Lost One

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He lived thirty-three miles from town and the drive was all pleasant back roads. He knew it well. It wound on and on through old stands of alders and there were marshy places the birds loved. Sean was a relatively quiet person and enjoyed the many aspects of the natural world he lived in out here on the peninsula.

He had the only station that came in playing loudly and thanked the music gods once more that it was a rock station. Yah, he was a quiet man to observe, but he cranked his tunes. He had to put up with a little blending of genres from out of Seattle lately, but was willing to admit his tastes were expanding because of it.

Singing in his best falsetto along to “Laredo”… a recent song by an indie band he liked, he chuckled inside.

“Dude sings high!”

Suddenly he was swerving to miss a woman in the road on a curve he knew by heart.

“What the fuck?”

Did he just almost hit a person? And sure enough, she was in his rearview mirror, just walking half out in the road.

“Damn that was close.”

And very weird. She didn’t look exactly right, but it had happened so fast he couldn’t put his finger on it. He had slowed down but she was already around the bend out of sight. Slowly he continued towards town wondering who she was and where she was going. What was someone like her doing out here? Was she ok?

“Oh Jeez, I need to get a life.”

But he knew this was a half-assed promise he only made out of habit. If he really felt that way he would shave his beard and accept the offer from his uncle in Edmonds to get on board their new cabinet business. It was raging and they really wanted his special skills. So they kept saying.

As Sean got his supplies at the hardware store he was thinking about the woman on the road again. He even decided he really wasn’t in a shopping mood so he got his essentials, paid and got back in his truck. Hell, he could skip gas, too.

Why was he acting like this? He knew he was deeply lonely (and seriously horny) but this was a ridiculous urge building in him. He told himself it was basic curiosity.

Besides, she was most likely to her destination by now, wherever that could possibly be out this far. There were very few drives leading off to private homes out here. And Sean had never met one of the other rare residents of this wild strip of land.

Trying to keep a sane attitude he turned on the radio again, thinking about what an odd squirrel he must be to not have anything better for music. No, he wasn’t completely normal. Ha ha.

They were now sneaking a little rap into the mix but it was someone he had to admit he liked.

There she was.

Just like before, she came up fast as he came around another bend (it was a pretty curvy old road) and he slowed down to come up along side of her. Wearing just a light blouse over a thin skirt, she appeared to be without a purse, also.

He had to lean over to say out the passenger window, “Hello. Do you have far to go?”

She looked up from her marching and seemed to notice for the first time that a truck was next to her. (Not seeming too out of it, he thought.) She almost smiled. It was sort of an odd looking smile but she slowed down as he pulled up and stopped.

“Would you like a ride? Not a lot of traffic comes this far.” Sean tried to look meek.

She was very beautiful now that he was close to her. Once again he had the feeling that there was something a little off, but what was it? She had clear eyes. She really hadn’t been stumbling or anything, rather just sort of plodding on one foot in front of the other.

“Well, if you want to tell me where you’re headed I can at least help you see if you’re on the right road.” Nice smile. (Is my beard too big? I don’t know anybody out here, though…)

She still hadn’t said even one word, but he turned off his truck. Then just as suddenly as the motor stopped, she opened the door and climbed up. Her eyes were quite blue and she didn’t appear to be wearing makeup.

He had turned down the music and they just sat there as a light rain started to speckle the windshield.

“Thank you for stopping. I think I have been walking for a long time.”

That sounded just an itty bit funny, right? Didn’t she know for sure…

“Well, I almost hit you back there when I was on my way into town. It gave me a start and I guess I should have offered you a ride back then.”

With a big sigh she said, “I’m sorry. I think I am lost.”

“Well, where are you trying to get to?”


“I don’t…..know…..”

(Ok. He was right about that earlier hunch, which was getting stronger.)

“So, do you know where you started out then?” perfectly normal, encouraging smile.

“I don’t know,” another sigh……smaller apologetic smile.

“Hmmm…I live a little farther down this way and we could go there and regroup, sorta. You need to get off the road, though. It’s getting ready to pour.”

“That would be ok. We could do that.”

