Married Woman in Her Car

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I was tingling with nerves driving down the motorway. I was on the way to meet Sally, the saucy sounding 45 year old married mother of 3 who I had been secretly phoning for months. We had met through an internet chat room, an adults only room. Over the course of two weeks I had managed to get her mobile number and started a series of heated sexually explicit phone calls – usually conducted when she was locked in her bedroom with her kids downstairs oblivious.

By now we had been talking for over six months, and the growing desire to meet and fulfill our fantasies became overwhelming. We arranged to meet one morning, I was on my way to London on business, and she lived en route. We were to meet at a service station off the motorway and take it from there.

I phoned when 10 minutes or so away, and she was just ready to leave her house. She sounded different that day, a little nervous, but still with a sexual slant to the conversation, I could tell she was already horny. I was too, my cock was throbbing with anticipation as I pulled off the motorway and headed towards our rendezvous point. I got there first, and realised canlı bahis it was closed. I quickly phoned her mobile and she suggested a country park 2 miles down the road – she asked me to wait just inside the entrance. I drove there quickly, following her instructions, and parked the car to wait.

After 10 minutes I looked into my rear view mirror and saw a people carrier type vehicle pulling up behind me. I got out, and walked up to the driver’s door. It was Sally. We had never met, or even seen each other, but she looked just how I imagined. Short, about 5 ft 1, probably about 12 stone, so quite rounded, dazzling blue eyes, sandy short hair, a cute smile. She looked nervous, and lisped slightly as she spoke. I leant through the window and kissed her lightly on her full lips, she tasted of lip gloss. She blushed, and suggested we drove further into the park to park up. She followed me down the road, and pulled along side me into a quiet clearing, no other cars around.

I got out and approached her car door, she got out this time. She was much shorted than me, but I was immediately drawn to her enormous breasts, a full ripe bahis siteleri melon size on either side of her, they looked fantastic through her blue dress. I stood close to her and ran my hands though her hair, over her shoulder, down over her breasts. She stiffened slightly, saying she was a little scared, here she was alone in a wood with a virtual stranger, nobody knew she was there, and she could tell what my intentions were. I assured her I would respect her totally , and kissed her full on the lips.

She responded immediately, her tongue wrapped around mine, her amazing bosom pushed up tight against me, my hands cupping her bountiful butt. She looked down and noticed my cock, lying flat down my trouser leg on the left, but obviously hard and throbbing and clearly visible. She stroked it gently, tracing its length with her fingers, squeezing the end with her thumb and forefinger. My fingers were around her nipples now, and our kissing becoming more passionate.

I suggested we get into her car. She sat in the driver’s seat, I leant over from the passenger side, greedily pulling down the top her dress to expose her breasts, bahis şirketleri her massive dark brown nipples now erect. She undid my trousers as I licked them, gasping when she saw my cock, my erection throbbing to her touch, harder still knowing it filled her with anticipation. I now had my hand between her thighs, forcing them slowly apart, rubbing her soaking pussy through her knickers, seeking out her clit and starting to run it slowly. I turned her to the side, and went down on her, lapping at her juicy pussy, while finger fucking her and rubbing her throbbing clit together.

She was desperate to be fucked now, she came over to my side, slipped her knickers off and straddled me, her eager fingers guiding my cock into her wet pussy. I was amazed at her vagina’s muscle control, she was actually quite tight which surprised me I suppose knowing she had 3 kids, but it felt delicious. I knew I wasn’t going to last long inside her, and gripped her hips pulling her down on to me as fast as I could go, meeting her every lunge with the hardest thrust I could muster. She moaned as I came inside her, my mouth sucking her nipples deep inside, she stayed on me squeezing every last drop of cum out of my meaty cock.

We kissed, I left the car, got in mine and drove away. we meet every so often, I’ll be writing more about what has happened…

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