Maintenance Man Stalks Tenant

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This story would not be what it was without the contribution of Tahrima Begum. She wrote some of the best parts.


Khadijah Suleiman was struggling with her faith ever since her divorce 2 years ago. She had stopped going to the mosque as she felt god had abandoned her when she needed him most. She was always a dutiful wife and put her husband’s needs above her own.

Khadijah always dressed modestly and she would wear the hijab to keep her modesty. But at the age of 43 after devoting most of her adult life to her husband he left her for his teenage secretary. It sickened Khadijah that her husband was able to behave in such a vile way but still act so piously at the mosque. It disgusted her more that the congregation despite knowing his sins accepted him. There was a ‘boys will be boys’ attitude towards her husband’s affair and it made her so angry. For years she had put up with the lame sex, she had been cursed with a high sex drive but her husband could not keep up and she would use her hands or toys she had acquired over the years to bring her relief when her husband was at work.

She was always loyal to her husband and despite her curse she maintained a devotion to her religion and her husband. It was only in moments that her mind and body left her with no option but to release that tension. She was active in the mosque and would often organise the local charity drives. But her relationship with the mosque changed when her husband’s infidelity came to light. She felt like she had been betrayed not only by her husband but also the mosque. Which wasn’t surprising as it was mainly run by Pakistani men, who had always been uncomfortable with her having a leadership position within the community.

Her husband married his young secretary within 3 months of their divorce and she soon gave birth. This hurt Khadijah even more as she was childless but her husband was having an affair with another woman and got her pregnant.

She would hear the worst things at the mosque that he left her because she was barren. She never fulfilled her wifely duties meaning that she never wanted sex. This made Khadijah angrier than anything and only if these old women and men knew how much she wanted sex. She was shunned as effectively damaged goods by the community. It was when her ex-husband and new wife began attending the mosque that was the last straw for her. She decided to stop attending the mosque as she could not deal with the hypocrisy of the people.

Since that day she found herself becoming more and more reclusive. Her friends from the mosque stopped coming after a while and she found herself extremely lonely. As she grew distant from her religion and society she found herself sinking deeper in to fulfilling her carnal desires. She was fond of dildos and vibrators, as she had acquired a few secretly over the years. She loved fucking herself with a dildo whilst using a vibrator on her nipples. She found herself indulging these acts more and more.

She would spend hours reading erotica and slowly teasing her clit. She would keep herself on the brink of orgasm as she read story after story. She would often start on a romantic story but as her arousal built she would read more depraved stories including interracial, non-consent and BDSM stories. She would always come to the idea of being tied and used. She loved the powerlessness of being a fuck toy for a man. It stemmed from an incident in her past, when she was young and before her marriage.

She was going home from university and was abroad a crowded and cramped train, there was barely any space. She felt a large hand on her abaya covered ass, at first she just brushed it off as an accident, but the hand started to grope her ass firmly. She felt the man’s other hand travel up the front of her body and grope her tits through the material. She remembered being shocked; she couldn’t speak or do anything. She remembered enjoying that feeling. Moaning softly as the man played with her body whilst she was powerless to do something. She remembered the man telling her that he would get off in two stops and for her to follow him. He then turned her face towards him, he was an older white man, and he brought his lips to hers and kissed her. And then he got off after two stops, except she didn’t follow, fear and the way she was raised prevented her.

Now she often imagined what would have happened if she had followed the man. As she found herself more cut off from the real world she found herself indulging these depraved fantasies even more. Her choice of toys has become even naughtier and she even bought handcuffs as she played with the idea of being restrained. She also began to wear slutty string thongs and small lacy bras that barely held up her 36EE’s. She liked feeling sexy at all times underneath her conservative Islamic clothes and hijab.

