Magic Fingers Ch. 09

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“So, you think this will work?” She was excited now.

“I know it will.”


I called Melanie on her cell and gave her a brief synopsis of our lunch conversation. We were both excited over the future of our new business and of the future, we were now just beginning to see for ourselves.

“Melanie, can I pick you up after work?”

“No, I want you to go to your hotel room, get everything you own and bring it to my apartment. I’ll meet you there in about two hours.

“Oh, my God, I almost forgot, you have a closing. On the twenty third of next month, the house is yours.”

“You do like the house too, don’t you Melanie?”

“Before I say anything, give me until late tomorrow for an answer. It’s Sunday and the three of us are off work and I have arranged something that I want to keep as a surprise.

“John hold on, I have Carol on the other line.”

A minute later, she clicked back to my line. “I’m a bit confused by Carol’s cryptic message.

“First she said the black woman in her wants fried chicken for dinner tonight at her place and to make sure that we buy enough for your new apprentice. Then she said, I hope John isn’t the jealous type, because I had you last night, so tonight I get the trainee. She laughed and then hung up.

“What’s this about?”

“I can’t believe her,” I said.

“Tell me what’s going on John, before I become any more worried.”

“I’ll explain in detail when I see you, but the gist of it is, Carol found someone who she thinks I can train to make women ejaculate and she is bringing that person over tonight.”

“Why does she want you to train someone?”

“Carol explained it to me. I’ll give you the short version now.

“Think about the new business, Carol believes there will be a minimum of ten women a day who will want to experience a full blown ejaculation.”

Melanie interrupted. “Oh shit, she’s right. You could never handle the volume, every day of the week. And you could possibly be looking at as many as twenty or thirty women on some days.”

“Woe, the scope of this is over whelming me. First it was thirty seven million, then forty eight million, now in addition to all the other things this clinic will offer, you could be talking about making up to twenty thousand a day.”

“Oh, no,” Melanie said. “A complete day’s session, the whole nine yards of pampering could run over a thousand. I would say a slow day would bring twenty thousand.”

“Melanie, this is becoming mind boggling to me. If what you’re saying is true, this place could gross, what, fifty thousand a day.”

“Yes, quite easily, a good day could gross double or tripple that, with surgery and all.”

“I have to be honest; I am finding this to be a little frightening.”

“It may be hard to believe, but by next week you will become use to tossing figures like these around.

“John, I have to finish a couple of offers and then I’ll be out of here. I’ll see you at the apartment. Love you.”

“Love you too, Melanie. Bye.”

In a lot less than two hours, I had packed all my things from the Holiday Inn and was pulling into the Taylor Arms Apartment complex. A flood of memories rushed back at me as I drove in and parked in my old spot. Melanie’s car wasn’t there yet.

As I sat there, visions of Alice’s tits crossed my mind and a smile came to my lips, but it was quickly replaced by the vision of that kid ramming a red but plug up Alice’s ass as I saw her pussy stretched wide by a big black dildo that she was franticly working. I shook that vision out of my head and replaced it with the gorgeous blonde with violet eyes who I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and who, I knew in my heart, loved me.

I got out of my pickup and walked around, to stretch my legs. I had never paid any attention to the tennis courts, but now I had visions of Melanie and me playing. The fact that I had never even held a racket was just creeping into my head, when I saw Melanie park. I ran up to her and grabbed her in my arms before she had both feet out of her car and pulled her tight to me.

The rush of love I felt for her made my eyes tear as I whispered, “Melanie, I love you and I want to play tennis with you.”

“What?” She said, as she pulled back and began to search my face, quite possibly for signs of insanity.

“No, I mean, I love you and I had noticed the tennis courts over there and was thinking how nice it would be to play, just you and I.”

I wanted to add, for the rest of our lives together, but I was afraid to push my true feelings off on her. I also wondered what Carol would say about that and I could almost feel the dope slap I’m sure she would have given me.

“I didn’t know you played, I love the game. I was on the tennis team at Ohio State, but I haven’t really played in years.”

I could tell she was happy and excited at the prospect, so I told myself to keep my mouth shut and first thing Monday morning get my ass over to the closest tennis club and take about ten hours çankaya escort of lessons, all in the same day.

