Long Ride Home

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I ride the same bus everywhere I go. I ride at the same time, and with the same bus driver, but one night, I got a different kind of ride!

When the bus arrived, the first thing I noticed was, the driver was different. This guy was Black, about 6’3″, with smooth, dark chocolate skin and the most hypnotic eyes I’d ever seen. My regular driver is short and White. This driver’s eyes were hazel, with little flecks of gold in them. A girl could just drown in them. All of my female co-workers had talked about this guy before, but I’d never seen him before. Anyway, he picked us all up, and amidst lots of giggling and flirting, the bus started on its way. I sat near the middle of the bus, trying to keep my composure. His nearness affected me more than I wanted to admit. He had this scent to him; I couldn’t identify it. It was kind of musky and sweet and definitely sensual. It permeated the whole bus, without overpowering it. He dutifully dropped the other passengers off at their stops, and that left me and him alone on the bus. My stop is the last one on his route, but there is bursa escort about a mile or two of deserted road in between stops.

Halfway down the road, where no one could see us, he pulled over, stopped the bus, but left the engine running. He stood up, walked to me and said, “Stand up.” I looked up at him nervously, and when I didn’t move fast enough, he reached down and pulled me up into a sensual onslaught. His lips were warn and firm, his tongue was like velvet, and he smelled so good! His hands went around my back and down to my skirt, to feel me up, and my arms went around him to hold him close. He left off kissing me long enough to tell me to walk to the back of the bus and sit on the mid portion of the back seat that housed the engine. I did as instructed, swinging my hips a little more as I walked. I hiked my skirt up and exposed my legs to him. He looked at me with those hypnotic eyes, and said, “Take ’em off.”

I sat up a little, and took off my panties. He parted my knees, ran his hands up my legs, and slid a finger into my warm sheath. ‘Oh God’, I bursa escort bayan thought, ‘this feels so good; what must his tongue feel like?’ I didn’t have to wait long to find out. When he pulled me forward, and slipped his tongue into my heat, it sent shivers all over me. Between the heat and vibrations of the engine, and the heat and vibrations of his mouth and tongue, I threw my head back and exploded in his mouth. He drank every drop, then stepped back, smiled and unzipped his pants, to reveal the most beautiful penis I’d ever seen. It was perfect, not too big, and not too small. It reminded me of a chocolate bar, and I had to have a taste of it. He shook his head, pushed me back, and entered me slowly, a little at a time. He touched my clit while entering me, which made me tense up, on the verge of another explosion. He leaned down and kissed me, and I could smell my cum on his face. After kissing him and experiencing another earth shattering orgasm, I had to have him!

I slid down on the seat nearest me, and took him in my mouth. His signature scent was on escort bursa his penis as well, mingled with my cum, and the sensation of both scents together gave me a heady feeling. I had a little trouble getting started, but once I did, it was great. He began to tense up, so I knew an explosion was imminent. I jumped back up on the engine, spread my legs, and he unloaded inside of me.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing on both sides, he stood up and looked at me. “I usually don’t do this,” he said, “but I’ve been watching you for a few days, and I requested to have this run so I could meet you.”

“You’ve been watching me? Why?”

“Well, I drove by your job one night, not knowing you worked there, and I was at the light and saw you waiting for the bus; you were talking with your co-workers, and I thought you were a nice person, and I wanted to get to know you.”

“You’ve certainly accomplished that,” I said with a laugh.

“Yes,” he laughed. He helped me down from the engine, and handed me my underwear. I put them back on, then reached up and gave him another long kiss. We came up for air, and he turned and went back to his seat. I sat at the front of the bus for the rest of the ride home, just breathing him in and thinking, ‘I might never get a car, I’ll just take the bus from now on.’

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