If she ever had a visitor she would make sure that everything was hidden away in a room where she kept all her perverted items canlı bahis but visitors were more infrequent now as she had spent most of her life in the mosque but they now saw her as a damaged woman. The few women she stayed in touch with rarely visited and when they did speak to her they did with such condescending pity that she hated being in their company.

She found herself being more and more cut off that her only real interaction now came at the supermarket and the building maintenance manager that visited once a month.

George Jones at the age of 67, found himself taking a job as the maintenance manager despite having enough money to retire he simply hated the idea of staying alone in his apartment with nothing to do. The job kept him busy and he enjoyed meeting the other residents.

George would meet Khadijah once a month to survey the apartment and fix any repairs or problems. Khadijah kept the apartment clean and it had a homely feel but George could not help but notice a smell that lingered in the air. George had been widowed for 5 years now and it had been even longer since he smelt a woman but he was certain that this was the smell of a woman. He knew Khadijah was a single woman and seemed to be a religious type so he always thought he was mistaken.

One day curiosity got the better of him. On his monthly visit Khadijah had complained that her conditioning did not seem to be working. George had promised to perform a service to get it working at full capacity. It was a hot summer and he did not want the apartment turning into a sweat box.

The smell would not escape George’s senses and as he serviced the air conditioning in each room he slid a small undetectable camera in the air conditioning. Khadijah thanked him for fixing the air conditioning and promised to show her appreciation.

George eagerly got back to his apartment as he watched Khadijah through the various cameras. Khadijah went through her normal day as she resolved herself that she would not succumb to her sinful desires today. George simply continued to watch as Khadijah called her mother and spoke in her native tongue. There was something about hearing her speak in a foreign tongue that really turned on George. He began to feel a growing obsession over this hijabi. Later in the evening Khadijah began to relax into some loungewear and removed her hijab.

George had spent hours watching her do the smallest things almost forgetting his own life. He was eating his dinner which was canned soup as he watched Khadijah remove her hijab and shake her hair out. He felt a growing obsession come over him as he continued to watch. Khadijah enjoyed a beautiful cooked meal and brought out her laptop.

She removed her pyjamas to reveal the sluttiest underwear set George had ever seen. She looked practically obscene. Her humongous tits were spilling out of the tiny bra and her thong did nothing to cover her cunt. George was stroking his big cock as he watched Khadijah get into bed.

Khadijah was feeling so horny, which was a common feeling for her these days, especially at night. She had tried to keep her resolve and even called her mother to try and distract her but it was no use. She was too horny.

She had always fantasized about taking a white man as a lover, stemming from her past experience and every time George visited that fantasy seemed to be at the forefront of her mind. She did not know why. He was fat and old; he had a harmless charm that she found cute. Or maybe it was because he was the only man she had seen in so long.

She went straight to the interracial section for erotica. She was only interested in stories of brown women getting used by white men. She pulled her breasts out of her bra as she began to slowly tease her nipples as she enjoyed story after story of a brown woman getting fucked by a big white cock. She would never do something like this in real life but she liked the fantasy.

She was 45 and her best years were behind her. She had put on some weight since her divorce and she was content with losing herself to this online world of fantasy. She brought out a small vibrator which she placed against her clit under her thong.

She had it on a low setting as she enjoyed the sensations while continuing to read more depraved stories. She enjoyed stories of Muslim women committing blasphemy while being fucked by an infidel lover. There was just something about the blasphemy that really turned her on. She tried to find non-consent stories of white men and brown Muslim women but very few writers would attempt this.

George could not believe what a horny slut Khadijah was. She had been on her laptop for more than 4 hours as she kept herself on the brink of orgasm. He had been edging himself as he tried to hold off until she was ready to cum. He so desperately wanted to fuck her.

She put her laptop to the side and he saw that she had been reading erotic stories. She slid her thong down to her knees and began to pull out a dildo bahis siteleri from her drawer. George had a giggle at the size as it was only a 7 inch dildo. He thought she would enjoy his large 10 inch cock if he ever got the chance but how would he ever get the chance. He could not reconcile the slut he saw on screen with the pious lady he encountered every month.

