Life after the Rodeo

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Big Tits

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I’m Beau. Retired bull rider and rancher. I won The Calgary Stampede four years in a row and the worlds in Las Vegas two years in a row. I won all of them on a bull called The Back Breaker. The last one was scheduled to be his last performance. He was being put out to stud.

He gave me the ride of my life. It was the longest 8 seconds I had ever encountered. I jumped off at the buzzer. Back Breaker spun around. Gourd me and flipped me up. Came down on my back breaking it.

I swear on his way out he looked back. Snorted as if to say.

“My last ride. Your last ride.”

It was. I won the buckle and the money, but would rodeo no more. After I recovered. I bought a ranch and took a job at the college separating up and coming riders from hopefuls.

After five years of traveling forty miles back and forth. I sold and bought a place in town. I was spending more time here between college and lady friends.

My neighbors on the left. Mary and Bill were in their 70’s. Didn’t stop them from fucking like rabbits. They didn’t much care who saw them either. The old girl would blow him on the porch. Turn around while he fucked her doggy.

On the other side of me were their twin daughters. Both single and sexy as hell. They had ginger hair about half way to their waist. I’m not an expert on cup size but I would guess about a c. slim waist and no belly fat. Nice round ass and long slender legs.

Holly worked at the college in administration. Dolly was a masseuse and worked out of her house. She would check in on her parents a couple of times a day between her appointments.

Dolly always wore lace and just enough to entice. She did her massages in the living room and visible from my back deck. Her clients always left with a happy ending.

Holly always dressed in satin and looked sexy but professional. I first met her when she finalized my contract at the college. She was wearing a black button down blouse. Showing the top of her black bra and red skirt about mid thigh with heels.

In conversation I found out that her sister was submissive and would do anything to make you like her. All you had to do was tell her what you wanted.

“I like a strong man that takes what he wants and takes it rough.”

I smiled walked around to her and grabbed her tit and pulled her up. canlı bahis Bent her over and slapped her ass with my callas covered hands. Pushed her satin thong to the side and buried three fingers in her trimmed cunt deep. Her cunt gripped my fingers as I moved them in and out until her juices saturated the palm of my hand.

I licked it out of the palm of my hand. Spanked her ass until it glowed red. Sat her down on her chair. Walked to the door.

” Come over tonight. I’ll finish. Bring your sister.”

She nodded and I walked out smiling. Leaving her with a bewildered look on her face.

They showed at my door at 7. Dolly was wearing a white polyester blouse tied under her little tits with a red lace bra and panties under her red wrap around short skirt. Holly had identical outfit only with black skirt black satin bra and panties.

“My sister has a complex of needing people to like her, so when I told her you wanted us to come over. She agreed. I just need you to finish with me.”

“I will decide when and where. Dolly undo my belt and show me how talented your hands are.”

She smiled. Kneeling down massaging up my leg to my waist. Smiling up at me. She tugged my pants down and when my cock popped out. She leaned back eyes wide with a shocked look on her face.

My cock isn’t that long. About average. It’s the girth and the size of my balls that is impressive. My girth is four inches and my balls twice the size of golf balls.

“Lick it. Sweetie. Show her Holly.” I ordered.

Holly bent over. I grabbed her head and forced it to my cock as Dolly lifted my ball sack in the palm of her hand. Leaned over and licked them. Holly’s nostrils flared as I forced her head onto my hardening cock and it filled her mouth. Trying to open her mouth wider while I pushed deeper.

Breathing through her nostrils. Spit running down her chin as I face fuck her hard. I reached down lifted her skirt sliding my fingers in the band of her panties and lifting trying to rip them. Her feet came off the ground forcing her head to take my cock deeper.

Gagging on my cock as I’m bouncing her from her pantie. Suddenly the elastic lets go and she drops to her knees. Holding the back of her head I continue to punish her face with my brutal face fucking.

Dolly slid her lace panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Sat up on the counter undoing her blouse and bahis siteleri unclasping her bra, freeing her ripe young tits. Licking her lips she massaged her chest and pinched her nipples. Obviously enjoying the domination of her sister.

