Life as a Sub Ch. 01 Pt. 02

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From that point on, Ruth started to take the lead in bed. She still loved it when I would fuck her relentlessly, but she did take a liking to me wearing a cock ring and watching as I sucked on her cock dido during fucking. I didn’t think it was weird at all especially as I was a randy young man wanting as much sex as I could get my hands on, so I went along with it.

As couples do, we got talking about fantasies and what she liked and disliked. I owned up telling her.

“I have to admit, I do like the idea of group sex, but,” I looked at her and held her hand, “I completely understand your opinion about swinging.”

She looked at me and asked, “So do you want to try it?”

I looked at her questioningly. She said, “I just don’t think I could ever go that far, but if you wanted to, you would have to tell me everything.”

I was getting nervous, and asked if she was serious, also, I wondered just what sort of woman I had got involved with. She was amazing.

She then took off her track suit bottoms, sat back down on the sofa, leaned back and opened her legs, showing me her naked and open wet pussy. She told me to eat her. I dived down onto the floor and sucked and licked her like a hungry dog. I licked inside, all over and sucked on her clit. She had an enormous orgasm.

My face was covered as I sucked and swallowed and enjoyed her pussy. Then, when she had calmed down and was able to talk again, she reminded me once more.

“Just make sure that you tell me everything when I come back.”

And so, having been given my instructions. I had to know if the two college instructors that were supposed to be into the swinging scene, were keen to chat about what they got up to.

I found one of them when he was alone, and did just that. I knew his name was Clive, but I kept things semi-formal. I followed him to his classroom one break and making sure his classroom was empty and he was alone.

“Morning Sir, maltepe escort could I have a quiet minute of your time please.”

He stood by his desk looking inquisitively at me while slowly putting papers into his briefcase. I excused myself as he pointed his palm at one of the chairs in the room. To start the conversation, I introduced myself then just went for it and asked him.

“I understand that this might be a little cheeky Sir, but do you have any information about local swinger scenes? I would seriously like to know more and would be interested in finding out if I could try it.”

He looked at me, the classroom door, then back to me.

He asked me, quietly, “where the hell did you get the idea that I know about swinging?” I looked up at him and saw some annoyance in his face. I swallowed out of nervousness.

“Why do you think that I know anything about that?” he continued as he walked over to the door and closed it.

He obviously knew me because he asked, “Aren’t you seeing Ruth?” I was impressed that he knew that.

I replied, “yes, but she is not into the group sex scene.” Hearing that he just made a humph noise and said, “well, boy, that is the end of your swinging journey then.”

I was a bit put off by his comment and then out of the blue I remembered reading about a subject in my Dad’s porn mags.

“Is cuckolding part of swinging?” He just laughed, looked at the door again and asked if Ruth wanted to cuckold me. I thought frantically and quickly I shook my head and said.

“Noooooo. She is ok with me trying it out these things, but we have a deal that I have to tell her everything afterwards. I was just asking if cuck couples attended the swinging parties.”

He again looked at the door and then at my face to study me to see where I was going with the conversation. He told me that sometimes they did, but not usually. He asked what I had in mind. I had to think and draw on all my escort maltepe knowledge to try to direct this conversation the right way, but I knew I was blowing my opportunity to get in with him in a big way.

I continued by saying, “Honestly Sir, I am really truthful in my interest. I just want to know more about swinging and perhaps, if it all goes well, then I could get Ruth to try it.”

He laughed again and shook his head in a negative way. He told me to own up.

“You are just a wanna-be who likes the idea of swinging. You would probably chicken out when it got to it.” All the time he looked at me, as if gauging my reaction. “Ruth would kill you if she knew you were at a swinging party. I bet that Ruth and you had never even had a threesome. Are you even bi?”

At that point, I thought why did I have to own up to being bi? It didn’t really matter did it? What I know now, and didn’t know at that time, was that Clive was setting me up for something that would change my thoughts and way of life about sex. He was about to take me on a journey that would awake in me, an owning up about where I fitted in this world. What I would come to think of was normal swinging, would in fact be the group grooming me to be submissive. I was so young, inexperienced and hungry that I just went with it.

We both heard laughing and talking as a group of teenagers approached the door and opened it. They automatically barged into the classroom but then stopped and looked at us as if they were disturbing something. He looked at me calmly and said quickly and loudly.

“Come back tomorrow Mr B, during the afternoon break. We can go through your paper then. As you can see your time is up.” I nodded, said thank you and yes Sir, and I left.

The rest of the day, I was just thinking about everything that we spoke about. I seriously thought that I knew enough to try and bluff my way to a swingers meeting.

That night I told Ruth that maltepe escort bayan I had asked one of our instructors about his swinging group. She was genuinely excited and sitting on the couch, I had to tell her everything that he and I said. After I told her everything, we had a very wild fuck session, after which we fell into a deep sleep.

Next day, I clock watched all morning, then at three o’clock I was waiting outside Clive’s classroom sneaking a look in through the door. He was still teaching, and I could see his students eagerly waiting to get out of there. Everything he had said was going around and around in my mind.

Then the door burst open and the students flooded out chatting and laughing. I waited until the room was empty, then went in. Clive was at the front desk, packing papers once more into his briefcase.

He looked at me and said that he had been thinking about my question and proposition. I watched him as he walked to the door and nodded for me to follow him. We walked down the corridors to the small study rooms, and went into one. Clive opened his briefcase once again and put some papers on the desk. He closed the door then sat down on the side of the instructor’s desk, his legs dangling to the side. I sat down behind one the student’s desks opening one of my books.

I started speaking first. “I have to own up Sir, Ruth and me haven’t had or been in a threesome. As for being bi, I don’t really think so Sir.” Clive looked down at me, frowning.

“I don’t think we have anything further to chat about.” He stood and started to pack his papers again, and I thought that I had blown it.

Feeling pretty dumbfounded, I quickly asked, “why not Sir?”

He stood looking at me.

“You just don’t get it do you boy. Swinging isn’t just fucking someone’s wife or girlfriend, and then buggering off. Swinging is all about accepting sexual freedom and the other participants choice.”

He then described how swingers played and lived, all of which made me want to experience it. I was turned on and intrigued, but then he changed direction in his description. This was when he started to change my thinking and open the door to me being a submissive.

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