Leaving Present for My Teacher

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All people in the story are 18 or over.


“You know Sir I will miss you?” I slipped my hand into his hair. Something about the length, as if he were growing out a military cut, appealed to me as I wove the softness through my fingers.

His eyebrow lifted. “I’m not sure this is the best idea but I like what I see”.

I’d been so sure he was former Army or something before becoming my teacher. I got the vibe. I got the routine, and recognised the straight stance and assured conversation. And he had the confident walk and toned body down.

“I’m willing to do almost anything for my favourite teacher,” I said in a heated voice.

“Interesting.” He said “And more than a little tempting.”

He pulled me in closer, wrapping me in his arms and pressing his chest against mine.

I clenched my fingers even tighter against his shoulders. Had to clear my throat a few times before finally spitting out a word. “I want you”

Those strong hands slipped down my back to land on my ass.

I leaned in until my mouth hovered over his.

He pulled back as his gaze searched hers. canlı bahis “You sure?”

Since I’d been giving him the go sign pretty much from the beginning and he’d been speeding ahead with her, his hesitation now struck her as odd. But those knowing hands skimming along my sides let me know he was ready when she was.

He pulled me hard against him and crushed his mouth to mine again. The full force of his passion washed over me, and I gasped. He took the opportunity of my open mouth to deepen the kiss, and I sighed as his tongue stroked mine, warm and inviting. He slid his hands up my ribcage over the tight school blouse which clung to every part of my body, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

His’s eyes gleamed. “You have an absolutely fantastic figure.”

Warmth spread through me at his admiration. “Thank you Sir.”

He ran his hands up my body to cup my breasts. “You’re so soft.”

“You’re not,” I said breathlessly as he pulled me to him, his erection obvious even through the suit pants.

“Is that any surprise while you’re in my arms, so sensual and womanly?” He moved his bahis siteleri large, warm hands over me, making me quiver as he ran his fingers up her back, then brought them around to cup my breasts again. He brushed his thumbs over my nipples, murmuring his approval as my eyes fluttered shut. “You smell fantastic,” he said. He nuzzled my neck and ear, and I shivered.

He was coaxing my body awake, stirring new sensations, and an ache grew between my thighs. My nipples tightened in response to his touch, and I arched my back to push them into his gentle hands. He groaned.

My fingers itched to touch his skin, so I began to undo the buttons of his shirt, gradually revealing his wide, dark chest, shaped with firm muscles. He went to slip the shirt off, but I shook my head. “No,” I whispered, “keep your fuck-me shirt on.”

His eyes widened with amusement. “My what?”

“You heard me. You look so damn sexy dressed like that.”

He grinned. “Fine.”

I started to unbutton my shirt slowly exposing my small yet firm cleavage. His hand grabbed my wrists “No, Keep your fuck me uniform on” He said with a smile.

He bahis şirketleri started to unzip his pants and pull out his large member. My eyes widened as I took in all it’s thickness in my slender fingers. He gasped as my fingers wrapped around his shaft.

I run two finger-tips lightly around the base of his penis, lean forward and take his penis completely in my mouth. It was so firm but so soft.

I embrace him until I feel, after five or six minutes, the twitch in his balls. He erupts in pulse after pulse of hot sweet cum. He fills my mouth and I swallow, but cum still drips from the sides of my lips and down her chin onto my school shirt.

“Would you like to know how delicious you are Sir?” I ask, then, without waiting for an answer, I lean up and kiss him full on the mouth and he thrusts his tongue in me once more.

I lean my head on his shoulder, snuggle my body close to his while he sits back on his chair. My breasts press against his chest; I can feel his heart beating against them. His cock, slowly growing soft again, snuggling between my legs, pressing gently, politely, tenderly against the lips of my vagina. He realises I’m not wearing panties.

“Camille, would you like to trade places? Would you give me the honour of going down on you?”

“Oh, no Sir, this was entirely a gift for you.”

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