Lexi’s 21st Birthday Present

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I can’t help but focus on today’s Birthday girl; I watched her grow up. Her parents Brad and Jean; have included me as a family member since they moved next door 15 years ago. Today’s is Lexi’s 21st birthday, and I wonder if I am ready to give Lexi the Birthday present she has been asking for since her last Birthday.

I have always made a super big deal over Lexi’s Birthday. Brad and Jean are fine people but they simply never have had enough time in their lives to parent Lexi as much I have. When they travel to exotic places Lexi spends time in my care. She also prefers to just hang out with me whenever she wants. Her parents seem to encourage that as well; apparently they have a busy social calendar to attend to.

Last year the Celebration was at my house. The back yard was the setting for Alexis’s Birthday party. After the guests had gone and of course Brad and Jean, Lexi stayed and we enjoyed each other’s company till the sun came up that morning while lounging in the yard.

We have been very close for a long time, it was not a surprise that she slid her chair over next to mine and we held hands while chatting the night away. I love the feeling of her being close and she enjoys lying close; we also shared a few gentle kisses that night. I have always been careful not to let it go to far.

That night Lexi started to question why we can’t be closer. As I caressed her hand and felt her kisses she wanted to know when she could be more to me. I remember her whispers into my ear that she wanted to spend the night; she wanted to sleep with me in my room.

I wanted her in my bed so much, but at 20 I could never let that happen, I am more than twice her age! We fell asleep before the sun started to rise, there on our lounge chairs in the back yard. When we woke Lexi told me things were going to be different next year. I was going to have to give in to her request since she will be 21!

This past year Alexis has been totally different. While wanting to show me she is more mature, which is hard since I have always thought of her as being very mature, she has also provided me with more of her personality. I love her playful side; I adore her humor more than in the past.

She also has shown me her romantic side, which is now moving closer to being her erotic side. With her parents blessings we have started to date. I tease her when I take her home after a date and we start to a make out on the porch! Here’s this late forty something guy kissing his girlfriend goodnight just like when I was in High School!

Alexis has also started to dress wanting me to notice what an incredibility sexy lady she is when we are together. She has made it perfectly clear what she wants for her 18th Birthday. Yet Lexi is totally on board with understanding we must wait to make love until her birthday!

In the mean time her playful person is teasing me every day! I get a video each and every morning of her taking her birth control pill. She sticks her tongue out and places the pill on her tongue and swallows it with a big gulp of orange juice! All of this complete with her indescribable giggle that simply makes me melt!

Lexi knows I am a “leg” guy. She wears very cute shorts or a skirt, and completes the outfit with heals that takes her tiny 5’2″ frame up to 5’5″. I have been busted several times for staring at her legs, but she has to admit that she is showing them off for me!

I also love running my fingers through her long blonde hair, and her curves are absolutely perfect. Petite is stature, but blessed with c-cup breasts and the cutest butt on Earth! I am slim and stand 5’9″, so we fit together just right when we are out and about!

Alexis also knows how to kiss me; she is the best kisser I have ever been with. We always hold each other closely, gently, and kiss with our eyes closed shut. Our hands are free to roam as they please. The caresses enhance the experience has our tongues dance with passion. Soft moans add to the feelings we can now openly express to each other.

When Brad and Jean are gone on a trip, Lexi stays at my place just like always. It has been hard this past year when it comes time to go to bed. The kisses are deep and I feel her love all around my body. When I remind her we just have wait a few more months she turns to walk to her bedroom, sensually removes her top exposing the smooth perfectly toned skin of her back. Then with a very erotic wiggle of her butt, she closes the door behind her as she disappears into her room.

Not long after the door closes when I am settled in my room I get a phone call from Lexi while I’m in bed. We share sweet whispers and of course some erotic pillow talk. She is driving me crazy, but it is my rule that we wait and she respects that.

This year I rented a unique Lodge on an inland lake for Alexis’s Birthday Celebration. The Lodge has it’s own private beach with everything you could imagine, water toys galore, beach volley ball, water skiing, Sunfish sailboats, and a fantastic collection of fun loving people. The adults illegal bahis may consume some beer, but alcohol is not the reason for the fun. It is a true family event for everyone to participate in.

