Luna and Riley Ch. 07

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Disclaimer: This story is dramatically fictitious and possesses depictions of completely unrealistic and unattainable body standards. If that isn’t your forte then you may not find this story to your liking. If you decide to read the story regardless I thoroughly hope you enjoy it! Thanks!

Notice: You should read the earlier chapters, so that the story makes more sense. Your choice though, hope you enjoy it regardless. Xoxo

Chapter 7: More Than Sisters

Luna played games and checked her phone, wasting time as the day progressed. She periodically checked on Riley to find her fast asleep. She had cooled down thankfully, and seemed very peaceful in her deep slumber. Luna let her sleep as she did things around the house. Luna was in the living room, when at around 5:30 PM, she received a group text from her mother.

“I’m going to be a little late, probably get home around 7ish. Your dad is going to be even later. Maybe make dinner for yourselves.” The text read.

Luna sent back a text of acknowledgment, and went back to watching TV.

About 20 minutes later she heard Riley slowly descending the stairs. Luna turned off the TV and turned to her as she entered the room.

“What happened?” Riley yawned, rubbing her eyes as she walked into the room. She climbed into Luna’s cross legged lap, still naked.

“You kinda like…. Stopped working.” Luna said, half teasing her. “What do you remember?”

Luna wrapped her arms around Riley, as she snuggled deep into her body.

“I remember you eating me out, and I was cumming a lot,” Riley said, “Then it gets really foggy.”

“Do you remember getting to your room?” Luna asked, slightly concerned she would recall their professions her love.

“Not really,” She said to Luna’s relief, “What happened after I blacked out.”

“Well you were really hot,” Luna began, “Which I guess is what got you all discombobulated. I got really scared so I took you up to the shower and poured cold water over you.”

“I guess I’m lucky you’re so strong!” Riley said, thankfully.

“I think anyone could have carried you up the stairs, you’re so light.” Luna admitted.

“No. Only you could have done it, I’m sure of it.” Riley purred, snuggling into her.

Luna squeezed her tighter, recalling the events from earlier.

“Then I took you to your room and put you in bed. It’s really funny you were talking gibberish the whole time, and giggling like a little girl.” Luna said.

Riley suddenly tensed.

“Could you understand me?” She asked, a tone of worry in her voice, “Or was it actual nonsense.”

“No, I could understand you.” Luna answered.

“What did I say?” She asked nervously, “I didn’t say anything…. Personal, right?”

“Why?” Luna teased, “Got something you want to hide?”

Riley was quiet for a moment.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Riley spoke shakily after the brief silence.

Luna’s mind and heart raced as she tried to predict where this conversation was headed.

“What do you mean?” Luna asked cautiously.

“If I tell you this, do you promise not to get weirded out?” Riley asked, clearly very nervous.

“I…Promise…” Luna said nervously, trying to reassure her.

“You say that now…” Riley’s voice quivered.

“I guess we’ll never know, if you don’t tell me.” Luna responded.

“I LOVE YOU OKAY!” Riley blurted out all of a sudden, “There! I said it. You must think I’m even more of a freak now.”

“What?” Luna laughed, “Why would it be weird to love your sister?”

“Stop playing dumb!” She insisted, “You know I mean… I… really love you.”

“Oh.” Luna said as she considered what was unfolding. Her mind went a little blank as Riley continued to explain herself.

“I’m sorry,” Riley started frantically, “I just love how kind you are, and you’ve always been there for me. And you’re so pretty. Like you always seem so insecure but it always just hurt me to see you like that because you’re actually so beautiful. I know I’m a weirdo, just please don’t let this ruin our relationship. I couldn’t live without having you close. I just couldn’t stand having that on my chest any longer. Just forget I said anyth-“

Riley was cut off suddenly when Luna gently pulled her face to hers and kissed her on the lips. Luna opened her eyes to see Riley staring back in a brief moment of disbelief, before her eyes began to water with joy. The kiss was soft at first, but quickly became heated and passionate as the two siblings were finally able to fulfill their deepest desires. Riley reoriented herself in Luna’s lap, her large breasts squishing as they pulled each other closer. Luna lay back on the sofa as they swapped saliva, their tongues roaming free as they ferociously made out.

After what felt like a few minutes in heaven, Riley pulled her face back, still lying on Luna’s chest. She was crying, but Luna knew they were happy tears. Luna had begun to cry also, as she became overjoyed by the loving moment. Riley lay illegal bahis there on her, smiling down at her face, overcome with happiness.

