Lyla Ch. 06: Three’s Company

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Double Penetration

Lyla buckled her seatbelt and set her bag on next to her, in the front seat sat Clarke, Mr Howe was in the passenger side looking through a folder on his lap. The car was stifling, she could feel herself sticking to the leather seats. She had been dreading this meeting, the overseas investors were crucial to their plans to salvage the company. Not knowing what was going to happen or what was expected of her was bugging Lyla.

“I didn’t expect you to be driving yourself Clarke.” She said as she opened her window. She found it hard to make eye contact with her boss since she watched him fuck his wife in his office, seeing him suck his load out of her pussy was not something she could unsee. His wife Cassie had caught her looking but as far as Lyla knew she had kept that knowledge to herself.

“Well, they told me they weren’t into formal meetings, they dismissed my offers to take them out on the town. They didn’t want to come into the office either, said they would prefer if it were relaxed. They hold all the cards so I would have met them in a parking lot if I thought it would sway them.” He said shifting uncomfortably, Lyla could already see sweat patches forming on his shirt.

“That will be them showing us that they hold all the power.’ Mr. Howe said not looking up from the folder. “They don’t know about you of course,” He said turning around and smirking, “the cause and potential solution to all of our problems.”

She refused to rise to the bait.

“Any more nasty mails from Holt.” Clarke asked catching her eye in the rear view mirror.

“Not since he accused me of corrupting Halle.”

They all laughed after that statement.

“And when does the little starlet make her big internet debut.” Mr. Howe asked.

‘I spoke to my brother yesterday, he said it should be online in the next week, he’s still working with developers for the new site.”

“Speaking of developers. My friend from college that told me Holt had been in contact with him about a snag he had hit in the code of my fucking app, is giving a talk in town on Friday night. Cassie and I are taking him for lunch, we cannot make the talk but I was thinking you could go Lyla.”

Her stomach flipped.

“Is he another rung on your ladder back?” She asked as she looked at all the buildings whizzing by.

“Our ladder.” Mr. Howe interjected.

Clarke caught her eye again she was taken aback at the sorrowful look in his eyes.

“More than likely.” He said sheepishly.

“I will be there, let’s just get this meeting out of the way first.”

They sat in silence for the rest of the journey. They parked away from the building, Clarke didn’t want the investors to know that he drove himself to the meeting. The plan was for Lyla to wait in a room in the complex that Clarke had rented. Mr. Howe would excuse himself near the end of the meeting and call her and she would join them under the premise of Clarke forgetting a gift from the office. She was glad of the alone time and being able to get ready before she called up.

She bade them good luck as she exited the elevator on her floor. She quickly walked to the room, hoping against hope that she wouldn’t bump into Seth again.

Entering the cool room she quickly stripped off and showered. Lyla knew nothing about the what the investors were into. Clarke had paid for her to have her hair and nails done, he insisted on her getting a wax. Just in case he said. Her phone beeped as she said down naked. The over head fan was running full blast. Her heart skipped as she seen the message was from Seth.

“Morning beautiful,” it read, “how are you today? My father bought the yacht so if you are free on Sat would love to take you out on the lake.”

She allowed herself a little squeal, it had been a long time since she felt this way about a guy. They had one date since he came back into her life but nothing happened. Just dinner and drinks.

“Very tame compared to my recent exploits.” She had thought as she took off her high heels after their date. Surprisingly she wasn’t too pissed that they didn’t fuck. She took care of herself under the covers thinking of him but was glad that they had just talked and caught up, he meant more to her than a casual hook-up.

Lyla replied that she would love to, she opened up her contacts and messaged Halle. She hadn’t spoken to her in a few days, she replied almost instantly.

“Not surprising,” Lyla thought, “the fucking phone is constantly in her hand.”

Halle had sent a quick succession of 7 messages. She was doing well, enjoyed the meetings and the conversations she had with Curtis. She told Lyla that was really excited but nervous about her first session. She was getting lots of tips from the male cam stars. She thanked her again for setting it up, finishing up she added a devil emoji and said she was scared of Holts reaction.

Lyla told her she was welcome and not to worry about Holt. She had just set the phone down when it pinged again. This time it was from canlı bahis Sunni, apologizing for her recent behavior and asking if they could go out for a drink or dinner soon.

