Late Meeting

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Michael and Tracy stepped out of the parking deck elevator together. Their cars were the last two left on the level. They crossed the deck and made their way over to the vehicles.

“Didn’t think we were ever getting out of that meeting,” Tracy commented as she felt at the bottom of her bag for her keys.

“Me, either – four o’clock meetings never start at four and never end at five.”

Tracy unlocked the car doors. “Just pop those folders in the back seat if you don’t mind. I’ll reorganize them before I take them back in the morning.”

Michael sat the small stack in the car and closed the door. He turned to Tracy and placed a hand on her shoulder. “You get too involved in your work, you know. It’s just work- not your life. “

“Yeah, I know – it’s going to leave me a lonely woman. I think I’ve heard that a time or two. Don’t worry about me, though. It keeps me busy and that’s enough for now.”

Michael leaned down and planted a kiss on her forehead. “It shouldn’t be enough. There is so much you’re missing.”

“Like this?” Tracy asked. She touched his face and pulled him into a kiss.

He wrapped his arms around her and leaned her back toward the car. “Mmmm . . . like canlı bahis this.”

She could feel his erection straining at the material of his pants. His hands slid up under her blouse. He unhooked her bra and freed her breasts from their cups.

“And this . . .” Michael bent his head and suckled one of her nipples. Gently, he tugged and rolled the other nipple with his strong talented fingers.

Her skirt was next. He pushed it up to her waist and ground against her. She moaned her readiness to him.

Fumbling, Tracy unfastened his waistband and unzipped his pants. She felt a moist drop of precum when she freed his member from its confinement. She softly rubbed her thumb over the tip and then wrapped her hand around the base of his hard cock.

Michael worked a hand into her panties as he kissed her. She felt him smile against her lips as his fingers discovered how warm and wet she was. He cupped his hand over her mound, then slapped it gently against her pussy lips.

Wanting more, Tracy tried to push herself against his hand. He fingered her roughly, rubbing her clit with his thumb. “These,” he said pulling at her panties with his free hand, “have got to go.”

He stepped bahis siteleri away from her and Tracy slid them down then off. She reached out to touch his cock again, but he wouldn’t let her. “Not yet . . . want to hear you ask nicely for it first.”

“Tease,” she mocked.

Michael smiled. “So you liked the little slap, huh? Pussy want a little more of that?” He pushed her legs further apart and gave her lips a harder swat than before.

Tracy was shocked to find she did indeed like it and when his finger entered her again, it was covered with evidence of how much. She was slick and warm. She groaned when he knelt down and flicked his tongue over her hardening nub.

“Please,” she begged.

“Please, what?”

“You know what – please!”

“Say it, and say it like you mean it. Give me a little dirty talk like the slut I know you can be – my slut.” He turned her around and gave her generous butt a hard spank. “Oooh, that’s going to leave a pretty mark.”

Michael bent her over the hood of the car and administered a few more strikes. Tracy tried not to respond, but found herself enjoying the feel. Her bottom stung and throbbed where his hands had left their marks.

Michael bahis şirketleri pushed his cock in between her thighs and rubbed against her, teasing her again. “Say it, my slut – tell me what you need. What do you want?”

“You- I want you. Fuck me, please.”

“What? Sorry -didn’t hear you –louder.”

“Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Her plea echoed across the empty parking deck.

“That’s more like it.” Michael positioned his cock outside her waiting pussy. He pushed into her gently. She could feel her walls stretching to accommodate his large cock and the sensation tortured her. “More, now . . . please – harder.”

He stroked his cockhead in and out of her slowly. She groaned in frustration and tried to push back against him. He responded by yanking her hair, but did give her more cock. “Who do you belong to?”

“You, I’m yours. You know that. I know it, too.”

“Mmmm, Tracy. . .”

Michael quickened his pace and began pounding her against the hood. He held her hands crossed behind her back so she couldn’t move. He felt her body tense and knew she was about to come. He drove his cock harder and deeper into her. She moaned senselessly.

When he felt her walls pulse and wrap tighter around him, he grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed hard as he emptied his load into her throbbing cunt.

He slumped down over Tracy and kissed her back. “See – all kinds of things you’re missing.”

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