I Kissed my Brother by Mistake Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Chapter 1: Rhett

I looked at my reflection in the mirror for the last time in a while. My short and slightly curly chestnut hair was just the perfect amount of messy which was enough to pass as an effortless look. When I was satisfied with the way I looked, I got out of the bathroom and dragged my huge suitcase across the hallway and towards the stairs.

“Wyatt honey, are you done yet?” My mom yelled from the living room.

“Coming, Ma!” I carefully lifted my heavy suitcase down the stairs, carefully placing it on the steps when I got too tired. In my haste, I felt the handle on my hands slip, causing the plastic wheels of the suitcase to slip down as well and earning a loud yelp from my mother. That’s when I felt my brother’s presence behind me as he supported me from falling on one hand and catching my suitcase on the other.

“Sorry, Rhett, I slipped.” I said as he effortlessly lifted my suitcase with one hand down the flight of stairs to where the rest of our bags were lined up.

Rhett is my older brother; he was two years older than me but the stark difference between how our bodies were built would suggest way more than that. He was part of the university’s football roster, and he was also a gym rat whereas I wasn’t that much into sports and I didn’t particularly consider myself as someone who’s physically active. I work out regularly though, just not as often and dedicated as Rhett.

He was also much taller than me at six foot two, and while I was not someone you would consider short for people my age, I looked like a dwarf compared to Rhett.

Rhett and I aren’t exactly tightly knit or even close as brothers. We didn’t wrestle as kids, we didn’t fight too much over video games or other silly things and I blame this on the fact that our personalities were far too different for us to vibe. I was really timid and shy as a kid, and I would be too emotional at times while Rhett was very outspoken and independent.

He had tons of friends whereas I had a small circle, which was really fine by the way, since I didn’t really need too many. Despite all of this, we didn’t ignore each other. I love Rhett, and I know deep down that he cares for me; we just didn’t share the same conventional relationship as brothers.

My mom hugged the both of us tightly before sending us off.

“Wyatt, listen to your brother. I’m expecting you to behave young man! Remember everything we talked about.” My mom reiterated.

“Yes Ma, please don’t worry too much. I’ll be good, I promise.” I kissed her in the cheek and headed to the car where dad was waiting. I looked back and saw her talking sincerely to Rhett, which is probably something about taking care of me. I can handle myself, sheesh.

After some tearful goodbyes, we were on our way. I sat comfortably in the backseat while Rhett accompanied dad in the passenger seat. The drive on the way to the university was mostly dominated by music, and dad didn’t start talking until we were close to the dormitory inside the campus where Rhett and I would be staying.

“Wyatt, I’m expecting you to be good, okay? No parties and drinking. Absolutely no smoking and of course you can’t join fraterni-“

“Dad, trust me, I’m not gonna do any of that. I’ll be good.”

“Let me finish, Wy. I also said that to my Dad when they sent me off to college but I did it anyway. I just don’t want you to commit the same mistakes that I did. Well, not that I regret joining my brotherhood but… anyway, that’s not the point!” He turned to Rhett after trailing off from what he was telling me.

“I expect you to watch over your little brother, okay son? Keep him out of trouble. Of course, that applies to you too.” he said as he parked his car in front of our dormitory.

The building was modernly designed with a glass facade. It looked more like a mini-condominium than a dormitory, but that’s what I’d expect from one the country’s most prestigious universities. I helped dad and Rhett unload our stuff as we deposited them at the sitting area in the reception.

Rhett and I signed a couple of papers and we were given our keys. We headed to the elevator with dad, and excitedly trudged over to our unit with our luggages. Our room was actually pretty spacey. A long kitchen stretching to the living room immediately greeted us, and a high partition with sliding wooden and glass doors separated the living room from our bunk beds.

We unloaded our stuff and hung out for a while before dad eventually had to go home.

“See you boys. Take care, give us a call if you have any problem, alright?”

We hugged dad and headed back to the dorm as his car shrunk from the distance.

“Are you excited?” Rhett asked as we sat on the sofa bed while watching TV.

“About what? You mean in general? Yeah I’m pretty stoked, I was excited to go to college for a while and now I’m finally here with you!”

