Lust At First Sight

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I first met Rene when I was working for my uncle’s company throughout school. The company was a maintenance company that took care of those “honey do’s” that women have, but can’t get taken care of. This soon grew into full-blown property maintenance while continuing our residential customers. Being the boss’s nephew had some benefits. During summers I got experienced at most areas of the business. When I finally graduated high school and started college, I got a lot of high paying jobs that allowed time to go to school full time. One of these jobs was Rene.

Rene ran her family’s restaurant. We did the pest control, mowed the lawn and handles all the property maintenance in general. Being that Rene’s father and my uncle were close friends that also meant that we took care of the homes of the family at a very reduced rate. I lucked out by getting Rene as a customer because she lived close to the restaurant and I could get both done before my 9:00 a.m. class.

It was so easy I had it down to a science. First I’d go to the restaurant an hour before they opened, check all the ice machines and stoves and such, then I’d do any pest control that was needed, all the while talking and flirting with Rene. After I had finished the restaurant, Rene gave me the keys to her house. I’d hop in the truck drive the four block drive and do the same at her house. I’d run the keys back to her then home to change for school.

Now I mentioned flirting in there, let me get a little further into that. Rene is five years older than me. She stands just under 6 feet with long dark hair to the middle of her back. She has dark alluring eyes and a sweetly seductive smile. Her body is one of those that is what men fantasize of when they are alone and pleasing themselves. I don’t know her exact measurements but she had a very slim waist, ample breasts,(36d possibly) and a perfect ass that fills your hands when you cup them.

Basically in one word Rene is hot. I could never figure why she flirted with me because I’m what you call average. I keep in shape have a real baby face and could easily pass for a high school kid. I’m nothing out of the ordinary but Rene always made me feel like I was the hottest guy in the world the way she would smile and bat her eyes and flirt endlessly with me.

The day that took this innocent flirting over the top was one I’ll never forget and wanted to share with everyone.

I got to the restaurant about 45 minutes early one day and Rene’s brother Danny was there and let me in. This had happened before and just meant Rene was running errands or tied up with something. I did my job and Danny asked about school, and if there were any hot chicks there. We joked about Pussy Mountain, which is what all the guys at school affectionately called the hill where most of the sorority houses were. I finished up and he told me that Rene had to take her car to the shop so she left me the key under the door mat.

Not thinking that I was way early I did as I usually did and headed to Rene’s. That is where this story really begins.

I checked the chemical level of the hot tub and as I did I began to think of Rene in a canlı bahis skimpy bikini as I often did while doing this part of the job. I made my way into the garage to check the settings on the sprinkler system. Still not thinking that anyone may be at home, I went into the house to check the mouse bait containers in the master bath. Apparently mice love to nest underneath large sunken Jacuzzi tubs.

I climbed the stairs checking my watch, I was making great time and I might even get to class a little early. Stepping into the master bedroom I inhaled the sweet smell of Rene’s shampoo and I began to think that she must have just left. Wrong.

As my hand rose to push the bathroom door open I noticed the door was open slightly. Some movement that I caught out of the corner of my eye caused my attention to turn towards it. What I saw brought an instant tent in my pants. Through the small opening I could see Rene coming towards me. Naked. She wore nothing but a towel on her head. I could see her beautifully sculpted body, her ample breasts, her very well groomed pubic area, and it was coming towards me.

My mind said “ get out of here” but my body wasn’t listening. I was frozen to the spot. She reached the door and pulled it towards her. Our eyes met and she let out a scream. My feet still wouldn’t obey my brain and now my tongue followed.

“ I ummm wasn’t ummm this isn’t what it…..” I stammered. All of a sudden my feet began to move from the spots they had grown roots to. I turned and hurriedly walked, my feet tangling and almost tripping myself. I hurried downstairs and straight to the truck.

Later that day I got a phone call from my uncle. My stomach knotted as I hit the green button on the cell phone. “ Hello.” The word felt dry and heavy as it left my mouth.

“Hey Rene over at A Slice Of Italy called,” my uncle said rather matter-of-factly.

“Ok,” is all I could muster to come out.

“You need to call her, something about some kinda situation this morning.” His tone changed. “You didn’t mess anything up did you? You know me and her dad go way back, if you can’t handle the workload I can lighten it for you.” I sat there as he said those last words in a way that meant, “if you want this job don’t fuck up.”

“ I don’t know what happened just call her and make it right again, am I clear?”

“ Yes. I’ll get it taken care of.”

I hung up and looked at the phone. My hand trembled as my fingers dialed the numbers. I pushed send and the milliseconds that it took to connect seemed like an eternity. Finally I got a ring, and just one ring. “Slice of Italy.” I heard Danny’s voice and felt relieved.

“ Danny, it’s Mike from Maintenance One,” I said.

“ Hey Mikey , Rene is expecting your call hang on a sec.” I heard a beep as he put me on hold.

I felt the knots in my stomach tighten even more.

“Mike?” I heard Rene’s sweet voice and tried to search it for any hint of anger. I couldn’t tell.

“I’m here.”

“Mike, we need to talk about this morning, and you have my keys.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry….” she cut me off before I could finish my sentence.

“Look I’m bahis siteleri really busy. Come by tomorrow morning about the same time. Ok?”

