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I had just put my girlfriend on a plane for home. Unfortunately I was going to be spending spring break at school doing research. Ever since moving to Boston to go to grad school in History, I had been extraordinarily lucky with the ladies. The men in Boston tended to be rather effeminate, and while some chicks liked having a guy like them to talk to some chicks still liked the rugged Marlboro man type. I was from Tennessee and it showed. Not too many folks wear cowboy boots in Boston! And I had had a lot of offers during my first semester at school. But I had settled down with Emily, a Buffalo NY girl who appreciated the fact that I didn’t buy into all that sensitive politically correct crap. Emily was amazing in bed, and I was actually beginning to love her, but she was going to be gone for nine days, and I wasn’t looking forward to the blueballs.

Taking the subway back from the airport took almost an hour and I kept noticing all of the attractive women in their spring dresses fresh from the mothballs of winter. One girl in particular caught my eye. She got on my train at the third stop and sat right across from me. She was Latino with beautifully brown skin and a killer body. Her hair was red (obviously dyed) and kept back in a ponytail. Her legs were amazing and her high heels were open in the front showing a perfect pedicure. She must have money. I had to switch trains soon and thought that would be the last I saw of her. But she got off at the same stop and then got back on the same car of the same train I was on and sat across from me again. I made eye contact with her and her stare was so bold that I got embarrassed. Could she be following me? I had to make one more train switch and decided that if she got on the same train as I did again, then I would talk to her.

Sure enough she changed trains again and this time there was no room to sit and she stood right next to me. She was facing away from me but when the train began to move she bumped into my crotch with her rear end. I had to take that as a sign and I eased my crotch into her backside, not too subtle, but not obvious enough that it would cause a problem if she really wasn’t interested. She sensed what I was doing an reached back with her hand that wasn’t holding the railing and gently squeezed my cock through my jeans. Ok, now I had the go ahead. Any worries I had about cheating on my girlfriend went out the window. My stop came and went and I just stood there pressing my rapidly growing dick against her backside. When the train stopped a few stops later she glanced over her shoulder at me and licked her lips. I followed her off of the train and up the stairs to the street.

She knew that I was following her and kept up a quick pace for about five blocks. Finally she stopped at a door put in a key and disappeared from the street. I was about twenty yards behind her so I saw where she went in. This was my last chance to come to my senses and back out, but I just canlı bahis couldn’t stop myself from ringing her apartment door. A voice came over the intercom. “Who is it?” said a sultry Spanish voice. “It’s me, from the train.” I answered feeling like a total yokel. “Come on up, its the third floor the door is unlocked.” I nearly flew up the stairs and when I stepped into her apartment all I could see was a couch in a small living room with a couple doors off of it. She had lit some candles and sat a cold beer next to the couch. I heard a voice come from the other room. “Have a seat and enjoy a beer, I’ll be with you in a moment.” I sat there drinking my beer and checking out her apartment for about ten minutes. She was obviously a student like me. The furniture and books gave it away.

Finally she entered the room. “A couple of rules first” she said, “this only happens once. When we’re done you forget about where I live and never try and contact me again. One final thing, I don’t want to know your name and you don’t want to know mine. So for convenience you can call me Maria. Do everything I say and this will be the best night of your life. Ok?” I just nodded yes and waited for further instructions. She was wearing a long robe and still had her high heels on. She went to the other side of the room and turned off the lights and put on some soft classical guitar music. Then she blew my mind by dropping the robe. She had on a white bra and panties (probably Victoria’s Secret) and nothing else except her shoes. She looked amazing and her dark skin set off her ensemble perfectly. I didn’t want to do anything to piss off this obviously very controlling woman so I just sat there in awe.

She started to dance to the music a little and kept her gaze on me the entire time. God, this woman was intense. “Can I ask you one question?” I said. “Just one!” she answered. “How old are you?” “I’m twenty four. Now no more question.” She danced for a couple more minutes and then approached me and unbuttoned my shirt. “Pull it off.” She said. I did what I was told and sat back again. She reached behind her and slowly undid her bra, but she didn’t take it off completely. She slowly wiggled her arms until it fell off of her and let her amazing breast swing free. This chick had the most amazing breasts I had ever seen. They were large, but perfectly firm. I didn’t think that breasts like that existed anywhere but in playboy. She straddled me on the couch and began to rub them on my bare chest. Finally she made it apparent that I could suck them and I greedily dove into her nipples eager to get as much of her tit flesh into my mouth as I could. I sucked on one while I pinched gently at the other. He nipples stood out from her breasts almost a centimeter. God, how did I get this lucky?