“I really love you too.” Luna said tenderly.

“I don’t know what to say.” Riley said, smiling ear to ear.

“Me either.” Luna laughed, “I never thought you would feel the same way I have.”

“Me!?” Riley laughed, “I always thought you would be the one to freak out if I told you.”

Luna sat up, bringing Riley with her. She stayed in her lap as they talked.

“Wait, so how long have you felt this way?” Luna asked curiously.

“I don’t know,” Riley started, “Since I was pretty young. You always stood up for me, and for a while it always just felt like the two of us against the world.”

“Yeah.” Luna agreed fondly.

“What about you?” Riley asked, poking her in the ribs playfully.

“Same.” Luna responded, “At first I just loved the idea of taking care of you. You know, being the big, older sister. But after a while, I think I started to realize it was more because I just loved you as a person. You are always so fun to be around, and you really are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

Riley’s eyes continued to stream tears as she absorbed the words she had longed to hear, nearly her whole life. She hugged Luna tightly, her head burrowing into Luna’s chest as she wrapped her arms around her.

“I’ve waited so long for this moment.” She cried softly.

“Me too.” Luna agreed, kissing her on the top of the head.

Riley quickly sprang from her lap and knelt on the couch in front of her. Her hands shot out to Luna’s baggy gym shorts as she hastily tried to pull them off.

“I want to make it official.” Riley said, as Luna began to assist her in undressing.

“By official do you mean…” Luna started.

“I need to feel you all the way inside me.” She responded impatiently, “I want to please you with my whole body.”

Luna uncoiled her cock as her shorts and underwear were tossed to the floor. Luna’s huge cock loomed over Riley ominously, veins beginning to bulge as it flooded with blood. Riley smiled deviously as she swiftly reached out and grasped it, beginning to jerk her to a full erection as they talked.

“I would love to…. But I….” Luna stammered as she tried to let her down easily. Just looking at it, her dick was nearly as long as Riley’s entire torso, there was no way it would fit inside.

“I’m just not sure it will fit.” She finished.

“I know,” Riley said softly, “But I have a special feeling that you will.”

Before she could get her fully hard, Luna stood and grabbed Riley, picking her up and plopping her down on the couch. Riley yelped with excitement as Luna quickly made her way between her legs.

“Let’s work our way up.” Luna suggested.

“Okay!” Riley responded enthusiastically.

Luna put her finger up to Riley’s opening and pressed. Having already gotten one finger in earlier, she was fairly sure she could do it again. She applied force until eventually her opening gave way, and her finger once again slipped inside. Luna was reminded of her immense tightness as her finger began to pulse from its lack of circulation.

“Ohhhhh myyyy gooooodd!” Riley moaned, “It’s…. IT’S IN!”

Having been mostly unconscious before, this was her first time truly experiencing penetration of any kind. She began to shake as a light orgasm quickly came over her. Penetration was such a new and stimulating feeling, that she couldn’t help it. After a moment, her light orgasm faded and she was ready to continue.

“Is it okay?” Luna asked, “It doesn’t hurt or anything right.”

“No!” She breathed happily, “It feels amazing! It feels stretched but… I don’t know, it just feels… right. I’ve never even been able to finger myself before, I don’t know how you’re doing it!”

Luna smiled up at her, somewhat proud of herself for accomplishing what seemed impossible. She pushed her finger further into her until she once again reached something within her.

“What’s this?” Luna asked as she prodded against her insides.

“Th…That’s…. my cervix.” Riley breathed, her cervix apparently being quite sensitive.

“No way.” Luna said, “That’s so shallow, my finger isn’t even in all the way.”

“I… I’m telling… you… that’s what… it is…” She said as Luna continued to stimulate it.

“Hmmm.” Luna hummed, that could be a problem she thought to himself, “I’m gonna try a second finger now.”

“O…Okay.” Riley responded, still trembling from before.

Luna stuck her middle finger up to her engulfed index and pushed. With a bit of effort, her pussy stretched to accommodate her second finger. Riley tensed as she became more stretched than she ever had been. The feeling was more amazing than she had ever expected it would be. The fact that it was with Luna just made it all the better.

“Wow.” Luna said, “It’s really tight.”

“Y… Yeah.” Riley agreed softly, trying to hold back another orgasm.

