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He pulled into the parking lot not sure what to expect. She had seemed willing to meet him in this semi-secluded spot in the city but he wasn’t sure how willing. He spotted her car on the outskirts of the gravel lot and pulled his truck in beside her. Her wonderful smile told him it was going to be a great day.

Kay got out of the car and came around to the passenger side. Will sucked in a deep breath as he saw her. She looked amazing. Her purple summer dress was clinging to her like peach fuzz on a peach. Her shape was stunning. Slender waist- beautifully formed legs- and deep brown Italian eyes. Instantly, Will felt a stirring in his Dockers.

They looked around the site and contemplated their next actions. A school bus had pulled in and unloaded the kids at the far end of the lot. The kids headed towards the conservation centre with loud laughs and exuberant pushing and shoving. An older couple that looked like a pair of tree huggers followed the kids with slight frowns.

Kay turned and embraced Will with a tight, long embrace. Her warmth flooded over him. She rose on her toes and turned her face up to his. Eyes and lips meeting with enough heat to stir her heart beat to high speed. She felt the bulge in his Dockers and couldn’t believe that she stirred him so easily. She parted her lips and felt his tongue probing her mouth.

Tongues intertwined in a slow rhythm, Will let his hands press to the small of Kay’s back. Her frame was amazing. She was so fit. Her dress did little to disguise the softness of her skin. Will’s member hardened as his mind anticipated her body in the sunlight. His hand moved to her side and up to the side of her breast, cupped in a soft bra. There was no resistance. Kay melted to his touch, in spite of the passing maintenance truck.

Will loved her so much. This deep love was what made her so exciting to him, and bursa escort also what restrained him from taking her right there in the parking lot.

“I need to change if we are going to walk,” she said, and without a moment’s hesitation, pulled the dress over her head. Reaching into the passenger seat, she pulled out a pair of shorts and slid them on quickly. The tank top she wore under the dress revealed the outline of her bra, and her hardening nipples. Another kiss… this time deeper, slower. Will pressed his tongue into Kay’s mouth and felt hers press past his into him. He moved tighter to her and pulled her tight into his body. She knew he was hot for her and wanted to feel his hardness through her shorts. A sense of heat grew in her lower stomach and made its way downward to her womanhood. She wondered if he could sense her wetness.

Easing back, he took her hand and they moved towards the conservation center where they could grab a map of the trails. The older couple had disappeared. The kids could be heard responding to the loud voice of the teacher. Passing through the big doors, both of them turned towards the washrooms together. Peeing now would help them relax on their walk and free them to explore other things as they went. As she walked away, he couldn’t help staring at her smooth skin and tight ass. She would soon pull down those shorts, and panties and unleash a golden stream into the toilet. He imagined her soft outer lips parting and her fingers softly probing while she sat in her private stall. His member sprang to life even more.

He turned into the men’s room and chose a stall instead of the urinal. He slowly unzipped his Dockers and wrestled his hard cock free of his shorts. Lately he had discovered that peeing could be a very erotic event and this was no exception. With precum dripping from their parking lot encounter, his cock released bursa escort bayan the pressure slightly and urine streamed from the swollen tip. He imagined her hands gripping him gently and guided his piss into the bowl. The pulsating member stirring her to feel the warmth of the stream with her finger tips. He imagined her parting her legs and letting him stroke her while she peed. A door opened and brought him back to the moment. He finished, zipped up and washed his hands.

Will left the men’s room and picked up a map at the service counter. Glancing at the map and the walking traffic he chose a less traveled trail with a lookout over the small river. It seems the older couple had the same idea, but they headed out a little in front and down a side trail. Will took Kay’s hand as she approached him and led her to the beginning of the trail he had picked. There were small signs along the trail identifying trees of various sorts. Laughingly they made a pact to kiss at every sign.

The voices and echoes of kids faded as they rounded the corner from a long flight of wooden stairs. Just ahead was the cross trail that led to the lookout. Will and Kay stopped and looked at their map. From out of nowhere, the older couple asked if they were lost.

“No,” Will replied. “We know where we are going.” With that Will and Kay turned right and the older couple moved on to the left on the longer trail. As they arrived at the lookout, Will noticed there was a bench and invited Kay to sit. Turning to her, embraced her, and leaned in to kiss her. She had been waiting for this and responded with a low moan. Her heart raced as Will slid his tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it like it was ripe fruit. Swirling, probing tongues stirred their bodies to new levels of warmth. Her outer lips now pulsed with glistening wetness in her shorts. Her hands held his neck escort bursa and back as his hands began to slowly explore her aching breasts.

He slid his hands behind her and under her tank top. Kay let out another low moan. The sunlight broke through the trees that towered over them, and fell on her olive skin. She was amazing. He lifted her tight tank top gently, just enough to rub her bare back. Her breasts were forced upward by the motion.

Will turned in front of her and knelt down. Their lips locked in a deep kiss as he leaned into her. Looking around and seeing no one, Will lifted her tank top over her bra and breasts. The bra was a front clasp. He released it, letting her breasts fall into the warmth of the sunlight and into his gaze. He gasped simultaneously with her. Gently he cupped her breasts with their hard nipples and lowered his head to them.

He softly kissed each breast as Kay moaned and lifted them to him. First the left with its pulsating heart beat and puckered deep brown aureole. The nipple stiffened and she arched her back as he rolled it between his thumb and fingers. Her hand slid to the front of his Dockers and pressed his hard cock near the tip. A wet spot had developed from the wetness dripping from his straining member. She gathered some of the leaking slippery wetness and raised her finger to her lips. She loved the taste of him.

From somewhere behind them, a hint of voices and movement on the lower trail caught their attention. The older couple was coming. Will eased her bra back down over her soft, round globes and pulled the tank top down. He moved back beside her on the bench and took her hand. She was shaking… not because she was nervous, but because she was so wet she was shaking all over. Her panties were soaked. As the older couple came onto the lookout platform, Will caught a small hint of the aroma of her nectar. Kay was so close to coming… but that would have to wait for another private spot. Perhaps the next lookout deck would be the place. Will and Kay got up and walked down the trail… wondering how long the older couple had been watching.

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