Laura Gives Herself As A Present

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You slam the door as you leave. Your flight is leaving in two hours and there is no time for final words. Our argument has been brief and fiery, like our relationship. After my anger leaves me, I wonder what might happen when you return the next day. What did I want to have happen?

Being the dead of winter in the Northeast, there is not much opportunity for outdoor activity, so I spend the first day of the first hours glad to be rid of you. I start a long hot shower and let the steam fill the bathroom. After washing my short auburn hair, I sit on the little bench and let the water pound my body. Warmed first, then hot I find my fingers between my legs, stroking myself. I hadn’t realized…

It feels good; spreading my legs apart, my fingers find the nub of my sex and a cold shiver runs up my spine. Closing my eyes now, I tease myself, rubbing and touching my clit with the slightest of touches. My left hand goes to my breast. My nipple is hard, like a bead of ruby glass; my fingers pull gently at first, then more urgently as the heat rises in my loins. Supporting my right breast–the weight of my canlı bahis breasts has always made me feel sexy–the reflection in the glass of the shower, shows me caressing my naked body and the first small quivers run through my body.

Now my hand traces the line between the lips of my pussy. They are slippery and swollen with excitement and part as my fingers enter. My body is on fire now. My right hand pinches my clit harder as first one finger, and then two fingers from my left hand start to fuck my pussy. Looking in the steamy reflection of the glass, I see a women in her early thirties, legs spread wide, mouth wide open, panting, trying to catch air, heaving breasts, a random strand of hair across the forehead. Then I come, eyes wide open in the reflection, a trembling orgasm. Then I moan loudly in the enclosure of the shower, a second orgasm, I feel my fingers deep within my body being gripped by my pussy. Warm, wonderful, Ummmmm.

The day passes uneventfully after than, but at night the sheets are cool and empty. I miss you. No, I need you. I know what I will do when you return. Then to sleep.

The bahis siteleri next day is full of work, then a stop at the party store for some big red ribbon, then home. I turn up the heat in the house as I enter. I had never before done what I am planning, but quickly I eat a little dinner that go right to the bathroom. Your flight will land in an hour, and you’ll be home soon after that. Back in the shower, I take my razor out and shave my underarms and legs. Then voicing out loud what I am thinking, I hear myself say: “OK, lets do this Laura.” I carefully, very carefully begin to shave the public hair from my pussy. At first it is a little irritating, but as the hair washes away, I feel a sensual textured smoothness to my sex. I’m excited again but no time for play now. The warm water running over my body keeps me warmed as I completely shave all the hair off my lower body. Toweling off, I look in the mirror and see myself in a new way. A powerful way.

Before me in the mirror stands a nude women about 5’9″, 125 pounds, green eyes, auburn hair, short wavy hair, firm athletic, nice full breasts and bahis şirketleri a completely hairless body from the arms down. My girly pussy looks sexy and different that I imagined just yesterday. I am worthy of any man.

Quickly drying my hair, I make sure my hair looks nice, put only red lipstick on and give myself a reassuring smile. A quick glance at the clock and I realize that you will be home very soon.

Running to the bag from the party store, I take out the red ribbon and wrap it once around my naked belly, then tie a big bow in the front over my tummy. A big red bow. Looking in the full-length mirror, I laugh a little, but I look great. What a wonderful surprise I will be!

Then quickly downstairs, I pour a glass on wine and sit. The heat of the house must be nearly eighty but I feel a little dreamy. Maybe it is the wine, but my mind is full of sexy erotic thoughts and I daydream….

A key in the door and awakening from my daydream I realize that my hand is in my pussy and my fingers are wet. I can smell my excitement.

Running to the door, you step in and see me, naked except for the big red bow. I can see the surprise in your eyes as you gaze over my naked boy. As you open your mouth to speak, I kiss you, deeply. Then whisper in your ear. “I give myself to you as a present.”

The End

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