How Stephanie Earns the Extras

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I’d been working for Mrs Benson for about seven months on a Thursday and Friday evening straight after work for about three hours. She ran a small accountancy business from her home and expected rather a lot for what she was paying, but I needed the money so didn’t quibble. On arriving one evening I let myself in – I’d progressed to my own key after about four months – and found a note from her on the keyboard that read:

“Stephanie, I should be back by about 7:00pm. If you’d like to earn an extra £100 this week, go up to my bedroom and read the note on the bed.”

Intrigued, and more than a little excited about earning some much needed extra money, I went upstairs and into her room. On the bed was an envelope addressed to me, which was on top of a large brown envelope. The note read:

“Stephanie, I know you could use some extra money and I’m quite willing to help, but you’re going to have to earn it. If you’re willing to earn the £100, then I want you to remove the top you are wearing, take off your bra, and put on the top in the envelope, then go and start your work. That is all you have to do.”

I thought there was no harm looking at the top at least so undid the envelope. I gasped slightly as I unfolded the top; it was a sheer stretch fabric, virtually totally see-through, which basically meant if I wore it I would have my tits on display. The trouble was, I needed the money. I began talking myself into it, after all, who would see me? just Mrs Benson. So I decided to do it and removed my own top and bra and pulled on the top. It was a very tight fit, squashing my tits, but felt good all the same.

So I went downstairs, feeling a little peculiar to say the least, then sat at my desk and began working. About twenty minutes later Mrs Benson arrived and, feeling incredibly self-conscious now I was not alone, I grabbed a file and held it in front of me. Mrs Benson walked in and looked me up and down.

“Stand up,” she said, and I stood.

“Now, if you want to earn that £100, put the file down,” and she used an assertiveness in her voice that I hadn’t heard before and I felt compelled to do so, the deciding factor being the money.

“Very nice,” she said, openly ogling my tits, then continued “I see you like the top too,” she said, and I glanced down and flushed a deep crimson at the obvious way my nipples were pushing hard against the fabric.

“Carry on with your work,” she said, and went to make herself a coffee.

Over the course of the evening she made up various reasons for me to either bend over or lean across her desk, at one point my tits pushing down on her arm but she made no attempt to move.

Wearing the top carried on for some weeks until the arrival of the next note, this time for £1,000. I went upstairs to read the note on the larger envelope. This time she wanted me to strip completely, go and shower and remove all body hair from the neck down, then wear the sheer stretch body stocking in the envelope. It took me considerably longer to make my decision this time, but the £1,000 was a lot of money and would get at least one of the debtors off canlı bahis my back totally, but surprisingly to me, I was also turned on at the thought of wearing it.

So there I was, naked to all intents and purposes, when Mrs Benson came home.

“Stand up,” she said, walking into the room. Immediately I did as I was told, the assertiveness back in her voice.

“Mmmmm, very very nice,” she said, then continued, “I have another proposition. For a further £1,000 I want you to go and sit in the reclining chair in the conservatory, push it back a little, and drape your legs over the arms, then let me tie your arms and legs down. Will you do it?”

I felt myself blushing again. Draping my legs over the chair arms would obviously need me to spread my legs open, which would in turn open up my pussy and I would be totally exposed, but somehow, exposing myself to her turned me on, and again, there was more money.

“Yes,” I murmured.

She smiled in a way I hadn’t seen her before, and we walked through to the conservatory.

“Get in position,” she said, and I did, having to spread my legs wider than I thought I’d need to and she immediately tied them to the casters, then tied my arms behind the chair back, which in turn made my tits jut out because of how high up my arms she’d secured the bonds. She then stood in front of me, blatantly ogling my entire body.

“Your pussy is spread open nicely,” she said, grinning “and your tits look great”. She then glanced at her watch and left the room. I began to struggle as I belatedly remembered that the train line went directly past her back garden and anyone happening to look into the conservatory would see me, laying there, my pussy spread open and tits exposed for all to see. I called out to her as she came to the doorway, out of view of the train track, completely naked.

“The train will be here momentarily,” she said, and again grinned as I struggled to free myself. Then I heard it and my heart began to thump in my chest, my tits jiggling as I tried to get free, and then I saw it coming up the track and, to my horror, slowing slightly. By the time it began to speed up again two women had already seen me and were staring intently at my exposed body.

Mrs Benson came in after the train had gone, standing naked in front of me. “Now,” she continued, “Let’s get this obtrusive body stocking off you,” and she began to rip the stocking off.

“Now hang on a minute!!” I began, and she slapped me hard on the tit. “You call me mistress!” she ordered, “And you do exactly what you’re told if you want to earn more money.”

I thought for a few moments, anger evident in my body. “Well?” she asked. I paused, then answered “Yes, mistress.”

Still tied down and now totally and utterly exposed, she slid a cushion underneath me, raising my pussy, then knelt between my legs and began rubbing her pussy on mine.

“Suck my tits!” she ordered, pushing her tits into my face, and then pushing the nipple of her left tit against my lips. “Suck it!” she ordered, emphasising her command by slamming her pussy against mine, so I opened my mouth bahis siteleri and she forced her tit in as far as possible and I began sucking as hard as I could, then flicking her nipple with my tongue. She then swapped tits and I gave her right nipple the same treatment. “Good little slave-girl,” she said as she slid her tits down my body and began rubbing them all over my pussy.