Khadijah impaled herself with the large dildo. It was bigger than her husband’s and she loved the feeling of a big cock inside of her. She fucked herself furiously with the dildo as she had worked herself into such a horny state from reading all the erotica. She finally climaxed as she clutched the bed sheets and threw her head back.

“Oh fuck me George.” She muttered to herself.

George thought he had heard his name but it had been a long night and he was so worked up he thought it must because of his horny state. George watched Khadijah every day and night as his obsession grew. On his next visit George stayed a little longer than usual doing odd jobs around the apartment for Khadijah. Khadijah wanted George to look at the water pressure in the shower. As he was in the bathroom he noticed that the laundry hamper was within reach. Khadijah went to make him a coffee as George wasted no time in pocketing a dirty pink thong from the basket.

He fixed the water pressure for Khadijah and he liked how grateful she was.

“You are such a kind and helpful man, Mr. George.” She said as he gathered his things.

“It is just George and I am happy to help the most beautiful tenant in the building.” George said as he began to see Khadijah in a different light. He wanted to now work an angle to see the slut within her.

“Oh. George. You liar.” She said as she tried to brush his comment away.

“I don’t need to lie. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and it just makes me wonder what is under…well I think I better not say.” He said letting her mind wonder what he was going to say.

Khadijah could not get his words out of her mind. She could not remember the last time she had heard someone give her a compliment like that. That night she could not stop thinking about George and what he what he meant by “it just makes me wonder what is under…” what did he mean? He could only mean under her hijab or did he mean under her clothes? Would he appreciate the slutty underwear she was wearing?

That night Khadijah brought out her 6 inch vibrating dildo. She was rubbing it along her slit as she read interracial stories about white men and Muslim sluts. She slid the vibrating dildo inside her as she felt an urgent desire, one that had to be quenched. When she initially entered the dildo inside of her it was in the lowest setting but that was not enough to get her off. So she switched up through the gears until it was at full power as she fucked herself with the dildo. The laptop fell to the side as she was lost to the sexual feelings.

“Fuck me. Fuck this beautiful girl. Beautiful girl. Oh look at me. Look under my hijab. Oh fuck me, George!!” Khadijah moaned as she felt the most powerful orgasm. Little did she know that George was watching her and licking her dirty thong as fisted his cock to her.

George waited another month to see her. He hated having to wait this long but he wanted to plan his move carefully. The next time he was over she did not have much work but George just enjoyed a coffee with her. They were just discussing books and Khadijah said she loved romance novels. George knew her real interest was in erotica but he played along with her.

“I have recently bought a new book but I am a terrible reader. It is a romance novel and you may enjoy it. If I brought it around next week, would you want to read it together?” George asked innocently.

Khadijah had to admit she liked his company and she had even begun to consider him a friend. Khadijah went to clean her cup as George finished his. She was at the sink when George approached her from behind and handed her the cup.

As his arm came around her she felt him pressed against her from behind. She could feel his erection against her ass and without thinking she pushed her ass back against his cock. He pressed his arm against her heavy tits before she took the cup. And he moved away. She leaned a little against the sink for support as she found herself breathing heavy. Her mind flashing back to all those years ago. She did not know what had come over her as her fantasy world spilled over into the real world for a moment.

George gathered his things and made his way to the door. Khadijah somehow managed to calm herself a little and went to the door to see him out.

“I will see you tomorrow for our little reading club,” she said as George left.

“Yes. I am excited. I am lucky to have such a beautiful reading partner.” George commented.

“Oh George. Please stop.” Khadijah said.

“I mean it. You are so beautiful and dare I say it, so sexy. I mean look at that bahis şirketleri body. What I would do…I am sorry. I will see you next week.” George finished before leaving, he knew that his compliments were having an effect on her after all he had seen the proof.