I pulled Holly up by her hair. Pushed her to Dolly’s bare cunt and forced her face on her clit. Dolly spread her legs and draped them over her shoulders. I bent Holly over. Tore the rest of her panties so I could fuck her moist cunt. She seemed to enjoy being treated like my personal fuck toy too.

I slapped her petite ass hard leaving the imprint of my hand and lined the head of my cock to her cunt. Spread her legs apart as far as they would go and plunged my cock in to the base. Using her hair as reins I fucked like a dog hard and brutally. Stretching her cunt to it’s limits. With each thrust her cunt farted and her head went into Dolly’s cunt.

Dolly locked her heels into her shoulders and pushed up so her tongue would enter her deep and her lips would tease her clit. I held her head long enough for her to suck it. Pull her hair as I was pulling out and her cunt would spill her cunt juice down her leg.

I reached around and hooked my finger in her bra and pulled. Ripping her bra open. Roughly groping her firm tits as I pummel her cunt.

“Fuck her Beau. Make her your fuck toy. I love the way you dominate my slut sister.” Dolly said in her seductive voice.

I pulled out leaving her gaping cunt dripping her cunt juice. Turned her around and bit her saliva covered tit. Not hard enough for her to bleed but she grimaced in pain. I slapped the other one.

Lifted on my cock. Walked her over to the wall and pounded her hard against it. She tried to cuddle close. I held her back and gave her all I had. The picture fell of the wall from the impact of her hitting it as my balls slapped her ass with each drive.

Her eyes rolled to the top of her head as her body quivered and went limp on my cock. I walked her back over to the kitchen, bounced her a couple more times. Lifted her up and dropped her down. Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor legs open. Cunt breached and dripping her cum.

“Holy fuck! You broke her Beau. Nobody has ever done that before. Beau you didn’t cum. Let me make you happy. I’m good at it.” Dolly said coming to me.

She pulled my shirt open. Kissing my chest raking her finger nails across my bahis şirketleri nipples. Sucking them. My cock twitched as my nipples hardened.

Dolly continued sensually kissing down my stomach. Running her nails along the veins on my fat cock. Reaching down to massage my oversized balls.

She drooled on the head of my cock. Palming it as she slowly wrapped both hands around my cock and squeezing gently. Taking my balls in her mouth tonguing them as she jerked my cock faster.

It was hard to believe these two were twins. One loved to be used degraded and practically raped. The other sensual and sexy.

I wanted to fuck her and make her cum on my hard fat cock. Dolly had me so close to blowing my load and she knew it. She slowly put her mouth on my head and slid her tongue under my head.

I gently lifted her head up and and sat her on the counter. Slowly parted her legs. Licked her inner thigh teasing around her trimmed snatch. Slurped around her clit and ran my finger along her moist slit. Probing gently as she arched into me.

Sucking her clit I sunk my finger in her. Gasping she gyrated on it as I sucked her harder and inserted another finger. Her head tilted back she moaned.

“Fuck me Beau. Gently. Not like Holly. Please be gentle. Let me make you cum. I want you to Beau. You deserve it.”

She laid me on my back. Straddled me and slowly lowered her wet cunt on me. She spread her lips wide and sat down as my head pushed in. The satiny smooth sensation of her young lips gripping my cock as she inched down to my base almost sent my cum off.

I don’t know if she voluntarily was milking my cock with her cunt or if she was contracting in and out through her own orgasm but I never felt anything as erotic and the look of her contorted face told me she was enjoying me as well.

She rested her palms on my chest leaned over and began pumping her ass up and down on my cock. The sound of her syrup gushing out as she rose and her squeals as she came back down, was more than I could stand.

I felt my balls tighten and my cum rise up my cock as I pulled her to me and exploded in her tight convulsing cunt. Her body shook as she bit my shoulder moaning. I pushed up into her with all the strength I had left before collapsing under her.

We lay in each others grasp sweating and panting for breath, before she rolled off shimmied down to my cock and licked the cum off the head as it shrank. My cock twitched as she continued to lick and palm it.

“Hope I can give you more happy endings.” She smiled and laid with her sister until they were strong enough to go home.

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