Literature, Lace, and Lust

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A cold wind blew against Jamie’s back, as she pushed her key into the door lock hurriedly and turned it, feeling the warm heat on her face when she opened the door. The store was completely dark and always seemed very large and ominous, upon her early arrival each morning. She habitually reached for the light switches, and as she flipped each one on, the light replaced the darkness quickly, and seemed to re-size the space from large and ominous to a comfortable, cozy one.

Jamie looked around, taking a general inventory with her eyes. Hundreds of books lined the many shelves, while lovely hand made rugs hugged the waxed wood of the floors. Small, ceramic figurines and bouquets of silk flowers set effortlessly on the shelves, alongside their counterparts, adding a touch of beauty and warmth, to the cool, multicolored coverings of the many books displayed. She was pleased with what she saw. This bookstore was her dream, and she had made it her reality.

After preparing the register for the day’s receipts, Jamie headed for a quick bathroom break, before customers began to arrive. Entering the bathroom, she flicked on the lights, illuminating the room, as the mirror on the wall returned the lovely image of herself to her own eyes. A slender beauty, with shoulder length auburn hair, that caressed the soft, supple skin of her face on each side, before falling loosely onto her petite shoulders. Her eyes were a clear, bright green, rivaling the green of a precious jewel. The softness of her lips was reflected in their pale pink color, and their fullness quietly murmured the sensuality that lay within them. A wide smile of appreciation spread itself across the face of its beautiful hostess, and Jamie felt proud of the woman she was.

The soft jingles of a bell ringing filtered through the quietness, and Jamie’s personal inventory ended quickly. “Hello”, a male voice called out, “are you open yet?”

Jamie rushed to greet her customer, pushing aside the call of her bladder, and exited the bathroom. As she entered pendik escort the showroom, she was greeted by a spicy, semisweet, yet masculine fragrance, lightly floating in the air. She smiled a welcome to her guest, and answered “Oh yes, we are open, come on in. May I help you?”

“Yes, I hope so”, responded the customer. “ I am looking for just the right book, to give as a birthday gift, to a special friend.”

As he spoke, Jamie looked into his eyes, and then took a few seconds to appreciate every line and curve of his handsome face. She moved her eyes down then, capturing the full vision of this most desirable man. She felt a slight stirring inside herself, and almost forgot where and what she was doing, as the sensation produced a soft moistness between her legs.

“uhh, oh yes, well, what type of material does you friend usually enjoy reading”, she asked, in a slightly quivering voice, that matched closely, the quivering from deep within her. She wondered if he detected the stirring deep within her that his closeness was causing, and then delighted herself, hoping that he could. He moved even closer to her before answering her question, and the air around them seemed to be charged with the electricity flowing from each of them.

“Well, I think she likes romance novels”, he replied slowly, “ You know one of those books where the woman is swept off her feet by the great love of her life.” As he spoke, he found himself looking down into the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen. His breath caught in his throat, as he found himself so close to Jamie. He let his eyes fall over her slender shoulders and then down to the fullness of her firm breasts pressing against the thin, lace fabric of her dress. Two smaller circles accented nicely the firm mounds, caused by the even more persistent pressing of her erect nipples. Deep within his groin he felt a surge of excitement that lent itself quickly to the erection of his manhood.

Jamie attempted to speak, but found her words lost in the hot escort pendik moistness of his mouth, as it covered hers in a kiss of pure passion. Their tongues sought each other wildly, finally entwining in a dance of sensuality, sending waves of yearning for each other, deep inside the lovers. Urgently he pulled Jamie closer to him, pressing the hardness of his cock against the warmth of her body. Ahhhmmm, a soft moan escaped Jamie’s throat, as she felt his cock, hard against her. She fumbled for his zipper to free her desire, as their kisses intensified, while gasps and moans serenaded their bodies, as they writhed tighter and tighter together. Her anxious hands sought the hardness she knew was there, as she lowered her head to greet the hot, hard cock, when she pulled it through his open pants. Running a warm, wet, twirling tongue the length of the hard shaft, from bottom to top, she then enclosed it in her hot wet mouth, sucking, as she flicked her tongue all around the fullness of his cock.

Low moans filled the otherwise quiet bookstore, as he thrust his cock forward deeper into the hot wetness of Jamie’s mouth. Mmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhmmmmmmm, “yes baby”, he gasped in a raspy voice, “suck me”, ohhhhhhhh, “yes”, he moaned, thrusting harder into the wetness. Sensing the time was right, Jamie lifted her mouth back up to meet his, and their two warm mouths joined to become one once more.

While he kissed his partner passionately, he slipped his hand under Jamie’s dress, seeking the hot wetness he knew was waiting. He slid his hand inside her panties, and his fingers found the wet silkiness of her pussy. He gently began to rub her clit and her soft lips, and then pushed one finger deep inside her silky sleeve, slowly pushing it in and pulling it out methodically. Her pussy quivered and tightened around his finger, holding it snuggly deep within itself. Ooooooooohhhhhhh, Jamie moaned as she pushed herself against him, and closed her warm hand around his cock stroking it up and down, slowly but firmly. “Fuck me”, she begged, in an urgent pendik escort bayan whisper, “Fuck me now, baby”.

He responded quickly to her request by lifting her off the floor, and placing her upon the nearby check out counter. With one finger he pulled aside the wet crotch of her panties, and in one quick motion pushed his hard cock deep within her wet, throbbing pussy. “ Oh yes”, she cried out, “oh yes, you feel so good darling”, as he thrust his cock in out the depth of her wetness. “What a pussy, ohhhhhhm, “That is so fucking nice baby”, he groaned as he felt himself getting nearer to his climax.

Jamie met each of his thrusts with her own, as she wiggled her pussy up and down and around the fullness inside of her. Mmmmmmmmmm, she moaned, as she felt her pussy tighten, her hips moving faster as she welcomed a most wonderful orgasm. Ooooohmmmm, she moaned wildly as her partner thrust faster and harder to greet her orgasm with his own climax. With a loud moan, he released his hot liquid into the hot wetness of her pussy, where it mixed with the juices from her own passion. Their mouths found each other once more in a deep kiss, and they collapsed together, both of them happily spent from their encounter.

Bright sunlight warming Jamie’s face suddenly shook her back into reality. “Aaaaahh”, she shrieked, pushing her lover back away from her. “Is it 9:00 yet?” she asked, as she quickly slid down off the counter and pulled down her rumpled, damp dress. “I have to open the store”, she said excitedly.

Her partner stood quietly, watching her, as he attempted to straighten up his own attire also. He ran a hand through his hair, pushing it back from his handsome face, then let it fall back into place. They smiled at each other.

“Do you want to look for that book now?” she asked. “And I could wrap it for you”, she added.

“No, I guess I don’t have time now”, he answered, and smiled sheepishly. “ I will grab some flowers on my way to work”, he said, as he made his way to the door. The soft tinkling of the bell that had announced his arrival now echoed his departure. Jamie stood there for a moment, and then chuckled to herself, as she realized that she had just lost a book sale.


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