Luna tried to separate illegal bahis siteleri her fingers inside her, as a way to stretch her from within. But, try as she might, she simply couldn’t muster the strength to separate them, Riley was too tight. Luna’s dick strained as she became painfully hard. Eventually she couldn’t hold back, pulling her fingers out from within Riley and sitting up.

“Alright,” She started, “I can’t wait any longer, I have to try.”

Riley looked nervously to her massive cock as she brought it down resting it on her stomach. Just moments ago she had felt hopeful, but now seeing Luna’s cock resting above where it would be inside her, she was losing faith. Luna positioned her cock’s base above Riley’s pussy so they could see how deep it would go. They both gave each other looks of unease as Luna’s cock rose up between Riley’s breasts, the tip ending at around her collar bone.

It wouldn’t work, it couldn’t possibly work, but maybe she could get a little inside, Luna thought to herself. Riley could feel it’s immense warmth radiate onto her stomach and chest, and despite knowing deep down that she wouldn’t be able to take Luna all the way inside, she had never been more aroused in her life.

“Well, maybe I can get it in a little. You let me know if it hurts at any point, and I’ll pull out.” Luna insisted.

Riley nodded nervously in understanding and trembled as Luna pulled back and lined up. She had to back up so far just to be able to angle her dick into her. Soon enough, she was positioned with the tip of her dick parting the folds of Riley’s outer lips, just waiting to plunge into her. Luna waited a moment, almost scared to find out if she would fit or not.

The two stayed silent as they both anticipated what was about to happen. Luna began to push against Riley’s opening, eliciting a soft whimper as she felt her pussy begin to stretch. To their surprise, Riley’s vagina began to expand, allowing Luna to inch the tip of her dick into her little by little.

Riley breathed deeply as she focused on remaining calm and not tensing up. She could feel her pussy stretching to unknown sizes as her sister worked her way deeper inside. Luna had gotten her head two thirds of the way into her pussy before she began to feel serious resistance. She began pushing harder as the pressure began to rise.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Riley breathed.

Luna froze, her dick head still partially inside her.

“Are you okay?” She asked, concerned.

“Yes,” Riley responded, “It felt great up until just then. You’re stretching me just a bit too far.”

Luna looked down to her cock. She noticed that her shaft was about as thick as her pussy was stretched currently, but due to the shape of her tip, she would need to get past a slightly girthier point.

“I think I can get the head in,” Luna said hopefully, “I just need to get past this big part, then it should be fine.”

Riley was conflicted. On the one hand, she wanted nothing more than to feel Luna inside her, but she was scared she was too large. Luna had already stretched her more than she had ever thought possible, and was worried they may have reached her breaking point. She sat there silently in thought, her legs tucked up by her sides, her sister’s dick partially inside her stretched hole.

“I trust you.” She said finally after some time.

“Alright,” Luna smiled, happy with her choice, “I’m just gonna quickly push in. It’s like ripping off a band aid, you won’t even notice.”

Riley offered a weak smile of encouragement and took a deep breath as she prepared herself. Luna grabbed Riley’s wide hips and silently prayed this would work. With one swift motion she pulled out ever so slightly, before quickly ramming her huge dick into Riley’s tight hole. Riley let out a loud, high pitched yelp as she pushed her tip fully into her pussy, her vagina momentarily stretching to an uncomfortable degree.

Luna’s tip popped inside as it just managed to get past her tight opening. Luna now had her entire cock head inside a vagina, a feeling she had reserved herself to never feeling. Luna could feel her cock jamming up against Riley’s cervix. She was about to ask Riley if she was okay, when Riley suddenly began to convulse and squirm in front of her.

She could feel her pussy contract and squeeze around her dick with incredible strength. The feeling sending waves of pleasure into her. Luna waited patiently as Riley came down from her abrupt climax, remaining inside her the whole time.

“I’m guessing you’re okay then…” She said somewhat teasingly.

“Oohhh… oooh my god….” She breathed, vibrating from the feeling, “I…it hurt for like a second…. But then… it felt sooooo good.”

She bit her lip and reached down to her penetrated pussy. She felt where her dick disappeared into her womanhood and looked down at it. The sight was obscene, Luna’s cock so long and thick that it nearly looked like a third leg sprouting from Riley’s vagina.

She was a bit surprised to not find any canlı bahis siteleri blood, as it was her first time. But, she had heard that it was possible for some girls to not have hymens or to have very small ones, so she figured it was fine.

