Just Another Day

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Part 1

Like every morning for the last year I was up early running in the park a few blocks from my place. Very rare to see anyone else out and thought that when I turned the last corner and started my home stretch sprint and saw you running in front of me. I could see your long blonde ponytail bouncing with each step as the morning sun glistened off of it.

As I got closer I could see just the bottoms of your cute ass playing peek-a-boo under your top. I had seen lots of spandex outfits, most should have never been let out of the house, but yours looked painted on. The closer I got showed the definition in your very shapely legs and fabulous ass, my mind went off thinking about peeling you out of them. Amazed on how you could get them on.

I tried to soften my steps as I was hypnotized by the rhymnic movement of your ponytail and the left, right, up and down of each ass check as you kept moving. I could only hope your front matched the wonder of your back side.

Just as I came within a couple of strides, I moved to the left and made my courtesy “on your left” call and your foot landed on a rock and you went down, tumbling on the blacktop path. I tried to catch you as you screamed but missed and you landed on your knee and rolled off the path.

I stopped and ran over asking if you were ok. My question from earlier was answered as our eyes met. Your green eyes pierced right through me. I didnt want to look away. Yes, the front was even better than the back. You were kind of laughing saying how clumsy you were and told me you would be ok. We both looked down and you had tore the knee out of your light running pants and your knee was bleeding pretty good.

I looked on up your leg and the spandex outline your womanly mound. My heart rate started back up. My big head tried to get back to your knee but my little head wanted to keep looking. I had a bandana on that morning and I took it off my head and as I touched your leg to wrap your knee, you were still very warm and my nerves came alive. I looked back up and noticed how fitted your top was and I could see you had felt it also. Your nipples started to get hard showing under the spandex. Our eyes met again and I could feel my cock really trying to come to life. My mind was back to peeling you out of everything.

Quickly I told you we needed to clean your knee. You said you would be good and I told you I thought it was my fault coming up behind you like that and the least I could do was get you home. We limped you to your place even closer than mine.

Part 2

We got to my door, I was noticing the entire way home your strong broad frame and beautiful arms. I’m into arms…the firm defined muscles, not too big, nor small…just nice size and shape! I could feel how strong you were under your tight workout shirt. It sparked a little twitch between my legs and maybe some wetness also. You grew impatient waiting for me to hobble inside (or maybe you just wanted to show off) as you picked me up and carried me inside; reminiscent of a bride on her wedding night. I think you felt my ass with your forearm as you went to pick me up! Nice move.

I had my arms wrapped around your neck trying to hold on best I could. Even though you were sweating from you run, your scent was intoxicating. Rugged manly scent from your Axe body spray (which turns me the fuck on!!) mixed with your own pheromones. Impressive I thought to myself.

You headed over to my couch and set me down ever so gently. I reluctantly released my grip around your neck. Our eyes met again only this time we didn’t break the stare. “Your eyes are the most beautiful shade of green.” You whispered sweetly. I smiled, blushed and said “Thanks and yours are hazel/gray/blue gorgeous, but they don’t look the same.” You indicated that they change color when you are aroused by the opposite sex! Again smooth! “Sometimes one is a deeper color than the other.”

I finally break the stare we are sharing so you don’t think I’m being weird. You look down at me stand up straight, look around and you state you like my taste in style. A combination of antique furniture, motocross memorabilia and muscle car pics, some well maintained plants and animal pics too.

“Very interesting.” you muse.

“I tend to surround myself with things I love. Life is too short to not have your favorite things close.”

“So where can I find things to clean up your knee?” you asked.

Holy crap…I was so lost in our conversations I forgot about my knee. Which had now stopped bleeding and was slightly crusted over with blood.

“Oh, in the bathroom there are some washcloths and bandages in the vanity drawers.” I watched you walk to the bathroom and craned my neck to watch you in the adorable jogging shorts! Wow your ass is amazing. You returned momentarily in with the supplies to make my knee feel czech harem porno better.