“Well;” I said, trying to change the subject, “I’m sure you have a load of questions, after Carol’s message. So can we go in and talk over a cup of coffee?”

“Where are your things? Don’t you want to bring them in now?”

“No. I want to spend time with you, I only have two suitcases of cloths and I can bring them in tonight when we come back from Carols’.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, Carol wants us there by 6:30. We have less than an hour before we have to leave. I don’t even have time for a shower.”

“That’s probably a good thing. If I saw you naked, we’d be really late.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I won’t even change and I can show off my new wardrobe to Carol.”

“Fine,” I said huffily, “but I want a cup of coffee while we talk.”

We went in; Melanie had one of the largest apartments that the Arms offered. Four bedrooms, the master, which was really a good size, a lot bigger than the one I had. Melanie had converted one of the bedrooms into an office, another into a small library. It had three walls of bookcases with books, a soft big armchair with a small coffee table in front of it and two side tables. There were also speakers on all four walls, so I’m guessing she had a nice sound system somewhere in the room.

One of the bedrooms was a guest room, done up nicely with a full sleigh bed, nightstand and dresser all in the shaker style. Melanie’s choice of art was eclectic but all in very good taste. Melanie’s’ middle name was Class.

As I looked around, she busied herself with an espresso coffee machine, a lot bigger than I had ever seen in any house.

I sat as she brought the small cups to the table, saying, “Ok, the part that is bothering me the most. What did she mean by; I hope John isn’t the jealous type, because I get the trainee.”

“I can only guess. Remember when she said that tonight would be her turn for me to get her to squirt.”

“Yes; and I don’t have a problem with that. I know what we have and that we both love Carol. I have to say, I felt a sense of pride not jealousy when you made both her and Kay ejaculate, but what is this; with you being jealous and I get the trainee.”

“Well, when Carol and I were talking, she pointed out that I would have to train others to do what I do. I told her that we would probably have to interview and start to train a lot of people before we came up with the right ones.

“Well a light went off in Carols head and she said she knew the perfect person, who would be very good at this. Now, I’m guessing that this is the same person she is bringing over tonight.”

Melanie just got the picture, “You mean she wants him to practice on me? John, I don’t know if I can let another man do that. I mean.”

I interrupted, “I’m sorry to say, I am jealous. I don’t believe I could watch another man make you have an orgasm. Just the thought of it gets me, well; angry is the only word that I can think of that even begins to cover my emotions.

“Unless you tell me different, I’m going to tell Carol that we can’t do this, at least not with you as the learning tool.”

“I love Carol, but, John, I know I couldn’t do it with another man, not with the way I feel about you.”

“Melanie, I have another problem. I feel like I’m being two faced. You can accept me making other women orgasm, but I can’t accept another man making you orgasm. How hypocritical is that?”

“It’s not the same,” she said.

“Melanie, you know how I feel about you and if I sound irrational at any time it’s because, I always want you to feel free and not confined by my needs or wants. I hope that makes some kind of sense to you.”

“John, maybe we’re reading more into this than is really there. Let’s see what Carol has in mind first before we jump to any kind of action. Ok?” ——–

We pulled into the drive at Carol’s mini mansion. I got out caring two big buckets of KFC extra crispy, while Melanie took the bag with the mashed potatoes, slaw, ice tea, corn and the small watermelon I made her buy.

When Carol let us in, she noticed the watermelon. Melanie pointed to me, saying, “That’s why we’re late, he made me stop at SafeWay.”

“John,” she said, “why do you always have to be such a shit? If it wasn’t for the fact that I love watermelon, I’d throw this at you.”

“See;” I said to Melanie. “You thought it was a dumb stupid prank.” I stuck my tongue out at her.

The next thing I knew, Melanie hit me in the face with the lid from a bucket of KFC and Carol whacked me on the back of the head.

“Well, just see if I ever do anything nice for you two again.”

Melanie spoke up. “Oh yeah. That reminds me. Carol, don’t ever let John near a women’s clothing store. This is his idea of women’s fashion.”

She struck a pose and spun around, while putting the sunglasses on for effect.

Carol gasped, “You didn’t go to work like that?”

“Oh yes I escort çankaya did. Love will make you do stupid things.”

“You must have frightened all the prospective buyers away.”