She knew her housemate was under a lot of pressure between working, rehearsing for a play and the threat of her estranged father arriving soon. She felt bad that she didn’t try harder to sort things out sooner, she hadn’t seen much of her since they had kissed while drunk. She responded that she would love to go for a drink and not to worry about anything.

Lyla set the phone down and stretched out on the couch, her naked skin covered in goose bumps as the fan caressed her skin with the cool air. She must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew Mr. Howe was shaking her by the shoulders.

“Lyla you didn’t answer your phone.” He said through gritted teeth. “These guys are game changers, we can’t afford to fuck this up.” He looked at her tits as he spoke the last few words.

“Take it all in Robert, you won’t be seeing them again.” She spat as she ran to the bathroom to grab her clothes.

“How did the meeting go?” She called as she slid on her black satin thong. The look she had settled on highlighter her curvy figure, she chose a black lace bra, sleeveless dark green blouse and a beige mini skirt, finished off with killer high heels. Her hair would be worn down.

“Clarke spoke really well, He was just a bit shocked that Gunner himself decided to make this trip.”

“Gunner?” She called out.

“Yes he is the top dog, not usually known for attending these types of meetings, Clarke had a few dealings with him years ago. The man always intimidated him for some reason. He seemed OK to me, just a quiet guy, he didn’t really react when I delivered the stats and figures and what they could hope for in the future. Neither him nor his colleague gave too much away, I can sense Clarke’s uneasiness is causing an atmosphere. I decided to excuse myself and call you in a bit earlier. Thankfully the booking was in my name, so the front desk let me in.”

A few squirts of perfume and she was back in the seating area of the room.

“Well I am ready now.” Lyla said, extending her arms and giving a sarcastic twirl.

“Very nice,” He said, opening the door and standing aside to let her out.

As they waited for the elevator to arrive, Mr. Howe grabbed her by the elbow, looking in his face Lyla could see that it was serious.

“I think it’s a very good thing you are doing for Clarke, Lyla, the mistake you made could have happened to anyone. I just want you to know that both Clarke and I really appreciate you and your efforts to make this right. Without you he doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Thank you, Mr. Howe,” She said pulling her elbow away. “I promised him I would make it right and I am trying my best.”

“Exactly,” He exclaimed as they entered the carriage. “That is exactly what we need from you tonight, without the financial backing from these two we don’t have a hope.”

Lyla had never seen him so panicked before, usually he was smug and in control, not red in the face and sweating.

“I really hope you will give it your all to get these gents on board.”

“I will do what needs to be done.” She said as she exited the elevator.

“Here,” he whispered handing her a red envelope, “the gift Clarke supposedly forgot. It’s two tickets to the game tomorrow night. Box seats, cost a fucking fortune.”

“Lead the way,” She said sliding the envelope into her purple clutch bag.


“Ah, Lyla thank you so much for bringing the tickets.” Clarke said nervously, rising from the sofa and taking the envelope from her. “Gunner, Alexi, this is Lyla.”

The two men stood to greet her, she caught a whiff of their strong cologne as she air kissed them both.

“Lyla,” Alexi said, looking her up and down, “Clarke never said his wife was so beautiful.”

“Wife!” She stuttered.

“How long have you two been married.” Gunner asked.

Mr. Howe coughed and raised his eyebrows. He was behind the sofa the two men were sitting on, pouring some drinks. She could feel Clarke slide his hand around the small of her back,pinching her.

“Two years.” Clarke said kissing her on the cheek.

“The two best years of my life.” She added with a strained laugh.

She took a seat beside Clarke as the meeting slowly wound down. The talk turned from business to travel and the two men’s latest purchases. Clarke’s hand rested on her thigh throughout. She played the role as loving wife perfectly she thought, laughing at all of Clarke’s bad jokes, highlighting some of his career achievements to the investors, offering their guests more drinks and looking lovingly into his eyes when he glanced at her.

“I am afraid gents we must really be going. I am playing in a sponsored golf tournament in the morning and really need to bring my A game.” Mr. Howe said as he grabbed his jacket from the stand.

“Yes we must be off as bahis siteleri well darling.” Clarke said as he shook both of the men’s hands.

