Julie Submits

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Julie was gorgeous. Not the drop-dead make your tongue hang out type of gorgeous, but the perfect, nice soul, sensual type of gorgeous that only comes with confidence and style. I had admired her for a couple of months now, but she was much younger than me, and I was her boss.

Today we were in the office alone. It was a long weekend, and I had let everyone else leave early. I had offered to let Julie go early to, but she had elected to stay, saying that she had something that she wanted to do and it would be better without everyone else here to distract her. I watched as she worked on the report. Her face a mask of concentration as she typed. She asked me for my input on something, so I walked up and stood beside her and asked what she needed.

“Jake,” she said, “I am writing something and I need your perspective on it.”

She looked into my eyes as she spoke, and I thought I see something in them, but I told myself that I was imagining things, and looked at her screen to see what she was working on.

As I read what she had been writing, I was surprised to see that it was a story. It was a story about her giving in to carnal pleasures and letting a man dominate her in every way.

I read the first paragraph, getting turned on by the story. I wanted to keep reading, but I wasn’t sure of I should. I stood back and looked at her, the lust starting to build inside me, peering down her plunging neckline, imagining the pleasure that lay beneath.

“Should I really be reading this?” I asked.

She swiveled in her chair, and looked directly at my groin, then slowly let her gaze roam up to my face. There was no mistaking the desire in her eyes, soft hazel eyes that were speaking to me.

Her voice had a slight quiver as she spoke, the huskiness of arousal, “Yes,” she said, “You should definitely be reading this.”

The sound of her voice and the lust in her eyes made me want to take her, dominate her completely. I read more of the story. Another paragraph, but I was having trouble concentrating on the words, the blood was rushing to my cock, making me hard, as I imagined what it would be like to do what she was writing.

I glanced at her again, and she was staring at the growing erection in my pants, her mouth slightly open. She was incredibly sexy, not skinny, but a full-bodied woman. Her figure was the type I dreamed about when I fantasized. Her hands were on the side of the chair, as she sat there demurely, looking vulnerable and ready for whatever happened next.

My heart was pounding in my chest, as I took her by the chin, lifted her face toward mine, looked in her eyes with the lust that I was feeling and lent over and kissed her.

I can’t remember how long the kiss lasted, all I knew was that I wanted to take her, make love to her, softly at first, then getting wilder and wilder as she succumbed to my every desire.

My cock was fully hard by now, and pressing against the fabric of my trousers, and I could see her erect nipples pressing against her top. I wanted her; she wanted me, that was suddenly all that mattered. I held her chin, holding her face towards mine, and said,

“Julie, I am going to take you. I am going to hold you in my arms, squeeze you tight, and taste every part of your body, and you are going to taste every part of mine. We will not stop still one of us collapses from exhaustion.”

A moan escaped her lips, coming from deep in her throat, and all she could do was say yes, in a quiet subdued voice.

I took her by the hand, stood her up, and held her tight as we kissed again, feeling her press hard against me. I held her tight as I caressed her ass. Our mouths were devouring each other, and the hunger grew, wanting more, but not wanting the kiss to end.

I leaned back, looked down into her eyes, and said,

“I want to feel your body shake with pleasure as my tongue attacks your pussy, your clitoris. I want to taste your arousal, drinking your moisture as you writhe in ecstasy against me.”

Again all she could say was yes, but the way she said it was…fucking hot.

I was determined to make her have a shuddering orgasm. I held her cheeks as I kissed her, running my hands round the nape of her neck, hearing her moaning response was so enticing, making me want to hear them more and more. Her breathing was becoming faster, and I began to kiss her neck, caressing the nape of her neck with my hand.

I continued to kiss her neck, and she started to caress my thighs, moving around to my backside. I stopped her hands, held her arms tight against her side.

“You are not to touch me until I have finished with you, you are going to take my ministrations, keeping your hands to yourself until I give you permission to use them elsewhere, is that clear?”

She moaned a yes, and I knew then that this was going to be truly memorable.

I stood back and looked at her, rubbing my penis through my trousers as she watched.

“Do you want to feel me inside you?”

