Lovers Ch. 02

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I woke to find the sun had gone down. I wondered what time it was, the room was dark, and I was alone. I sat up and noticed I had panties on, and my robe wrapped around me. I couldn’t hear him breathing, and turned to see if he was still laying besides me, but he wasn’t. Reaching over to turn the light on, I heard voices in the kitchen. Deciding to leave the light off, I wrapped myself in the robe and quietly moved towards the door, pushing it open ever so slightly.

To my surprise, I found him in the kitchen, talking to my daughters while he stood in front of the stove. I found myself making a weird face, almost surprised at the diatribe flowing between him and my kids. They were talking about music, internet gaming, it seemed they were bouncing from topic, to topic, never staying on one for long. I stood watching them, drinking it in. This man who had just ravaged me in every physical way possible had turned into a gentle spirit, fatherly, and patient. A grin spread across my face as he noticed me standing there and beckoned me into the kitchen.

“Hey mom, have a nice nap?” One of my girls asked.

“Yes, actually, I did.”

I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, continuing to watch my children interact with him, helping him make dinner. I was nearly in shock over that. One of the girls slicing tomatoes, the other washing lettuce over the sink. My focus turned to him, watching him, listening to him, his voice soothing and calm, patient and kind.

“Why don’t you go take a shower while we finish making dinner love?” He asked.

I simply nodded and rose from the table, retreating back to my bedroom and gathering my clothes. Turning on the water my thoughts drifted to earlier in the day, the moment his lips touched mine, the way his tongue probed my mouth, the warmth of his breath on my skin. I shook my head trying to dispel the images from my head so I could focus on bathing, washing my now tousled hair, and shaving what needed a bit of tidying. I looked down as I took the razor in my hand, almost embarrassed at how unkempt my neither regions were. Embarrassed that he’d seen me like that, not having predicted that we couldn’t even make it through the front door before he’d take me.

Thinking about our earlier escapade made my stomach fill with butterflies, my pussy warming at the memories of his hands on me, his fingers inside me. But more over, the feel of his flesh against mine, skin to skin, feeling his heartbeat, watching the passion in his eyes. My thoughts raced as I finished my shower, making it as quick as possible to avoid keeping them izmir escort bayan waiting on me for dinner. I turned off the water and dried myself, getting dressed and combing through my hair, pulling it back and surveying myself in the mirror. I wasn’t so sure what it was he saw in me, as I could not see it, but I loved that he saw what ever it was.

After I was dressed, I joined him and my girls in the dining room, sitting at the table with them. Almost in a dream world, this amazing man, my lover, my best friend, interacting with my children, being here, with me. I felt I needed someone to pinch me, bring me back to reality because this simply couldn’t be true, could it? Once we’d all finished dinner, he politely asked my children to tidy the kitchen and to my surprise, they did so without an argument. That nearly annoyed me, if I hadn’t been so relaxed, I would have been irritated. I couldn’t get them to do a single chore most times! He reached for my hand and held it on the table, looking down at it, then into my eyes. I smiled, but looked down. He sensed my embarrassment and squeezed my hand, reassuring me.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about lover, we are not done for the night yet.” A coy grin spread across his face as I bit my lower lip in anticipitation.

We all retired to the living room, the kids having picked a movie for us to watch. It was a comedy, some silly slap stick thing that I normally would never have watched, but a favorite of the children, so I conceded. As we sat together on the sofa, a chill went through me, he quietly stood and went to my room, returning with a blanket. He smiled down at me as he placed it over me and sat back beside me. He drew the blanket over both of us, the kids sitting in their chairs with their own blankets on either side of us.

I leaned back against him, and gently slid my hand to his inner thigh. I tried to muffle a giggle as I began running my fingers up and down his cock, feeling it harden again. His hand slid down my pants, under my panties, pressing against my clit, circling it, finding the hard nub and exposing it to his fingers. My hand stroking him, his fingers still pressing hard on my clit, doing everything in my power to not allow the children to sense what was going on beneath the covers. As I neared orgasm, he stopped. I turned to look at him, giving him a look of “what the hell?” He just grinned at me and mouthed “later.”

When the movie was over, children kissed goodnight, and doors locked, he took my hand and pulled me against him. He stood holding me for what seemed like forever before he moved escort izmir or spoke. He stepped back, releasing me from his grip and gently took my hand, leading me back to my room. I sat on the bed and watched him make his way to the bathroom, listening to him turn on the shower, I leaned back waiting for him to return to me.