“Surely you will let Lyla stay for a drink, we barely got to speak to her, we will send driver to bring her home later.” Gunner said mock pleadingly. Alexi stood behind him with a hopeful smile on his face,

“What the fuck do these guys think is going to happen?” Lyla thought as she looked at Clarke. His face was red and he was squirming under Gunners stare. She decided to put him out of his misery.

“I can stay for one drink, I am meeting Halle later so I won’t be out too long.”

“Ok then, have fun.” He said kissing her on the cheek. ” I am trusting you guys are going to take good care of her, don’t let her drink too much.” Clarke said jokingly in a tone that was higher than his normal speaking voice. Mr. Howe said his goodbyes once again and pulled open the door. Lyla went to see them out. Clarke barely met her eyes, he just stared down at his cuffs and muttered a barely audible ‘Thanks.’ Mr. Howe nodded slightly as she closed the door.


As she finished her third glass of champagne Lyla found her mind getting foggy. The cool air and cold drink giving her a buzz. She found herself relaxing as she got to know Gunner and Alexi.

Gunner was 33, gym built, shaved head and face. He wore a thick silver watch. His suit was charcoal grey. He was tanned and had dazzling grey eyes. He told her that he had started in his fathers business from the age of 13 by the time he was 19 he had taken over. While he spoke to her, Lyla found the way he pronounced his words coupled with the power he radiated to be a massive turn on.

Alexi sat in silence, he had unbuttoned the top three buttons on his light blue shirt, revealing a hairy chest. He had short dark curly hair, a neat, trimmed beard hugged his straight jaw line. He too was gym fit. She could see him staring at her out of the corner of her eye during her conversation with Gunner. He had started at her feet and worked his way up her legs before stopping at her tits. Her mouth began to get dry.

“So tell me Lyla, how did a beautiful girl like you end up with a man like Clarke Bentley. You do not seem his type, if you forgive my candor.” Gunner smiled as he opened another bottle of champagne and refilled all of their glasses.

Lyla’s foggy brain went into over drive, she didn’t know if she should make something up or just change the subject. In the end she settled on a vague memory she had of Clarke telling her about the first time he had met Cassie. After they didn’t ask any more questions. She wondered how this evening would play out, would either of the men make a move on her like Mr. Howe and Clarke told her they would.

A quiet silence fell on the room.

“So are either of you married.” She asked, chancing a quick glance at Alexi, who smiled and looked away. She placed him to be about 30, his cheeks a rosy red after the alcohol.

“I was years ago, but it didn’t work out.” Gunner replied undoing his own shirt. Lyla could see a thick silver necklace hanging around his neck. “I was too young Lyla, I realised early on that I wanted to have a lot more fun and not be tied down to one woman. You ever feel like that?”

“Sometimes, but doesn’t every newlywed?”

“Yes.” Alexi said before catching Gunner’s eye and returning to his statue like staring.

“Ah, but we are all young human beings Lyla, I believe no one should get married until they are 60, we are not put on this earth to be stuck with one person while we are in our sexual prime. Forgive me if I have spoken out of turn.”

Lyla knew that he was not one bit sorry, she was experiencing the full force of his manly charm and she was captivated. She wondered was he going to send Alexi away and then make his move on her.

“For example, Alexi here, like a brother to me. I have known him since we were both young kids. We do everything together. We work together, live next door, go on holidays together. We have even shared some of the best sexual experiences together.”

Lyla blushed.

Gunner removed a cigar from a box on the coffee table and lit it. Thick acrid smoke soon filled the room.

“Alexi, get the door.” He snapped. Alexi immediately jumped up and opened the sliding door that led out on to the balcony.

“Tell me Lyla does Clarke fill all of your needs. A pretty girl like yourself should never be left wanting.”

Taking a sip of her drink she replied. “He takes good care of me.”

“SEE,” Gunner bellowed clapping his hands together, spilling cigar ash on the floor. “That is the problem. Good care is not good enough. It should be brilliant care, mind blowing care. My friend here could show you an out of this world time.” He said patting Alexi hard on the shoulder.

Lyla was startled by Gunners approach to sex, she chanced another look at Alexi who now had a hunger in his eyes that wasn’t there earlier. He didn’t seem fazed bahis şirketleri by his friends remarks.

“He must have heard it before.” She thought as she took a big mouthful of champagne.