She moaned another yes. brazzers porno God she was beautiful to watch in this state, aching for me, looking subdued, but at the same time incredibly hot. I wanted to take her right there and then, rip her clothes of and pound into her, but I also wanted to make her so desperate for me that she would beg for me to fuck her.

I told her to take her top of for me, and she practically ripped it off. I then instructed her to turn around and remove her skirt and shoes, and watched as she bent over and took her shoes off one by one. Her backside was beautiful, and I could see the moisture on her pants.

As she bent over to remove her skirt, I caressed her cheeks, feeling them beneath her pants, teasingly getting close to her pussy. I could smell the aroma of her wetness, which tingled in the back of my throat as I imagined the taste and feel of her. She stood back up and turned around, her breasts swaying softly with the movement, everything about her making me ache with desire, not just my cock – my whole body.

I told her to sit on my lap, and as she moved over to me the sensuality of her movement made my jaw drop. She smiled at that, then straddled both my legs, her wet pants clinging to her pussy, glistening with promise.

I held her arms behind her as I kissed her again, moving to her neck, and as I nuzzled her neck I told her to keep her arms behind her. She was sighing with pleasure as I explored her back and sides with my hands, kissing the top of her chest, rubbing her stomach, moving my hands her sides to her breasts, then gently cradling each one as I licked along the line of her bra.

I gently grazed her hard nipples, feeling her shudder and hearing her gasp as I did so. I moved my hands to her back, nuzzling her neck again as I undid her bra, I told her to raise her arms as I removed the bra, and sat there admiring her breasts, her nipples hard with excitement. I gently cupped each breast, running my hands round them in circles, reducing in size till finally, I took each nipple between my thumb and finger and squeezed.

She was starting to pant now, and she said “Oh god yes Jake, you’re getting me so horny, I want you bad.”

I looked in her lust filled eyes, and whispered “I am going to take you Julie, but not till I’m good and ready.”

Her moan of frustration and desire was so enticing, I almost lost my will, but I maintained my composure and continued.

With her hands on her head, I continued to squeeze her nipples, feeling their firmness, and finally I had to taste them. I run my tongue from her neck down the her chest bone, then slowly to the left breast, again going round and round her nipple in decreasing circles, finally taking it into my mouth, hearing her gasp as I sucked hard, and flicked my tongue backwards and forward across, round and round, enjoying the firmness in my mouth, and the moaning it was producing.

Her body was beginning to sway, her hips starting to move, as she craved the touches I was giving her. I moved to the right nipple and repeated the torment, slowly decreasing circles till I reached the nipple, then sucked it hard and attacked with my tongue.

She was panting now, her hips moving on my legs, moaning, “Yes yes yes, oh god yes!”

As I worked on her breasts and nipples with my mouth, I stroked down her sides, feeling her shiver as I reached her hips. I caressed her stomach, following the line of her pants, across the top, down the top of her thigh, then along her inner thighs to her knees. Massaging hard with my hands, feeling her shiver and shake with each touch, as her whole body had become an erogenous zone for me to toy with. I was so hard with desire feeling her respond, hearing her moans of delight and her cries of yes as I toyed with her.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to feel her wetness, and I rubbed my hand back up her thigh, and felt the slipperiness of her pussy as I caressed her lips through her pants. The moan she gave when I did this was almost animalistic, from deep inside, and she shuddered as I caressed her. I was so aroused by her responses that I couldn’t take much more of this my self.

I stood up, her legs wrapped around me as I supporter her by her backside, pressing her hard against my erection, her head tilted back as I walked over to the desk carrying her, her hips moving against me.

I placed her on the edge of the desk, used my arm in a sweeping motion to clear the desk, and laid her back. Leaning over her and kissing her and our groins pressed together, both wanting to fuck hard. I stood up, took a step back and quickly stripped, revealing my throbbing cock.

Julie looked and me and said, “Please Jake, fuck me now, take me, fuck me hard.”

God knows I wanted to do that, but I smiled, removed her pants and kissed from her calves, to her inner thighs, watching her pussy lips swollen red with blood, till finally I kissed her on the lips.

The organic sweetness of her juices was delicious, clip4sale porno and I wanted to taste that forever, but my own need was now overcoming my desire to tease her. I gave her long slow licks with the flat of my tongue, up and down her lips, skirting her clitoris.

