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It was hot. Mid-summer afternoon in southern Tennessee. I unbuttoned another button on my blouse and did a little shoulder roll to cause it to gap. I glanced down briefly and knew that he could see, if he chose to, my breasts overflowing from the lacy emerald green bra I was wearing. No reaction. His eyes stayed glued to the road and we continued on in strained silence. I sighed heavily and slumped down in my seat. This was the way it had been for a while now. We were all but separated and divorce was looming on the horizon.

It hadn’t always been that way. We had once fallen in love, fallen in lust, couldn’t get enough of each other. The sex had been breathtaking, world stopping. We would sex play for hours, and do nothing some days but make love and eat, dawn to dusk. Sex had always been the one thing we did best together. We were both playful and very into pleasing. Sometimes it was a battle to see who could top the other with over-the-top orgasms. One of his very favorite things to do was to see how many times he could make be cum before I begged and pleaded with him to stop. Of course, he always had to get ‘just one more’. God, I missed those times! But now, life and all it’s pressures had damaged our relationship to the point that I knew that fixing it would be nearly impossible. It had been about 6 months since we had had any kind of sexual relationship.

The word ‘divorce had been spoken, but neither of us had made the decision to leave. Some days, we both pushed each other, daring the other to leave, to end it all. The pain of a clean break had to be better than the constant stress and snipping our marriage had become.

We sat in silence, the frustration hanging like a cloud around us. We had both been bored and decided on a mid afternoon movie. As we pulled into the parking lot, I decided to give it one more try. I wanted him to look at me, notice that I was still a woman. I wanted him to want me. As he rounded the car, I bent down to pull on my boots, lingering so that he couldn’t miss the ass shot. I straightened up and turned around just in time to catch a small grin, then it was gone. Well, at least he’s not dead, I thought.

5 minutes into the movie, I was bored. It was really bad. The theatre was nearly deserted. I guess everyone else had already heard about this bomb and had the good sense not to waste a weekday afternoon on it. I put my feet up on top of the empty chair in front of me and stretched my arms with an elaborate yawn. I noticed him looking at me in the semi darkness, his eyes finally taking in my unbuttoned shirt. Smiling, I unbuttoned it further and ran my hands across the front of my bra, kneading my breasts softly. I made a show of tugging at my nipples thru my shirt and tilted my head back and let a small groan escape my lips. Hell, if he was gonna finally look, I was going to put on a show. He reached for one of my hands and pulled it down and placed it on his groin. I could feel the fabric of his jeans stretched across his hard cock.

I canlı bahis closed my eyes and let out a slight moan. I cupped my hand across the shaft of his cock and started rubbing up and down, squeezing as I went. He closed his eyes and slid further down his chair, allowing me better access to his cock. With a quick look around me, seeing that no one was within sight line and in the nearly empty theatre, I decided the risk was worth it.

The zipper sounded like a chainsaw as the sound on the movie dipped at exactly the same time. I froze, then laughed softly and continued. I freed his straining cock from the imprisonment of his jeans and just held it in my hand. God, it felt good. I could feel the blood rushing thru it, his heart beat pounding against my palm. I savored the heat and the incredibly smoothness of the hot flesh. He started squirming as I slowly started pumping his cock. I stopped briefly to lick my thumb and then used it to tease the sensitive place he had right behind the head of his cock. I corkscrewed my hand up and down along his shaft, squeezing rhythmically. He let out a small sigh.

I heard footsteps and just froze. An usher was just a few scant yards behind us and coming down the isle, flashlight in tow. Briefly, I wondered how much time I’d have to do in jail for lewd and lascivious behavior. Quickly, with my free hand, I tossed my purse onto his lap, covering my hand and most of his throbbing cock. As the usher continued down the aisle and right past us to the end of the rows, I started breathing again. The usher turned and back up the aisle he went, bored and just doing his routine.

When I was sure the usher had left, I turned my head to check. I felt my hand being pried off of his cock.

“No”, I leaned and whispered into his ear. I had started this and I had no intention of letting it end here. I slid down out of my chair and with my knees on the dirty floor, pulled his still burning cock into my mouth. I took several inches, just to where the head was resting against the back of my mouth and I held it there. I hit up several times against the underside, thudding it softly with my tongue. Then I tightened my lips against his shaft and curled my tongue up and slowly eased off his cock. I love giving head just about better than anything and I had waiting far too long to have his cock once again against my tongue. I reached into his jeans and pulled his balls out and started stroking them and rolling them around in my hand. He has very large testicles and I would have loved to have sucked on them as well, but I wanted his cock more, and knew this was going to have to be quick. I pulled his balls away from his body hard and up against the underside of his cock, so that with every down stroke of my head, my chin would bounce against his clean shaven testicles.

