I Lost My Virginity To My Sister-In-Law

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I was 15 years old when I had my first wet dream. I was so confused that I hid the spoilt underwear below the mattress. It was found two days later by my sister in law. She gave an all-knowing look and I stood there like a culprit caught in the act of doing something wrong. She did not say anything and took the undergarment for washing. We were living together with our parents in a joint family as is still quite common in our country. Surprisingly this incident created some sort of a bond between us as I recognized her as my confidante. Since ours was a small town I took admission in a reputed college in another town and shifted to a boarding house.

While I used to come home for short vacations the visits to relatives and attending functions in the community kept me busy most of the time. On completion of the basic science course, I opted for engineering professional course at a college located in another city. It so happened that my brother was also posted to that city and to save on hostel expenses I stayed with them and attended college as a day scholar. The old confidante relationship with my sister in law provided an open and friendly atmosphere to me.

One day I returned early from college and entered the house using my duplicate key. My brother had gone on outstation duty for two days. As I came to the drawing room I heard my sister in law, masaj porno who was taking bath, asking who is it? On my replying she asked me to give her the towel as she forgot to take it. I picked up the towel from her bedroom and went to the bathroom. The door was partially open and she asked me to extend my hand and give the towel. In the process I saw a reflection of her naked back in the mirror. The result was that my eyes were glued to the mirror admiring the beautiful buttocks of my sister in law. The delay in handing over of the towel made her look sideways towards the door. In the process she also realized what I was looking at. She took the towel and told me to close the door. I felt I saw a smile on her face just before I closed the door.

I sat at the dining table sipping a cold drink and continued to think about what I saw. I adjusted my tool as I felt a sudden rise on thinking about her bare buttocks. She came out wrapping the towel around her breasts and stood near the table jerking her long hair to remove the water. In the process I could see her breasts almost up to the nipples. It seemed she was purposely doing this turning towards me. Suddenly she asked me as to what was I thinking. I laughed and said that I was dreaming about her beautiful back and trying to get a glimpse of her breasts, which are bound to be beautiful. meet suck and fuck porno

She asked, “Have you seen any naked women?”

I said ” No, at least not as beautiful as you.” Suddenly she opened the towel and stood still in front of me. The sight was simply enchanting. I was mesmerized and as if hypnotized I stood up and walked toward her and halted a few feet away. She had the most exquisite breasts round, firm with nipples hardened due to bath and rubbing of towel. The flat stomach and the mould above her pussy were covered with smooth strands of brown hair. I could not see the entrance to her cunt but the clit was partially visible covered with the lip folds. I just could not resist my moving further as I had not seen an adult naked woman before. I took her face in my hand and joined my lips to hers in a kiss with a firmness, which even surprised me.

She did not withdraw or showed any signs of dislike. As I moved away to have a look again of her beautiful breasts, she released the towel which she was still holding behind her back and after putting her hands around my neck she pulled my face and kissed me in a manner I had never experienced before. My hand moved down to her left breast and I started slowly caressing it. Soon I moved to the other breast and pressed her nipple between my thumb milf porno and index finger. She increased her pressure on my lips, as my hand started moving towards her mould. I played with her soft hair and soon a finger found its way to her clit My knowledge of sex was bookish as I was still a virgin in that respect.

She could not bear the excitement any further and took hold of my hand and virtually pulled me to the bedroom. She lied down on her back as I was getting out of my clothes. Once fully naked I stood in front of her, my manhood rising straight in front. I mentioned to her that I have never had a woman before. She told me not to worry, as she will teach me the art today. She caught hold of my cock and lightly kissed its head sending a thrill down my spine. She continued to suck and lick until I was to the point of exploding. She then asked me to come over her and opened her legs wide to give me my first full view of a woman’s pussy.

It was so fascinating and I wanted to examine each of its elements, but the cock was in no mood to wait anymore. Sensing this she took hold of it and after rubbing it on her clit and outer lips put the tip at the entrance of the heaven of sex. It was literally a path breaking moment for my cock as it slowly entered the wet pussy of my sister in law. The slow in and out motion was initiated by the natural instinct of deriving pleasure from fucking your first woman. Soon it gave way to faster movement until I had my first orgasm as I poured my semen into her vagina while she moaned and raised her hips to accept my thrusts. I remained inside her for as long as I could relishing the end of my virgin status.

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