I told her she could use her hands on her own body now if she wanted, and watched as she started caressing her breasts and working her nipples, but when she reached for her clitoris, I stopped her and said,

“That’s mine to play with, you have to leave it alone.”

She was constantly moaning now, and the instruction made her groan, so I inserted two fingers deep in her vagina, and she began to thrust her hips in time with my fingering.

I lent down and sucked her clitoris into my mouth and the moan this time was almost a scream, very hot. I started moving my tongue up and down, side to side against her hard clit, her hips bucking now as I struggled to maintain contact as she writhed.

I held her down with my other hand as she writhed, so I could keep up the pressure. She was panting heavily now, the sounds emitting from her were purely animal, no longer in control as I brought her closer to a shuddering orgasm.

I stood up, took hold of my cock, and started to run the head up and down her lips, caressing her clitoris at the top, the back down. Her legs wrapped around me and she tried to pull me into her, but I resisted. With my hard cock at the entrance to her vagina, I leaned over kissed her neck again, and whispered in her ears,

“You want me to fuck you?”

Her reply was deep throaty and urgent, “Oh fuck yes Jake, put your cock in me, fuck me hard.”

“Are you mine, to do with as I please?”

“Yes Jake, I’m yours – take me.”

I kissed her again, and as I did so, I slowly slid my cock inside her, feeling how slippery and aroused she was, loving the feeling of having her pussy gripping my cock. As I began to thrust in and out of her, I whispered in her ear,

“You may play with your clitoris now.”

Her hand shot there in a flash, rubbing in circles as I thrust in and out of her.

Both of us were moaning with every stroke, and I feared that I may not last long enough, but with an massive groan, Julie screamed that she was cumming, and I could feel her vagina tighten as she did, spasms going through her whole body, and she bucked and writhed with ecstasy.

Her whole body was shaking as the orgasm coursed through her, and I nearly came myself as I felt her orgasm in so many parts of her body, but I had other plans.

As she started to calm down from the orgasm, she gave a long sigh as I moved my pelvis against her.

“Fuck Jake, that was incredible,” she panted

“It’s not over yet girl,” I said, as I started to thrust inside her again.

She groaned with pleasure and pain, and writhed on the desk.

“I haven’t cum yet Julie, and I intent to have my own pleasure.”

I pulled out of her dripping pussy and rubbed the shaft of my cock against her pussy lips. I stepped back, sat her on the edge of the desk again, and kissed her.

“Get on your knees Julie, feel how hard you have made me, and taste your own juices off my cock.”

She hesitated slightly, so I took her by the shoulders and guided her into position. As she knelt before me, she held my cock by the base, and licked around the head. I was already on the edge, and her tongue was driving me mad.

“That’s so fucking nice Julie,” I panted.

I looked down and she smiled up at me as she licked the head. I held her by the sides of her head, and pressed against her lips, her tongue flicking the head of my cock as I did so.

She sighed as she sucked me into her mouth, her tongue moving around my cock inside her mouth, and the tingling in my balls began as I felt the orgasm building.

“Julie, you are such a good girl, what you’re doing is fantastic,” I said.

Said? More like gasped and stammered as I struggled to maintain control.

“Mmmmmmm,” she sighed as she worked me into a frenzy.

That was enough to put me over the edge. My legs were shaking and I grunted loudly as I came in her mouth. She sucked hard with each spasm, not stopping till I was finished. I looked down at her and she smiled up at me.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her, holding her tight against me.

“That was incredible'” I said.

“Thank you sir,” she replied

Hearing her words made me twitch, and I was staying hard, despite the orgasm.

I caressed the side of her face, looking into her eyes as I reached down to feel her pussy. She was still wet and aroused, and my fingers against her made her shiver.

“You want more girl?” I asked

“Yes sir, please sir.”

I put two fingers inside her and felt her weight shift as she pressed down against them. I pressed hard against her pelvis with my palm as I teased her with my fingers, pushing her back towards the desk, leaning against her as she reached the edge.

I colette porno pulled my fingers out and lifted her by her ass onto the desk and stepped back.

“Open your legs girl, let me admire your pussy.”