He chuckled and briefly tousled my hair affectionately. canlı bahis He probably still saw me as his clumsy little brother but I didn’t mind. We never really interacted like this, probably because we didn’t have a chance at home since we spent most of our times locked up in our own rooms on our phones.

“Well you better be, the freshmen will have a uni-wide orientation tomorrow right before your classes officially start. I’ll take you there early in the morning.”

I beamed and nodded my head.

We watched for a while until he stood up and headed to the bathroom. I suddenly felt jitters inside my stomach. It just sunk in to me now that today was my first day of living independently from my parents. Well, I’m not totally living independently since I was living with Rhett, but it was still a huge change for me.

I heard the showers turn on, and I kept myself busy by chatting with my friends from home. Most of them went to the community college. They were kind of jealous not just because I came to a big university but also because I get to live away from my parents and do stuff that people my age aren’t normally allowed to do.

I was too caught up with talking to my friends that I didn’t notice Rhett coming out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. I was caught off guard by the sight in front of me. His arms proudly boasted its bulges, flexing involuntarily as he walked, and his pecs were really perfectly developed. Beads of water ran across his meaty chest down his chiseled abs, ultimately getting absorbed by the towel draped around his perfect waist. Our eyes met, and he wore a stoic face which made me snap out of my reverie.

“Wanna come with us, Wy? My friends wanted to catch up before school starts.”

He casually said as he dried his hair with another towel, inadvertently flexing his triceps and showing the smooth patch of hair on his pits. I felt a weird stirring feeling in my chest and I mentally beat myself up before answering.

“Nah, it’s okay, Rhett, I’ll just stay here.”

“You sure?” he asked as he headed to the other side of the partition to change.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine here, seriously. If I get bored, maybe I’ll just roam around the campus. Don’t worry though, I won’t go far.” I reassured him.

He wore a casual vintage tee with some khaki pants. I don’t know why I’ve only ever noticed now but my brother is really dangerously attractive. His thick brows complimented his deep hazelnut eyes. His jaw had a sharp angle and his lips were the perfect color and plumpness. I must have been staring too long before he asked.

“You okay, Wy? Seriously, just come if you wanna, my friends wanted to meet you anyway.” he said as he sat beside me. He smelled so good.

“Maybe next time, Rhett, I’m kinda tired from the long drive. I’m sure I’ll meet them soon anyway.”

He eventually left me on my own. I got bored after a while so I decided to go out and roam around after wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.

I relished in the fresh air and the cold breeze as I let my eyes wander around the subtly lit gardens and buildings. People were still out and about. I got a couple of stares from people, probably because I was a new face?

Anyway, the campus was surreal. It really felt like a mini forest since between buildings were wide arrays of trees and grasslands and small parks. It was perfect for de-stressing.

I continued walking aimlessly when I heard live music, and I was instantly drawn to the gymnasium where it came from. I asked the guard from the gate if students were allowed to go in, and when I was given the go signal, I sat from a far bench in the stands, some distance away from the stage where a band was playing Fireflies by Owl City.

If there was one thing that calmed me down and made me feel peaceful and at ease, it was music. I closed my eyes and just revelled in my new life and what the future would hold for me. Eventually, the music came to a stop which made me snap out of my trance. The lead guitarist was looking at me, and when our eyes met, he smiled. I smiled back at him and decided to head back home.

“Where were you?” Rhett asked when I got back.

“Oh, I just had a short walk around, sorry I forgot to tell you.”

His worried expression was now washed away, and he held up a paper bag in front of me.

“I bought Japanese. Let’s eat in a while, I’ll just wash up quickly.”

After a while, he came back in a white tank top and a red plaid boxer shorts that did terrible job in hiding his bulging manhood. He dressed like this around the house too before he went away for college, but I didn’t really notice how uncomfortable it felt until now.

“So, how’d you like the campus?” He asked between bites.

“It’s pretty refreshing, I never expected for it to have so many trees in here. It’s like a jungle, really.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty relaxing to stroll around once in a while. Anyway, just tell me if you’re lost or if you have any questions, alright? It’s pretty hard to memorize bahis siteleri the campus at first, you can get overwhelmed.”

