Lunchtime with Keller and Lovey

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As Keller Raines pulled his big truck into the driveway from the main road, he remembered that his wife, Lovey or Ilovya (pronounced, I-love-ya), a birth name her parents thought was clever at the time, had planned to be busy in the kitchen that day. She was making strawberry preserves to give as Christmas gifts…a thing everyone looked forward to. He knew that Led Zeppelin would be blasting on the CD player. It was their secret that she was a rock n roll fan. She also liked Sarah Vaughn and Rachmaninoff, but promised not to play any of them while he was around. She would, at least, not blast them the way she liked and usually did.

They had been married for 8 months, had a little house built on a seldom traveled country road. Keller was born and raised in the country and had never left his cozy little town in all his 31 years, disliking the thought of living in a large, bustling city. His brothers, parents and everyone else he knew, was still in town or on the outskirts of it.

Being big and strong, there was very little he and his twin, Jeeter, – one of the family partners in the trucking business — were incapable of doing. There was plenty of business for them to make a really good living.

Lovey had gone to live in a big city when she was 22 years old. She preferred her small town home also, but the job opportunities were few and far between in “the village”. It was a “man’s-work” town. Girls could only aspire to being housewives and mothers. Not that she felt anything was wrong with that. She planned to be a mother someday herself. It’s just that, for the time being, she was more adventurous…as different from the rest of the women in town as Bilbo Baggins was from the other Hobbits.

The big city was where she developed her preference for music. Even though she was shy and soft spoken, she was also risqué and a little kool compared to the other housewife types in the community. Of course, this made her an outcast, mostly of her own doing. But, she had learned to live and let live when she worked in the city. Whether her fault or not, it caused her to spend much of her time alone or with family, who couldn’t reject her if they’d wanted to, for she lived up to her nickname.

A lull in Keller’s day had allowed him to come home for some lunch. This was a rare occasion. He hoped Lovey would be home and hadn’t changed her mind about canning, or whatever. All day he couldn’t get her off his mind. The business of running his trucking company constantly competed with her. He kept a photo of her on his rearview mirror. He had deliberately chosen the photo with the head to waist view. The clingy “V” necked sweater exposed just enough to keep him interested, but not enough to entertain possible passengers.

For a small town, the traffic had been pretty heavy. He usually traveled outside town on business days and seldom got to see the local roadways. Traffic didn’t move through town as quickly as it did on the open road and there were red lights everywhere. While getting stuck at almost all of them, he could sometimes get lost in the photo of Lovey when he was extra horny.

He thought about her ample breasts, her butter soft skin, forced his mind to scroll down the photo, below the frame to the sweetest little fuzzy pussy he’d ever ravaged in his 18 years of active sexual duty.

As he finally pulled up to the house, the smell of sweet strawberry had gathered outside the kitchen window. Lovey had placed the box fan at the window facing outward to suck the heat out of the kitchen. He tried to get an impatient peek at her through one of the windows, almost losing control of the truck.

The driveway wasn’t designed for a truck that size. One had to be an excellent driver to avoid Lovey’s shrubs and flowers, unwisely planted at the top of the driveway where the turn is executed. He sheepishly looked over to see if the near tragedy had been observed. Sure enough, he saw her standing at the back door, keeping a disapprovingly close eye on the truck’s clumsy approach.

He parked the dirty behemoth at the end of the driveway, in the shade of the huge leafy shade tree, and realized for the first time that his jeans were unzipped. His penis was straining against his underwear and the whole corporation was bulging through the open zipper. He had been unconsciously massaging it for awhile. As he climbed down from the driver’s seat, he made no attempt to waste time zipping up.

Lovey was surprised to see Keller coming home with the truck midday. She wondered if he was sick or if something had happened. She braced herself for whatever. She went back inside to shut off the CD player. She would have done it when she heard the truck’s tires crunching up the gravel driveway, but her concern was focused on her endangered backyard flora.

Waiting for him at the backdoor, she unlocked it as he jumped down from the cab. She smiled to herself when she saw his bulging crotch and the hungry way he was looking at her. When she recognized that familiar canlı bahis look, the reason for his midday house call was no longer a mystery. She turned and went back into the kitchen to shut the burners off. From the look of things, she figured she wouldn’t be continuing with her strawberry project for awhile.