Sean really didn’t know tuzla escort what he was doing, but whereas he should have been feeling perhaps spooked, he found a little exhilaration growing in him.

They turned onto his skinny road and drove through a green blur of ferns and soft undergrowth for three more miles. When they pulled into his yard, smoke was curling from the chimney. Snow white and the seven dwarves could have lived here.

Ditto on the inside, for he kept his four room cabin tight as a pin. It wasn’t cluttered, but there were strong attractive pieces of furniture, quite a few plants and a gorgeous rug upon a butter soft hardwood floor. Despite all the trees around the house plenty of light came in through custom built floor to ceiling french pane windows.

His new visitor was walking slowly through the rooms like she was making it home, her fingers tracing the soft wood and fabrics.

“Do you mind if I take off my shoes? My feet are pretty sore.”

“Of course not. I am going to make some green tea, unless you might like something stronger to warm you up.”

He walked over to the stove and checked it.

“What is your name? I’m Sean, by the way.”

She got that funny look, half smile again.

“I don’t know. I can’t think of my name!”

“Do you mind if I ask how long you haven’t known who you are?” He was trying so hard to be casual about it in the face of something obviously so wrong.

“I don’t even know that. I just can’t remember anything.”

“Anything at all?”

“No, I’m sorry. You must be thinking this is the craziest thing to believe.” A sweet pleading look was added to the little smile.

“Well, lets just take it one thing at a time, ok? Maybe we could both use a drink.”

Sean knew he needed one. He was thinking a hundred miles a minute in about four different directions, but there wasn’t really anything he could think of to do. Except the obvious. Get back in the truck and drive the lady to the county sheriff thirty miles away.

No…he didn’t want to.

“So, I have to ask you. Do you want me to get you back into town so we can try and help you?”

It was the only right thing to say.

“Oh no! No, please, don’t. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“You aren’t in trouble, are you. I guess you probably wouldn’t even know that, huh.”

“I just really feel unsure. Not like a white blank…it is so hard to explain. Please. I’m so sorry, but I just want to be here for a while.”

Ok, this was certainly the last thing he would’ve ever pictured happening when he threw his feet onto the floor this morning! Holy Shit, NOT that he was complaining. Screw Reason, man. He had the responsibility of a very gorgeous woman here in his house. She was vulnerable. She needed this place to be safe for now. He was her sanctuary.

“Well, that’s fine with me. No need to make hasty decisions right now. You are welcome and safe here. I just wish I knew what to call you.”

And when he said this he immediately felt bad. This was off the radar.

“I’m ok…guess that I’m the new problem on your hands. Do you still want to make me a drink?”

He really felt comfortable despite the obvious elephant sitting with them. This was secretly right out of one of his oldest fantasies: Lost wandering female in distress, saved and grateful.

Now he was also beginning to wish he hadn’t grown a civil war beard this winter.

“So! We have the choice of tequila, vodka…or…looks like that’s it. I splurge on the best, though.”

What a stud.

“You be the decider, Sean.” She could remember his name.

“I drink mine straight, but tell me what you like…a screwdriver…margarita?” Oh dear, there he went again. She didn’t know what she liked, huh.

“Please, I will take whatever you make me.”

And he began to feel like she could be led.

They had been sitting at a table so he guided her to a big long sofa. As she sank down her skirt showed lovely tan legs. Smooth long legs. Sean had never before been with a completely strange woman and he liked how much braver this seemed to make him, bolder.

She sat close to him and he could smell her scent. He didn’t find it perfumey, but rather like the whole vanilla beans he indulged in when he made kahlua from scratch. There was a smooth quality to her that seemed out of another world.

“Would you like me to make you a place to rest?” he asked.

She answered by leaning her weight into him and snuggling her legs onto the sofa. Sean was already becoming aroused by her closeness, starting to think of all kinds of things.

Would a kiss …..

He pulled her even closer and gave her a kiss that kept going.

She wanted it.

His eyes were the dreamy kind that girls fell for. He hadn’t been very lucky for some time in the love department but he was feeling very hopeful now. It was clear the strange lost woman wanted more of him.