Lexi is a very social young lady, but outside of family she was only able to invite 20 friends along with their families. My best guess is we entertained about 100 guests. Glad the catering company knew what they were doing! The snacks and Barbeque were spectacular, was is the evening bomb fire.

The Lodge has a 2nd floor Master Suite, or better-stated Bridle Suite. The bathroom has an incredible two-person shower with an overhead rain fixture. The King bed has four large rustic bedposts with a mattress perfectly suited for newlyweds! The fireplace was designed for warmth, but it also casts the perfect light to warm the color of our skin. Did I mention the over-sized two person-soaking tub!

Being a lover’s nest, there are mirrors perfectly positioned in places lovers would want them thus enhancing the visual pleasure as well. When I showed Alexis my selection of location for her Birthday present she gasped and kissed me deeper than I was expecting! She promised that waiting to share her virginity was going to be the best thing to do even though she wanted it sooner!


After the day at the beach Lexi had changed into the cutest tiny jean cut-off shorts and halter-top. The shorts were so short my eyes could not help but stare frequently to her delight. She loves teasing me so I was not surprised when she pulled me aside and asked if I was wondering if she had on panties or not with a very playful giggle!

Now that the evening had worn on and the guests finally left we decide to make our way back to the Lodge from the bomb fire where her tiny warm hand gently wraps around my fingers. It is such a comforting feeling, and I know exactly whom those fingers belong to. I keep walking slowly wanting to enjoy this feeling as long as I can.

“David I just can’t tell you how much this day means to me and how I appreciate everything you do for me.” Lexi quietly whispers.

“Alexis, is it such a pleasure to be a part of your life, you know I love you as if you were my own daughter.” Eased from my lips.

Lexi responded. “I feel like your daughter, but I also feel much closer. I intend for you to be the only man I ever share my body with.”

I raised her hand to my lips and gave Lexi a gentle kiss on her delicate fingers. Her sweet smile and quiet gaze stayed with us as we entered the Lodge. Walking up the open stairway to our nest I could feel her pulse as I held her hand, my pulse was also racing with excitement. This was not going to be a chance random encounter. This is going to be the beginning of a new chapter in our life together.

There is no door to walk through when we reach the top; it is open to below. Totally alone from the rest of the world our bodies boil with passion when our arms wrap around each other and our lips rush to join our souls.

Alexis drives her moist tongue deep into my mouth and we swirl our tongues around each other’s in wild abandon. My hands glide up her exposed back and she quivers with my touch. We pause our kiss and take in some much-needed oxygen as my fingers guide her long blond hair over her beautifully rounded shoulders.

“Yes David, I’ve waited far to long, please release my breasts from my top.” Alexis commanded.

With her words I pulled gently on the knot around her back, then moved up to the knot around her neck. I pulled the top from her body and playfully tossed it over the rail and waited to hear the sound of it striking the floor below. Lexi kept her arms around my body but leaned back so my eyes could gaze directly at her naked breasts.

Without hesitation I began to feel how perfect they were as my fingers caressed her exposed breasts. She patiently stayed back, closed her eyes and let me touch her as much as I wanted. The sound of her quiet moans brought my body to a level of excitement I had not felt in years.

My head fell lower allowing my lips to taste around her nipple. Lexi shook as she finally felt a man enjoy her womanly body. Her gasps and moans were taking her beyond her physical presence. I encouraged her to just let go, free herself from the bonds of youth, and let her passion take control.

With one hand squeezing her left breast, my tongue swirling around her right breast and my right hand caressing the front of her shorts Alexis gives up on any inhibition she once knew.

“I love you David, I want you, and I’ve waited forever.” She encouraged me to continued. My hands then slid down her naked stomach and grabbed the front of her shorts. As I unbuttoned them her hips swayed in unison with my fingers to undo the button. She shook as my fingers guided the short zipper down.

I kneel as my hands slide the shorts down over her hips, my earlier question was answered, no panties! My lips pressed against her totally bare mound illegal bahis siteleri as her hands pushed against my shoulders. Primal tension was taking over our every action as Lexi felt my tongue against her warm moist petals.