The screen door slammed as she removed her favorite yellow apron that she had sewn herself. Keller marched into the kitchen without saying a word and caught her around the waist from behind just as she dropped the apron on the island counter. It had covered her so well, he hadn’t noticed that she was topless underneath…and he was pleasantly surprised.

Her breasts stood firm against her chest. They were round, but got pointy toward the nipples so that they stood way out. If it weren’t for her noticeable nipples, it would’ve look like she was wearing one of those bras from the 1950’s with the pointy Madonna cups. Keller would often tease that they begged for tassels. She was self-conscious about them sometimes and, when going into town to shop, wore a bra to smash them down a little. Sexy was another style not smiled on by the old fashioned town’s women and Lovey was a conformist about some things…sometimes.

The silky skin on her abdomen was slightly damp with perspiration. Droplets of sweat began to run down from the crease under her tits onto Keller’s arm. He gently cupped one of her boobs in his other sweaty hand. After squeezing and jiggling it playfully, he rotated it gently against her chest. Burying his face in the slope of her neck, he kissed, suck and nibble there. His breath came heavy as he wormed his tongue into her ear.

He nudged her firmly forward and pinned her soft, round body against the kitchen counter and pressed his throbbing cock against the small of her back. Finding a perfectly fleshed out woman he could love and marry was like winning the lottery. He started grinding his throbbing cock against the small of her back. The perspiration caused her cotton bikini panties to cling to her gyrating buttocks.

“How long are you home for?” she managed to ask.

“As long as it takes,” he answered.

“In that case,” she teased, “we can take our time.”

“But I’m hard now,” he insisted.

“Good,” she whispered, “stay that way, you can get me hard too.”

From the look in his eyes, she could clearly see that she had him where she wanted him. She decided to have a little fun with him.

“Sit down and have some lunch…first,” she said extricating herself from his powerful grip.

Keller was annoyed, but to be fair, he agreed, even though he didn’t like the hang-fire game when he was horny. He had been hanging fire all day. But, he remembered she didn’t like the jump-on-me-right-away technique either, but she went along, sometimes, just for him. And so, to be fair, he would return the favor and play along with her.

Keller sat down at the kitchen counter eyeing Lovey impatiently as she prepared a sandwich. She deliberately stepped hard on the floor making her naked bosom jiggle and sway. When she bent over to pick up a utensil she had “accidentally” dropped, her panties would ride up and get stuck in the crack of her ass and cling to her moist, bouncy buns. When she stood up, she made no attempt to free them. She smiled to herself knowing her little show was making him crazy for her.

Stirring the lemonade was especially fun and enticing, as her breasts rocked back and forth across her chest with each swirl of the spoon. Keller had to smile, knowing what she was up to. She was playing a dangerous game with her horny man.

She finally finished building the sandwich and doing all the other silly seduction stuff. Lovey set his lunch in front of him and stood close to him while he wolfed it down. Each time he raised the sandwich to his mouth, she made sure she arched her back so that his arm brushed her tits. When she got no visible reaction, she leaned forward and licked some mustard from the corner of his mouth and lingered there with her body pressed against his. Just as he was about to seize her, she jumped away from him and smiled seductively. Smiling back, he stared at her for a moment letting his eyes wander down to her chest, then turned slowly and went back to his sandwich.

As if looking for something else naughty to tease him with, she leaned back against the counter and slipped her hand inside her panties. She tossed her head back; half closed her eyes and began to slowly massage her crotch.

“God, it’s hot in here,” she whined. “I can’t believe how wet my pussy is.”

“I hate you so much right now,” he said smiling and shaking his head slowly. “When I finish this sandwich, I’m gonna wear your ass out. You know that, right?” he said, still smiling.

She chuckled and purred. “Not if I wear you out first.”

He took the last bite of his sandwich, saying, “I dare you to try.”

“I try not,” she said in her best Yoda impersonation, “I do…or do not.” bahis siteleri Star Wars was one of her favorite movies and she quoted from it whenever the opportunity to do so presented itself.