“Uh, Ok.”

“Good.”The phone hung up.

The next morning came and I drove over to Rene’s house. I had no idea what to expect. I rang the doorbell and heard her yell for me to come in. I stepped in. She called for me from upstairs. As I climbed the steps I felt a deja vu come over me. The door to her room was open so I stepped in. My eyes must have been deceiving me, because there was Rene standing in the tiniest of tiny robes. My jaw must of hit the floor. She smiled and took a step towards me.

“Deja vu huh?,” she laughed. “I’m getting ready for work.” She then began to explain to me that she wasn’t mad and she didn’t think I was peeping I just startled her. The whole time she was speaking I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Now that I knew what was under that robe my fantasies of her would be even more vivid. Mike? Hello? Still with me?,” she had been talking and I was entranced in my thoughts. She smiled and repeated her question, “ Are we ok again?”

“Ummm yeah we’re ok.” I was able to finally respond. Then she totally floored me with what she said next. “You’re thinking of me naked again aren’t you?” I looked at her waiting for the angry words to fly. Then she said,” You wanna fuck me don’t you?” I was speechless as she continued, “Don’t say no either because I can tell you do,” she said as I felt my cock swelling.

Our eyes met and she smiled. She knew I wanted her and she liked it. I looked at her heavy breasts and saw the erectness of her nipples. It turned her on that I wanted her! I nodded yes and she took yet another step closer. We were just inches apart. My mouth opened even though I had nothing to say. I was dumbfounded. Then it happened, our lips met. All those nights I lay in bed stroking myself while fantasizing about this woman, and now we were kissing passionately in her bedroom.

At this point instinct took over and I pulled her tightly to me and my hands started to roam. My fingers came to her hard nipples as I caressed her ample breasts. They were perfect. Large, but not overwhelming. Her nipples were a dark color surrounded by big dark areolas.

Our tongues were darting in and out of each others mouths, and her hands began to slide down my chest over my stomach to my waist. Her nimble fingers began to undo my belt, then

the button to my pants. I could feel the zipper being slid down. I was so hard that had I not been wearing my boxer briefs my erect cock would have fallen into her hand.

Rene pulled away from me and smiled a sly little smile as she dropped to her knees. “Let’s see what you’re packin here.” I gasped as I felt her hand slide the waist band down. I’m not huge but Rene must of liked what I saw because her eyes got big and she licked her lips. Next thing I knew my cock was sliding past her lips and down her throat. Her tongue began licking the underside of my shaft as she moaned causing a vibration around the head of my cock. I was in heaven. I had never had a blow job this good, I could only imagine what else she was bahis şirketleri good at.

I closed my eyes as Rene’s hands began to fondle my balls. If she kept it up I was going to explode down her throat. She pulled away at just the right second, because if she hadn’t I would’ve dumped the biggest load of my life into her mouth. I didn’t want that. I had better ideas where to do that.

She looked up at me and giggled. Gazing down on her from that angle I could truly see her beauty. I reached down and pulled her up to me. We kissed as I led her to the bed. I laid her down and began kissing my way down to her neck. I paused and stared into the deep valley of her cleavage. “God she was amazing,” I thought again to myself. I took first one nipple into my mouth then the other. The picture is still burned into my mind. Her nipples so very hard, her eyes slightly closed, her soft moans and coos.

I moved my hand to her soft mound. There was just a small landing strip of hair, and her lips were soft and smooth. I could feel the first drops of her wetness there. I began to kiss my way down, my lips finally reaching her beautiful pussy. I used my tongue to pry the lips apart and tasted her succulent juices. Rene arched her back and thrust her pelvis into my mouth. My lips wrapped around her hard love button and I began to flick my tongue back and forth rapidly. I felt Rene’s fingernails as her hands went to my head and she began to pull my face into her.

I worked a finger into her. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. My tongue worked faster and faster and I slid a second finger into her. Rene’s breathing became shallow and ragged. Her muscles tensed. She released a scream of pure lust as she came, her juices covering my face.

Her body remained tense and she slowly caught her breath. “ That was amazing. Oh my god, had I know that you were this good I woulda jumped ya sooner!” Rene said jokingly. Her hand had made its way to my still rigid cock and she was absent mindedly stroking it. She smiled that sly smile again, and in one quick motion she was on top of me with my hard on deep inside her. I reached up and fondled her swaying breasts as she rode me. Her hands on my chest for balance. I began to feel my orgasm building again and I couldn’t take much more.

I pushed upward and rolled over. I got Rene on her hands and knees and began to drive into her in deep hard thrusts. Her hand made it’s way down so she could stroke her clit as I fucked her. Rene threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm overtook her body and I lost it. I felt my balls tighten and I slid out shooting a huge jet stream of my hot seed all over her back. Stream after stream sprayed her tanned skin as I exploded with the most earth shattering orgasm I had ever experienced.

I collapsed on top of her, panting. Rene turned her head and kissed me in a very passionate kiss. Needless to say I didn’t lose the account and I gained something much more valuable. Rene and I began dating and recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

I sit here and recount this story and just think to my self how much different my life would be had I not went up those stairs. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me because I’m now married to the most wonderful woman. It also doesn’t hurt that she is so sexually exciting that she blows my mind on a regular basis.

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