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Author’s note – these are letters I have sent to my wife to get her mind wandering. I don’t think they met the 750 word minimum so i combined the first two. Let me know what you think!



Your lips are tingling at the thoughts of what you are about to do to me. You lean across the bed, embrace and kiss my lips sensuously reveling in the simple pleasure of it. You pull back the covers revealing my hardening cock, wrap your hand around it and slowly begin to pump it. You whisper in my ear, “Do you want me to suck your cock?” “Mmmm,Hmmm” I answer as you feel a twinge of excitement courses through your body.

You reach over to the bedside table and retrieve a scrunchy to pull your hair back so that I can have a good view of your luscious lips as they caress my body. You feel excited and a little naughty knowing that my eyes will be watching your every move. Kissing my lips again before you begin to trail down my freshly showered body, you bury your face in the patch of hair below my naval that you lovingly refer to as my trail to paradise.

Now you lay your cheek on my tummy, wrap your hand around my cock and watch as it pulses in excitement at your touch. You can actually see the head pulse in anticipation at what you will do next. Gripping the base and slowly squeezing toward the head, you see the first drop of clear anticipation drip from the slit. Moving your face below my cock, you feel deliciously naughty as you gently lick the drop of fluid as though it were the salt on the rim of your margarita glass. You revel in the mix of sensations from my silky texture, the slippery taste of my pre-cum, the the masculine smell and heat emanating from my body, and the sound of my deep contented moan.

Next you begin to rub your entire face over my manhood enjoying the feeling of our skin-to-skin contact. You rub your lips over my balls eliciting another moan. You rub my shaft over your closed eyes and across your cheeks feeling my pulse against your face. As you feel another drip of anticipation wet your cheek, you canlı bahis decide it is time to put your beautiful lips to better use.

Wetting your lips with your tongue, you gently place them on my head and run your tongue over the tips savoring the taste of my excitement. I can feel the loving care with which you use your mouth to caress my cock and I can’t resist another moan. You know that my eyes are on your full lips as my cock slowly disappears and this adds to your excitement.

You want to see how much of my big cock you can fit into your mouth and as you do and as you feel me throb in your mouth, the twinge of excitement changes to a dull ache. You feel my cock begin to swell, but you aren’t ready for these sensations to end quit yet so you withdraw and move back up to kiss my lips as we exchange expressions of our love for each other.

Moving back down to my wet cock you begin to rub your lips along the underside. You begin at the base near my ball and slowly but firmly press my shaft between my body and your lips as I growl my approval. After five passes you notice another drop which you use the underside of your tongue to capture and swallow.

You begin to feel the anticipation of feeling my cock explode into your mouth and the thought makes you begin to work in earnest toward this goal. As you feel it grow and throb even bigger than it was moments ago, your ache grows in proportion and you know that it will need attention soon. “Mmmm, baby I’m going to cum in your mouth!” I exclaim as you mew your approval.

My sharp grunt punctuates the explosion of the first shot of the week’s worth of sperm that floods your waiting mouth. Simultaneously you feel the first bit of moisture dampen your aching pussy. As my shots continue to fill your mouth, you gently, lovingly reduce the pressure of your lips and tongue as you continue to milk me. As my orgasm subsides you withdraw my shaft and work your hand again from base to tip eliciting a final drop of the milky expression of my love which you naughtily consume for my viewing pleasure.

We embrace and kiss bahis siteleri enjoying the intimacy of our bodies and lips gently pressing together. Finally you lay back and spread your legs in a wordless invitation for me to return the favor. (But that is for another story).


Your lips are still tingling with excitement from causing my cock to literally explode in your mouth as you lay there with your legs spread wide anticipating what I will do to you. I cup your face in my hands as I kiss you passionately pressing my body against yours. I move one hand down to your silken panties and teasingly touch the material while I continue to plant kisses all over your lips, face, neck, cheeks, eyelids, ears.

You imagine that the gentle pecks are are covering your pussy as your raise your hips begging for more stimulation from my fingers. I slide four fingers under your panties and gently play with your furry patch. I love this part of you savor the warm fuzzy feeling. As I move my hand lower and can immediately feel how slippery-wet you are. I use my middle finger to spread the wetness around your labia, Then I place my palm firmly against your sex and press my lips firmly against yours.

You raise your hips signalling it is time to remove your panties which I help you do. As I do, I can’t help but plant a kiss on your tingling pussy. You start to protest, but a twinge of excitement courses through your body and you give into the sensation. In the same way that I planted kisses covering your face, I methodically cover every square inch with gentle, lip-kisses. I tell you how I love the way your taste and smell, and you know this is true from the loving way I am kissing you. From the bottom of one side, slowly up and teasingly around your clit, peck,peck,peck down the other side, around your inner thighs, then directly against your labia pretending I am kissing your lips – peck, peck, peck.

Now that every nerve-ending in your pussy is tingling, I cup your face again in my hands and kiss you again passionately. I lay beside as you turn toward me pressing your body against bahis şirketleri mine. I reach around behind you playing with your butt as my other hand gently pinches your labia together. I can feel your harden clit between your labia so I slowly begin to stroke it between your wet lips causing you to exhale contentedly. Your excitement level continues to rise as I continue to stroke you, then with the other hand I begin to stimulate the base of your pussy which brings you down a bit. Then back to stroking the top bringing you up, then back down. With each cycle you can begin to feel your arousal growing, the warmth spreading throughout your body.

I dip my middle finger into your dripping honey sensing your clit is ready for more direct stimulation. I gently place the slippery digit under your hood and find your throbbing clit with you hungrily press against my finger. I slowly, methodically, gently stroke you, bringing your arousal even higher than before, then back down, down, down. Back up,up,up, down, down, down. You press your right nipple against my lips and as you feel my warm wet mouth envelope your nipple, a spark of electricity jolts between your clit and your nipple. You are close to going over the edge which I sense and bring you back from the brink.

I lube the middle finger of my bottom hand and slowly begin making small circles around the rim of your asshole. Until now you hadn’t noticed that these nerve endings were tingling as well and it brings your arousal to a new level once again. I tease your clit with the other hand and can feel your hungry hole twitching with my other hand. As I press my finger against the the center of the hole, it literally gobbles up my finger pulling it in the the first knuckle, then to the second knuckle.

I order you to squeeze my finger and I can feel your sphincter obey. Fire below your naval is rapidly building and spreading throughout your body. Your orgasm is beyond the point of no return, but incredibly it continues to build as I continue to stimulate you with both hands, my mouth, I tell you it is ok to let go, to cum and you do in crashing waves, your muscles clinching over and over again. I lighten my touch prolonging your pleasure. Then you feel my revived, hard, throbbing cock on your thigh and you know you have to have me inside of you.

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