She smiled seductively again, winked and took his plate to the sink with Keller close behind. Just as she dropped the plate into the sink, she felt his now harder bulge brush against the small of her back again. He pressed her against the counter and squeezed her close to him. His beefy hand grasped one of her breasts and pressed it hard against her chest. He unbuttoned his blue jeans, letting them fall to the floor. Lovey reached behind him and clutched his ass through his underwear and massaged the rotating cheeks for a moment before pulling the briefs down to his thighs. With his naked cock trapped between their two bodies, he started grinding it firmly against her.

She closed her eyes and smiled, licking her lips. “I love this so-o-o much. You are so perfect at this and I am SO glad I married you,” she gushed. “Promise me that if I ever get Alzheimer’s, you will fuck me anyway, whether I know about it or not.” She rolled her head back on his chest and chuckled, then let out a long, low moan.

“That’s not funny,” he warned, “and Alzheimer’s is not a sexy thing to talk about when I’m getting ready to bust my wad.”

“Well, feel free to punish me, why don’t you,” she sighed.

He stepped back slightly and gave her several sharp, stinging whacks on her bottom. She feigned shock and made a feeble attempt to get away, but he held her firmly in his muscular arm.

He lifted her up slightly so that his prick would be right on the crack of her ass. He humped her hard from behind as she placed her small hand over his, encouraging him to knead her heaving breast more vigorously. She brought her other hand up and squeezed her other tit firmly, tweaking and pulling on the hardening nipple. They were both tingling and she knew they were swelling with the pressure.

Slowly, Keller slid one knee between hers and pushed her legs apart so that her thighs were slightly open. He let go of her tit and it bounced back into its place on her chest. His hand leisurely roamed down to the elastic waistband on her cotton panties. Slipping a fingertip under the elastic, he pulled the panties down until his finger grazed her pubic hair. Without pulling her panties off, his hand wandered further down to her fleshy mound, alternately kneading and rubbing there. He could feel her crispy pubic hairs through the thin cotton fabric.

As she moaned with mounting pleasure, he placed his hand inside her now wet panties and onto her bushy pussy. She kept the bush neatly manicured, NOT clean shaven like some pre-pubescent girl and those porno bitches. All the while, she kept her hand on his as it wandered slowly down.

With her head still lying back on him, she turned her face around to his and he shoved his tongue into her mouth, sucking her tongue and probing her mouth. She greedily sucked it and opened her mouth wider inviting him to plunge in deeper.

Meanwhile, his middle finger had found her cunt crack and he wormed it into the hot, wet mass of flesh searching for her clit. It was eagerly waiting for more hands-on stimulation and had already begun to swell and turn a glistening, wet crimson. He knew it would get even bigger…as big as a nickel and sticking out nearly half an inch like a miniature dong. When fully engorged, it could be seen peeking out from between her pussy lips. He usually didn’t like direct stimulation so soon, but he so enjoyed her reaction.

Keller took it between his thumb and index finger, rolling it around and squeezing it, and tugging on it, causing her body to suddenly pitch back and forth…like a fish out of water. She hammered convulsively on his powerful arm with her fist, while crying out in excruciating pleasure and sometimes slight pain, feeding the tiny, secret masochist in her.

He stopped working her clit and gradually slid his finger farther back searching for her cunt hole. Two of his fingers were crammed deep inside her as far as they would go. He swirled them round and round in her juicy tunnel, thrusting them forcefully up and in and out and back in again and again. A third finger was squeezed in, stretching the aperture open wider, allowing the hot juice to escape and coat his hand.

When Keller pulled his fingers out of her at last, his whole hand was wet and slippery with her juice. He opened her cunt lips wide and returned to her baby dick, bigger and harder now. He rubbed it hard and fast, feeling it bend back and forth as he manipulated it.

Her body shuddered intensely, her buttocks tightened and released. As Lovey’s body jerked and wrenched, she cried out, almost screaming, sometimes whimpering. Her head twisted from side to side, lips pulled back over clinched teeth, eyes bulging, face contorted. She stroked the back of his hand convulsively, sometimes squeezing it, sometimes digging her nails into bahis şirketleri his skin.

Lovey groaned and moaned louder, gasping for breath, her big tits heaving as her body continued writhing furiously. She pressed her body tighter to his, gyrating and grinding her buttocks into his hard dick.

Suddenly, Keller couldn’t take it any longer. He had to relieve his long suffering dong. He let her down gently.