As my head bobbed up and down his cock, he put his hand on my head, stroking my hair. I glanced up and could see his half closed eyes as he watched me sucking his now pounding cock. I sucked bahis siteleri harder, my head going side to side as I lapped at the underside. My hair was in my eyes and whipping along his hard rod as I blew him. I moaned against him and could feel his cock vibrate against my lips. I could taste his sugar sweet precum and knew this wasn’t going to be long. Almost as soon as I had that thought, he pulled my head hard against his groin, stuffing his cock into my throat as stream after stream of his sticky seed shot into my still sucking mouth. I groaned, and pulled it slow and hard with my lips, draining the last of his cum. I slid back into my chair and leaned into him, kissing him and leaving an offering of cum on his tongue. He groaned when he realized what I’d done and pulled me further into the kiss. He tongue probed into my mouth and I sucked hard on it.

The theatre suddenly got brighter as the door opened and a couple of people came down the aisle and sat a few rows behind us. I pulled back from our kiss and sat back in my chair. I ran my hand between my legs and felt what I knew was happening. I had gotten so worked up, I had soaked my jeans. With a low moan, I grabbed his hand and placed it in between my legs. I could see his grin in the near darkness as he started rubbing his palm across my jeans covered pussy. I moaned again and realized the people behind us were close enough to hear me. I’ve always been very vocal and knew that if he kept up the delightful working of my pussy that he was now doing, the man all the way up in the projection booth would know.

When he reached for the zipper of my jeans, I stood up.

I leaned down and kissed him and said “Baby, I have to take care of this. I’ll be back.”, and kissed him once again, my lips still tasting of his cum. I nearly tripped over him and he laughed. I straightened my clothes as best I could and headed for the bathroom.

I said a silent prayer to the gods when I took a look around the ladies room and no one else was there. I picked a stall and pulled down my jeans. I wasn’t wearing panties and I realized that was part of the reason my jeans were now so wet. I looked at the palm sized spot of my juices in amazement and said ‘damn’. The faint smell of my wetness reached my nose. I breathed in the lightly musky scent and closed my eyes as my hand went between my legs and slipped between my pussy lips. I was soaked and as soon as I touched my pussy, I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum.

I stuck a finger into my dripping hole then raked it slowly back towards my clit. It was swollen and aching and I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I began to stroke my little nub. I moaned out loud, as I stood with my feet spread and my jeans around my ankles, my fingers stroking up and down, hard and fast across my clit. My breath came in gasps and with my free hand I started massaging my left breast thru my blouse, squeezing hard and tugging at my erect nipple thru my clothing. I tilted my head back and let out bahis şirketleri a groan as I felt my entire body start the sweet, overpowering tingling.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the outer door opening. I froze, my fingers against my clit, still. I took my hand from my breast and steadied myself as I started to swoon. Having to stop my orgasm and be still at that point was painful. I held my breath, my heart pounding so hard I knew that the woman who just came in must be hearing it also. My breath was loud and ragged, I tried to slow it. I was very uncomfortably aware of my fingers resting against my clit. I felt my pussy muscles clenching unconsciously. I stood there, trying hard not to think, not to make a sound, and not lose my mind in the process.

It seemed forever, but couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. I heard the sound of a toilet flushing, then water running and the outer door swing open again. I sighed loudly and sat down hard on the toilet seat. I counted to 10, then pulled my hand away from my pussy and stuck my dripping wet fingers into my mouth and sucked. I closed my eyes again and gently reached down and touched my hard and throbbing little clit with my now semi-clean fingers. A jolt shot thru my body and I started cumming. I shook and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure coursed across my body. I kept rubbing my fingers up and down my pussy, rubbing my clit hard with every stroke. I felt a single bead of sweat run down my forehead. Only when my clit became too tender to touch did I slow down and remove my fingers.

I sat there for a few minutes, trying to pull my pleasure soaked brain back from my orgasm and into reality. As my breathing returned to normal, I grabbed a handful of toilet paper and cleaned up the soaking mess from between my legs. It took a couple of handfuls of paper before I felt dry enough to stand up. I buttoned and zipped my jeans and tucked my shirt back into them, straightening it and repositioning my bra.

As I opened the stall door, I saw the large vanity mirror positioned directly in front. Damn, I thought, if only I could have left the door open and watched myself cum. I chuckled at the thought and washed my hands and with a paper towel tried to clean up what I could of my makeup. It was a hopeless task at that point. My face was flushed and eyes wide and pupils were still dilated. I left and went back into the lobby. I glanced at the young boy at the concession stand and he grinned at me. Oh shit, I thought, damn, I guess I wasn’t as quiet as I tried to be. I blushed and made a beeline back into the dark theatre.

I plopped down, drained.

My husband leaned over and whispered to me “Enjoy yourself?” I grabbed his shirt and pulled him close, kissing him hard and letting him taste the pussy juices that I had cleaned from my fingers still clinging to my lips. Our tongues entwined and briefly dueled before I let him go and pulled away. He reached down and grabbed my hand and held it.

Looking straight ahead at the flickering movie screen, he said softly “I love you.” I squeezed his hand, a single tear rolling down my cheek.

“I love you too, baby.” and knew that everything would be alright.

This is a true story.

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