“I missed you.” I said with a smile. I could really get use to having you around I thought to myself. Beautiful body and eyes AND a caring attitude. Triple threat!

Part 3

“Yeah, all the girls say that.” I set back down beside you on the couch to reexamine your knee.

I said, “You know my first car was a ’70 Chevelle SS.”

You replied, “no way”.

I said yep, “Great back seat.” and looked up, our eyes met again and the fire sent shock waves through my body.

I thought to myself, I have run and cursed that trail for a year and now it all seemed worth it. As I touched your leg again that electricity started to fire up the ‘little general’ and I was trying to keep my excitement down knowing it would show through my jogging shorts.

I noticed your nipples getting a little hard again and then thought no fluke from earlier, you were feeling much the same as me. I looked back down to your knee and said, “We need to get you out of these crazy tight running pants so I can clean and bandage you up.”

I grabbed a towel for you to cover up. “Let me turn around.”

I could feel you raise up off the couch knowing they were coming off and in slow motion I could see you peeling them down, inch by inch, off your hips exposing your womanhood and down your firm legs. My cock was fighting to be noticed.

I was still caught up in that dream moment and you tapped me softly on the shoulder and said, “I’m ready.”

I turned slowly and tried to keep my bulging shorts from your view. You had laid the towel over your legs about half way up your thighs. I thought your legs were beautiful.

I grinned, “That’s better. Now this is probably going to sting a bit.”

I carefully poured some hydrogen peroxide and you let out a soft ouch.

Every touch of your leg I got another charge. My cock just keep getting harder and your nipples seemed to be full erect popping through your top.

I got your wound cleaned up and as I started to wrap the bandage, you very slowly spread your legs with every wrap.

The towel kept inching up more and more and almost exposed your whole inner thigh. Just as I finished on the inside of your leg I could feel the warmth of your body and looked up. Your eyes were kinda dazed over and so deep and inviting.

Not breaking eye contact I started running my hand up your inner thigh. You started to bite your lower lip but never broke eye contact. As I moved closer and closer towards your middle I gently slid off the couch on to the floor.

Now between your legs my fingers were at the soft upper most inner thigh, you closed your eyes and laid your head back. I gently massage that soft spot and you let out a soft sigh. I could feel your warmth. I raised my other hand up and slowly pull away the towel. I realized all you had on were your running pants. What a beautiful sight, your nicely trimmed womanhood. I could see the sparkle of light showing the wetness and knew for sure you were feeling what I had been. I lowered my other hand and with both thumbs gently ran up your pussy folds. I could feel more warmth and more wetness. Your sighs were getting closer and closer.

As I slowly moved to you I looked down your body. Your nipples were full erect now. Larger than ever. As I got closer you sighs turn into softer moans feeling my breath getting closer and closer. Just as my thumbs exposed your woman pearl I could feel your hands at the back of my head anticipating what would happen next…

Part 4

“Ahhhhh, I can’t take it anymore!! Do it.” I screamed, “Please please do it, put me out of my misery!”

I took your head in my hands and forced your face into my aching wet pussy. You obliged with energetic ferver and enthusiasm. You first sucked my clit with your tender lips softly at first then harder and harder until I was almost passing out with the ecstasy of it all.

I couldn’t hold back my screams and moans, along with a string of obscenities. What came from my mouth shocked me and I apologized to you.

“No baby you go right ahead and tell me what you want.” you whispered. “You must need this bad, since you’re not telling me to stop.”

“I have been without for a long fucking time, just fuck me with your tongue and make me feel I belong here with you!”

You dove back between my legs and began lapping at my pussy and all of its juices that flowed from it. You cleaned it and continued to suck on my sensitive sexy pearl of a clit.

My desire and body could not take it anymore and I begin to feel the beginnings of an orgasm that was going to be epic! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, you stuck your middle finger in my cunt and another in my ass and continued to suck on swingers porno my clit.