After about five minutes of this she slid down and off of me and began to tug on my zipper. “I hope you’ve got enough of a cock to please me.” She said. “It felt good in the train bahis siteleri but sometimes it’s hard to tell what will happen to a cock when it begins to swell.” I wasn’t worried about living up to her expectations as I was relatively well endowed and my girth was particularly impressive. When she finally got my zipper undone she jerked my jeans and my boxers to my ankles in one violent pull. She smile at me obviously pleased that I was as big as she had hoped. “Not exactly the longest cock I’ve ever seen” she said, “but it certainly will do the trick.” She dug her fingernails into my ballsack just to remind me that she was in charge and then lowered her head onto my cock. Despite her comment, I felt confident that she wasn’t used to dicks this big around in her mouth because she really had to struggle to deep throat me. She really was good and I began to worry that I was going to loose it in her mouth really soon. I grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed. “Not so fast buddy. You don’t get to get off before I do.” With that she stood up and placed my hands on her ass cheeks.

She obviously wanted me to take her panties off and I obliged, and to my amazement I saw the most amazingly perfect pussy I had ever seen. It was entirely shaved. Not even a wisp of hair above her clit. “What are you staring at? Lick it!” she climbed onto the couch and dropped her pussy right onto my face. I had eaten my share of pussy before buy had never really enjoyed it, but this was different. Maybe this was just such an amazing situation that I got carried away, or maybe it was the fact that her crotch was completely bare but I dove into her slit like I was a starving man and it was a steak dinner. I licked her clit and shoved my tongue into her hole with such vigor that I soon had her writhing above me like a woman possessed. I got an idea, it was too nasty to try with my girlfriend but when would I be with such a slut again. I tentatively flicked my tongue down onto her asshole and she went nuts. Wow, that must really feel great to her so I just licked her anus for all that I was worth. She finally pulled away from me and stared me in the eyes. “I was hoping you would a naughty one. You really could tell just what I wanted, now are you prepared to go the distance. I’m not going to fuck you, because I hate condoms and I’m not on the pill so if you want me to get you off you are going to have to put that big cock of yours where your tongue just was.”

That sounded fine with me. I had never licked much less fucked a girl’s ass before but I was prepared to do whatever this Mexican-angel wanted me to do. I was still sitting on the couch where I had been for the last half an hour so she just sat right on my lap facing me. She reached back with her hand and grabbed my hard cock and put it at the entrance of her butt. She hadn’t allowed me to kiss her yet, but she leaned forward at this moment and put her full lips to mine. As her tongue entered my mouth she sank slowly bahis şirketleri down onto my cock. Her rectum felt great, warm and tighter than any pussy I had ever been inside of. She wanted me to fuck her butt, but she actually ended up fucking me. She raised and lowed her anus on my cock with delicious slowness, never once breaking the deep kiss that we were sharing. She fucked me like this for probably fifteen minutes then she broke our kiss and commanded me “DO NOT CUM IN MY ASS! I want you to tell me before you cum because I want to see it. I want you to cum on my face. Do you understand?” “Yes, I understand.” I panted. This chick had seen one too many porn movies! I fucked her ass for another three or four minutes before I just couldn’t hold off anymore. “I’m going to cum soon I told her.” “Hold it in, let me get on my knees. Don’t you shoot until I’m ready to catch it in my mouth.” She literally jumped off of my dick with a terrifically squishy sound. She was on her knees between my knees in seconds. I tried to stand up so that I could really aim my cock at her mouth, but she pushed me back onto the couch. “Stay there.” She said.

I jacked my cock for all that I was worth as she licked the opening of my penis with her tongue and massaged her testicles. “Come on, do it! Cum on me. NOW!” I just couldn’t hold it in anymore and I began to cum. The world seemed to slow down to half speed as I fired off shot after shot of hot semen. The first volley was a small one and it landed on her chin, it was clear and thin and ran down onto her breasts. The second blast however was almost all sperm, thick and white. It rocketed out the end of my cock and hit her square in the forehead. Again I fired and landed an arching glob in her awaiting mouth she closed her mouth to swallow and I splashed her lips with two more volleys. I continued to pump my cock until I had emptied what felt like a gallon of cum onto her face and into her mouth. My favorite part was the shot of sperm that nearly went up her left nostril. But she took it all in stride and seemed to love each and every squirt that I had to offer her. When I was done, she lowered her head onto my still hard dick and sucked it a few times, ending with a bite that was just a bit painful. “That was for getting your cum up my nose.”

She stood to her feet and walked into her kitchenette to get a towel. She wiped the cum off of her face and tits and then threw the towel at me. “Clean up and leave.” She said still trying to sound like she was in charge, but a slight quiver in her voice showed that she knew she had been truly fucked. I may not have been her equal but I certainly gave her more than she expected. When I had wiped the cum from my crotch and the pussy juice from my chin I dropped the towel on the couch and pulled up my jeans and put on my shirt. She came and took the towel and walked away to the bedroom. “You can find your way out she said.” “Yes I can” I answered her “hey, Maria. Thanks, you were great.” She stopped and turned her head toward me. “Yeah” she giggled, “You were pretty good too. It’s a shame we can’t do this again. Goodbye.” I walked out of the door never to see her again.

Or did I?

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