Maid(en) Erotica! Ch. 01

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If you have read my earlier story “Maiden Stroke I and II —-, you would be well aware of the state of my body and mind and not to miss —–that of my masseuse!

* * * * *

After that ecstatic release, I was returning to steady state and just as all men often find the urge to repeat their performance, my male icon started to raise its head! One often wishes there was a manual control which could be switched “ON” and convey the message to the erection center, the need to “rise and shine”!

With such thoughts looming large in my mind, I was trying to be “matter of fact” with Sushma, just as as a master would be expected to be, around a house maid. And then there was the other side of me, which was dying to probe her and extend reciprocal favors to her.

I had described Sush earlier – she was an assertive and a bold woman who came across as street smart. Yet, I had this firm belief, as always, that women like being asked and further, when they say “NO” they actually mean “YES.”

It had been a few seconds since the last spurt and so much had crossed my mind. I was desperately trying to read Sush’s mind. I had read her body well. Her well-rounded tits did not hide much.

They certainly looked the kind that had been coaxed by many a male lip,mauled by male fingers and not to miss – even been the cleft that male pricks would have loved to enjoy a rhythmic “tit-fuck.” The strategic position from where I stood, I had nothing to gain by making her wait any longer or letting her go back desperate and look for the next male to help her with the pent up sex drive!

I gathered myself and asked her with a straight face ” Doesn’t this kind of manual exercise get you all excited… I mean… wet?” The question came across as one with empathy rather than one with curiosity or mischief.

Sush’s retorted back with a straight canlı bahis face and said” Of course, what do you think, Babuji (the Hindi word for “Sir”)? After holding a lund (Hindi word for prick) so closely and seeing it ejaculate all over me, what do you expect? After all we women also have desires and needs.”

I almost shook myself and said “Of course, you do. I was not trying to find out if you were normal. I was only trying to find out if there was any way I could help you. And if you approve, I would be very happy to see the satisfaction on your face”

Sush almost knowingly smiled and asked, “Babuji, what can you do? My husband does not find me attractive and does not really care about my needs. I used to worry about it earlier. Now, I have stopped and reconciled.”

I could sense the detachment in her tone and yet it was clearly masked with a tinge of challenge to me. I almost felt I was being asked if I was up to the task! I mustered my wit and asked her very innocently, ” So, do you use sex toys or do you have a female partner?” She was enjoying the conversation, I could say, but she was not sure if I was leading her on. I could sense her mind was weighing her options. Most decisions in such case are made by impulse. There was no logic involved. She need not divulge her sexual habits to me. Yet her wet cunt had its own mind, I thought to myself! Sush smiled and said, ” If you really want to know, I have my own little secrets. I do get my sexual release with Kalpna once in a while.”

Kalpna is the woman who works in the office in an apartment in the same building. My mind was thinking fast!Is this the best opportunity to get Kalpna to join the group!

So I ventured asking her” What do you ladies do?”

Sush shot back” Well, whatever two ladies would do if they were alone and naked! But, Babuji, don’t think I don’t like to bahis siteleri have a man. That has its own place in my body.”

I nodded in an understanding manner. It was half empathy and the other half curiosity! I have always liked to see two women working on each other. Little did I know that I was on the threshold to witness what I had only seen in movies, to be enacted right in front of me!

All this had happened in a span of two minutes since my ejaculation and my reinvigorated hard on!

The fact that the conversation was stimulating me was no secret to Sush – she looked at me as if she wanted to ask me -” Do you usually keep it hard all the time?”

Just then, the doorbell rang…! Here we were at the crescendo of our conversation on our sexual adventures, blood flowing, juices flowing, and imagine the effect an unexpected intruder may have on a die-hard prick like that of mine!

All enthusiasm receded, the mind was only thinking of the next steps to restore order and status quo. Did it have to be the dress first? Have you ever been caught in such a dilemma?

Sushma gathered herself fast and peeped through the keyhole to check who was at the door. And guess who?

Little did she realize it would be Kalpna? She looked at me and said ” Babuji, it is OK. It is Kalpna. I can ask her without opening the door and find out what is that she needs.”

I too felt I was not under any pressure to get dressed; and in fact, my mind wandered to fantasize what it would be like if we could rope in Kalpna into the next phase of our adventure.

Sushma asked Kalpna, from behind the door, what brought her there looking for her during her busy work time? Kalpna told her that she wanted to meet her to share some thing very important.

Sushma knew that Kalpna had some thing urgent and that she did not see any threat in opening bahis şirketleri the door and talking with her at the doorstep.

All this had happened so fast that neither did Sushma realize (nor did I ) that her face was smeared with fresh cum spurts and so were her hands, Her disposition wore a “tell-tale” sign – revealing the ultimate!

As soon as she opened the door, Kalpna looked at Sushma and before she could say a word, her eyes did the rest of the talking!

She looked at her carefully and then took one of her fingers and scooped up a small droplet and took it to closer to her nose and smelt it!

I can’t believe I was watching this scene through the window and knew that she would know the familiar smell of cum!

The next thing I knew, the two eyes had communicated and the next phrase I heard was “Sushma, what have you been up to? Have you been “milking” some one? Who is inside the house?”

Sushma realized her faux pas’ and smiled. She knew the cat was out of the bag. And then, she had no secrets from Kalpna. She would have told her later on, anyways. So what if she got caught red-handed!

She smilingly told Kalpna, ” Don’t feel jealous. I don’t mind sharing the (w)hole story with you. May be you could also join us.”

She turned to see if I was watching. I had carefully avoided been sighted. I was hiding behind the curtain and she could not know I was listening to her.

My mind had already processed the information and had passed on the necessary instructions to my precious 6-inch boner that it need not stay “half mast” any more.

Little did Kalpna need motivation! She involuntarily leveled her hands with Sushma’s tits and gave her a friendly squeeze!

Oh boy, that was all the approval I needed. The body language said it all. I knew the scene was set for my long awaited “threesome” fantasy. I had always visualized a third lady in my “threesome.” That eventuality was literally at my doorstep!

* * * *

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