International Relations Ch. 06

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I woke around 9.30, images and memories of the previous evening still racing through my mind.

I couldn’t believe that less than two weeks ago we were both still virgins and hadn’t got any more action than some light touching over the clothes. Last night blew my mind, yes I had put in a lot of effort in getting the room set up and setting the scene, but I could never have expected you to unleash the wanton sexual behaviour a teenage boy could only dream of.

Lying in bed slowly coming to full consciousness my hand strays downwards to check I still have a cock after all our activity. My hand brushes past my public hair finding it hard and matted together with a combination of our cum from our umpteenth fuck in the early hours of the morning.

Looking back, while the early part of the evening once we got in this palace of a hotel suite was planned, loving and very sensual the wakeup call at around 3 am this morning with you tugging frantically on my hard on provoked probably the best sex we have ever had.

Maybe being woken by a beautiful naked girl who’s hand was firmly jacking me off was not quite what I imagined it wasn’t something I was going to complain about.

“Fuck me hard” was your insistent demand pulling on my erect cock guiding me towards you, not that I needed too much encouragement. Rolling onto your back, your legs already spread wide for me to enter you I take no time at all and positioned directly above your lithe and sexy body push my groin firmly between your legs.

My cock slides over your slick wet lips as I grind my length onto your pussy, feeling your course pubic hair rough against the tip of my cock.

“Don’t fuck about, just fuck me now” you almost spit at me, as your hand is thrust between us diving for my cock again, your needs and urgency to be pleasured dripping from every expletive you utter.

You get what you want and you position the engorged head of my cock at your wet pussy hole, your swollen lips parted and your sex wide open to my invading cock.

One thrust and I am in you, your wetness coating my shaft as each inch of me pushes roughly inside you until our pelvic bones meet and my invasion is halted. A lift of my hips and another thrust hard into your tight little cunt takes your breath away, again I raise my hips and plunge hard into you, this time drawing a moan from your lips. More thrusts and your moaning becomes a rhythmic series of groans and pants as I continue to fuck you into a frenzy.

Shifting position I pull out of you to your great disgust and obvious frustrations before standing at the side of the huge king sized bed I spin you through ninety degrees and pull your ass up to the edge of the bed. Standing on the floor looking down canlı bahis on you I firmly grab your legs behind the knees and push them away and apart.

Your dripping little pussy hole waiting eagerly for my cock to fill it once again.

One hand around your raised thigh for purchase, I sink my twitching cock back into your pussy and resume a slow deep pounding of your pussy. Each thrust make your breasts surge away before they quickly bounce back and settle in to a natural position. Your breasts jiggling in response to each of my thrusts. Two beautiful globes topped by a prominent hard nipple pointing towards the ceiling.

My hand strays to your tits and roughly grasps a hard nipple, squeezing and twisting it, adding pain to the pleasure of having your pussy pounded.

Juice from your sopping pussy covering your ass so with each thrust there is a wet slapping noise as my balls swing against your wet cheeks as my cock penetrates deep in your hot cunt.

Again the rhythm builds and your pants and moans fill the room in response to each deep thrust.

Taking a stronger grip on your thigh now with both hands I increase the tempo of my thrusting, pumping hard and fast into you. Your breathing no longer matched to my thrusts but coming in short shallow gasps interspersed with low moans.

Your eyes now closed and your hands gripping the sheets on the bed for some stability as your body is being jolted violently from each thrust as our groins mash together with each stroke of our fucking. Your tits bouncing wildly, a dull red blush covering your chest and neck from an excess of oxygen flooding your lungs caused by your gasping and panting from being fucked so relentlessly and so hard.

The excess oxygen and the constant abuse of your pussy combining to trigger an inevitable orgasm. A wave of pleasure spreading quickly from the depths of your loins outwards to every nerve ending you possess. Your pussy clenching and gripping my hard cock as I continue to fuck you hard.

Your body thrashing on the bed beneath me, head thrown back, tits pushed high into the air as you arch your back and a long groan rips from your throat. Still I’m not finished, my cock still thrusting, your cum covering my cock and squeezing out dribbling between your ass checks as each thrust of my cock forces its way into your tightly clenched little pussy.

Still pumping at your little hole, you begin to come down from your high and the abuse of my cock slamming hard into you begins to register on your increasingly sore and bashed pussy.

But I’m not done.

