Lust in Rain

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The rain came down in soft sheets, millions of small droplets banded close enough together to make a beautiful, hypnotic rhythm on the awnings of the shops and apartment buildings on Clark street. The water rose halfway up on the curbs, covering most of the drains and threatening to rise onto the sidewalk. It had been coming down since 4AM and now, at 6:05AM it didn’t appear to be losing any momentum. It was a bit darker than usual at this hour with the downpour, but there was light out. The temperature had been oppressive lately but the rain had brought it down to a comfortable level. An occasional early riser on the street could be seen in a windbreaker in addition to the umbrella..

The man in the sweater had pulled into the recessed storefront and set his umbrella down. He took a deep breath and wiped his brow. He looked up and down the street. A woman who was readying herself for work, watched him from her third floor condominium window. She thought he was looking for something or someone. While applying her foundation make-up, she decided to keep an eye on him from time to time.

He stood for fifteen or twenty minutes. He would sigh occasionally, then look at his watch. He tried to keep the tall white cup of coffee in his hand, but it would become to warm. He had just set it down once again, when the woman in the window noticed his behavior change, he was alert and looking southward down the street. She thought she could see a woman approaching in the rain. Yes, he was certainly looking that way, at her. She looked him over once again, studying him as best she could through the sheets of rain, deciding if he seemed threatening or not. It seemed harmless to her at first that he sought refuge from the downpour in the doorway of the car dealer. She now saw just how deep the doors were recessed, five or six feet she gathered. If he were intending ill will he had found the place to carry it out. As the woman approaching with the red umbrella was on the same sidewalk, half of a block away, he also had a victim. The man was watching her. The woman grabbed her cordless phone, to be ready.

As the woman with the umbrella approached, the man hugged back to the wall, his head peering around the corner, just enough to keep one eye on her. He flattened his back tight to canlı bahis the bricks. As she passed him she felt his presence there and it frightened her, she jumped noticeably the woman upstairs thought. She readied the phone and put her finger on the button programmed for the police. But the woman on the sidewalk did not keep walking.

She looked at the man carefully, her feet ready to run in the other direction.

“Its raining pretty hard out there, don’t you think?” the man said.

“I have an umbrella,” she replied.

“Still, you should get out of it, the wind is blowing pretty good and your clothes are wet. If it keeps blowing your mascara will run.”

She looked him over distrustfully. “I don’t wear any makeup. So that won’t happen.”

He reached out and grabbed her umbrella, then tossed him about five feet back into the curbside puddle, he then grabbed her wrist and pulled her in the doorway quickly.

The woman watching hit the button and waited for the answer, her eyes unable to look away from the scene playing out. She then saw the man force his mouth over the woman’s. He slammed her up against the brick wall and used his body to keep her there. While waiting for the police to answer the woman above wondered what possessed the girl to even stop. That thought intrigued her. She thought she sensed a lack of resistance on the girl’s part.

He pushed his crotch tight to her hips pinning her hard. She tried to struggle but he only kissed her harder. He then put his hand behind her left thigh and pulled her leg up, placing it around his hip. She pushed harder against him, but his strength overpowered her. He jerked her skirt up high, exposing her thong beneath it.

The girl hit him on the side of his head after wiggling her right hand free. He slapped her gently with his left.

“Baby wants to play rough huh?”He leaned away from her and then gave her a sudden slam back into the wall that took some sting out of her. Which gave him enough time to toughly rip the thong from her hips. He ground his mouth into hers, she weakly resisted, breathing hard from the rough treatment. He reached down with his right hand. “Baby’s getting wet. I think baby wants a strange fuck, don’t she?” She whimpered as if to offer resistance. His tongue lashed bahis siteleri hers fiercely as he resumed his animalistic kiss. While using his right hand to work her pussy, his left came up behind her head and kept her mouth firm against his.

She was losing resistance and he sensed it. Her tongue was beginning to work.

“17th precinct police department, how can I help you?” The woman heard the voice but noticed that the red umbrella woman’s leg had never left the man’s hip, when she could have easily dropped it at any time. “Hello, is there someone there, do you need the police?” When she saw the woman wrap her arms around the man’s head with abandon and begin to kiss him with same intensity he’d used, she knew she didn’t need the police. “Sorry I got the wrong number.”

When his fingers found the wetness to be just right, he wasted no time in unzipping his pants, and pulling his hard cock out. The woman lifted her right leg up now, as his weight kept her body pinned to the bricks, then wrapped that leg around his hip as well, offering her wetness to him He worked his fingers around inside of her while they continued to kiss. He wiggled his middle finger around in circles, loosening her opening. Then he put another finger in to further loosen her up. “Baby wanna fuck?” No response. “Baby wanna feel some cock up that wet pussy?” She moaned. “Oh yeah, baby wants some hard stuff don’t she, she wants to fuck. Tell me you want to fuck.”

She wimpered again and kissed him once more. “Tell me baby wants to fuck, and I’ll put some cock in your sweet, sweet pussy.” She moaned, “Please fuck me. I need some cock.”

“Oh yea, baby likes a little strange cock sometimes.” He took his cock in hand and slid it slowly into her pussy. He looked her in the eyes. There seemed to be a glaze over her eyes. A glaze of pure lust.

As he completely loaded his cock in her pussy, she let her head fall back against the brick, still maintaining eye contact. He began a smooth stroking at first, but within seconds, increased the dosage. “Get ready slut, I’m about to give you a fuckin’.”

With that he went full throttle.

The woman watching from her condominium touched herself, with a barely audible moan accompanying the touch. She could see the man’s hips thrusting, driving bahis şirketleri his cock in and out of the woman’s pussy. She couldn’t believe this was happening, but she enjoyed the show completely. She found herself wishing it were her down there, she hadn’t been done like that in ages, she thought.

He had been thrusting into her for ten minutes now and the woman could feel him building up for an orgasm. “Please, fuck me hard, but don’t come in me, please don’t.” He laughed at her. “Oh sure, slut, I’m not gonna come in you.” He looked her in the eye and his thrusts became savage, slamming her hard into the bricks, she could feel the pressure in her lower back with every drive. Now he was like a jackhammer on automatic pilot and she knew she should never have opened her mouth. “For God sakes, please don’t come in me!” He smiled and then she felt the hot jets of come coating her insides.

He looked her in the eye and laughed, “Aw, poor little slut’s got a pussy full of sperm. Little babymakers running wild. Poor little slut shouldn’t go around fucking strangers then.”

She grabbed his head and pulled his mouth to hers and they kissed passionately as she raised her legs a little higher and lowered her torso. “Atta girl, make sure them babymakers find their way home.”

The woman upstairs couldn’t believe this sight. She began to massage her clit roughly.

Finally, the woman lowered her legs. Her breathing was ragged. His legs were wobbly and was weak, but satisfied. The woman pulled her skirt down, avoiding eye contact. She ran her hands back through her hair. He watched her in amusement, enjoying her embarrassment. She picked up her umbrella.

Then she finally looked up at him. He was fastening his belt while watching her and his eyes danced.

“Was it good for you baby?” he grinned. She then dropped the umbrella and threw her arms around his neck.

“My god that was hot.” She kissed him sweetly. Then leaned her head against his chest. He wrapped her in his arms.

When she broke free of his embrace, she picked the umbrella up once again and stepped out into the rain.

“What time will you get home tonight babydoll?” he asked

“Well, I was supposed to go out with the gang at work, but I dunno. I think I’ll have a one track mind all day. I should get in around 5. You better be there…and be ready. I’m gonna need more.”

He nodded his head, “I’m just the guy for the job.”

The woman upstairs was on the verge of her orgasm.

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