“Oh my God!”

I started the series of events all over again and could feel this orgasm was going to completely change my day and my way of thinking about sex.

Sex with a stranger who knew it could be this good? I didn’t want it to end so I tried not to cum so fast. It built and built upon itself and all I could do was tell you deeper and harder and faster.

And then it happened! That glorious moment that you know is going to kill you if you got interupted. I started screaming and yelling obscenities speaking in tongues so to say.

“Fuck ,fuck, fuck, fuck me, fuck me harder! Oh my God, oh my God I’m going to cum!”

You never missed a beat and kept me cumming till I was completely used up!

I think at one point I completely black out from the intensity. You slowed your tongue and just held it in place until I gathered my thoughts and you knew I was ok.

Carefully you lapped at my juices one more time as my body shuddered with the aftershock and and I started to become aware of my surroundings. I was out of breath and completely spent, yet wanted to see your face and kiss your lips covered with my cum.

“Come up here baby, I want to see you.” I begged.

You stopped your attentions on my pussy with a quick kiss and a smack of your lips, and I felt a little sad that feeling had left.

You crawled up towards me and I pulled your face to mine. I was shivering with aftershocks and could barely kiss you, but you tasted divine and you embraced me and helped me get back to reality.

“Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you I truly needed that after my break up 6 months ago with my fiance. I have never had an orgasm like that in my entire life and now I realize what I was missing. Thank God I didn’t marry the man who could not make me cum like that. You are truly an amazing man!”

Part 5

We shared your sweetness as we gently kissed. You were still shuddering from the aftershocks. Our tongues started exploring each other’s mouths. As we laid there you could feel my rock hard cock pounding through my running shorts right on your pussy’s lips.

I could still feel feel your warmth and wetness.

You slowly pulled away and said, “I think it’s your turn.”

You gently rolled out from underneath me and I rolled over on my back. You still had your top on and as you slid off the couch you removed your top and showed your beautiful firm breasts. Your rock hard nipples so inviting and I reached for a feel but you pushed my hands away as you grabbed the sides of my shorts.

You pulled them down very slowly and said, “What do we have here?”

My manhood exploded out of my shorts and I helped kick out of them.

You ran your hands up my legs and grabbed my cock in both hands. I sighed in anticipation as you lowered your mouth and started licking just the tip. Small circles to start and after the earlier excitement with you I wasn’t sure how long I could hold on. As the circles got to reach the outer rim of the head of my cock, you removed your top hand and cupped my balls. You closed your mouth firm around the top and started taking it in, slowly inch by inch.

I watched as I continued to disappear in your mouth. You remove your lower hand and I reached to grab the back of your head. I hadn’t completely disappeared when you raised up with your lips firmly around and cock and back down you went, again and again. Your tongue still circling and licking inside your mouth. I was moaning louder and louder and pulled you towards me wanting but trying so hard to hold off the explosion.

You got faster and faster and I got harder and harder. Just as I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, you stopped. I caught control and you slowly went down again and this time as I felt the back of your throat, you relaxed for a second and your throat opened up and you took me all in.

You looked up and our eyes met. You could feel my very warm pre-cum trickle down your throat. I thought I was going to explode, but somehow you kept me from it. My cock had swelled to a size I had never felt before.

You raised up as I relaxed my hands on the back of your head and started kissing up my belly. I was in a state of numbness thinking what was going to happen next. I could feel your firm warm breasts as you pressed them against me as you continued towards my mouth.

Part 6

I love the taste of your skin on my tongue especially when your skin is goose-fleshed. The texture against it is magnificent! I continued to kiss your face and your eyelids came back to your mouth, that beautiful mouth that made me so happy earlier. I sunk my tongue deep into your inviting mouth and savored the taste of myself within you. It czech pool porno was the most delicious and passionate kiss I have had in a very long time! Oh my God I could have an orgasm just from this!

