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I “met” Katelyn from a social media web site and we had been emailing and texting for about two weeks before we could make arrangements to meet in person. It was a Saturday morning and she had to run to her office early in the morning. Many times she would see clients on the weekend because it was convenient for them. Since I was only working a couple of hours I suggested I meet her at work and we could grab a cup of coffee or something before she started. Her profession is that of a spa like treatment center in the middle of a huge shopping center. There are a few restaurants around in case we wanted to grab a bite to eat, and a nine o’clock time was set to meet.

I got there early and was hanging out sitting on the bike when she drove up. DAMN! She looked even better than her pictures. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a tight tee shirt like so many girls are wearing now a day. She got out of the car to give me a hug and her tiny waist and slender body looked absolutely amazing. And that initial hug was more of an embrace. No way I would classify it as a “nice to meet you” kind of hug. We decided to sit in her car and talk for a bit since it was our first meeting to get to know each other face to face. The first thing I notice is her hair. It’s long, down to her lower back, burnt red in color and I can’t think of anything but running my fingers through it. Her smile is bright and genuine which goes along with her blue eyes. Yes, she is nothing less than a smoking hottie. I’d call her a MILF but Jesus; she doesn’t even look half of her 48 years in age!

We talk and I find out she has had a long string of jobs that are normally stereotyped with the hot women of this world. She was an airline stewardess back in the day when all stewardesses were female and they were all good looking. She was a spokesman, (eye candy) for a leading beer company; you know the ones in the bikinis with the logo across the front? And of course, she was the captain of her cheer leading squad in high school and college, and now coaches cheer in her spare time. And only recently, in the past few years, she has competed in bikini contests with yes, girls half her age and was bringing home hardware. A purely fantasy girl, but here she sat right beside me, and she was interested in me! I couldn’t wrap my head around that but…

Ok so I don’t think I’m a bad looking dude, but no way in hell would I think I would ever have a chance at talking to, let alone hanging with this well documented beauty queen. I guess the saying about charm and personality does go a long way but I’m still pretty cautious as to why this woman doesn’t have a hundred good looking men lined up waiting to take her to dinner. She tells me that she gets asked out a lot but most of the guys are phony, and they just don’t do anything for her and I was straight up honest with her and didn’t try to be someone I wasn’t just to impress her. She also told me she was turned on by my “rugged bad boy looks” and the fact I rode a Harley helped my cause as well. She said eventually she hoped to settle back down with a man but wouldn’t put her or her daughters at risk if she just settled on some guy, but until then she didn’t mind hanging out and having fun with a decent guy she knew wasn’t going to hurt her. She also admitted she had a bit of a wild streak still, and again the Harley could bring that out in her. Little did I know at the time how much of a “wild streak” she actually had!

So with all this talking and getting mofos porno to know each other we start to let our guards down and feel comfortable with one another. I ease my hand over on her thigh and she actually scooted over a little closer to me. I took that as my go ahead and leaned over to give her a kiss. She had soft but determined lips. I put my arms around her waist and back and she did the same and we pulled each other in for a long, deep, tongues exploring kiss. This woman knew how to kiss and I told her so. She told me that she really enjoyed my lips and it had been a really long time since she kissed a man who knew how.

We talked some more with periodic interruptions to enjoy more of each other’s affections. I finally look at my watch and realize we had been sitting in the front seat of her car for a little over two hours. Time really does fly by when you’re having fun, so I told her I should let her get on her way to work and I didn’t mean to take up so much of her time. She said it wasn’t a big deal at all because her office was only about 25 yards away in that same shopping center. Sure enough we were only a few doors away from her office. She asked me if I wanted to come in and see where she worked and I told her sure why not. I really didn’t understand the full scope of what she did, or what her office was all about so I figured it would only be one more thing I could learn about her.

She grabbed her purse, took out her keys and we walked to the office door. She locked the door behind us and drew down all the shades. Ok now my mind is racing! Why did she draw the shades? Privacy? I called her on it and she tells me that since the office is closed for the day, she didn’t want anyone thinking they were open and she keeps everything locked up tight when she was there by herself. She tosses her purse down and begins to give me the personal tour showing me all the different rooms. The waiting area where we walked in was spa like with candles and tropical plants. The back offices were more like well decorated doctors’ examining rooms. There were long bed like tables with sheets, pillows and towels to make clients comfortable. Each office having plants and paintings and different decorations to make someone feel comfortable. Each person she worked with had their own specialties and their offices contained equipment that allowed them to do their job.

When Katelyn showed me her office it was very welcoming considering it was actually one of the smallest rooms available. Just a bit of mood lighting, the bed and her rolling chair dominated most of the space and it caused us to have to stand really close to one another, which I never complained about. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her in tight. My mouth met hers, lips open for hungry tongues to experience. My fingers combing through her long hair and the kiss deepens. The hand I had around her waist has found itself moving lower, cupping the round soft mound of her ass cheek. I pull her in tighter and she lets out a muffled moan feeling the hardness through my jeans pressing into her belly. I pull her hair back, exposing her long thin neck and my mouth quickly dips down. Kissing, licking and sucking a trail down the base of her neck, down her collar bone and then back up. By this time the moans have grown louder and we can hear each other’s breathing getting heavy. I push her back up against the closed office door pinning her in place. My hands move up and down her body naughty america porno taking in every inch I can. Her hips move with mine and we grind our bodies together. My hand lands on one of her small but firm breasts and my fingers find the hard nipple through the cotton material of her tee shirt and give it a little squeeze. She moans louder and does nothing to tell me enough is enough or to stop. And when I dart my hand between her legs and press against her she damn near cries out “PLEASE!” I spin our bodies around and lay her back on the examining bed. I crawl up between her opened legs and our groins dry hump one another while our mouths play havoc on each other.

