Holly’s Story – Day 04

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Alexa Pearl


At breakfast Holly hesitantly said “I think Emma knows something is going on.”


“It began the first day I didn’t wear panties. I was real nervous and she noticed. She’s been watching me and asking questions ever since. I’m kind of running out of excuses.”

“What do you want to do about it?”

“Can I tell her? Not about the sex or peeing on me or the facial or sticking it in my ass or eating your cum … Geez I didn’t realize we were doing so much weird fun stuff! Anyway, not about that stuff. I was thinking of just telling her you are letting me experiment with wearing different stuff and being naked in my room. Stuff like that.”

“I think that would be okay. She’s coming over soon isn’t she?”

“Yeah. I better get dressed before she gets here.” Holly put her dishes in the sink, gave her uncle a peck on the cheek, and fondled his cock through his pants. “I really liked last night.” Jack watched her ass jiggle as she skipped away down the hall.

Jack knew Holly and Emma had been BFFs since second grade. Emma had helped his niece break her parent’s rules on many occasions. They had practiced kissing techniques on each other in fifth grade. As recently as two years ago they still bathed together during sleepovers.

Emma was a level headed girl which was fortunate because her parents were air heads. It was one reason why Emma was such a good co-conspirator with Holly. Her parents hardly noticed what the two girls did. Stay up late, drink, watch R rated movies, prance around half naked, Emma’s parents were oblivious.

When Emma arrived, he decided to give them some time alone. “I’m going to the store. Be back after a while.” The girls waved their hands ‘okay’ as they headed to Holly’s room.

Holly was nervous. She had been having feelings for her best friend. Romantic feelings. Sexual feelings. Feelings she wasn’t even sure of. Now she was going to try to put some of the feelings into action. It was a risk. What if Emma said ‘no’?

“What’s been up with you this week? You’ve been acting totally strange at school.” Emma demanded.

“I’ll tell you but its a big secret. You can’t tell anyone, especially your parents. Pinky swear?”

“Why would I tell my parents? Sure, pinky swear. Now spill.”

“You know how Uncle Jack isn’t as strict as my parents? Well its a little more than that. He kind of encourages me do what I want. So you know I like to be naked. He said it was okay for me to be naked in my room which is cool. But later I forgot and went out to the kitchen for a soda. He saw me and all he said was ‘You’re naked’. So I kind of have been ‘forgetting’ ever since. About the only time I wear clothes now is for dinner or watching TV.”

“That is so cool. And sorta strange. But why the big secret? Your uncle knows.”

“I kinda did a little more than that. Thursday? When I was so nervous in school? I wasn’t wearing any panties.”

“I knew something was up!”

“Yeah but nobody noticed except you. So yesterday I didn’t wear a bra either.”

“No panties and no bra? Nobody noticed?”

“Not even you.” Holly said smugly. She leaned in and whispered like someone might overhear. “My nipples and areolas are light colored. My school blouses are too loose and thick to see them.”

“Prove it!” Emma giggled then whispered. “Let’s take our clothes off like we used to. Last time I saw you naked you were just starting to get tits.” Holly’s heart pounded – Emma wanted to see her tits!

“Sure. Uncle Jack’s at the store and as long as we stay in my room he won’t know.” Holly knew that was a lie. She was pretty sure her uncle would return shortly and come listen at the door.

There was a race to remove their clothes but Holly won because she didn’t wear underwear. She also won because when Emma had removed her blouse and skirt Holly suddenly said “Wait a minute”.

Light blue panties stood out against Emma’s olive toned skin. The legs were cut high with transparent side panels so her hips were fully displayed. Peek-a-boo lace accented the leg holes. The panties were made from a shiny fabric, nylon or maybe satin. Definitely not like the plain white cotton briefs Holly’s parents demanded she wear.

Holly’s hands brushed the bare skin of her friend’s hips and then eased over to glide along the slippery cloth covering the curve of her friend’s ass. “These panties are sexy.”

