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Longing for human touch but too weak to venture out into the unknown, Lilith began suckling at her own voluptuous ivory breasts. Encircling her warm, wet tongue around her rosy areolas she slowly took a nipple into her mouth. Sucking lightly at first then with more force she could feel herself become moist. Lowly moaning she pondered if she should seek release through manual stimulation.

Caving in to these thoughts Lilith sauntered to her closet, reaching to the top left side she pulled out a dusty wooden box. Her eye lit up as she opens the box revealing its contents; a foot and a half long rubber phallic toy. Carefully waking this lost friend from its slumber, Lilith began to rub it across her face, dancing it across her lips as she made her way to the antique chaise lounge in the boudoir.

Reaching down, parting her blushing, wet lips Lilith drove the toy deep inside her being as she cried out in delight. After building up a nice rhythm she withdrew the wet toy, edging it into her anus till the point of fullness. Her wet lips longing to be filled yet again, Lilith bent the toy upwards placing the exposed end back inside of her. Lying mesmerized by the reflection of her corset-clad curves, exposed breasts and silky pale skin in the boudoir mirror, Lilith gently lulled herself into ecstasy.

Eventually passing out from exhaust, she doesn’t bother removing her partner till awaking some hours later by a deep sensuous aching. As she withdrew the toy from her anus, Lilith’s once blushing, wet lips were now engorged with a deep burning she had not ever known. Gushing forth from them like a warm wave of passion she came unlike ever before.

Standing in a puddle of this fluid, she crouched down, placing her hand in it, drawing it first to her nose taking in this rare canlı bahis fragrance then into her mouth to taste. She was struck with bewilderment as she was now on all fours lapping it up as if she were consuming unadulterated honey. As Lilith gaped open her mouth, her eyes met with this image in the boudoir mirror. Smirking slightly she knew He must be called for it was only He who could end this torment.

Gathering her composure Lilith slowly rose, exhaling deeply as she walked across the floor to her bedchamber. Reaching for the rotary phone on top of the nightstand, as if they had a mind of their own her fingers immediately started to dial His number. The anticipation of waiting for Him to answer was almost unbearable for Lilith, who appeared as though she were about to burst into a fit of rage.

On the tenth ring He picked up answering with a deep, sensual voice, Lilith could have sworn she felt His breath as He spoke. With salutations exchanged and devices established there was not room for nonsensical small talk. Hanging up the phone she awaited His arrival and her eventual departure from this torment.

As the minutes turned to hours she decided to bathe using His preferred scent of perfumed liquid soap that was housed in a slender golden vessel. The smell triggered her senses bringing her back to a time when she weren’t so troubled. Memories of erotic nights with Him and the overindulgence of flesh was how they both once fed.

A thunderous noise resonated from downstairs the jolted her out of past and into the present. He has arrived. Lilith hastily exited the tub, wet feet touching the downy bathmat as she dried herself. After lightly dusting her gorgeous body with powder, she dressed into a lacey crimson negligée and covered herself with a cotton robe. bahis siteleri

Carefully yet rapidly descending the spiraling staircase Lilith wondered if He looked the same, if she looked the same, if their uniting would be the same. Reaching the bottom of the staircase, she planted her foot on the wooden floor as she made her way to the door. Her heart was beating fast and loud she was certain it could be heard from outsider her body. Placing her hand on the doorknob, taking in a deep breath, she slowly open the door.

There stood Killian, her old lover in all of his fiery splendor and beauty. As Lilith stood mesmerized by his deep emerald green eyes, once forgotten emotions flooded her being. She uttered his name but was choked by tears of anger and joy at his very presence. With arms outstretched Killian embraced her, pressing her head deeper into his chest as she wept.

Lilith felt his pounding heart against her cheek and remember the nights when it would sing her to sleep. As she gathered her composure, she invited Killian inside and led him to the parlor. They both exchanged fond memories, rediscovered lost ones and forgave one another for past errors. Lilith was ready to give herself to Killian fully at his command.

With a come hither finger he beckoned her to kneel before him, as he pulled out his thick, harden member, she fell to her knees and greedily took him in her mouth. Killian gathered her hair in his large, coarse hands and held her there with his cock deep in her mouth. Ramming her mouth down deeper, she began to gag yet he would not let up till he saw fit. Smirking at her squirming and gagging, he quickly pulled her head back to withdraw his cock from her mouth.

Pulling Lilith to her feet by the hair of her head, Killian began to kiss her, bahis şirketleri driving his warm tongue into her tired mouth. As he ran his fingers over her body, he became frustrated by the distasteful robe that clung to her body, in a rush he peeled it off of her revealing a lacey crimson negligée.

In a frenzy of excitement he tore Lilith’s negligee clean off of her body, turned her about-face, and demanded that she assume position for rear-entry. As she was doing so, Killian disrobed himself, wrapping the leather belt tightly around his right hand. Upon penetration Lilith screamed out in pain and ecstasy as Killian mounted her, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her.

He drew his right hand back, planting the belt on her bare ass over and over as he was pumping harder and faster. Lilith’s vaginal lips were extremely swollen so much so that Killian’s cock was being squeezed so firmly he nearly climaxed. He withdrew from her grip, turned her on her back and began to feast on her swollen lips.

As he made love to her throbbing clitoris with his mouth, Killian inserted his pointer and middle finger into her wet vagina and danced them around inside her. Lilith writhe around in passion as he placed yet another finger inside her as he continued to playing within her. She asked him to take her again but he refused, now placing a finger inside her anus. She knew this is what he would want next as he was preparing her for it.

Moments later he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her anus, pressing into it for insertion and then pulling back ever so slightly. As he stretched his way into her anus, Lilith’s eye rolled back as she was in such a state of carnal delight.

Further and deeper he moved into her anus, rhythmically pumping like a well-oiled machine filling her till contentment and his release. At last, Lilith was pleased with his work and begged for him to leave for she needed nothing more from Killian. They parted ways knowing that one day she will call on him again.

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