“I want you” I tell her. And she looks at me and nods her head. I quickly remove her tennis shoes and, and in one motion drag both her tight pants and her panties down those long long legs and toss them to the side. Her pussy is gorgeous, bald, slick with wetness, and begging for me. I dive my head between her legs and push my tongue in between the pink folds and get a mouthful of pure honey. Dragging my tongue upward I gather every bit of wetness I can before I swallow and go back for more. When the tip of my tongue hits her clit, her fists clench the sides of the bed and her back arches. Locking my lips around the little nub I begin a full assault. Flicking at it back and forth it takes no time for her muscles to tense and for her to cry out. I ride her through her first orgasm not letting up on the tongue lashing I’m giving her. I only ease up after she cums hard the first time, and then it’s only to slow the pace, making small soft circles on the pea shaped bud, occasionally dabbling downward to drink more of the sweetness she has given me. I build her up again and the results are the same. Fists clenching as she locks her legs around my neck and back.

Of all the times I had been to a doctor’s office, I have never realized but those examining tables are THE perfect height for sex. I’m 6’3″ and have a 36 inch inseam, and when I reach down and release my hard shaft from the confines of my jeans, the head is at the perfect level to match her quivering pussy. So with my pants down around my ankles I reach under her ass and pull her toward me. Looking into her eyes, we communicate without words and we both know what’s coming next. She takes a deep breath, bites her lower lip and I push forward. The head sinks deep before I pull back a little, allowing her to get used to the intrusion of my eight, very thick inches.

She lifts her legs up and around my lower back while I stand between her open and inviting legs. I thrust forward again, sinking a little deeper this time, and by the third time I’m fully inside her and I can feel my balls resting on her ass. I hold there overjoyed at the feeling how incredibly tight she is. I begin a long slow rhythm pulling out to the head waiting just a moment and then I grip my hands on her upper thighs and pull her down as I push my length back inside the cocoon of her sex and again I can’t believe how god damn tight she is! In and out I can feel her muscles gripping around me and she was squeezing me with her muscles! I know there is no way in hell I will be able to last long at this pace.

I pull her tee shirt up and over her head, release the clasp on the back of her bra, exposing her chest. She has small but pert breasts and the tips are hard and pointy. I bend down to kiss her lips before moving down her public agent porno chest to suck on the tight hard nipple of one teat. First one then the other and with each movement our moaning gets louder. I prop myself up on my elbows and begin working my hips quicker. She has her ankles on my hips with her legs opened wide, taking everything I can give her.

“Holy fuck baby you’re tight!” I scream.

“It’s that big cock of yours working me over” she replies.

That about does it! I pull back and out of that lovely tight sheath. I can see her damn near pouting but I reassure her that I’m not done yet. I flip her over and bend her over the table quickly finding my way back inside pure bliss. I reach up and grab a fist full of her long hair pulling her head back. I don’t want her face buried in the pillow muffling her screams and I want to find out just how much I can get away with this woman who portrays herself as sweet and innocent.

I push hard and deep and she grunts screaming “YES!” Back and forth my hips move thrusting and pounding her from behind. I can feel the wetness dripping down my balls and legs and it fuels my lust even more. I raise my hand and bring it down on her ass. She screams again “OH YES!” And again I slap her ass while fucking her as hard and as deep as I can.

The whole scenario is just too damn much for me and I feel my balls tighten.

“I’m going to cum” I tell her, not thinking about it before or knowing where she wants me to finish. Is she on the pill? She tells me, no let me rephrase that, she begs me not to stop and that it’s ok.

“Come on baby, fill me up. Let that big cock cum inside me” and that does it. Dirty talk has always been a weakness of mine in the bedroom, or office as this case may be.

With a loud monstrous growl I empty my balls deep inside her. My legs are shaking and my body convulses. I push deeper…she grunts, because I think I hit a spot a little too deep for her.

I fall with my chest pressed on her back exhausted and drained. Our bodies sweaty and slick resulting from the incredible workout and fucking we both enjoyed. The pure smell of raw sex permeates the small space.

We both are breathing heavy and trying to catch our breaths to talk. I crawl up on the table with her and we curl up into one another. She playful starts to fondle my softening cock, and I tell her I wasn’t expecting our first meeting to go quite like this but was damn happy it did. She agreed and told me she was looking forward to our friendship growing and seeing each other more. I told her I didn’t know if I could handle how damn tight she was, and her reply?

“If you think my pussy is tight you’re going to really enjoy how tight my ass is.” and gave me a little wink. Holy fuck! Seriously?! Did she just offer her ass up to me? The girl I just met turns out to be a little minx!

I know it’s getting late and I tell her so and that we both needed to get through the rest of our day.

We got up from the table and began getting ourselves together. She showed me where the shower was and I jumped in for a quick wash. When I got out of the shower she was already dressed. I asked her if she was going to jump in the shower and she told me no, she wanted the smell of us fucking to be on her until she went home. Mmmm, Damn I have found me one hot little red head who is a PTA mom in public and a little freak when in private.

She walked me to the door and kissed me good bye. I told her I would text her later, and we would figure out the next time we could get together. As I jumped on the bike and was riding home, my thoughts drifted back to what the hell just happened. And then at the end when she told me about how tight her ass was. Riding a Harley with a hard on isn’t comfortable at all.

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