“Oh God David, fuck me tonight, fuck me now!” Alexis screamed into the night.

“Be patient my love, I am going to drive my cock so deep into your pussy you will never forget our first time.” I promised her in response.

My lips returned to her perfect pink pussy licking the entire length up and down while kneeling in front of her. Her hands push against my head as her young body quivers with pleasure. I want more, I want to devour every cell in her body right now. I want more than passion and pleasure, I want an explosion never before felt!

Wanting more I stand up and sweep Lexi from her feet. Her naked body rests in my arms as I carry her over to the soaking tub that had been filled with warm water, fragrant oils, and soothing bubbles. I confidently lower her into the tranquil mixture and lean over to kiss her luscious lips. I love her giggles as she playfully moves around the large tub and splashes water at me.

With no further delay my t-shirt is off, Lexi stops, kneels in the middle of the tub and stares at my swimsuit. I walk close to the edge, Alexis gracefully glides towards the edge and I lower my suit exposing myself to the one lady who captivated my soul so many years ago.

I want to jump in, but Lexi wraps her fingers around my stiff excitement sending my senses into over load. I beg her to let me climb over the edge, but before I get any further I feel her lips gliding down my cock.

“Oh God Lexi, please Lexi, be patient my Love!” I beg of her.

Lexi puts her hands on my ass and takes every inch of my cock into her warm moist mouth; licking, sucking, stroking with delight. I grab her head and hold her gently feeling my body quiver and shake.

“Please darling, I want to be in with you.” I once again beg of her.

She playfully smacks my ass as she removes my cock from her mouth, and demands I get in at once. I climb over the edge and settle in with her naked body now draped over mine. Our tongues penetrate each other’s lips; our hands touch every excited part of each other’s body. My cock is set to explode like never before.

“I love you Alexis!” Is what I say with each kiss.

“I love you David!” Is the response I here in return.

I tell Lexi to glide back towards any edge and reach above her head to grab the side of the tub. She submits to my request as I grab her legs and extend them out in front to her. I taste her toes and softly caress her feet. Then I quickly grab her ankles and stretch them far apart to her total surprise.

Lexi looks to the ceiling and discovers one of the mirrors directly above the tub. See watches above as I float my body up between her legs, kissing her thighs, spreading her legs some more before I finally am able to taste the delicious flower presented in front of me.

The rush of pleasure creates the most impressive moan or gasp, or sweet heaven noise I have ever listened to. I drive my tongue into her perfect pussy with abandon. Holding her ass at water level I start to devour every morsel of her swollen pussy.

Licking, sucking her sweet pedals up into my mouth, driving my tongue to that special spot I hear screams of delight. I won’t stop, I won’t slow down, and I continue to force more pleasure into her quivering body. Suddenly with a shrill I feel her thighs converge tightly around my head squeezing more passion into the moment.

Alexis’s body finally explodes; her incredibly soft silky thighs release my head, and then squeeze back together. The screams echo through the quietness of our nest. I relax for just a moment and slowly lick her spent flower.

Lexi tries to settle down but the pace of her heart is still racing. I bring one hand down to caress her petals as my tongue now partners with my fingers. She begs for relief, but that is not going to happen. She piers up to the ceiling mirror as she feels my finger gliding into her moistened pussy while my tongue licks around her opening.

I softly stroke her and now able to whisper my words of pleasure to her, Lexi finally submits totally to my control of her body.

“It won’t be long my love before you feel the entire length of my cock driving deeper into your pussy.” I confidently say. I stroke very slowly with my finger, hoping to prepare her pussy for the onslaught of my rock hard shaft when it rams into her virgin soul.

When I pull my finger out I tell her to stand up so the oil and bubbles run down her naked body. She stands and sensually turns slowly around allowing my eyes to view her entire nude body. I see she craves the weight of my stare. Lexi wants me to gaze at all of her nakedness, to see every curve, to touch her as I please.

She wanted to make love on her Birthday; she is going to experience making love to a man that treasures every part of her being. I am patient, we canlı bahis siteleri know the ending, and I love how it feels as she completely submits to my every desire to reach the point we both have dreamt about for so long.