“Well, to be honest, I closed two deals today.”

“See.” I jumped in, “Your clothes couldn’t be all that bad.”

“Sweetie,” Melanie crooned, “To be honest I think these people felt sorry for me and bought the homes so I could afford some new clothes.”

Both she and Carol laughed hysterically.

“Ok. All right. My feelings are now crushed beyond repair. My ego has been dashed into a million pieces.”

“John, we both know you, and you not only have no taste in clothing, but you are a terrible actor.”

“Fine, but see if I buy either one of you anything but toasters from now on.”

They both looked at each other and once again began to laugh. I was about to use my rapier sharp whit when a young man, early twenties came into the kitchen.

He said “Hi” and stopped for a moment, looked Melanie up and down with a disbelieving look on his face that almost shouted, “What is that woman wearing.”

Carol and Melanie saw the same thing and once again they looked at each other. Holding their sides, they roared with laughter.

As they laughed, I walked by the table, and said to the young man, who was dressed casually, but was as neat as a pin.

“Thank you very much, I almost had them back under my control and you started them back up again.”

Carol looked up at the shocked expression on the young man’s face, snorted and began to laugh. Melanie was laughing even harder, when she suddenly passed gas. I’m not talking a little poot, this came close to the shot heard round the world.

Melanie’s eyes popped open wide in shock and embarrassment as Carol pointed at her. At this point, even I couldn’t hold back and I noticed the new guy was turning his head because he couldn’t contain himself.

Slowly, very slowly, while blowing their noses and wiping the tears out of their eyes, with the paper towels, I was sweet enough to get them, they were returning to a more respectable state.

“I’m sorry,” the young man was saying, “I didn’t mean to cause a problem.”

Carol consoled him, “Mark, I’m sorry, but you caught us at one of our favorite sports, making fun of John.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret. John can be an ass. The real problem is that he goes out of his way to be one. See that watermelon. Well, John is one of the few people who would bring fried chicken and a watermelon to a black woman and do it on purpose. That’s why John said what he did to you, because he is an ass.”

“Yes, but a very loveable ass.” Melanie interjected.

“Lets dig in, I’m starved. By the way,” I stuck out my hand, “I’m John and I’m guessing you’re Mark. This very sweet and wonderful woman is Melanie. Melanie, this handsome and fashionably dressed man is Mark. Now that we have all met, what do you say we eat and get to know each other.”

“That,” Carol said, “is a very good idea. Mark, please pass me an ear of corn.”

With that, the conversation started to flow. Mark was extremely neat. He seemed to have very fluid movements that I attributed to his long fingers, a definite plus. I sensed an earthy honest quality about him that I felt would stand him well, if he were to learn to make women ejaculate. I was beginning to see why Carol thought he would be a good candidate.

When we finished eating, Carol began, “John, I told Mark about what it is that you do and the effects that you have on women as you take them from fear and uncertainty to relaxation, realization and what I personally call extreme orgasmic release. I also want you to know that I consider Mark one of my top nurses. He seems to possess a lot of the intuitiveness that you have.

“Mark has told me that he is very interested in having you mentor him. He is also familiar with Kay and was both pleased and surprised when I went over the recent session and subsequent surgery.

“Anyway, John, Mark, please excuse both Melanie and I. We need to remove the chicken grease and change. We shouldn’t be more than a half hour. There is coffee in the urn and several different desserts in the small refrigerator help yourselves.”

“Carol; you and I need to talk privately and now.”

“No John, not now. When we come back out.”

With that, they left.

Once we both had a small mug of Carol’s excellent coffee, I suggested we go out to the garden area.

Before I could speak, Mark began. “John, do you have a problem with me, you seem rather hesitant.”

“Sorry Mark. No, there is no problem with you. I have been analyzing you in my mind as we ate. I believe as Carol does, that you have the intuitive power that could help women.

“I’ve noticed your fingers. You could have an easier time reaching their peritoneal gland and stimulating it than I do. Any reservation that you sense in me is not about you, but is self-centered. You’re sensing the fears that I know I have çankaya escort bayan and must face.

“As for you, my intuition tells me you will quite possibly be better at this than I am. Oh and that, is not one of my fears, it is however one of my most fervent hopes. In case your wondering why, or if you doubt my honesty. It is because I know I don’t catch everything. I wish I were a little smarter, a little more in tuned.

