Massage Affair

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A few years back in an unhappy marriage, I had started to date a woman on the side. Her name was Tanya, also married and we were both in our mid 40’s. We had met online and had been to some concerts together, enjoying drinks afterwards and some kisses before rushing off to each of our homes.

One Saturday she and I arranged to go for a couples massage together. I had never done that before and it’s always nice to try something new. I often go to music concerts in the evening, so it was no problem to miss one concert and meet up for a massage.

I arrived at the massage place downtown and waited in the entrance area. A few minutes later Tanya arrived, we hugged and gave a quick kiss. She was dressed in jeans and loose top which fitted her slim figure perfectly. We were shown to our room. It was small, but with space for a chair, side table and two separate massage tables. The attendant gave us a few minutes to get ready alone. Tanya and I undressed, slightly awkwardly since it was the first time seeing each other naked. She had smooth delicate canlı bahis legs, petite breasts and an even tan.

We both got comfortable on our tables, lying on our fronts with a towel covering our asses. She looked beautiful lying there and we chatted while we waited.

Soon after the two female attendants came in and after a very brief introduction, started working on my back and Tanya’s back. I put my head down and settled in to enjoy the massage. The massage was firm – working on my neck, back and then legs and even my feet.

When it was time to turn over, I caught a glance of Tanya relaxed and enjoying her massage too. When the masseuse started to massage my legs and she pushed the towel up. My masseuse was an middle aged asian woman and she massaged my legs further up and slightly spread them to work her hands into my upper thighs. I may have also spread my legs too a little, ’cause the feeling of her hands on my inner thigh was starting to make my cock hard. Knowing that she could likely see my balls and the base of my cock was bahis siteleri turning me on. I felt she was teasing me and seemed to take pleasure in it. I had hoped for some alone time with Tanya so this was a surprise and made me extra horny and hard.

After our massage both masseuses said their goodbyes and left us to relax. We were alone again. I got up with my towel around my waist and moved over to Tanya’s table and sat on the edge. Seeing her half naked, I lent down to kiss her.

We had to be quiet since we could hear some noise from the front entrance area of the business. As we were kissing I reached down with my hand and felt the outside of her pussy with my fingers. She was already wet. Tanya was smooth and shaved.

After gently kissing her neck, down to her breasts and belly, I shifted my position on the narrow massage table and went down on her pussy, first slowly licking her clit and then gently inserting my finger in her. She was becoming more and more wet and I could hear her softy moan.

I could also still hear bahis şirketleri people out in the waiting room of the massage place and I would have been happy if Tanya had sucked my cock but we were both getting more worked up.

I moved up to see her beautiful brown eyes and kiss her again. Our towels were on the floor by now and our bodies firmly against each other. As we kissed deeply I rubbed my long cock along her wet pussy. I paused to tell Tanya that I had a condom in my jacket on the chair across the room. Still with my cock rubbing along the lips of her pussy, her hand moved down, took hold of my hard cock and shifted the head closer to enter. She really couldn’t wait and with one push of my hips I easily slid in. We just went natural, no condom, in that moment we just didn’t care.

With Tanya lying on her back, her legs spread and thrusting my cock again and again all the way into her, after only a few minutes, I came in her. I would have liked to have lasted longer but we couldn’t stay in this room for too long. We lay for a minute and then realized we really should be getting dressed and get going!

I had already paid for the massage, so once dressed we just quickly walked out. Tanya was shy as we left but I thanked the staff and said goodnight!

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