She then got up, untied me and took me into the hall, where I was ordered to stand spread-eagle against the lounge door while she rummaged around in a box under the stairs. She found what she was looking for and ordered me to bend over and grab my ankles. I gasped as I saw the double intruder she had in her hand and tried to move away, but she slapped my ass hard and reminded me I was her slave-girl. She then put the tips of the double intruder against my pussy and butt holes and shoved real hard. I gasped as I felt them stretch me and tried to push them back out, but I was rewarded with another slap, harder this time, on the ass. She then grabbed me by the hair and pushed me up against the wall as she got something else from her box, this time a nipple to clit tweezers clamp set. After she pinched and pulled my nipples she attached the clamps, then ordered me to spread my pussy open and pull the skin tight around my clit as she attached the final clamp. I gasped as she adjusted the tightness to such an extent that I thought I’d orgasm as soon as I moved a muscle.

“One last thing,” she said, “Then we’re done …… for now.” and she took hold of some bondage tape and wrapped it around my waist to form a belt of sorts. She then took another length of the tape and tied it to the back of the piece around my waist, passed it through my legs, then fastened it tightly to the front of the ‘belt’, the effect of which was to firmly hold the double intruder in place, as well as add to the pressure on my clit from the clamp.

She then gave me a pair of jeans to put on and a black stretch fabric top, which stretched so tight it became virtually see through, the clamps on my nipples and chains coming from them plainly evident.

“Now we’re going to go for a drive to the park,” she said, obviously delighting in the look of panic on my face. “Don’t worry,” she said, “My little slave-girl will be wearing a jacket.” and so I was, until we sat on a bench in the park and she ordered me to take it off. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she then ordered me to drape my arms over the back on the bench, which of course made my tits jut out, so I may as well have worn a sign that said I’d got nipple clamps on.

Thankfully the area where we were sat was relatively secluded, but then to my horror a woman came into view. I started bringing my arms forward, but Mrs Benson pushed them back.

“You don’t do anything unless I say so,” she said.

As the woman got closer she glanced over, then did a double take as she got close enough to see through my virtually sheer top to the clamps on my nipples. As she began to walk over Mrs Benson got up and stood behind me, holding my arms in place over the back of the bench.

“Nice tits,” bahis şirketleri the woman said, then pulled a small pair of scissors from her pocket and began to cut the top I was wearing.

“Now hang on …..!” I began to exclaim, but Mrs Benson pulled my head back by my hair.

“You’re supposedly to be my little slave-girl, aren’t you?” she said, glaring down at me, “Or have you decided you don’t want your rewards.”

“Yes, mistress,” I murmured.

“What was that, I didn’t quite catch it,” she said.

“Yes, mistress,” I answered, speaking clearly, “I am your little slave-girl.”

“Good,” she said, “And as my little slave-girl you will let my friend Valerie here do whatever she wants. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress,” I answered, thinking to myself that I better be getting a pretty big wad of cash for this.

So Valerie slit my top straight up the middle, and then pulled it aside, uncovering my tits. She removed the clamps and let them fall to the side, then began to massage my tits hard, and pull and twist my nipples. She then straddled me on the bench, lifted her own top – she wasn’t wearing a bra – and began rubbing her tits against mine.

Suddenly I heard footsteps and someone humming, sounded female, and to my horror Mrs Benson quickly tied my wrists to the back of the bench, then whispered into my ear that if I moved or made a sound she would leave me there and there would be no money, then slipped some sort of bag over my head which didn’t quite obscure my vision, while Valerie climbed off me, pushing the remnants of the top to one side to make sure my tits were totally exposed.

As if through thin black lace I saw a young woman come into view, and she stopped her humming as she noticed me. Slowly she began to walk over, looking all around as she did so. She looked around again then prodded my arm; I didn’t move, as instructed.

“She’s got nice tits, hasn’t she,” Valerie said, walking from out of her hiding place.

The young woman blushed furiously, but still nodded her head as she backed away.

“Give them a squeeze,” she said, her voice velvety soft and encouraging. “She obviously wants you to; look at her nipples.” and I was thankful that my face was covered so no-one could see my own blushes at how erect and hard my nipples were, aching for someone to play with them.

“Someone will see,” the young woman said, looking nervously around.

“Let’s go somewhere private then,” Valerie said, “We’ll make her do anything you want, and you can see her totally naked. Would you like that?”

Even through my ‘veil’ I could see she was very tempted and seriously considering the offer.

“Where shall we go?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, not far,” Valerie said, “We’ve got a van just over that hedge, and it’s about a ten minute drive from here.”

Again the woman contemplated, and again agreed.

“What’s your name?” Valerie asked, as Mrs Benson came out from her hiding place and untied me.

“Jessica,” she replied.

“Come on then, Jessica,” she said warmly, “Let’s go and have some fun with our slave-girl.”

Jessica grinned – and blushed – and I wondered what was in store for me as we made our way back to the van, Valerie and Mrs Benson holding my jacket and the remnants of my top to one side, fully exposing my tits to the world.

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