She held on to him as their tongues explored each other. Her lips tasted amazing and their tuzla escort bayan softness was making him rock hard. As they kissed like this it began to feel like she was completely his. Her female softness pressed against him and he thought he heard her moan ever so faintly as he sucked lightly on her lips. They french kissed a long time, sliding deeper into the cushions. His crotch was so crowded he adjusted himself, but his dick would not quit growing.

It had started to get dark and the room was getting warm. As much as he hated to get up, Sean pulled himself from the sofa to go damp down the stove, put on a CD and find a few candles. He was not going to rush this in the dark. He opted for the Seattle station again instead, with continuous music, he was thinking…and like a good omen they played something he loved right off.

“They are playing some really old shit from the good days,” he said. “Oh wow, I can’t believe it…Man of Golden Words.”

His friend smiled an affirmation, it seemed. He really wished he at least knew her name. Sigh. But points for mystery!

Back with her in his arms, he felt as she let her tension relax another hitch down. It was like she wanted only to accept the moment. She needed it somehow. Sean stroked her hair back, her temples warm and moist, kissing the light fringe of her hair…taking a deep sniff. He kissed down her cheek…skipping those lips…to her throat, almost crazy to give her a hickey there. Where did that come from, vampire? What a fucking good mood capturing his own female had put him in.

Staying as long as he could, he tasted her slender neck. She cooed a sexy noise as he did this, kissing behind her ears. He was realizing that he could take anything. He felt powerful. His dick was severely straining inside his jeans, but no touching, not a brush or glance had occurred yet.

“I want you to feel my boner, ” he breathed into her ear, and he bit her very lightly.

Without a word it was done. She felt him firmly.

“I want you to tell me how that feels.”

“It feels huge,” she breathed.


“Take it out.”


The music and rain kept a sexy beat as we started to heat up. The wood in the stove snapped. My wood was enormous and naked before her. It bobbed up and down with my heart beat and I could see my lost one’s eyes glowing in the dark.

“I feel you can accept my power in this situation and yet completely trust me.Tell me now if I am right.”

“You are right.”

“Say my name. It is what I want, but only if you trust me completely.”

“You are right, Sean.” Her smile was submissive.

“Then do everything you want to me now.” And I laughed.

Never before had a woman been willing to be to my sexual slave. If I could hold it together I was ready to try a lot of things. But it had been so long since I’d been lucky. And then that had all been in the most vanilla sense of the word. This was out of wilder dreams.

My beautiful concubine was pulling my pants down now and she seemed strong for as delicate as she looked. Remaining totally quiet she seemed to be simply following my instructions, but as if that was what she needed. When her hands worked at my shorts my weighty erection got caught as she tugged and it sprang straight to attention as it was freed, a proud saluting soldier.

She got on the soft wood floor then so her face was in my balls. As was her order she began to indulge herself. It was really torture for me, after so long without such bliss. And I know I asked for it. (For the first time.) It was seriously hot to command, let alone request. I may not have had everything slung my way, but when I did….

When she took a full grip on my cock I realized how difficult control was going to be on my part. It was one thing to be a master. Another to be master of oneself. I could feel myself throbbing and the softest touch of even her breath was sending me almost there.

She had decided her desire was to take me in her mouth and I was the happiest wood chucking hippie living in the hills ever…Yikes! (Control) Could I do this? Her hands were so good with my balls while she played with her tongue up and around my big head. Her eyes were slits and a small glint sparkled into mine. She flicked her tongue into the hole in the tip and I knew I was toast… and I started to give it up.

(Too much to take, Master?)

She sucked me all the way into her mouth as I began to jerk and pump. She was so hungry for my ridged cock I was enveloped in a gripping, pulling heat. Her fingers softly squeezed and released my agitated balls as they got ready to fire a shot across the room, swirling seed rising through my shaft. I was bracing against her head as she fought to keep my blasting orgasm from choking her and she did a very good job as I kept shoving myself deeper past her stretched lips until every drop was ejected and I was ready to collapse.

She was still dressed and bowing, covered with beautiful hot streams of cum on her escort tuzla chin and her pretty face.

Somewhere in the background we could hear the rain hitting the windows. My incredible captive phantom was quiet.