I nodded and we continued eating in silence.

We played some NBA for a while until I felt the tiredness seep in my muscles, making me yawn involuntarily.

“Alright, off to bed you go.” Rhett said as he took my controller from me. I washed up and changed int o more comfortable clothes, and oversized shirt and some boxers that disappeared under the shirt, making it look like I wasn’t wearing anything down there.

I earned a sidelong glance from Rhett when I got out of the bathroom, his eyes traversed to my legs which I instinctively covered with my shirt.

“Night Rhett.” I said as I passed him and went straight to the top bunk.

“Night, Wyatt.”


I woke up even before my alarm rang. I was disoriented for a while as I gave myself time to actually wake up. I carefully shifted on the bed, trying to move as little as possible so as to not wake Rhett up, when I saw a greek god in the bottom bed as I was climbing down.

I was once again caught off guard by the godly sight in front of me. Rhett was topless, his perfectly sculpted body sprawled on the bed. He was wearing nothing but a skimpy boxer shorts that visibly struggled in containing his massive morning wood. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Just from the outline, it had to be at least 8 inches and almost as thick as a beer can. The flap of his boxers even floated from his waist because of how his wood stretched it. I forced myself to look away.

I tried distracting myself by taking a cold shower but the image of Rhett’s voluptuous body just sprawled on his bed like that wouldn’t escape my mind. I thought I was sick for admiring my brother in that way, but I just thought that it didn’t really mean anything. He’s my brother after all.

I fixed myself a cereal when Rhett stirred from his bed and eventually got up, he stretched and walked towards the bathroom, his hands subtly covering his massive morning wood.

He sat beside me coming out of the bathroom.

“You can go back to bed, Rhett, I already know where the orientation’s gonna be and it’s not far from here.”

“No, it’s alright, It’s your first day, I don’t want you to go alone.”

He said as his eyes were still shut from sleep. I felt good about what he said. I tapped his shoulder to signal that I was done but it felt weird, at least to me. Something was definitely going on with me and I didn’t like it. He quickly put on a tank top and some sweat shorts as we headed out.

Almost everyone we saw from the streets greeted Rhett. He was in the roster of the university’s football team, so it was only natural that people would know him because it was the biggest sports in the university, and Rhett was particularly very talented in it. I was suddenly filled with pride, as he introduced me to people who asked who I was, since I was the brother of someone as athletic and adored as Rhett.

As we were just outside of the auditorium where the orientation would be held, Rhett guided me inside with his large hand just above my butt. We parted outside since he didn’t wanna come in wearing house clothes, so I thanked him and went on my way inside.

The auditorium was huge; there were two aisles on the side and another huge one in the center sandwiching folding seats cinema style. In front of it was a brightly lit stage. The people I was with were just as confused as I was, so I assumed they were freshmen too. After a while, we were guided into random seats by some woman, as the orientation was about to begin.

I wanted to make friends early on so I introduced my self to the guy beside me.

“Hey, I’m Wyatt.” I said, offering my hand weakly.

“Finn. You from engineering too?” he asked as he reached for my hand and gave me a firm handshake.

“Yeah, it’s all so overwhelming for me actually. Everything.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, me too. I’m from a town a couple hours away from here, and everything’s different.” we shared the same sentiments and got to know each other better when the orientation finally started.

We were briefed with the various activities held in the campus, the causes some students fight for, some organizations, and even fraternities. It was completely up to us to join, of course, they’re just selling themselves as early as now. After all of these, the band that I heard playing last night got up the stage and they played the university chant hyping all the students up.

My focus was on the lead guitarist which was actually pretty cute up close. His dirty blonde hair was commanded by his head movements synced to the beat, and he was just so appealing that the girls among the crowd couldn’t help chanting his name after the song. “Xavier! Xavier! Xavier!” He was popular, alright.

Finn and I had to go out even before the orientation formally ended because we didn’t want to be late on our first class. We shared programming together, thankfully, so I didn’t have to be alone for this bahis şirketleri class at least.

I made a few friends today, but I decided to ask Finn to have lunch with me since we also shared Philosophy, which was right before the lunch break.