My insides were churning and I could tell that you were feeling the same way. Your grip around my neck pulling me closer to you and your hand firmly across my ass pulling me towards your beautiful turgid cock was too much to control.

“I want you now dammit!” you growled into my ear.

I can no longer control myself and climbed atop your beautiful frame. My juices started leaking onto your cock automatically when I spread my legs to mount you. It was uncontrollable… at that point I slowly lowered myself to the tip of your penis and its huge bulbous head and began to slowly sink that glorious weapon of lust deep within my depths! I took a deep breath and held it as I slowly lowered myself onto you. It seemed like an eternity for it to be completely within me.

I looked in your eyes and could not help but smile at the wonderous feeling of completeness. I didn’t want it to end but you started pistoning upward and out, then up and out of my wet pussy. My eyes got huge with the overall feeling of you connecting with me! My GOD this is glorious! I have never felt this before and became lightheaded and I wanted you deeper and deeper with in me and tried to grind you as far as possible making my cherished Garden all yours!

I can feel the head of your cock bottoming out against my cervix which turns me on even more! I could tell that you were enjoying yourself also and you began kissing me deeply again making a connection and complete circuit between the two of us.

The heat from our bodies was amazing and completely overwhelming. I have no other words to describe it other than pure bliss!

You stopped abruptly, broke our kiss, pulled away from me but stayed within my walls! You stared in my eyes pulled me close again, took my tits firmly in your hands brought one to your mouth and began suckling like a starved child! Your eyes are closed in ecstasy and I threw my head back in the sheer delight of your suction on my nipples! I couldn’t take it anymore, this action set off an explosion deep within my core and I had yet another most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.

I screamed for mercy and began to weep uncontrollably; it was a reaction to the release and the realization of what I had missed for so long. You didn’t know how to take this reaction so you begin tenderly caressing me and consoling me telling me not to cry, but it was tears of joy.

We kissed over and over and you began your relentless driving into my pussy with that beautiful cock! Growling through your teeth you warned me, “I’m not going to last much longer my precious lover, so get ready to take my huge load into your beautiful pussy!”


I raised up and you arched your back taking every pounding thrust. I watched your magnificent breasts moving in unison with our bodies rhythm.

I looked down and could see your swelled wet accepting pussy lips. You reached down and began circling your rock hard clit, rubbing faster and faster. With me pounding in and out, deeper and deeper, and you driving your woman pearl, you were having gasping orgasms with every thrust.

I raised further up just so the rim of my rock hard cock’s head was exposed out of your cunt. You were so swollen and tight that your vagina walls resisted, not wanting me to exit. That was the final want needed by my body.

We both stopped for just a second knowing and anticipating what was going to happen next. The second seemed like a lifetime. This whole morning had been something neither of us had experienced before and we were imprinting every moment in our minds.

I urged you on, “Cum with me baby!” You hit your exposed nerve at the tip of your clit with another rub and just as you screamed,

“Oh my God, give it to me.” I rammed my rock hard wanting cock deeper into your hot wet cunt, so tight and wet. As I buried at your cervix, and then some, I exploded and we both screamed sharing that orgasmic moment in time shared by few.

Between my load and your pussy gush, we both could feel the warmth wetness of our loving moment.

I collapsed onto your very warm woman pillows and you wrapped your legs and arms around me. Still totally out of breath we both laid there in silence sucking each other in and finishing the brain imprint of what had just happened, a memory that could only be shared between the two of us.

I stayed hard deep inside you and your pussy wouldn’t let go for several minutes. I raised up just enough to see the glow in your face and passionately kissed you like never before.

As our bodies finally relaxed, I slowly inched out of you, followed by the rest of our warm body fluids. Reminding us once again of the place in heaven we had just shared.

After finally getting back to what reality we could, I said, “By the way my name is Will.”

You softly said with a grin, “I’m Traci.”

I said, “So very wonderful to meet you Traci. How’s the knee?”

You smiled and said, “What knee?”

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