Jody’s Gift Ch. 03

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I turned off the recorder and walked out feeling bad – very bad. I dropped down on the couch and waited for her to come out.

Wearing a thick, terry cloth, robe, Jody walked into the living room, with an air of confidence about her, or indifference, and sat down next to me.

“Look…I can appreciate how you might feel, but you’re writing my story, that’s all. You are not here to critique the contents…Okay? So, what I say – I say and you just go with the flow.” and she smiled warmly, patting my arm, apparently over her anger.

I nodded and responded with just a word, “Okay.” And Jody restarted her tale.

“Before the incident, as you have asked, there was another time, when my father and I got together. The “blow job” kind of opened a door and he was willing to be more risqué – shall I say. Well, I came home from school and he was there, but this time he asked me if I would like to watch a movie. I asked him if it was a porno and he said yes. I agreed having, some, interest in what he had this time. Then he asked me if I would mind his wearing his boxers. Asked me Scott…Remember that.”

I nodded politely and never said a word, as she went on.

“Well…I told him I didn’t mind and went to my room, just to do the same thing, and put on a pair of boxers, like him…An old run around kind and a ribbed tank top. I walked out, with my tits barely covered, feeling strangely excited. He smiled and patted the couch, as usual, and I sat down and giggled when my tits bounced around freely, and popped out. When I sat back, I tried to straighten my top and cover my exposed tits, as he watched. When the movie was finally started…It was about a father and daughter! Neither of us said a word. At some point, he placed his hand, high, on my thigh and I had settled my hand on his.”

I was starting to sweat, but held my tongue, as Jody went on.

“Without thinking about it, I slipped my fingers into his crotch hole and rubbed his hard dick, wanting to squeeze it, tightly. He looked me straight in the eyes, slid his hand up, and wiggled his fingers under my boxers. I turned away to watch the movie again, but parted my legs to let him touch my pussy. His touch took my breath away and I gasped when he slid his fingers in my slit. I sat watching the movie and the movie dad had just penetrated his daughter, when I wrapped my fingers around his hard cock.”

At her pause, I wiped my face, gave her wane smile, as Jody slid closer to me and started in again.

“I tried to run my fingers up and down on him, but he was dry…You know? Anyway, he said spit on me and I pulled his hard penis out and bent over to do it. But when I got close, I just sucked him in. His fingers were touching my clit and we went after each other. The next thing I knew he felt like he was erupting…I remembered from the time before, but kept my lips glued to him. He had me so close and before I knew it, I was cumming, his fingers stroking my clit like a banjo string! I came hard that afternoon…And I took everything his cock pulsed out, swallowing it all.” She said, ending her story.

I uttered that word again – “Wow!”

Jody stood up and walked into the kitchen, at that point. I quickly checked the recorder for time remaining and found no need of worrying. I heard Jody returning and tried to hide my obvious hard on, but failed, as Jody straddled me and opened her robe.

“Humm…Looks like Mr. Writer has gotten a bit excited. My story really all that interesting to you or is there something else on your mind?” She asked, settling down, pressing into my hard cock.

“Your story is fascinating! It’s full of surprises and its damn erotic, that’s all I can say.” I replied, smiling at her.

“Good, happy to hear you’re impressed – guess it will make for some good writing, huh?”

I nodded again, as she went on.

“So…Where was I? Oh ya…We had masturbated and I recall thinking how much harder I came that day – you know, compared to when I did myself? Well, later when I thought about it I realized it was his fingers, how rough they were and stronger than mine, the feeling was totally different.”

“Completely understandable Jody…So, was that it? You got each other off and you left?” I asked, trying hard to swallow, or breath, or…Hell she had me and I moved the recorder closer.

Jody rose slightly and rubbed a nipple on my lips as she returned to her story,

“No silly…We finished the movie and there was this part where the guys daughter was clutching her tits, holding her father’s cock tight between them…He was pushing and pulling and all of sudden he let go, his sperm shooting on her face and finally in her mouth when she opened it. My dad was watching very intently and I pulled my tank top down, exposing my tits and smiled at him.”

My eyes widened, as I sucked on Jody’s nipples and she giggled, at the site below her, apparently I looked like the character “Kilroy”, hanging over a fence, to her.

“Yup…True, swear to God. I asked him if he had asked mom to do that, pointing student sex parties porno at the TV, and he told me yes. I winked at him and told him I would do it…If that was something he really wanted to try it. Funny thing though, he didn’t get hard, right off, like I thought he would…I didn’t understand about guys back then.” She said, wiggling on my hard dick.