“So, if you aren’t already aware, we’re basically required to join an organization on our first year, first term. Have you decided on any yet?” asked Finn as we were eating in the cafeteria.

“Ohh, I didn’t know this. Do you have some kind of organizations shortlist?” I asked.

“There should be a brochure at the reception area of all dormitories within campus, I’ve already decided to join the chess club, but I wanna try basketball too.”

The day went by quickly and was uneventful for the most part. I made a few friends, and I’d actually call it a fun and successful first day so I was satisfied as I was walking back to the dorm.

I kept myself busy with my phone for a while until Rhett came in with a girl he was evidently intimate with.

“Oh, hi Wyatt! Nice to finally meet you in the flesh.” Astrid said as he approached me with a hug.

Astrid is Rhett’s long time girl friend. If my memory serves me right, they’ve been together for over a year now. She’s very pretty and kind, I could see why my brother’s so in love with her. We made small talk and got to know each other until I decided to migrate to my bed to give the couple some privacy.

After a while, I heard muffled sounds of kisses and stifled laughter, but I didn’t pay it any mind. I tried to focus on doing the diagnostics test our philosophy teacher gave us. I put my airpods on so that I didn’t have to hear them even if they fucked on the couch or something.

Moments later, Rhett tapped my arm gently, so I removed my pods and said ‘What?’.”

“Change your clothes, we’re going out for dinner.” he said with a smile.

“Alright, but is it okay if I bring a friend with me?”

His expression changed visibly. “Friend? Who?”

“Finn. I met him at the orientation and we share a couple of classes.

He mused on it but eventually agreed. Thankfully, Finn also lived in one of the dorms inside the university which was actually just a walking distance away from ours. At first, the four of us talked as Finn introduced himself to the bunch, and then we were talking separately. Finn was really fun to talk to; I didn’t have to force myself to open a topic to keep the conversation going, I knew that I was really gonna get along with him. Every once in a while, though, I’d see my brother giving quizzical glances to Finn, which I found weird but I just shrugged it off.

After we placed our orders, two of Rhett’s friends joined us in the table, one of them sat beside me.

“Ah, you must be Wyatt! Glad to finally meet you buddy! I’m Johann.”

Johann was apparently Rhett’s teammate from his football team which explained why he was almost as ripped as Rhett seeing as his shirt had trouble confining his meaty chest and arms. Johann really had all his attention to me during the entire dinner, but I also made sure that Finn wasn’t feeling out of place.

Eventually, Finn had to go home first since he hasn’t started on the diagnostics test yet. We were also about to part ways with Rhett’s friends when Johann asked me if I wanted a quick tour around the campus. Rhett heard his offer.

“He’s already familiar with the place, Johann.” He said sternly.

I looked over at Johann’s slightly defeated face. “No, I’d love a tour. I wasn’t really able to explore last night as it was just a short walk. I’m counting on you to tell me the shortcuts.” I said happily.

Johann’s face lit up and the dimples on his cute face showed up. He had such a contagious boyish smile. Rhett, however, wasn’t amused for some reason.

“I promise I’ll bring your brother back in a while, dude. We won’t take long.”

“Alright.” Rhett said, irritation clearly evident in his retort. I wonder what flipped his mood like that.

We started walking, heading to nowhere in particular. He would tell me what common classes were held in the buildings we passed, and he also pointed out some shortcuts that he mentioned we could go through next time. We finally reached a very wide open field of just grass and football net. A few people were still playing frisbee this late at night and we sat at the stone bench beside it.

I felt the warmth of his arm on my back as his hand was rested on the stone. His body was close to mine and I could detect the signals he was giving out. I’m not naive, he’s making a move on me. I really didn’t mind, I’m actually really flattered to have such a handsome jock making a move on me on nothing short but my first day of school.

“Have you decided on what org you wanna apply for? Why not join me and your brother in football?” he said.

“Yeah, I do that and I’d probably die on the first day.” he chuckled.

“I’m not quite decided yet but I’ll probably join the music circle.” I said shyly.

“Whoa, which instrument do you play?”

“None, I… umm.. I sing.” I said while looking away. I was usually pretty confident when it comes to my voice but for some reason, Johann just makes me nervous when I’m around him, especially in this proximity.

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