Holly raised her eyes a bit. The bra matched the panties. Light blue and shiny, it was big, almost a C cup. A transparent band revealed a bit of under and side boob. The solid colored cups provided ample coverage while embroidery hinted at where the nipples lay.

The top of Emma’s large tits swelled out into the cleft between the cups. The curves were soft. Holly somehow knew if they were let loose they would sag a little but not much. Knew they would bounce and sway with each step as Emma walked.

“You look sexy as hell.” she blurted out as she stared.

Holly inched a finger under the waistband of the panties and checked casino oyna for a reaction. Emma shifted her hips, easing the finger a bit further under the waistband.

“In for a penny, in for a pound. That’s what Uncle Jack says.” Holly thought. “Here goes.”

She reached around her friend’s back, undid the bra, and slipped it out from between them. The big tits sagged slightly. The girl’s paused a moment, their tits touching, each waiting to see the reaction of the other.

Emma was surprised but thrilled. Every time she visited, she hoped to get lucky with her BFF – some snuggling and kissing, maybe a little accidental touching of a tit through blouse and bra- but rarely did. But to have their naked tits pressed together? This was great.

Holly forged ahead and rocked a little so her tits would rub against Emma’s. Emma didn’t pull away but Holly did. She happily cupped her friend’s breasts. “I’ve been waiting two years to see these puppies again.”

She looked at her friend and slid her thumbs inside the waistband at the back of the panties. Her thumbs slipped to the sides and lightly pressed downward. Emma bit her lower lip and gave the slightest of nods.

Holly’s nipples hardened as she eased the panties to the ground and caught a delicate scent from Emma’s pussy. She lingered breathing it in. Her hands lay against the back of Emma’s thighs. So close to the source of that scent.

In one motion, Holly rose up and kissed Emma. Not a BFF peck of a kiss. Soft and tender, mouth open, slow. Her friend was surprised but responded. She pressed her body into Holly’s and felt Holly press back. “What is going on?” Emma thought “Holly never acts like this.”

The kiss broke off. Holly stepped back and finally took a long look up and down. “Your boobs are so much bigger than mine. And your nipples have gotten so dark.” She licked her lips. “I really like your hairy pubes!” She reached out to play in the tangled hair but didn’t dare. Her hands landed on the bare ass cheeks instead.

“Yeah but your nipples stick out so much. Can I touch them?” Emma didn’t wait for an answer as she reached out and rolled a nipple in her fingers. Holly wiggled her chest and made encouraging sounds. “You are such a slut Holly Jane” Emma teased.

Holly took both of Emma’s hands and held them against her chest. She moved the palms in circles over her areolas. She looked straight into Emma’s eyes. “Yes I am.” There was a hint of invitation in her voice. She kissed again, hard. Her tongue pushed in, retreated, pushed in again.

Emma didn’t need any more encouragement. She squeezed her friend’s small tits, rolled the nipples around, watched them harden more, and, in a move Holly hadn’t expected, leaned down and sucked on one. “I’ve always wanted to do that.” She shifted back and forth sucking on one and then the other.

Holly played with Emma’s larger boobs as they hung down and swayed. She fingered both nipples before grabbing her friend’s ass cheeks, drawing her close. Her tongue probed inside her friend’s mouth while her hands explored the naked body. Emma thought it was like winning the sex lottery.

“What if we get caught?” Emma was suddenly nervous.

“He’s at the store. He’ll never know.” Holly embraced her friend and maneuvered their bodies to the bed. She fell backward onto the mattress, pulling Emma down on top of her. Her hand traveled the top of the girl’s bare ass and toyed with her crack.

Emma rolled off onto her side. She grabbed Holly’s ass, squeezed it, and brought them close again. This time Emma started the kiss. She let her hand rove her friend’s body, feeling ass, hip, and waist before stopping to cradle a small breast and tug on a long nipple. “I like playing with your nipples.”

Holly went the opposite direction. From ass crack to hip and then, a little awkwardly, to the mass of dark pubic hair between Emma’s legs. Her fingers twirled and tugged at the hair. Her palm smoothed the tangles and skimmed over the slit.

Holly was excited. Emma was in heaven.