She knew where things were and padded away to pee. I just lay there limply, thinking that this was a very, very hot situation. The night was just beginning. We were way out in the middle of nowhere. We were the center of the universe. When she was back she kneeled again, placing her arms just below my naked lap. She managed to smile at me without really meeting my eyes.

It felt powerful to see that and I took her blouse and pulled it, revealing her sun brown shoulders. (Clue right there, this was shade country.) She bowed her head and I kissed her neck again.

“I want you to undress.”

Standing, she unhooked her skirt and it just fell straight to the floor. Her pussy was exposed, no panties! It was silky golden with shine on the tips of her lips. A small tattoo of a crescent moon was just visible inside her upper thigh. The Master groaned with pleasure.

“Come closer.”

She was already up against me, but obeyed and pressed herself right into my face. The soft light fur on her mound was tickling my lips. My tongue could reach her with a flick so I did, which made her gasp.

“You may not make a sound.”

And my tongue took another lap. I was having my fantasy. Was it possible I was a perv? She was trying to be quiet as I teased the outside of her soft pussy. I lightly slipped my tongue around the outside of her pouting lips, just enough to drive us both insane, her inner pink begging for more. As I tasted the sweet inside of her the wetness dripped onto my chin and I could tell how badly she wanted to moan and move.

“Walk over to the table and get our drinks.”

She did as I asked and was a sight for any eyes, but she was all mine. I was guessing her to be maybe five or so years older than me. Just a hunch, but truthfully, she was probably the most enchanting person I had ever run across.

Or almost run over.

Yikes, I shoved that thought down as she stood before me and waited. I was parched and she also drew from her drink.

“You aren’t finished.”

She stood before me and undid the last button holding her blouse and like a feather it fell to the floor. Her nipples were pointing at me. Right there. This was difficult and fun. She then lowered herself to my mouth, her tittys brushing my face. My prick was trying to reach her with full attention.

I sucked one, then the other as she offered me this. Her nipples were so delicious and got very firm as I sucked and swirled them in my mouth, taking little bites. When I looked she was smiling a little and let me take her breasts more violently without a peep. I wanted to eat her alive and I let her smother my face as I sucked and bit.

My breathing was getting strong, my entire body was lit. I was sporting another enormous boner and I was sucking her and slipping my fingers into her pussy now. She was losing some of her control, starting to grind into me, trying to get more.

So I kept teasing her as she stood there, putting two fingers into her now. Should I let her moan? She was as wet as I could ever remember a woman.

I was still slightly aware of the music, and I was having trouble being tough. This goddess was willing to do anything I asked. I truly wanted to please her but I stayed with my theme. And she seemed to need it so.

“Go into my bedroom and lie on top of the covers face up.”

Her quick compliance gave me satisfaction. I finished my drink and sat a few minutes making her wait, thinking of her exposed, tan body stretched out and waiting for me. I had my famous stiffy waiting too, not so patiently, so I gave in to my weakness and went in to see how my captive was doing.

Her hair was across the pillow, and she was quietly breathing, her nipples rising and falling. She looked at me and risked a smile. This time my erection was the beast in the room. I walked up to her and stroked her stomach. Her muscles tightened slightly then relaxed.

“Spread your legs.”

And there was the little crescent moon again. Her exposed pussy was engorged and slick looking. I was the one without enough control all of a sudden but I had a simple plan.

I climbed above her and dragged my balls and cock across her face. I could smell the scent of sex growing in the room.

“Just smell, no tongue or mouth.”

And I continued to throw all my stuff in her face and on her tittys. My cock was swinging heavy and pressing her nose and lips and her whole face. I loved doing this…her velvet skin so smooth against my meat. I was on fire, practically breathing it. I could feel every cell on her, even her eyelashes brushing my prick and balls.

“Do not move.”

I got down between her legs facing backwards and spread her pussy with my fingers to see her button. It was right below my tongue and I began to suck and lick her again as she struggled to stay still. She tasted so good, her juices like an elixir making me wild. We were pussy to face, rod to mouth…I knew she wanted my cock in her throat.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want to suck you.”

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