I was squeezing both of Jody’s tits by then and sucking her nipples to their tiny hardness, listening intently, when she paused and gasped softly.

“Umm….Ummm…Go on Jody…What happened? Did you let your dad titty fuck you? I asked, between nipple sucks.

“Ah…huh…Ooo Scott that’s feeling very good…Don’t stop and I…I’ll…Ummm…Tell you. Yes, after the movie…Umm…Ended. He was hard again. Oh shit that feels good!” Jody softly cried out, rocking her hips harder in my lap, as I squeezed and sucked her tits.

Suddenly, Jody jumped up and jerked off my boxers, freeing my cock. Wildly she pulled her robe off and straddling me again, impaled her pussy with my stiff member and cried out.

“Eyeeee, shit you feel good…He left the room and came back with lotion. I let him rub my tits, getting them slippery, while he stood in front of me with is…His, Oh you feel so fucking good…His cock near my face. I got down on the floor like the movie girl and he turned to straddle me. I held my tits around his dick and he started to rock, pushing and…Ummm I love your cock Scott…Are you getting close…And pulling it…”

“No…But so slow down and finish the story.” I said quickly.

A smile formed across her lips and she bent in to kiss me deeply, and hungry, stopping her hip thrusts. She pulled away slightly and between small lip pecks, continued her story.

“Well…I remember it being…(peck)Funny, in a way…(peck –peck)I mean his dick would just pop out…(peck)Between my tits and then…(peck)Disappear again and I giggled a few times. My dad didn’t seem to mind, he just kept pushing it in and pulling it back.” She went on, finally pulling away allowing me to suck on her tits again.

“Scott how close are you…Really.” She asked, grinning.

“I’ve a ways to go…Why?” I responded, wondering what she had in mind.

“Good, do me doggie style! I love it when my tits flop and bounce!” She laughed and slowly rose, letting my cock slide out gently.

Jody dropped to the floor on, resting on her elbows and knees, her luscious ass raised.

Her camel toe was absolutely gorgeous and I was speechless over how inviting it looked. I slid off the couch and moved in behind her, on my knees, as she spread her legs wider. Her pussy lips, parted slightly, and being soaking wet, I guided my cock in easily, asking her to finish the story.

“Ohhh ya, that’s perfect…Oh shit…Okay…Okay I’ll finish, but I hope you plan on filling me and make my titties flop hard!” She cried out, dropping her head down, as I slid home.

I pulled out slowly, grabbed her ass cheeks and started to thrust my hips with a hard and regular rhythm, as she returned to the story.

“Oh – fuck – yes – Scott…Slap your balls on my ass…Oh…God your cock is talented…My dad…He was getting close…I saw that look on his face…Jesus Scott, you’ve got my tits going wild! The next thing I knew, this long string of cum shot out and hit me in the face…Oh Christ I’m getting so close…Fuck me baby…fuck little Jody’s pussy…I started to giggle and he kept shooting out his stuff, finally hitting my mouth. Without thinking I let go of my tits and grabbed him, letting him shoot all he could in my mouth…He was groaning really loud at the end, when he finished. I asked him if I did good and he couldn’t ta…Oh sweet Jesus I’m there…I’m cummmmmmmmming!”

I slapped Jody’s ass hard, once, on both sides and slammed into her, driving my cock as deep as I could, pounding her harder, feeling my urge rising, as her vocal out cries drove me on.

I could feel her fingers working her clit and touching my thrusting cock, when my load released deep in her vagina, making her cry out with renewed pleasure.

“Oh sweet Jesus Scott…Fill me…Don’t stop…Don’t…Work me baby…My tits are on fire and you’re sooo good to me…Don’t pull out…Please don’t…Oh Scott…Oh shit I’m cumming again…Oh my God!”

As Jody started her second climax, I pulled out and started to rapidly work her pussy lips with the head of my cock, watching it appear and disappear inside her sweet box and, at the same time, reached to sink a finger in her rectum.

Her ass reared, as she pushed back imbedding me deep again, thrashing in the throws of her second hard climax.

Finally, she shuddered hard and dropped to the floor, totally spent, pulling my cock out and my finger. Moaning softly, she rolled over, reaching to draw me down on top of her. Spreading her legs wide for me, I eased down and laid my still semi hard cock down between the lips of her vagina and watched the smile form on her lips. Our lips submissive cuckolds porno met and she eagerly sought my tongue, doing a passionate dance with it, for what seemed like forever.