“I am sure that I can teach you the technique, but the rest, I am not so sure of. If you do agree to learn from me, we will both be learning together. Make no mistake, I am no master.”

“John, can I talk to you about anything that has to do with you instructing me on how to get a woman to relax and have a female ejaculation?”

“This is one of those questions, where I shoot myself in the foot. Isn’t it Mark.

“Anyway, go ahead, ask away.”

“You don’t want Melanie involved in my training. Do you!”

“Mark, I expected to be shot in the foot, not the heart. To give you an honest answer. No, I don’t want her involved, for no other reason than stupid jealousy. I will admit to you that my jealousy makes me feel ashamed. Ashamed of being week and insecure.” —–

Carol floated in, with a royal blue silk robe billowing around her, moving as always with the grace of a goddess. Her beauty seemed to surround her like an aurora. Melanie was wearing her terry robe, but she was still no less beautiful as the white robe seemed to make her eyes even more brilliant.

“Mark, come with me for a minute, we’ll go in here and talk in private.”

Carol led him into the study and closed the door. Melanie softly came to me and put her head on my shoulder. I sensed she was about to speak so I cut her off before she even had a chance to begin.

“Carol convinced you to do this. Didn’t she?”

I felt her take a deep breath as my arm went around her waist. “No, she didn’t convince me, she helped me see what has to be done. It is just this one time and with both of us helping him, he can help us.

“I’m the only one who can do this the first time. Think John. You know I will be very nervous, but I know what it is like to be calmed by you. I still have my fears, when it comes to any other man, but I know how you helped me through them. I know how it should feel just before I come and I’ll sense if he has the touch or not.”

“Melanie,” I paused as I took her in my arms and held her tight, “I don’t know if I can do this, not with you.”

“John, I’m going to ask you to do this for me, and I’ll explain more after. I promise, but I need to do this. I need you not to think of me in there, you can not show me any warmth or compassion, you must think of me as just another Kay and give directions to Mark.”

In a trembling pleading voice, she said. “Please do this for me, separate yourself from me for just this short time. I need this to happen. I love you John.” And with that, she ran down the hall to the spare bedroom.

I took a moment, it was psychologically important to have this happen, it didn’t take Freud to figure that out. My problem was how am I going to keep my feelings separate. Shit, I was going to need a shrink after tonight.

“Ok my love, before I lose my nerve,” I said to myself.

I tapped on the door to the study, “Sorry to interrupt, but you two have been in there a while, do I have time for another cup of coffee.”

The door swung open. Carol walked softly out and up to me, kissed me ever so tenderly on the lips, then put her cheek next to mine and whispered, “Its important, don’t fuck up, she loves you John.”

“Thanks Carol. You took a lot of the pressure off.”

“I love you too John Drake. Now, make us both proud.”

Carol led the precession. Melanie was there sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the bed, up by the headboard with no expression on her face. Mark was pointed to a seat by the foot of the bed, on the side where I was standing.

With her usual flourish, Carol removed her robe, I didn’t notice if there had been any reaction from Mark, but the sight of Carols heavenly body gave me an instant hard on.

Carol made a point of noticing and said, “It’s nice to see I hadn’t lost my touch.”

A quick glance at Melanie, and I noticed a smile beginning.

“Carol, are you comfortable?”

“Yes, John, now let’s get on with this.”

“First thing, Mark.” I said, as I stuck my finger in Carol’s breast, pushing down on one of her rough dark nipples, “these aren’t just tits, these are gorgeous teats.”

My hand got slapped away, “Stop being an ass.”

I leaned my head over Carol’s ear and said, “I love you.”, as I slid a hand under her neck, feeling her tense muscles.

After a moment, I began using both my hands on her muscles at the base of her neck and on her shoulders.

“Baby, you’re tense,” I said as I moved both hands to her arm and began to massage down to her fingers.

“Oh, that feels good.” she sighed.

I took my time and then got the other arm and worked it down to her fingertips. Next, I brought both hands up and began massaging her temples as I kissed her eyelids. I worked my way down her face, to her jaw line, neck, shoulders, and then I cupped both breasts and her nipples began to swell as I traced around them with my fingertips.

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