Lunch Time

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I pull up in the parking lot next to your car and roll down my window and ask if you are Joe. All you can do is nod. You get out of your truck and into the front seat of my RAV4. You lean over and kiss me and ask me if I am ready to go. I nod and put the RAV4 in reverse. After getting to our destination, you get our and walk over to my side and open the door. Upon getting out, you pull me into arms and kiss me. That kiss makes my mind go blank from reality and all I can do is lead you around to the back of the RAV4 and open the RAV4.

You are surprised at what you see. In the back, there are blankets and pillows for our comfort. I get in and beckon for you to come in. You get in and shut the door.

First your jacket and shirt have to go, I make quick work of disposing them and begin kissing your chest. I stop at your nipples and gently tease them with my tongue and pinch them with my fingers. After a few seconds, I continue down your chest to your stomach and stop at the top of your jeans. I unbutton them and slide my hand down under your boxers to find your cock. As I slowly begin to stroke it, you moan and it grows rock hard. I get rid of your jeans and shorts quickly and look to you for direction. You look at me with a hunger in your eyes and tell me, “Suck my cock, woman”. So I have you sit to where you can watch as I do as you have told me too. I begin by kissing the length of your cock and then stroking it with my tongue. I take you into my mouth very slowly. canlı bahis You grab my head and push me down on you. As I suck, I rub your cock with my tongue. You begin to hold my head pushing and pulling me down on you. You pick up the pace and I can feel the tension mounting and know you need release. I reach down and begin fondling your balls with my hand. The only words that escape from your lips is “oh my god.” I think to myself that it should be oh my goddess but can’t say anything for having a mouthful of dick. At this point you are sliding my mouth up and down your cock at a feverish pace. I can sense that you a very close to cumming. I know that I want to taste you all of you. I suck harder and harder. You spray the back of my throat with your hot, creamy cum. I suck you until you have nothing left to give me.

After that I begin rubbing your dick to get you hard again, you tell me to stop that you want your lunch. To get rid of my clothes, you unbutton my denim shirt to find a purple lacey bra underneath. You kiss the skin above the lace and massage my nipples with you finger underneath the sheer material. One hand slips behind my back and unhooks the bra. You remove my shirt and bra. You kiss and lick my nipples and kiss your way down to my jeans. You undo them and pull them off and to you surprise there are no panties. You begin licking and rubbing my clit with your tongue. All I can do is moan. You slowly insert your tongue into my hot wet pussy. I gasp for air because bahis siteleri to have any part of you in me feels so damn good. You lick my slit causing me to squirm. I look at you and beg for you to fuck me. You look at me with a devilish grin and shake your head no. You continue on your mission to find the right spot and know you have found it as I begin to moan uncontrollably. You continue torturing that spot until I begin to cum. As I cum, your licking grows feverish as if you are trying to savor every drop of what I have to give you.

You come lay beside me and begin to kiss me so that we can share the taste of me. As we lie there I begin to shiver, you pull the blanket over us. After a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, I feel that you are rock hard again.

I push you onto your back and straddle you facing towards you so that you can see my face as I sit down on your hard dick. I slide down you slowly to make you want me even more. I can see the fire in your eyes and the growing need to have me impaled on you. After getting all the way down on you, I rub my aching clit against you. I lean back so that your cock can rub the right spots inside my pussy and you reach up to rub my clit with your index finger. A moan escapes me and you say to me,

“Fondle your tits for me, baby.” I begin circling my nipples with my fingers then begin to pinch them gently. This makes you grow harder inside of me and grab my hips with your hands and thrust me onto bahis şirketleri your ever so hard cock over and over. I reached down with one finger and begin massaging my clit as you shove me harder and harder onto your dick. The sight of this makes you shoot you hot sticky sweetness all inside of me. When I feel you spraying my insides, I begin to loose control and begin cumming all over you.

I collapse on top of you and we begin kissing gently. I want to taste our cum that has intertwined on your dick. I slide off of you and kiss my way back down to your beautiful cock. I begin to lick you clean of our juices. You moan and shudder at the feel of my tongue massaging your dick. You ask me if you can taste our sweetness that is left within me. I nod yes and let you lick and suck our juices from me. This only elevates the fire burning within us. You slide yourself into me slowly teasing me as you enter me. I beg you to fuck me hard. You look down at me and say your wish is my command. As you pound away at me, I feel the uncontrollable wave of an orgasm coming. You sense this and tease me with you cock by pulling it out and running it along my slit and rubbing my clit with the head of your dick. I moan and ask for you to shove your dick into me as hard as you can. You do as I ask. The minute you do I lose control and cum all over you in waves that I have never experienced before. While you plunge your hard cock into me again and again, the tension that is building inside you makes me cum again. As you get close, you pull out and stick your dick in my mouth and let me drink you dry. You look at your watch and tell me that you have to get back to work and will see me tomorrow for our next rendezvous.

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