When our lips finally parted, she said with a husky Irish voice,

“You are a very bad boy…Very…And don’t you ever change…Umm that thing you did with your finger…It sent me way over the edge…My tits and pussy are still singing over that fucking!”

I smiled at her and slid up to grab her breasts and suck in her nipples, as she rubbed my head, enjoying the after sex play and finished her story.

“So…My dad couldn’t talk…His belly just quivered, as he pushed out the last of his cum and I licked him clean. Finally, when he started to get up he told me I did perfectly and then asked why I wanted to “help” him.”

“Really…And what did you say?” I asked as I played with Jody’s reddened breasts.

“I told him I didn’t know. I guess I just felt sorry for him. When he helped me up, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and smiled at him. Almost to my room, I remember turning and telling him, “Besides – it was fun anyway.”

At that I looked up, staring into Jody’s warm green eyes and grinned, thinking to myself, “I had a genuine “incestuous Irish Rose!”

I rolled off her, and sat up, taking a long look at her pussy, my cum slowly seeping out, and then bent to suck in her, right side, labia and pull on it, as she gasped and slapped my ass hard.

“You nasty shit…You’re gonna get me started again if you don’t stop!”

“Okay…Okay, so lets go in and take a another bath and you can continue the story.” I said, laughing and taking a final long drawn out suck.

“Scott do you realize it’s nearly 1PM and all we’ve done today is fuck and talk about sex!” She responded, after a soft moan.

“I know…Ain’t it great!”

“Yes…Ummm, it is, and the bath thing sounds great. You go start it and I’ll be right there…But mister, you’re going to take me out later, got it?” She replied, rubbing her slit.

I got up and walked casually into the bathroom, where Jody joined me minutes later, with a wine bottle, glasses and the recorder in hand.

She handed me the recorder and turned to pour us a glass of wine and then set the bottle down next to the tub. As she stepped in, holding the glasses, I ran my hand up her leg and cupped her firm round ass cheek and squeezed it, then took the glass she offered. Jody settled into the warm water and sighed,

“This has been the best night and day I’ve ever had!”

“Ya…I was wondering about that. How is it that a gorgeous woman, and dynamite lover, doesn’t have a man? You’re alone…What gives Jody?” I asked, taking a sip of wine.

Jody gave me a curt little smile, pursed her lips and blew me kiss, replying,

“I’m very hard to please.”

I grinned and raised my glass in a salute to her words.

“So where was I? Oh ya…The titty fucking thing. Well, it was several weeks later when the “incident” happened. I had borrowed a few of dad’s porno movies and late at night I would watch them, keeping the sound off and masturbating regularly. A couple of times he came in to say good night and caught me, but he never said anything. The week that everything started for real was a hell week, they were fighting constantly. They fought about everything and it always returned to the sex thing.” She started out.

“Sounds rough…And you heard it all?” I asked.

“Mostly…Mom started staying away more and more, dad was just unbearable. Finally, on Friday I came home from school and went to my room, like normal. I hadn’t undressed yet when dad stormed into the house, screaming…I like said. When I ran out to see what was wrong…His penis was out and hard, his face was red with anger, and when I got close enough, he just reached out and slapped me, knocking me to the floor. He dropped down and grabbed my hips and rolled me over. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to react. The next thing I knew he had ripped my blouse off and then flipped up my skirt and tore off my panties. I started to cry out, but he never stopped. He jammed his fingers in my pussy and broke my maiden head…Then I felt his cock and he rammed it up into my hole, screaming he was going to get satisfied one way or the other.”

“Holy Christ Jody…That must have been a horrible experience!” I replied, allowing her to compose herself.

“Oh Scott…You have no idea…In an instant, he took my virginity and then fucked me hard. He didn’t stop until he had shot his entire load into me and then collapsed, exhausted, his rage finally over. I got away from him, crying, bleeding and limped back into my room. I showered for an hour, trying to take the feeling away but it didn’t work…I had been raped by my father and I hated him for it.” She added, before taking a drink of wine.

I felt terrible for Jody, at that point, and reached to touch her gently. Her eyes met mine, and a single tear tickled down, as she sighed deeply taboo heat porno and went on.

