Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 08

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Ass Fuck

Friday evening inside the college gym. A home wrestling meet is underway. Archie (19 yrs.) stands at 5’6″ who weighs 141 lbs. He’s from out-of-town. His shoulder length brown hair is tied into a small braid. The head gear is strapped on tight around his head. The college wrestling suit shows off his 6-pack abs and muscular thighs. Archie isn’t fast, but he’s strong who pins his opponent to the mat.

Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who sits in the fan bleachers watching through her binoculars. She noticed Archie right away when he walked out onto the floor. She likes that bulge which is trapped inside his tight wrestling suit.

Archie’s hand is raised as the winner and his fingers unstrap the head gear. He flinches as he walks off of the floor. He looks down at his right thigh. Blood seeps through his suit from the large scrape he got after the skate-board accident.

Inside the locker-room. Archie sits naked on the bench in front of his locker. His wet hair drips on his shoulders after a shower. His right hand holds a large ice pack over the scrape on his thigh. Coach sits down and pulls out a track-phone. He hands it over to Archie.

Coach says, “An Asian hottie told me to give this to you.”

Archie turns on the phone and smiles, “She’s fucking pendik escort naked.”

“She left a text message too” coach replies.

Archie’s finger punches the phone, “Shit, a hotel room. Come on, I got a girlfriend and this is fake.”

Coach says, “Call her. She looks real to me.”

Archie looks at the naked photo again and smiles.

Friday night inside Ling’s Hotel room. The lights are on in both the bedroom and bathroom. Ling is already naked who French-kisses Archie and it’s hot. They breathe hard as he begins kissing her neck. His right-hand cups her left tit and his lips suck on that nipple.

He whispers, “You’re beautiful.”

Both of her hands unbuckle his belt while he pulls off his college t-shirt. She unzips his jeans and pulls them down.

Her fingers carefully pull his jockey shorts over that scrape on his thigh. His 6-inch cock and big, round balls, flop free.

She drops to her knees and her right hand grips his already stiff cock. Her left palm cups his large balls. Her lips slide over his cock-tip and the tongue begins licking him.

He responds, “Sh-Shit.” He closes his eyes and drops his mouth open. His hair falls over his face.

Her mouth lifts off of his cock as her right-hand strokes his shaft. Her lips cover escort pendik one large testicle and then moves over to the other. Her tongue gently licks all over.

“My Gu-God” he replies while opening his eyes and looks down.

His hands pull her head off of his bulging genitals.

“Lay down” he whispers. She falls down onto her back.

He bends over grabbing for his jeans. His fingers pull out a condom from one pocket. He rips it open and quickly slips it over his shaft. He spits on his palm and wipes it around his cock.

He then leans over and pushes her legs apart. His hair falls over his face. She leans up and kisses him. He places his right hand onto the carpet.

She lays back down. His left hand grips his cock and leads it toward her pussy lips. He inserts it slowly and pushes all the way in. His crotch hair touches her black bush. His left hand is placed on the carpet as his hair falls in front of his face.

He says, “Shit.! You’re fucking hot.!”

He never pulls out, but only thrusts in hard. His strong hips and thighs push her body across the carpet.

She replies, “Unnh.. Unh-Archie.”

Her body moves toward the bathroom floor after more of his powerful pushes. His butt-cheeks clench tightly.

“Uunhh.. Godd..” she says.

His pendik escort bayan hair hangs over his face as he keeps thrusting hard. He can’t see his shaft through all the thick hair. Her back soon pushes onto the bathroom floor.

“Shit, yeah.!” he grunts.

She says, “Unnh.. Archiee.!”

He flips his hair over his head as he continues to push inside real hard. Her back slides across the bathroom floor.

“God.. Unh-God.!” she says.

His thrusts push her against the side wall. Her right hand pushes on that wall.

She replies, “Archie.. Archie.!”

He keeps his cock buried and leans back placing his hands near her waist. He flips his hair over his head again and moves his knees forward.

He looks at his shaft and leans down upon his hands. He begins thrusting fast and hard.

She responds, “Unh-Uh-Unh-Uh-Unnh!”

His hair falls over his face again, but he can see her tits jiggling. He keeps his pace steady and fast.

“Unh-God-Unnh-Uh-Unh!” she replies.

He screams, “Shit.! Cumming.! Cumming.!”

Archie thrusts in a few more times and stops. He explodes, “Uuuuuuuuuhh.! Shit.!”

He slowly pulls out his cock with his hands still in place. Ling reaches up and brushes his hair from that face. They smile at each other.

He says, “My fucking hair.”

“You’re so sexy though” she says.

Archie rolls onto his back and breathes. He states, “That was fucking hot Ling.”

His right hand yanks off the condom.

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