Lust Or Love Pt. 04

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© Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.


When Donald and Dana got to her apartment, she knocked on the door, just to make sure they were not unavailable. Steven answered by opening the door.

“Hey, guys. No need to knock, come on in.”

They went inside and Cindy appeared from the kitchen.

“Hi, Dana. Welcome home.”

“So, did everyone have a good time last night?” Donald asked.

“We had a great time, both at the Game Parlor and when we got back here.” Cindy answered.

“Good, we will have to do that again sometime.”

Everyone headed for the couch and the chairs to chat for a while. Both Cindy and Steven seemed very animated so Donald and Dana assumed that the previous night must have gone very well for both of them. Donald did notice that Steven seemed a little tired, and maybe sleepy. Also a good sign.

It was around lunch time so Donald and Steven said their goodbyes and left. When they got in Donald’s car Steven started their conversation.

“Man, thanks for getting me out of there! Cindy is a sex maniac! We did it three times last night and twice this morning. I have never had that much sex in that short of a time.”

Donald laughed at that. “Dana told me she was a little vixen, now I believe it.”

“Oh I can second that. Her sexual appetite is unbelievable. I will need a nap this afternoon just to recover my strength. And she wants me to come over tomorrow for another round.”

“So are going to do it?”

“I guess so. Sex with her is great, but Lord, she has more stamina than I do!”

“Dana asked me to come over tomorrow as well. So I guess we will both be getting some at the same time.”

“Well at least you will be there to pull me away when you are ready. Cindy might not ever let me go otherwise.”

After they got back to their apartment, Donald breathed a little sigh of relief. Steven never mentioned Dana, so Cindy had the expected impact on him he and Dana thought she would.

Donald started fixing some lunch and Steven headed straight to his room and collapsed on the bed. He slept for almost three hours.


After Donald and Steven left, Dana and Cindy looked at each other and then fell into each others arms while laughing. It was the laugh of joy for both of them. They untangled from each other and sat back down together on the couch.

“So tell me about last night!” Dana said.

“Well, to start with, we both had a really good time at the Gama Parlor. We played all different kinds of games and had a light dinner. After about an hour we left to come back here.”

“I know, Donald and I watched from a discrete distance. We left soon after you did.”

“Oh, thanks for watching over me, but it turns out it was unnecessary. I had Steven within minutes of us getting together. He really is a nice guy and he has the most stamina of any man I have ever been with. We did it three times last night and twice this morning. He was up for it every time but I could tell he was pooped by the last time. Anyway, just as you said, he is a good partner. I invited him over tomorrow and he said yes.”

“I invited Donald over tomorrow as well. I hope it doesn’t create a situation.”

“I think I can take care of that possibility, so don’t worry about it.”

“Good, I guess I can stop worrying.”

“He really is a great lover. I think I gave him a good time, maybe even a great time. I am already looking forward to tomorrow.”

“I’m glad for you. Donald and I sure had a good time last night and this morning. He is a great lover and still does things to me that no one has done before.”

They continued their conversation a while and then fixed a lunch for both of them. After lunch they both studied for a few hours while listening to some music together at the kitchen table. About an hour before dinner they both decided to take a walk together towards the campus. While walking they talked about nothing of importance, just happy to be with each other. Their relationship had grown of late and they both liked where it was headed. They were now as close as they ever had been.

As the sun went down it was getting a little cooler so they headed back to fix dinner. They both ate light and cleaned the kitchen afterward. Since they had no TV they watched a movie on Dana’s laptop. When it was over they talked some more and as usual the topic soon turned to sex. While they did not compare Donald with Steven, they did talk about positions, intimacy, and the times between coitus. It made both of them pretty turned on. Dana found her hand had wandered over to Cindy’s thigh. Cindy soon followed by putting her hand on top of Dana’s hand.

This stirred up feelings in both of them and soon they decided to go to Dana’s bedroom. They both undressed the other and then climbed into bed. This time they took it slow and easy by first just laying close to each other and feeling the warmth between them. They held hands while on illegal bahis their backs.