“Society had beaten into us that we should be ashamed of our needs and wants, not many fulfill their sexual potential Lyla. That is the greatest pity I can think off.”

She didn’t know how to respond, if this was just like the previous encounters she had had on behalf of Clarke and her mistake, she would have no problem playing hard to get, but the fact that they thought she was Clarke’s wife threw a spanner in her plans. She didn’t want to appear too easy and make them think Clarke was less of a man because he supposedly couldn’t satisfy her. Mr. Howe’s remarks on the elevator ride up and his knowing nod came back to her.

She took a deep breath.

“I agree.”

Both men’s eyebrows shot up.

“But,” she added quickly, “I am a happily married woman.”

“No woman of mine would ever be left alone in the same room as two hot blooded men with copious amounts of alcohol.”

“Clarke trusts me, I came here to give you the tickets that he forgot.”

“We know why you came here,” said Alexi, “But why did you stay.”

She looked down at her feet, once more unsure of what to say.

“You’re not curious at all.”

“Of course I am,” she added sheepishly. She didn’t want them to know that the burning sensation in her stomach or the aching in her nipples was driving her wild. She would let them think they were leading her astray but like with all her other conquests, she was allowing them too.

“I believe in loyalty Lyla, more than anything in this world. I also believe in total indulgence, call it selfish, but if I have needs they are taken care of within the hour. It’s the only way I can live.”

She nodded in agreement, doing her best to fight the smile that was trying to creep on to her face.

Alexi stood up and slid onto the sofa beside her. He cupped her breasts as he began to kiss her neck. She threw her head back, groaning slightly.

“How is this happening?” She thought as she felt his wet lips trail down her neck.

“Now isn’t that so much better Lyla.” Gunner said, as he took in the scene before him like a lion stalking his prey. He took another drag of his cigar and blew the smoke up into the air.

She placed her hand inside Alexi’s thigh. She could feel the shaft of his cock pressing against the fabric of his pants, he felt big. She started to get wet. Alexi pushed her up off the sofa and pulled the blouse above her head. He quickly moved his hands behind her and unzipped her skirt. It fell to her ankles and she kicked it away. Alexi stood back and admired her, shooting a smile to Gunner before slipping two fingers inside her satin thong.

“She is very wet Gunner.” He called to his friend as he began to move his fingers side to side rapidly on her pussy.

“I knew she would be, I could just tell.”

Lyla’s heart was racing so fast she thought she would faint. The heat, cigar smoke and her horniness made it hard for her to breath. Alexi swiftly removed his shirt and trousers. His bulge was sticking out so much that the elastic waistband of his underwear was out from his body. His body was coated in dark hair. He pulled her closely, kissed her deeply before whispering in her ear.

“We are going to show you how real men fuck,” He pulled away and stared at her with such intensity she was hypnotized, “Not like your husband.”

She nodded slowly before she sank to her knees. She pulled down his underwear, a 7′ uncut cock sprung out to meet her. She was in her element now and began to relax a bit more, her nerve endings tingled. She swallowed the last of her champagne in one big mouthful. Gunner whooped.

“Thatta girl.” He shouted.

Lyla grasped Alexi’s big meaty member in her hands, she spat on his purple helmet before taking him in her mouth. He tasted salty as she fanned her tongue on his piss slit. He pushed into her quickly, hitting the bag of her throat, causing her mouth to fill with saliva. He pulled out of her momentarily, she spat on her hand and began to work it up and down his shaft before taking him again. He put both hands on the back of her head and began to push her down on to him more forcefully. She placed both her hands on his thick muscular thighs and allowed him to face fuck her. She was always very confident in her oral skills but he was pushing her to her limit, her eyes were watering and she could feel her face glow.

The noise his thick hairy balls made when they hit off her chin was driving her insane. She was now dripping wet. Alexi began to moan as he continued to slam into her mouth.

“Enough,” Gunnar said quietly but with force, “it’s time to fuck.”

Alexi guided her head off his cock and swung her around back onto the sofa. She laid with her back on the cushion but her hips and legs hanging over the edge. He quickly pulled off her thong, letting it hang from one ankle. He pushed legs apart and without using his hands placed his throbbing dick against her slit.

She moaned at the contact and grabbed her breast. He was so much stronger than anyone she had been with.

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