Turning to face him and, with his help, she hoisted herself onto the counter. She placed her heels wide apart on the edge and propped herself up with her hands behind her, rotating her ass enticingly.

“Stick your tongue up my pussy, Kellie. Eat my pussy, baby,” she begged, licking her lips in a desperate whisper.

Keller bent forward and took her ass cheeks in his hands and lowered his mouth down to her wet slit. He could see the juice leaking out of her. Hungrily, he slurped it up and spread it over her soft, plump pussy lips, working his way to her big clit. His tongue swirled around her love button and then took it into his mouth and sucked it loudly. The tongue flicked the tip of it, and his teeth gently nibbled it. He took her whole steaming pussy into his mouth, chewing and sucking on the blood-engorged inner lips.

“Oh my God, baby,” screamed Lovey. “Yes, oh yes, suck me! Suck my pussy, baby! Suck me harder! Oh, oh, oh, don’t stop. Don’t stop,” she cried. “Um-m-m-m, yeah, that’s good. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Eat me, eat my pussy, eat it, baby, eat it! That’s good, baby. So good, so good,” she moaned breathlessly.

The sweat ran down her naked breasts as they shook and bounced and rolled heavily around on her chest with her movements. She grasped the back of his head with one hand and forced his mouth deeper into her cunt. She arched her back and brought her pussy up to meet his mouth. Lovey grunted as she rubbed Keller’s head fitfully. He stuck his tongue up her pussy hole, shoving it back and forth while he continued to massage and tug on her clit. He could feel her vaginal muscles tighten around his tongue.

“I need your dick, baby. I need your big dick now! Shove your big dick up my pussy now, baby! Fuck me hard, Kellie! Oh, God, Kellie-e-e-e-e-e, fuck me hard! Blow your wad up my pussy now, baby. I need it now, fuck me, fuck my pussy, baby. Fuck my pussy. FUCK MY PUSSY, YOU MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD!!” she screamed.

Keller withdrew his tongue from her contracting hole bringing some of her hot juice out with it. He looked into her eyes, slowly leaned forward, placed his mouth on hers and unloaded the bitter-sweet wad in her mouth.

As Keller rose to position himself, Lovey grabbed his enormous hard cock. It was so thick — almost as thick and long as a seven-day candle – she couldn’t get her fingers around it. His cock head and balls were the size of a potato. Most women in his life were afraid to let him pussy fuck them with a huge loaf like that. They would only suck and lick on it until he blew his considerable wad in their face. He was usually reduced to hiring prostitutes, whose pussies were loose enough to take two of him.

“That’s not a dick, it’s a fire hydrant,” one woman observed.

Lovey’s hole was tight, but she was determined to cram his dick into her somehow. After a year and a half of cramming and searing pain, she could get it all in. It was one of the reasons why he had fallen in love with her. She would go the extra painful distance, letting nothing stand in her way, just to please him and be with him.

He allowed Lovey to stuff the throbbing monster between her pussy lips and dig her fingers into his now bare ass, pulling him closer to her. Keller felt so proud of her, proud and fortunate to be with her. This feeling washed over him by surprise and so suddenly overwhelmed him that he thought he might die if he didn’t get into her. He hastily clutched her ass cheeks and pulled her all the way to the edge of the counter. Just as she wrapped her arms around his neck and felt her nipples graze his hairy chest, she thought she saw tears in his eyes.

He forced his cock deeper between her cunt lips. He rubbed it there for a moment, spanking her clit with it. Then, suddenly, he clamped his eyes shut, threw back his head and with one powerful stroke, drilled his dick to the hilt, hard into her pussy, shocking her with its force. She gave a little whimper in response to the sudden pain, but got over it quickly. Lovey let go of his neck and leaned back on her elbows, her head resting on the windowsill. She lay there for a moment trying to recover from the attack. This was a new approach for him and she didn’t know exactly what to expect from that point on.

He grabbed her ankles and placed her legs on his shoulders. For a moment, his shaft seemed to be stuck, as it had displaced the air inside her canal. But with all the bodily fluid oozing out of her, he soon began to glide smoothly. He slid his dick back out to her opening until his cockhead was almost out of her. Her pussy was gripping and grinding on it, as he worked it back and forth in short, quick movements. She felt an exhilarating mixture of stinging pain and an electric shock of pleasure going down her thighs making her toes curl.

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