As soon as George left Khadijah closed the door and turned around leaning back against it. She tore off her abaya revealing her bra and thong underneath. She slid her thong to the side and inserted two fingers inside as she began to finger herself furiously. She was moaning so loudly.

“Fuck this sexy girl. Fuck her. Oh George, what would you do? Oh fuck me you big dick infidel.” She moaned as she felt herself cum in a shuddering orgasm.

As she came to her senses she panicked thinking her neighbors heard but when she checked her peephole no one was outside to her relief. George had hurried back to his apartment but the camera angle did not cover the door and he cursed himself. But he had heard what she said and he liked that she had just cum to the thought of him.

That week George visited an adult bookstore. He picked out a very explicit porn novel. On the surface it seemed like a 50 Shades type of story but it promised some extremely explicit sex scenes. George took the book to their reading club and Khadijah welcomed him.

“You have such a beautiful smile. I like seeing you happy,” commented George as soon as he entered.

“I am excited about our club,” Khadijah said enjoying his compliment. Trying her best to hide the fact that she was blushing.

“Me too. I am hoping it helps with my reading as I have not always been the brightest.” George said.

“I will help you. We will read together.” Khadijah said as George brought out the book. The book started off innocent enough. George read the first few pages and the Khadijah read a few pages.

Mid way through the reading George said he needed to use the bathroom. He had planned this as he wanted to steal another of Khadijah’s thongs. He made his way to the bathroom where he pocketed a purple thong when a thought occurred to him. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock.

He was almost fully erect as being around Khadijah always made him hard. He entered the room acting as though he had forgotten to put it away. Khadijah’s eyes were immediately drawn to it and she could not take her eyes off it. Her eyes were wide like never before and her breathing became heavy. She could not believe that she was staring at his huge cock and that it was out in the open. George sat down as though there was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Sorry about that. Shall we continue reading?” Asked George.

“Uhm. George. You have…Your…coc…your’s..” Khadijah said as she pointed to George’s cock. George looked down and acted embarrassed and shocked as he began to tuck his large cock away.

“I am sorry, old age can make you forget the most basic of things.” He replied playing up the whole old helpless man act. Khadijah felt a little bad for him, he was clearly starting to forget things. But Khadijah was so lost in her mind and what she had seen that she didn’t question whether it was really an innocent mistake or not as George took over the reading. Her eyes kept glancing at his large crotch as she visualized the big cock she had seen moments ago. The image was burned in to her mind, and she wanted to see it again. Part of her was cursing at her, telling her to get a grip, but she ignored that part of her.

George began reading about the lead character being fucked in a graphic manner as Khadijah struggled to contain her feelings. She continued to nod along as her body burned up and she could feel her sensitive nipples rub against the inside of the lace bra. She began to squeeze her legs together as she became even hornier. She was biting her lips as the story only became hotter and more detailed. She sneaked her hand between her legs as she kept the pressure on her clit. She bit her lip harder as she struggled to contain her moans. George finished the chapter and closed the book.

“I don’t know about you but I am feeling pretty hot after that. I hope you are not wearing much under there. Same time next week?” George asked as he began to take more risks with his comments.

Khadijah was unable to speak as she simply nodded. She walked George to the door but as he passed her to leave she brushed her hand against his crotch. She did not know what was coming over but the sight of his cock was making her lose control. As he left she leaned against the door as she tried to gather her thoughts. She needed to take care of her needs and in an almost zombie like trance she walked to her bedroom as she began to strip of her clothes.

She found her biggest dildo which was around 7 inches but it was nowhere near what she saw on George. She was naked as she got on the bed and furiously fucked her wanton cunt. She was hungry for a real cock but this would have to do to satisfy her needs for now.

She stuck the dildo against the headboard as it had a suction cup at the bottom. She began to position herself in the doggy position as she rode the dildo like a bitch in heat. She could not deny what she really was.

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