“I said nothing to anyone. Dad had cleaned up the blood mess and stopped talking to me. In fact, he avoided me for the next week and that suited me just fine. Then came the day I found him sitting at the kitchen, crying his eyes out. That’s when I found out mom had another lover and ran off with him. I was stunned, mortified even, and sat down at the table and held his hand, as he explained in detail. All the hate went right out of me…Funny how life can be huh? Anyway, we talked for hours…He apologized for his brutality and cried more…I cried too and I rose reaching out for his face. With no hesitation, I pulled his face into my breasts and cuddled him Scott!”

I was speechless again and could only shake my head side to side in wonder of it all. Finally, I asked the obvious.

“Did you go to bed with him that night?”

“No…But two nights later I made the biggest mistake of my life. I walked into his room, dressed in a small nitie, with no panties and gave him a blow job. When he hardened, I got on top and eased him into my pussy…God help me Scott it felt wonderful. He was shocked, but he never said a word. He came hard, just before I did…We still hadn’t spoken, other than the words of relief when we came…When he stopped cumming, I lifted off of him and went back to my room. And that started it all.” She said, answering my question.

I choked on my wine, sitting upright quickly, my eyes wide with amazement, saying,

“For the love of Christ – Jody…Why?”

I received a shrug for an answer and she went on, determined to get through this part. “After that, it was daily thing, or so it seemed. Mornings, but mostly nights, after I got home. But, for sure, whenever he felt horny or the urge…I was his personal sex toy. He’d be waiting, his stiff cock standing up when I walked through the door, waiting for me to lift my skirt and sit on him…If I was washing dishes, he’d come up behind me, slide my pants down and put his cock me, until he was done…He never really cared if I came, for the most part, he just wanted relief. He acted out every fantasy he had and used me to do it. After a while I got numb…Much later, I started to enjoy the feeling and size of him and I came hard, despite him, increasing his pleasure. Towards the end, I would actually be wet, walking into the house…Anticipating his hard cock, and eager to jump on it.” She explained in a mono-toned voice.

“No shit!” I exclaimed and then quickly asked, “Fantasies?”

Yes…Like having me dress up differently, you know, little girl, cheerleader…Hooker, you name it. He liked the naughty girl needs a spanking thing and if I yelled too loud he’d have me sit on his cock and squeeze my tits until he came.” She explained.

“Ah…Any anal sex?” I asked, gingerly and watched as Jody lowered her head and paused a long while, before finally nodding her head up and down.

“Oh God Scott I wasn’t going to tell you…But, yes it started with an enema, acting out a doctor fantasy…It hurt like hell, but then he started to bring home vibrators. He’d oil up the vibrator, then have me bend over and stick his oiled finger into me, when he felt I was ready he’d push the vibrator in and out, playing with my clit, until I came. Like everything else, I started to enjoy it after a while. God Scott, I recall cumming so damn hard…Like I couldn’t stop, it was scary. The ultimate was when he pushed the vibrator in…Burying it deep in my ass and left it there, while he stood in front me, oiling his cock…A big grin on lips. He laid me back and pushed his dick in my pussy…Oh Christ, I thought I would pass out…I screamed like a banshee, but I came Scott…Oh man, I came so fucking hard and he did too…It turned into our special pleasure and I begged him several times to do both holes.”

I sat frozen, listening, the wine glass to my lips, but not drinking and my cock rising, like a periscope, out of the tub bubbles. I finally snapped out of the state I was in and lifted my legs, putting them on either side Jody and slid towards her, wrapping my arms around her luscious body. She accepted the gesture and snuggled in, resting her head on my shoulder.

“I’m damn spoiled you know…After him I couldn’t find any satisfaction in a “normal” guy. If he wasn’t big…I left. If he wasn’t kinky enough, I left. If he wouldn’t give me sex when I wanted it, I left. Now you know what I mean by “Hard to Please”.” She said softly, cuddling closer and then added, “But you’re definitely safe…Oh ya and I gotta tell you I’m just as amazed that you aren’t tied up…I mean with that schlong you carry!” and she slid a soapy hand across my cock head.

I laughed softly and pulled back, allowing her to play and asked,

“So what happened…In the end, it seems like you two were having the ultimate incestuous relationship and then what?”

“Close to graduation I got pregnant. We took care of it…No way that was going to happen and of course the sex stopped because of it…Graduation day came and I stood proudly looking at my lover and father, accepting my certificate. We went out for dinner that night and afterwards I thought it very strange that he didn’t want to have sex. I thought the abortion had something to do with it, but the next day I found a note.

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