It was Like This

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Does every one get lonely? I do. Does everyone think of sex more than they should? I do. Does everyone have to work hard for what they want? I do. And not always get what they want? Unfortunately, that’s me to.

I’m 54; a painter and decorator living in London. I like my job most of the time, it pays okay, about average, maybe earn a bit more if one works weekends. Like everyone who’s single these days I’m on-line doing the dating sites, it’s fun most of the time. I do a bit of creative writing, so I get to practice a bit of writing with some of the ladies on-line, with their permission. Sometimes, a bit of sexual fantasy.

I met a 26-year-old beautifully gorgeous, sexy open-minded Scottish lady on one dating site, she was called Karen. After quite a few erotic chats, I sent her this message.

“Morning Karen

I have a date this Thursday with a 46-year-old lady I met on here. I was wondering where to take her because it may rain, that day. I thought I’d take her for a drive in my car. I know some nice quiet scenic spots to stop, so I fantasised: I would stop the car at a nice quiet scenic spot I told my date about earlier and we’d agreed to stop at, and eventually, I’d ask her for a kiss. We do kiss, and she feels my crotch and I had a hard on, it was solid as usual. She then unzips me and takes out my cock and goes down on me; she begins to suck, but after a minute or so I can feel myself cuming, so I gently pull her head of my cock. I feel a bit embarrassed because I cum too quick, she looked at me and I told her so. But then I fantasise that maybe I should have cum in her mouth, which do I do Karen? To cum or not to cum, that is the question.

And so Karen, the fantasy over and in reality, I’m sitting at home on my sofa with my hard cock; I think of you. I take hold of my hard cock and pump it a couple of times. It’s solid Karen, about 6.5 inches. It always feels big in my hand, no lady has ever complained and always wants more. Then I wondered if it would be enough for you taboo heat porno and think to send a pic. I then thought that might be a bit over the top; rude in fact. But I know you have an open mind and I’d like to try and make you horny whilst thinking of me. I know, I’m a real fantasist, don’t you think?

I think Karen you have had, or having, good Scottish cock. Maybe my Northern English cock is not good enough. My Northern cock is hard writing this Karen, thinking of you. I want to cum now, thinking of you, but I won’t. Maybe, if I get my cock out on my date on Thursday and she takes me in her mouth, I will think of you for a minute, but only a minute. And when she makes me cum, I can only think of her. I won’t betray her that way. But later, I may wish it ere you. “

I got a message from Karen the next day saying she enjoyed my little fantasy with a smiley face and a hahaha. I expected a bit more, but that’s another story. I have many stories of my on-line dating experiences, like many of us no doubt, good and bad. But I’d like to tell of a tale of and lust that surprised and shocked me, but was a very horney sexual experience, to which, I doubt, I will never forget; thank fuck it was me. It was like this:

One evening about five month ago. It was a warm evening. It was a Saturday night, about eleven o’clock. I was on a well known dating site, I sent a lady a request to chat and she accepted. I sent her a message saying the usual: “Hi my name is Ray. I’m a painter and decorator living in London, what’s your name. I’m single, no children.” And pressed send.

She answered a couple of minutes later: “Hi, where about in London are you and do you have a car.” Camden and yes, I replied. She replied a minute later, “If you want to have sex with me, pick me up at Camden Town tube station at 12.00. I’ll be wearing a red jacket and a black mini skirt.” I read what I thought could only be a piss take, so I answered by asking her name, no reply. Then I messaged, you teach that bitch porno are joking, no reply. Then I said, hello, are you there, she wasn’t. The time was 11.10pm.

I thought about it for ten minutes, you know the sort of thing, yes, no, yes, no, then, fuck it! Why not! And off I went. I was in my car by 11.30pm. The tube station was about a ten minute drive. I was passing the tube station at 11.40pm. I drove passed and found a back street to park in, it was 11.45pm. My heart was beating faster and I had a hard on.

At 11.50pm I drove around the one-way system and found a place to pull over opposite the station exit. It was 11.55pm and my heart was beating faster, and my cock was starting to spit a little. My eyes were fixed to the exit, watching, watching. It was 11.58pm; my heart beat a little faster and my cock spat a little more.

It was 12.00am

It was 12.01am

It was 12.02am

It was 12.03am

It was 12.04am, my heart beat a little slower and my cock went a little softer.

It was 12.05, and I thought, “fuck! Stupid cunt!

Then at 12.06am, she walked out of the exit and stopped next to a lamp post and looked about her. She was wearing what she said except for a white a shirt under her jacket and black ankle boots on her feet. She looked about 30-years-old, about 5ft 4, beautifully petite, with nice tight black hair and lovely big dark eyes. My cock went hard as I flashed my lights. She noticed me and walked over and my heart pounded.

She got in the car and we looked at each other. “Hi,” I said, “I’m Ray.” She looked at me and said, “can we just drive?” Yes, I said. I started the car and left the tube station behind us. I made conversation as I drove, but she just listened. She asked me if I had brought any condoms. In my wallet I told her. She then turned her whole body toward me and told me to keep driving.

She lifted my T-shirt above my belt and undone it. She unbuttoned and pulled down team skeet porno my zipper. I felt her fumble inside my boxers, she took my cock and pulled it free. I wobbled, and she gobbled. It was such a surreal experience, but all I could think was she’s taking a big risk, but it was such a turn on.

I pulled into a quiet street I knew of and parked the car. She lifted her head and looked at me. She took a little baggie of white powder from her jacket pocket and sprinkled some on the back of her hand and sniffed it. She asked me to put a condom where she could get it, her voice was smooth and soft. I took a condom from my wallet and put it on the dash. I felt a sharp, sweet pain, then a cold numbness, she had sprinkled whatever was in the baggie on the end of my cock and went straight down on me. My cock was in heaven. It felt as if it was going to explode with pleasure. It felt as if I was getting bigger and bigger, like a balloon getting pumped up. She lifted her head again, my cock felt massive. She looked at me and sat up straight in her seat. She licked her finger and dipped it in the white powder, opened her legs, her hand disappeared up her skirt and started playing with her pussy.

I was so turned on. I looked into her beautiful dark eyes and wanked myself. She fingered herself and I wanked. We stared at each other, wanking. I felt as if I was about to explode, she moaned slightly. I wanked faster as I felt a knot grow in the throat of my cock. I wanked furiously. She must have seen the expression on my face, she cried, “No, don’t cum yet!” It was too late. I moaned out loud as I shot cum up into the air and over my hand. I kept wanking as my knee shook and I panted with pleasure. She looked at me and said, “Jerk!” She took her hand from out of her pussy and got out of the car and headed off toward the tube station.

I sat and watched her turn the corner and disappear. I took some paper tissue out of the glove box and cleaned myself. My cock remained solid, it wouldn’t go down. I took of my hoodie and covered my hardness. I started the car and drove closer to home, there was no sign of the lady. I parked the car and sat for half an hour, till my hardness abated and was able to put my cock away. I zipped up and got out of the car and headed home. And I tell you now, it was like this.

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