Cindy turned on her side and place an arm and leg over her friend. This also placed her head near Dana’s head. She nuzzled her neck and licked as necessary to arouse both of them. Dana returned the attention by using her free arm to hold Cindy. She responded by moving her hand to Dana’s breast. She always loved her friend’s breasts. They were large but very firm, and so sensitive. Dana always reacted to having her breasts held, squeezed, licked, and sucked.

After moving on top of Dana she kissed her gently as their breasts pressed against each other. Her auburn hair was falling down around her head onto Dana. It tickled a little but it was also stimulating somehow. Being this close to each other was what each of them liked the most about having sex together. The intimacy of being naked and vulnerable with another was a great feeling, but especially with a person of the same sex. It was different than being with man. For some reason it was easier to be this way with a man, but neither knew why. They liked both feelings.

As their touches and kisses became more needy, they both moved to the more sensitive parts of the other. Dana turned Cindy onto her back and moved into a sixty nine positions on top of her. Both now had access to the others main center of their sex. Each tasted the others pussy and were amazed again by how good it tasted. Although each had tasted the other the first time they had sex, both had begun to really appreciate how the other tasted.

The pleasure both given and received caused them to not only become more aroused, it also brought them closer together. Sex really is the binding agent for a relationship. As each became more aroused, fingers were added to tongues for even more stimulation. Between the stimulation of their tongues and the fingers fucking their love tunnels, each was getting closer to a climax. Eventually, each erupted to the climax that had been building within them, first Cindy and then Dana. When both were relaxed again Dana got off of her friend and went to her bedside table. In the drawer was her favorite dildo. Cindy took one look at it and smiled at her friend.

“I want to use this on you, do you mind?”

“It looks dreamy. Does it vibrate?”

“It’s unbelievable.”

“Then go ahead.”

Dana also got out the tube of lube in the drawer. She used just enough lube to coat the dildo as Cindy was already very wet. She returned the tube back to the drawer and got between Cindy’s legs. Cindy opened her legs wide and Dana slowly inserted it into her.

“It’s better if I start the vibrator a little later. It’s little much to start out with.”

She slowly started moving the dildo in and out of her friend’s pussy.

“Wow, that does feel good. It really fills you up, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s what I like most about it.”

After another minute Dana turned on the vibrator to its lowest setting.

“Ohh, that really feels good. I like this.”

“That’s the idea. Just lay back and let it carry you to your climax. It’s better that way.”

Dana continued to move the dildo in and out of her. It was having the effect on Cindy she hopped it would. She could see her gripping the sheets into her fists. She turned the vibrator up to the next level.

“Oh Jesus! That’s incredible.”

Dana moved the dildo a little faster and Cindy was now moving with pleasure overwhelming her. Just watching her was making Dana horny again. After watching her friend another minute she turned the vibrator up to the third setting and Cindy went wild, bucking and grunting, wanting even more stimulation. But her body decided for her this was all she needed and she climaxed hard, a small scream was emitted from her throat as the pleasure hit her from the center of her body. When her climax was over Dana turned the vibrator back down to the first setting and slowed moving it. Cindy finally opened her eyes and looked at her.

“That was incredible. Do you use this all the time?”

“At least once a week.”

“How do you keep quiet when using it?”

“It’s not easy, I usually stuff something in my mouth so I’m not too loud. But now that you know about it, I guess I don’t have to do that any more.”

“Do you mind if I borrow it every now and then?”

“Not at all. But be careful.” Dana took the dildo out of her and showed her the controls. “Notice that there are four positions for the vibrator intensity. I have never used the highest position on myself. By the time I get to the third position it makes me cum, just as it did for you.”

“Wow. That last position must be like an earthquake.”

“It is. I tried it in my hand and I almost can’t hold it when it starts. It’s very intensive.”

Dana plopped on the bed on her back and handed the dildo to Cindy.

“My turn. Just remember to start slow and build the vibration slowly as well.”

“I’ll be careful with it and you.” She smiled and moved between Dana’s legs.

The vibrator was illegal bahis siteleri still wet, so she slowly inserted it into Dana. Once fully inserted she started moving it in and out of her. She looked down at Dana and she was smiling at her. Cindy loved making Dana feel good, her pride swelled in her heart when she made her cum. After a minute she turned on the vibrator to the first position.