You make a feeble attempt to move away managing to turn sideways and crawl up the bed a little but my needs now are too great, you scramble onto your knees to bahis siteleri move away but I take a firm hold of you and still between your legs force your head and torso down so you are bent at the waist with your arse high in the air. Knees still spread I stare at your reddened little pussy, cum visibly dripping.

Two fingers scoop your cum and juices and quickly massage them around your puckered ass hole.

Without hesitation a finger pushes past your ring and disappears knuckle deep into your ass, twist, withdraw, push. Your ass gets a finger fuck, the muscles slowly loosening and becoming accustomed to having a prescence.

Your reluctance at the thought of more sex apparent only seconds before seemed to be evaporating like a morning mist on a summer’s day, each twist and probe of my finger melting your resistance to my advances.

The first moan from you signals an acceptance of another first.

My cock, rock hard and slick with your cum nudges against your cute little asshole and with a firm but gentle pressure I push the swollen bulbous head of my cock past your anal ring.

My cock has stretched you wider than the finger that invaded the same area only moments before and a small squeal of pain signals the burning sensation of me stretching your ass wider that it has ever been.

I know this is a first for both of us and despite my wanton lust and desire to force myself into you and fill your ass with my cum I pause and wait for your pain and discomfort to calm a little before proceeding.

After a few seconds of my cock being at your entrance I begin to push a little holding onto your hips slowly sinking my cock deep into your ass.

I am well lubricated from our earlier fucking but taking you from behind I can’t resist slapping you arse and watching it ripple as I begin to build up a slow rhythmic fucking of you back passage.

Any pretence or resistance you had to this defiling of your last virginal orifice now completely gone as the initial pain you experienced now replaced by a deep sensual pleasure as my cock pumps in and out of your virgin asshole.

I begin to build a good rhythm, slapping hard against your ass cheeks as each stroke drives my cock deep into your bowels. The motion of our fucking making your tits swing back and forth under your body as you hold yourself steady on all fours while I pound away between your legs from behind.

Unusually you are making no noise to accompany our fucking and I realise you are almost chewing a pillow, face buried in it desperately trying to muffle you sounds – be it either pain or pleasure.

Now fully in control of this fuck and wanting to hear you moan I slide a hand up your spine past your shoulder blade and neck bahis şirketleri and onto the back of your head. Closing my hand I firmly take a handful of hair and pull your head back, not viciously, I’m not into hurting you but I want to mix a little pain under control.

You instantly respond, maybe you wanted to be controlled maybe it hurt more than I realised but your head rose from the pillow and your moans immediately filled the room.

These noises were different. Before you made little whimpers and moans rising to a long drawn out panting and gasps as you reached orgasm. Now the noises were guttural, low screams and grunts.

Pain mixed with an un-prepared for pleasure as your body betrayed your minds instincts and screamed its joy and acceptance of the abuse you are receiving.

Your upper body now raised as high as your arms could manage to relieve the pressure of my hand still pulling your hair, each thrust of my cock into your ass coupled with an involuntary pull of your hair causing both pain and pleasure to be mixed before a second or so later another thrust repeats the feeling.

There is no restraint now, I started slowly in your ass so as to get us both in to it but now the red lust had descended and all I could focus on was my own impending climax and was pumping your ass as hard and as fast as I could manage.

Spurred on by the wailing and thrashing of your body beneath me. You actually even start to push back to meet each thrust driving me deeper into you if that was possible, your second orgasm already ripping through your tight little body.

The result of the combined rough treatment of your hair and your ass surprising you, but realisation that it signalled another area of your sexual awakening before tonight not even considered.

I feel the contraction in my balls and make a final deep violent thrust into you as I feel the pumping sensation as my seed spurts deep into your ass. My final thrust pushes you forward flattening you against the bed as I collapse on top of you still buried in your ass and still pumping cum from my cock into your body.

Panting heavily, pinning your body prone on the bed you twist your head and we make eye contact for the first time since I invaded your ass. Your eyes wide still but glazed, an obvious sweat on your brow and your mouth open sucking in oxygen as we both fight for breath.

You are the first to recover the ability to talk, and there is suddenly a look of fire in your eyes.

From nowhere you flash your hand across my face, the back of your hand smacking my lower lip and I immediately taste blood.

“Don’t ever fucking ask to do that again you bastard” you seethe at me, “Just fucking do it”.

And with that you kiss me hard, your tongue tasting the blood from the cut on my lip.

I roll off you pinned body, cum covering both of us as we lay together your head in my shoulder and we drift off to a contented and exhausted sleep.

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