are you ready?” she almost whispered.

“Yes, yes,” he replied. “Thank God for tinted windows.”

He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and then they realized she would have to dismount him in order for them both to take their pants off. She climbed off and they quickly disrobed so that they were totally naked.

His stiff cock quivered and she wanted to taste it right that second. Her head descended toward his lap and her tongue licked at the tip. He gasped when her soft lips wrapped around his solid erection and slid up and down the shaft. Her hands worked the base of his cock and fondled his balls as her tongue swirled around the swollen head. She could taste the salty precum when the tip of her tongue danced over his slit. Then she plunged her mouth back down, taking all eight inches into her mouth and throat.

“Oh, yes, yes, suck my cock,” he whispered to her. “God you feel so good.” He moaned and scooted down in the seat so she had more access. Lindsay used the tips of her fingers to lightly stroke his stomach below his navel which made him gasp and lift his ass off the seat, forcing more of his cock into her throat. It was getting more swollen and she knew he was close.

She released his cock from her mouth and whispered, “I want to taste your cum.” Those words coming from her made him erupt into her ravenous mouth. He groaned as his cum hit the back of her throat and she greedily swallowed every drop. Her hand pumped and squeezed his cock until she had gulped down all of his cum.

Brett was in complete ecstasy as she continued to lap bahis siteleri at his softening cock, and he longed to taste her cum just as she had tasted his.

“Lay down,” he said, and she complied as best she could in the cramped space. Then she sat up and jumped in the back of the Jeep and motioned for him to follow her. She pushed a button and the back seat folded forward, giving them the entire back of the Jeep to continue their adventure.

Lindsay laid with her head near the back of the Jeep, her knees bent with her legs spread, and Brett knelt facing her. Her shaved pussy was glistening wet and he was so hungry to taste it, but he wanted to prolong their experience as much as he could. After all, there would never be another first meeting. He moved higher and kissed her deeply, his tongue mingling with hers, tasting a hint of his salty cum in her mouth. He moved down and kissed her neck while stroking her body with his fingertips, up to the edge of her nipples down to her hips. Her body shuddered with anticipation. She wanted him to fuck her, hard, deep, NOW, but he had other plans.

He inched down her body, trailing kisses as he went toward her breasts again, but stopped just above her nipples, exhaling his hot breath across it, and moving on to the valley between her peaks, kissing her soft skin. He moved above her other nipple and again his warm breath teased her and he moved on down her body. He kissed her stomach, circled her navel with his tongue, and kissed down her skin stopping short of her swollen clit. Again he exhaled and moved away. She was in agony, wanting to feel his tongue, his fingers, his cock, anything inside of her aching pussy.

“Oh, God, stop teasing me, I want you so bad,” she moaned, lifting her hips toward his face. Instead he returned and kissed her eager mouth, his hands wandering down her body.

This time his hands came back up to her throbbing nipples and squeezed them hard. The painful yet pleasurable sensation caused her to cry out loudly through their kiss.

“Please, please…” she whimpered. Brett could stand it no longer. He moved all the way down, put his face right in between her legs and sucked hard on her clit. She cried out again, momentarily forgetting they were in a semi-public place and that people might hear her. She writhed beneath him and her hands pinched and tugged at her erect nipples. His tongue swirled around her clit and then dipped down lower into her pussy, tasting her sweet honey.

“Oh Brett, Jesus Christ that’s amazing,” she muttered, and he continued forcing his tongue into her slit. He moved back up to her clit and inserted two fingers into her soaking pussy, immediately finding her g-spot and rubbing it forcefully.

Insane with ecstasy, Lindsay cried out a string of nonsensical words, “Oh! fuck! yes! Jesus! God! fuck! damn! oh! fuck! oh! yes!”

She was close to cumming and he wanted to make sure he was able to drink from her gushing pussy that he had so longed to taste. His tongue massaged her clit and he thrust his fingers hard against her g-spot. She wildly tossed her head back and forth and beat her fist on the seat, her eyes closed tightly and mouth biting at her lower lip. He removed his fingers and moved his mouth down to drink her juices as she came, waves of pleasure radiating from her clit through the rest of her body. Her pussy spasmed against his tongue and she exclaimed another series of nonsense words, her mind too wrapped up in desire to form conscious sounds.