When he returned, all he had on was a towel, allowing me to see his hardened cock beneath the towel. I whimpered at the thought of him taking me again, using me, taking my soul and making me his own. He walked over to me and stood in front of me. I removed his towel and took his cock into my hand, my eyes meeting his as my lips wrapped around his hard shaft. His soft skin like silk against my lips, drawing his cock into my mouth, allowing the tip to touch the back of my throat, then sliding it back out again, my hand stroking his shaft in unison with my mouth. My eyes continuing to stay locked with his as his fingers twist in my hair. My other hand wrapped around him, holding his hips, and pulling him towards me. Giving him more of me, all of me, what little of me he hadn’t already taken. My whimpers of pleasure at the feeling of his cock in my mouth barely able to escape through my lips, drawing back only long enough to run my tongue around the tip of his cock, down his shaft and back up again, slipping his cock back into my mouth.

Taking my hand from his shaft, I reach around and take one of his hands from my hair, guiding it to my wet waiting pussy, holding his hand against me as my hand guides his movement, rubbing my clit through him, moving together in time. His almost inaudible groans becoming louder, more fevered as my hips rock against his fingers. I guide his fingers to my waiting hole and he slides 1 in as I slide a finger inside myself as well, my mouth continuing to lick and suck his manhood, groaning as my body quivers, him sliding another finger into me, working my hole.

He extricates himself from my hold and picks me up, gently moving me to the center of the bed. He lays beside me, surveying me, our eyes locked on one another as he leans forward to kiss me once more, our lips meeting, tongue dancing in a fiery passion unlike our earlier encounter. He gently pulls my body on top of his and slowly allows the tip of his member to enter me, gently, slipping inside me, my hips lowering onto him. He pushes my chest to sit up, looking down at him, locking my eyes to his again, I begin to rock back and forth, causing his cock to be buried in the deepest regions of my hole. His hands on my hips, guiding my movements, rocking me back and forth, izmir escort up and down, my nails digging into his chest, throwing my head back in sheer pleasure. I continue riding him, burying his cock inside me as he sits up, his hips on mine, passionately kissing me, his arms wrapped around me. Our bodies moving in a perfect rhythm. His member plunges into me, deeper and harder with each thrust.

In one swift move, he moves me over onto my back, never taking his cock from my hole as he takes control of me once more. I raise my knees to give him deeper access to me, but he pushes them down, his earlier command of me turning gentle, almost … romantic. My hips rising to meet his, our bodies moving to music only we can near. Moans escaping my lips, encouraging him, beckoning him, giving myself over to his command. His moans and words encouraging my body to explode for him.

“Cum for me my lover,” he whispers into my ear, his lips then finding my neck, sucking my skin into his mouth, harder and harder, sucking in my flesh, marking me. Leaving his brand on my body to match the brand on my soul.

My body begins to quiver, my breathing escapes me, I can’t breathe, I can’t think, I can only feel the divine pressure of his hard cock pressing its self deeply into me. He reaches down, grabbing my legs and pulls my ankles up over his shoulder, plummeting his cock ever deeper into me. I gasp, it hurts, but in the most divine way. I will myself to hold back, biting my lower lip as he surveys me, watching my expressions, seeing my soul in my eyes laid out before him. My muscles again tighten around his shaft, causing him to groan deeply, almost growl. I feel his cock engorge and know he’s ready to explode inside me again, feeling that causes my body to respond in kind. As if our bodies have known each other forever, we both explode together, reaching the pinnacle of ecstasy together, in each others bodies and souls.

My breathing stops completely, the intensity of the orgasm taking its hold on me. I can’t breathe, my hands going numb as our bodies feel the rush together. His warmth filling me, overflowing inside me, my juices flowing over his cock, feeling our fluids combine and slowly trickle down beneath us, down my ass cheeks.

“Breathe my lover, breathe,” he whispers into my ear.

Exhausted, his body falls against mine. I stifle a giggle, making him smile and kiss me. Our lips locking together for just a moment, then breaking off to allow us both to breathe again. He slowly slips off the top of me and lays next to me. I on my back and him on his stomach, leaning on his elbows. He reaches over and sucks my nipple into his mouth, causing me to laugh, making him pull away and laugh also. He turns and lays on his back, I curl up closer to him, placing my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

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