The only light in the room is from the warm glow of the fireplace. I stand along side of Lexi and pass her a towel. We step out together and smile intently as we dry each other off. We embrace and our lips once again lock together. When we break I glance over to my right and smile, with her interests peaked she looks to her left and seeing both of us naked in another mirror, holding each other in our arms.

I stand aside and ask her to walk over to our bed and let me follow. Once more she submits to my request and walks seductively towards our waiting bed. With the covers pulled down I ask her to lay face done on her tummy as I reach over to the nightstand. I look at her toned, bubble butt and ease my body onto the bed.

In my hands is warm soothing massage oil. I place my hands gently on her warm skin at the small of her back. Lexi’s little ass shakes wonderfully as I apply ample amounts of oil to her body. I now move up to straddle her legs and place both hands on her ass and squeeze firmly. The delightful moans mean the world to me, I know she is calm yet totally excited.

My fingers glide down every inch of her perfect legs. Massaging each muscle, each tendon, feeling her tighten up the muscle as I caress it. Then back up and I sit on her ass lightly while I caress her shoulders. I slide down slightly and press my rock hard cock on the crack of her ass. My hands lower down and open her cheeks allowing the length of my cock to glide between them.

Pressing her cheeks together my cock it trapped between. The oil makes my cock slid easily between them. Lexi is feeling everything, anticipating the moment I drive my cock into her virgin body. The sounds of passion softly emanating from her mouth drive me crazy with desire. I want to fuck her so badly.

“Please David I need your cock in my pussy now! I simply can’t wait any longer, I am begging you to fuck me now as hard as you can.” Lexi demands of me.

I bend down and run my tongue over the delicious oil and soft skin of her ass. My hands glide to her hips, which I grab firmly. My body moves backwards as I hold her young hips and force them to rise in the air as I pull her with me. Once her ass is erect I look into the mirror directly in front of us and see her wide opened eyes. Her face is still on the bed while her ass in high in the air.

Lexi’s watches intently as I place my rock cock on top of her ass. She reaches back with one hand to feel my cock. I let her touch me, I watch her tiny fingers assess the cock that is going to take her virginity. I moan loudly as she let’s go and places her hand back on the bed in front of her head.

“Arch your back more my love, expose yourself to me completely.” I command.

“My body is yours David, take me, use me for your pleasure, I am totally ready to give you my virginity.” Lexi whispers back to me.

I grab my hard cock with one hand and run it down between her cheeks. It slides over her ass opening creating a sudden quiver, and then I rub it down along the length of her virgin opening. The feeling of anticipation in both of us reaches a crescendo as I push the head between her swollen moist petals.

Lexi stares into the mirror, her beautiful eyes watch every movement has both my hands now grab her hips and she can feel the head of my cock starting to open her flower. Silently I stare back into her eyes and gently I start to drive the entire length of my manhood into her tender body.

Suddenly by instinct when it is painful for her she tries to move her ass away, but my hands control her hips and my cock continues to push onward deeper and deeper in her virgin pussy. I feel her body try to relax every muscle to ease the pain but to no avail. My cock to so thick and hard; and now driven over half way into her pussy.

“God David you are so big, but I love how it feels in me, don’t worry about my pain it will pass. Please just fuck me deeper!” Alexis begs.

With those words I loose control, grabbing her hips tightly I force the last half of my cock in as hard and deep as possible. Her pain is obvious as I look into the mirror and see how tightly she has her eyes shut. I hold her ass high and stay still, the head of my throbbing cock now deep in her womb. I feel every breath she takes as her young body absorbs the shock of my rock cock now completely planted in her no longer virgin pussy.

“Be still Alexis, the pain will pass. You are about to feel pleasure you have only dreamed about.” I calmly explain to her.

Alexis responds quietly. “It’s ok David, I want this so much. I can’t describe what it feels like to have your cock so deep in me. The pain will pass I know.”

After a few moments I watch as Lexi starts to glide her ass forward then slowly back on my cock. I hands gently hold her hips and I just let her stroke my cock as she is able. Her eyes staring deep into mine through the mirror. She begins to relax every muscle around her body and her hands grab at the sheets. She grinds back hard on my cock and every cell of my cock is taken deep into her pussy.

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