His cock was hard again from watching her thrash during her orgasm and he could no longer control his lust for this sexy woman. Before she had fully recovered, he mounted her and drove his cock into her dripping pussy. She yelled out in surprise, opening her eyes to see his gorgeous face above hers. He bent down to kiss her as he thrust into her again vigorously. Her nails dug hard into his back and the pain was so unexpected it forced him to drive into her even harder. Her legs bahis şirketleri wrapped around his waist and she lifted her ass off the floor to allow him to penetrate her even more deeply. Plunge after plunge sent them both reeling to a state of ecstasy that neither had experienced before. He grabbed her firm breasts and held them as he thrust, then moved his hands down to her lush hips. Holding her tightly, he pounded his cock into her harder and harder.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me,” she said breathily, and moaned loudly.

Once again his balls tensed and he knew he was going to cum. He thrust one last time, and at the moment he came, she arched her back in her second wave of orgasmic bliss. Her pussy contracted around his throbbing cock as his load shot into her, her muscles milking and draining his sperm. They held that position for a few moments, lost in the sheer pleasure they had finally experienced with one another.

“Oh, oh, oh God, oh my Christ,” Lindsay panted as she relaxed onto the floor. Brett pulled his wilting cock from her pussy and laid on his back next to her.

“Wow,” was all he could manage to say.

“Yeah,” she replied.

They lay together for a few minutes as their breath returned to its normal rate. She realized that their mixed fluids were dripping from her vagina onto the back of the seat and she should probably get cleaned up. She had lost her mind momentarily while experiencing the most incredible pleasure she had ever felt in her life, but now reality was slowly settling back in and she didn’t want to soil her brand new car.

She reached down in the floorboard and emerged with a box of baby wipes which she always kept on hand. Brett looked at her with a mixture of adoration and comic puzzlement on his face.

She giggled and said, “I don’t want love stains on my new car. Is that wrong?”

They cleaned themselves and dressed again. Still not ready to be even arms length apart, they cuddled up together in the back of the Jeep, holding and kissing each other and whispering into each others’ ears.

“Do you think anyone heard us?” Brett asked, genuinely concerned.

“Who gives a fuck?” Lindsay replied. “I mean, this is an airport. People seeing people who they’ve been apart from. I expect that there’s a lot of fucking going on in this parking garage on any given day.”

“Really? In public?”

“I bet you ten bucks. Maybe we should ask the parking security. They would know.”

“You’re on,” he replied, and they shook hands.

After another few minutes in each other’s arms, Lindsay looked at the clock in her dash and realized that it had been an hour and a half since they had gotten to the car.

“I wanna get home so I can fuck you properly,” she insisted.

“What, that wasn’t a proper fucking?” he asked teasingly.

“You know what I mean.”

They reluctantly climbed into the front seats and drove out of the garage. Before leaving, however, Lindsay stopped at the security booth and rolled down her window.

“Excuse me, sir?”

The middle-aged man looked up at her through the glass. “Yes?”

“I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. See, my friend and I were discussing whether or not a lot of… well… nookie takes place in the parking garages. I personally think that since it’s a place where people are reuniting, that sometimes they can’t wait to get home. My friend here doesn’t know if people would actually do that in a public place. So, what is your experience with this subject?”

The security guard looked at her in shock, then realizing that she was serious, he cleared his throat and said, “Well, ma’am, I see a lot of vehicles… uh… rocking on a daily basis. Too many for it to be just someone who may be searching for something in their car, if you know what I mean. But I don’t go inspect or anything.”

Lindsay smiled and looked at her lover. “You owe me ten bucks.”

“As a matter of fact,” the guard continued, “I’m almost positive I saw this here blue Jeep rocking back and forth not too long ago.” The man grinned knowingly.

“I lost my lip gloss,” she replied with a wink, and drove out of the garage toward the airport exit.

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