The glistening lips of her pussy were taunting me as she spread her legs wide, glowing pinks with arousal and glistening. I stepped forward and slid my fingers into her again, then took them out. I put my wet fingers into my mouth and sucked them as I watched her, then placed my fingers against the lips of her mouth, and she slowly sucked them in.

“Good girl.”

I pulled them out again, and traced a line down her neck to her chest bone. Tracing the outline of her breasts, cupping them in my hands, and then rubbing her nipples with my thumbs as I squeezed them together.

My cock was raging hard again, and Julie was looking down at it, smiling. I stepped back.

“Finger yourself girl, show me where you want this hard cock,” I told her and I grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her knee.

She put two fingers inside herself and panted, “Sir, I want your hard cock in her, inside me, thrusting hard into me sir.”

“Show me how hard,” I said.

Julie drove her fingers in and out of her pussy, hard, and I was surprised by the amount of force she used.

“Julie, I’m going to fuck you from behind so I can watch your fine ass. Get off the desk, turn around and lean over the desk. Present your pussy to me so I can decide if you have been good enough for me to fuck you again.”

She jumped up and turned around, wriggling her ass seductively as she lent over the desk. She spread her legs, showing her pussy lips, fingering herself. She looked back at me, her eyes displaying what she was feeling and wanting.

“Sir, I want your cock inside me, driving deep inside me. Please sir, fuck me sir, take what is yours and use me.”

I was mesmerized by the sight, and her words.

“Start playing with your clit girl, I want you more desperate before I consider whether to take you.”

She was using two hands now, panting deeper and starting to make the most erotic moaning noises I had ever heard.

“Don’t you cum yet Julie, I want to be inside you when that happens.”

“No sir,” she gasped, as she was vigorously fingering herself.

I stepped forward and placed my cock between her ass cheeks, rubbing up and down. I leaned over and placed my hands on her shoulders, and asked, “Are you close girl, Are you ready to cum for me?”

“Oh god yes sir, please let me feel your cock inside me as I cum sir. But even better sir, let me feel you explode inside me.”

I was so turned on by the way she was talking that I was getting desperate myself. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out before I took her.

“You want me to cum deep inside you girl?”

“Oh yes sir, please sir.”

“You are a bad girl Julie and I like that.”

“Yes sir,” she groaned.

“Stop touching yourself Julie.”

There was a moan of frustration, but it didn’t last long, and I held my cock by the base and began rubbing the lips of her pussy with the head of my cock.

“Yes Jake, take me,” She gasped as she felt the head of my cock against her pussy.

I reached forward, and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head gently back, exposing her neck so that I could nibble it. As I did, my cock slid deep inside her, one smooth stroke till I could go no further.

We both moaned in time with the stroke. Both of us were now at the point where nothing else mattered except each other.

“Oh fuck Jake that feels so good. Fuck me hard, take what is yours.”

I started to move in and out of her, slowly, full strokes. Not fast, but with force, feeling her shudder with each thrust. Her body was shaking, and my legs were starting to struggle to support me.

I leaned forward, and whispered in her ear, “Cum for me Julie, cum for me and send me over the edge.”

She wasn’t able to reply, only groan out louder, and mutter a stifled yes.

Then I felt her whole body tense, and the groans and moans became screams, her pussy getting tighter as she came. It felt like she was squeezing my cock with her entire being.

I lost control, all logical thought was gone. Only lust and desperate desire were left. I fucked her hard, fast and deep, holding her by the shoulders to steady my self as instinct took over. The thrusting was fast and furious, and Julie started screaming as the orgasm took hold of her.

I felt the spasms as her whole body writhed in ecstasy, and the burning in my balls was intense. I was grunting with each stroke, and the sounds of Julie’s orgasm were doing things to my mind, while my body shook with tension as the orgasm approached.

She was screaming out loud, as I finally came inside her, shuddering, still thrusting, our bodies on fire with the orgasms, uncontrolled pleasure that seemed like it would go on forever.

The desk was thumping the wall as we climaxed, such was the force of our passion, and despite my cock being super-sensitive I kept thrusting till the orgasm subsided, and it started to hurt.

Both of us were bathed in sweat, and I pulled out of her and lay on the desk beside her, looking into her dusky eyes, marveling at the pleasure we had just given each other.

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