“Mumm, that’s so good.”

Cindy was watching her intently and soon she was responding to the vibrations by placing her hands on her breasts and squeezing them. Just watching her made Cindy horny again. She was going to need another orgasm after this.

“Fuck me a little faster.”

She sped up her pumping action on Dana. God this was sexy. Watching Dana’s face and the dildo pumping her vaginal opening was incredible. Dana was getting more and more turned on. The telling clue was how much her pussy was leaking her fluid. The dildo now moved so easily in and out of her. Dana was now squeezing her breasts even harder and holding it longer. Cindy decide to up the vibrator speed to the second position and Dana went wild.

Dana was almost there. Having someone else use the dildo on her was a great turn on. She knew she could cum almost any time now. She started to bang her fists on the bed as she got higher

“Oh God, I’m close. Just a little more.”

Cindy upped the speed to the third position and that pushed Dana straight to the top of her pleasure curve. Her climax washed over her in a wave of pleasure as Cindy continued to pump her through her climax until it was over. Then she reduced the vibrator back to position one, but left the dildo in her.

Dana opened her eyes and smiled big at Cindy.

“That was nice.”

Cindy smiled back at her. “I sure enjoyed making you cum. It was very sexy.”

“Thank you. I enjoyed being fucked by you.”

Cindy removed and shut down the dildo and laid beside Dana. She thought for a few seconds and said “I think we may need to see about getting a strapon dildo for each other. I think I would really enjoy using it on you.”

Dana was surprised, but it sounded really sexy. “That does sound erotic. It might be fun.”

“I’ll look on the web and see what I can find. I’ll get your approval before I order anything.”


“In the meantime, I need another orgasm. Fucking you with that dildo made me horny again.”

Cindy reached down and started masturbating herself. Dana watched for a minute and then began to finger herself. Masturbating with another person was something new for both of them. It was very erotic for both of them to watch the other.

After a few minutes Cindy was moving very fast on herself. Dana could see drops of fluid splashing off her pussy as she rubbed herself. It caused Dana to get very horny again and she knew she could cum again soon. Cindy was urging herself onward and upwards, frantically stimulation her clit.

When Cindy climaxed she lifted her hips up off the bed several times. Her brow furrowed as the pleasure kept cumming and cumming. Eventually she came down from the peak and had to catch her breath.

Dana was getting pretty close as well. She closed her eyes and imagined Cindy eating her pussy. She could almost feel her tongue in her. And then she was there, the climax was almost as good as the last one. She continued to rub her clit making it last as long as she could. When she came down she was also out of breath and it took her a minute to recover.

When she did, she looked at Cindy and they rolled together into an embrace, holding each other. Both their eyes closed and they were both asleep in a short time.

They awoke at eleven o’clock with both needing a run at the bathroom. When they returned they got under the covers and embraced again. They were asleep again before they knew it.


Steven woke early on Sunday morning. He had slept most of the previous afternoon away and went to bed at ten o’clock, so when he woke he was ready to go, fully recovered from his first encounter with Cindy. God, what a beautiful slut she was. He could easily fall in love with her but he resisted even the thought of that. He did not want a repeat of what happened with Dana. But he was determined to make sure Cindy was happy just so she would stick around with him, even if it killed him.

He showered and shaved and did all the other things necessary to make himself presentable. He put on a nice pair of jeans and a good shirt so he could make a good impression on Cindy. When finally dressed he went out to make breakfast.

Donald was still asleep so he was as quiet as possible. He fixed some toast and added butter and jelly to complete it. He decided against coffee and drank juice instead. He would wait for Donald for the main course. When the toast was consumed he went to his room with a fresh glass of juice and turned on his laptop.

He worked through his weekend homework while waiting on Donald. After a while he wrote a note to Cindy thanking her for a wonderful canlı bahis siteleri time. He let her know he would be there today with Donald and wanted to know if she wanted to do anything. He let it go at that and mailed it to her. No mushy stuff.