“You’re really in!” She exclaimed happily.

“Yeah, It feels really good.” Luna responded, “But there’s a new problem. My dick is hitting your cervix already.”

Riley rocked back and forth a bit on the couch, feeling her dick hitting the entrance to her womb.

“I’m not giving up yet.” Riley said, suddenly trying to wrap her trembling legs around Luna’s wide hips.

Due to her distance from Luna, she could only get her heels around her sides, but Luna chuckled, understanding what she was trying to do. Luna grabbed Riley’s new thick, soft thighs and pulled, while thrusting forward slowly. To her delight, Luna could feel her cervix receding deeper to accommodate her length as she pulled her in.

The pressure increased more and more the deeper she pushed in, feeling somewhat like a tightly pulled rubber band that just wanted to snap back to its normal shape. Riley’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt Luna’s cock push deeper and deeper into her pussy. The feeling was pure ecstasy as no matter how much cock Luna pushed in, there always seemed more to come. Luna watched in disbelief as she could see Riley’s stomach distort from her huge cock.

Her slim abdomen bulged, giving a perfect indication of how deep she was. The pleasure built inside Riley until Luna reached her belly button, at which point Riley lost control and began to climax again, this time much more strongly than before. Luna stood still and admired the glorious feeling of her taught insides writhing against her stiff member. She had never been harder than in this moment.

She was planning on waiting for her to finish cumming before trying to push any farther, but after showing no signs of calming, she was growing impatient. Finally she decided to just keep going despite her uncontrollable movements.

Luna grabbed her now by hips causing Riley to suddenly look up to her.

“Wai-” She began to say, still orgasming.

Riley knew Luna was about to push deeper and she wasn’t sure her mind could handle it. But Riley couldn’t stop her before she started to thrust in. Riley slammed her fists down onto the couch and arched her back harshly as she felt Luna penetrate her deeper. The feelings were unimaginable, sending pleasure to every corner of her body and mind.

Luna continued to push inch after inch of cock into Riley, absolutely baffled by the amount that could fit. Eventually Luna’s hips met Riley’s, indicating she could go no further. Luna was astounded and confused as to how she could fit inside her. It seemed almost supernatural. Despite the size, Luna’s cock seemed to be displacing an incorrectly small amount of Riley’s insides. There was just no way that Riley’s small body could house all of her organs and Luna’s large cock.

She had never heard, seen, or read anything about something like this. Though, she absolutely wasn’t complaining. The sensation was immaculate. Riley’s pussy clenched down on her cock from all sides simultaneously, and her current orgasm was causing her walls to constrict and pulse down her length in a way hand jobs would never be able to replicate. Her small opening was extra tight, acting almost as a cock ring, keeping her dick full and impossibly hard. She was becoming quickly addicted to the feeling.

Luna waited with her dick fully inside her sister, as she waited for her to finish her orgasm. It took a couple minutes, but eventually her climax began to subside and she was once again able to speak.

“I….I feel… so… full!” she breathed passionately.

Luna’s dick was so deep inside her that she could feel the vibrations of Riley’s voice, tickling her phallus.

“Can you feel how deep it is?” Luna asked, so very curious about the impossible feat.

“You’re… all the way… up in my throat almost!” Riley exclaimed happily, pointing towards the top of her sternum.

“That can’t be possible.” Luna shook her head.

“I don’t… understand it either,” Riley breathed, “But… it feels… soooo damn good.”

Riley ran her hand down from where she felt the tip of Luna’s dick in her chest, to her pussy where it entered. She felt so small and vulnerable, a feeling she had never imagined would be so intoxicating. Luna reached out and took her hands into her own, giving them a loving squeeze as she looked into her sister’s eyes.

Riley looked back with a fiery passion, as Luna bent down and the two locked lips. They kissed each other ferociously, as if there would never be another chance. The sounds of sloppy mouths and occasionally escaping moans filled the room. Luna could feel Riley’s heart beat on her cock, as it pulsed a mile a minute inside her chest. She savored the romantic moment. Luna felt her own heart racing as he, for the first time in her life, felt content with finally finding love.

As they continued to make out, Luna pulled back her pelvis a few inches before suddenly thrusting back in, their hips meeting with a satisfying slap. Riley froze the kiss, as feelings of absolute euphoria emanated from the thrust.

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