Meditation Pool Encounter

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I find that nudists are very friendly folks and are not uncomfortable around others. basically, nudists are much like a cross section of people you’d see at a Wal Mart, except there are fewer minorities. I don’t know why, there are only a few blacks, Asians, or Hispanics usually. When they’re there, they are welcomed just like everyone else.

Some venues are clothing optional and you find some people who wear swimsuits, at least to begin with. Many shed the suits after a while and after they are comfortable that they are not going to be embarrassed by baring all. lol. Only once, at a hot spring, did a couple show up in suits and stay in them the whole time. Nobody cared, we were all nude and comfortable. If they preferred soggy suits, so be it.

I watched a few pro instructors give watsu water massages, then I had a couple myself. The feeling of warm water rippling over every inch of your nude body is a wonderful experience. It is both relaxing and somewhat sensual. After watching carefully, and experiencing watsu, I sometimes offer to give an ‘amateur’ watsu massage to women who tell me they’ve never experienced one. They have all said they enjoyed it and thank me afterward.

Several sincan escort stand out in my memory. Here’s is one example.

One 55 year old single gal was alone and seemed to be craving company. We chatted for quite a while and I offered to give her a face massage while she floated in the warm pool. She agreed and afterward was very relaxed and said that my touch was just what she needed. I didn’t ask her what she meant, but I think she had been missing a man’s touch for quite a while. She asked if I knew how to do watsu and I said that I did, but was not a pro. She told me she had never had one, but had seen others doing it and that it looked divine. I asked if she’d like to try it, and she immediately agreed. No raving beauty, but she was most pleasant and I was enjoying the encounter. She was slender, had flat, saggy breasts with large, dark nipples, and a full dark bush.

I gave her a long watsu massage and she literally melted in my arms as I slowly moved her through the water. Later, after I finished with a long hug, with her again standing against the poolside in about 3 feet of water, she suggested that we go to the smaller meditation pool located separately in sincan escort bayan a grove of tall pine trees. She said she liked the serenity and invited me to come along. Her eyes asked me to join her, so I agreed.

When we arrived at the meditation pool, nobody else was around. We quickly shed our clothes again and got into the warm water. The sand on the floor of the pool squished between my toes as I sat on a rock. She slipped into my lap and put her arms around me. I held her there, with her head resting on my shoulder and my arm around her legs. I looked down at her and our eyes met. She smiled and kissed my neck. She said it felt so good to be held again.

We sat there silently for a few minutes. Then, I began stroking her thigh with my free hand and she slowly opened her legs, inviting more intimacy. No one was around to object, so I slipped my hand up onto her mound and felt her soft bush. She again kissed my neck, so I began to explore a bit more and soon encountered her very wet slit. She groaned low in her throat and I put my finger inside her, probing for her G spot. Her breathing became ragged as I continued to work my finger up and in…massaging her escort sincan spot with my finger and her clit with my thumb.

After a few minutes of my ministrations, she began to spasm and tighten her grip on my finger. At the same time, she began to lick my shoulder and pant. My fingers had given her a nice long orgasm right there in the meditation pool.

Once she returned to planet Earth, she relaxed in my arms and reached down to hold my semi-stiff cock and fondle my balls. She asked what I wanted her to do in return. I said that what she was doing was enough, that our time together was to be all about her. She couldn’t believe that I wasn’t demanding that she suck my dick or that I wasn’t going to force her to submit to my thick cock. Actually, she may have even wanted that, but I am not willing to risk disease, etc.

Other people eventually joined us in the meditation pool. She remained on my lap, hugging me close. Nobody seemed to mind. In fact, another couple joined us first and they took up the same loving position. They may or may not have known that I still had my finger buried deep in my new friend’s pussy. As more people arrived, it became a bit crowded, so we got out and made our way back to the large warm pool for a final dip before I had to leave.

We dressed and she walked me back to the lodge and my rent car. We held each other and kissed deeply for several minutes, knowing that we would probably never see each other again. We never even exchanged names.

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