He brought up his browser and read the news as well as some other sites. In another hour her heard Donald in the other bathroom and decided to start a real breakfast for him. He reminded himself again to thank him for setting him up with Cindy. Just thinking about her made him happy.

Steven went into the kitchen and started some sausage and eggs along with a pot of coffee. He was very careful to make sure he had the right amount of coffee. Just as he was finishing up the food Donald came into the kitchen.

“Mumm, that smells good. Any for me?”

“I made enough for both of us.”

He got out some plates and coffee cups for them. Then he placed some sausage and eggs on both plates and put the plates and coffee pot on the table.

“Thanks, buddy.”

“Call it my thanks for setting me up with Cindy. You have no idea what you are missing with her.”

“Dana told me all about her so I have some idea. But you’re more than welcome. I have always liked Dana and I’m glad you’re not too upset about us.”

“Forget it. I had to learn a lesson with her and Cindy more than makes up for any pain I may felt. Don’t worry, we’re good.”

“That’s a relief.”

They dug into breakfast, each happy with how things turned out.

“I sent Cindy a note asking if she wanted to do something today. If she does, do you and Dana want to join us?”

“That’s really nice of you to ask. If Dana wants to go, I’m game.”

“Good! I hope Cindy and Dana do want to go somewhere. It would be nice to go out as a foursome. We haven’t done that in a long time.”

Donald was breathing a lot easier. Steven was like his old self and that was a real relief. He could not wait to tell Dana.

They finished breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Working together it only took a few minutes. Donald went back to his room and sent a note off to Dana about going out. Then he opened a book on statics and read for an hour. It was about ten thirty when he put the book aside. He went into the living room and found Steven reading a chemistry book.

“I was going for a short walk. You want to join me?”


He put his book aside and went with Donald. They lived pretty near the campus so they walked around it for an hour. Their conversation was easy and mostly about school, but it soon turned to the girls.

“You know, Cindy really is a nice girl.” Steven said.

“I only know about her sexual appetite. Dana didn’t tell me anything about her as a person.”

“Well, I can assure you she is really a great person. She is fun loving, smiles at every opportunity, and enjoys herself. She laughs easily and is easy to be with and talk to. And of course, she is a sexual dynamo. But that is not what makes her attractive. It’s everything else about her. Her sexuality is just one aspect of her.”

“Sounds like you really like her.”

“I do, but I am not going to make the same mistake I did with Dana. She is her own person and I have to learn to respect that. It’s hard, but I am trying.”

“Just keep reminding yourself and it will work out if you really want it to.”

“Thanks. I want Cindy to stick around so I am trying to tread lightly.”

“Good for you. Sounds like you learned a valuable lesson. Women of today are probably a little mixed up with all the pressures they face. School, career, a love life, the possibility of children, all being pressed against them by their family, friends, and teachers. It’s enough to mix anybody up.”

“Yeah. I had never really given it much thought, but you are right. I guess I was not supportive of her feelings. I promise to be better with Cindy. She’s worth it.”

“Just do the best you can, that’s all she could ask for. Nobody’s perfect. You don’t have to understand every feeling she has, just be supportive of her opinion or hesitancy about anything that comes up.”

“That sounds like good advice. Thanks.”

“Not a problem. I am always here for you if you need me.”

“Thanks. The same goes for me.”

Donald felt good. They had crossed a bridge that put them in a different place, but their friendship had evolved to a new plateau and it made them stronger together. Steven was his best friend and he wanted the best for him, and it looked like Cindy might be the best for him.

By the time they got back to their apartment it was almost time to go to see the girls. They cleaned themselves up and drove to their apartment. Once there, they knocked on the door. Dana opened the door for them.

“Hi, guys! Come on in.”

They greeted her with a little hug and went to the living room.

“Where’s Cindy?”

“She’s running a few minutes late drying her hair.”

“So did you have a chance to decide about going out this afternoon?”

“Yeah, we think that might be fun. What did you have in mind?”

Steven spoke up. “I was thinking we could get some takeout somewhere and then go to the park for the afternoon.”

“That sounds like fun. The weather is nice today, so sure, let’s do it.”

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