Emma rolled on her back and opened her legs. “Keep going.” Holly lowered her head and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Emma moaned a little and pushed at her friend’s arm. “Down there.”

Holly’s finger poked into the hairy slit and found Emma’s clitoris barely covered by its sheath. The finger made slow circles on the end of the sensitive bud. Emma stretched her arms above her head, put her feet together so her legs made a circle, and half sighed/half moaned. She was totally open and totally vulnerable. Available for anything Holly wanted to do.

Her friend’s mouth stayed on her big tit. The nipple was pulled taut and released. It bounced back, harder and longer. The tongue moistened the areolas. The finger kept circling the clit. “Oh that’s good. Keep going love.” Emma’s pussy was wet and getting wetter.

Holly heard a sound. Uncle Jack was home. She wasn’t worried about him discovering them together. She was worried he would ruin the mood or that Emma would freak out.

Emma was relaxed as she canlı casino gently rolled her pelvis up and down, side to side. Holly let her palm drift down on top of the clit, which was now exposed. She used a little pressure and movement to roll it around. Her fingers were now free. Her longest finger slipped down the slit to Emma’s pussy hole. It played around the entrance.

Emma was tensing up, her pelvis getting frantic. She grabbed Holly’s head and kissed her hard, tongue thrusting. “Go in! Go in!” she managed to say during the kiss. Her legs opened wider and raised off the bed. Her hand grabbed at Holly’s wrist and missed.

Holly heard the whisper of a shoe on carpet. Her uncle was right outside the door. “Not now.” she thought. “Go away. You’ll ruin it.”

Emma pulled back from the kiss. “Go in! Please go in!” she said loudly and frantically. Holly heard the shoe retreat from the door.

She paused a moment and put her finger into the hole. Not far but enough. She moved it in and out slowly. With each movement, she went deeper but only a little deeper. Building anticipation and desire with each stroke.

Juices dripped from Emma’s pussy only to be trapped in her thick pubes. She had stopped moaning and was making random sounds. Her face turned side to side. Her pelvis thrust up and down. Emma couldn’t take it anymore.

“MAKE ME CUM! OH GOD MAKE ME CUM!” she yelled. Holly pulled her finger back. She thrust back in with three fingers. In as far as she could go. Stretching Emma’s pussy wide. Driving in and out quickly, her palm still pressuring the clit.

Emma screamed. Her whole body lifted off the bed, supported only by her head and feet. She grabbed her friend’s wrist and tried pushing the fingers in further and faster. Thick white cum flowed out of her pussy, coating the lips and coloring the dark hair. The cum foamed a little as it was churned by Holly’s hand.

The scream faded and stopped. The only sound was Emma panting. Holly stopped moving her hand and withdrew her fingers. Emma’s body sagged toward the bed, slowly like watching a tire go flat. Lying on the bed, Emma didn’t move except to smile at Holly.

Holly gave her a soft kiss and laid next to her friend. Wiped some cum off her hand onto one of the big floppy tits. She put an arm and leg over the girl.

Emma finally stirred. The two girls passed little kisses back and forth. “Wow … just wow!” Emma raised up on one elbow. “I’m sorry I didn’t do anything to you. But … Wow!” She caressed Holly’s cheek.

Emma began playing with Holly but it was obvious not much was going to happen. Emma was just too spent, too languid as Holly had said.

A minute later that all changed. Emma came alive with a burst of energy. She pushed Holly away and stood. “Where are my clothes? I have to pee so bad. Where are my clothes?” Holly grabbed her hand and led the naked girl down the hall to the bathroom. With Emma on the toilet, Holly stood in the bathtub and peed. Emma was fascinated by the golden stream.

Emma went to wipe herself but Holly was quicker. Her head went down to her friend’s pubes. She licked up little drops of pee. She licked up big globs of cum. Emma started getting aroused. “Stop licking already. Give me time to recover.”

Jack hollered “Lunch is ready.” Again Holly grabbed her friend by the hand and half ran, half dragged her toward the dining area. “Are you crazy? I’m naked. He’ll see me.” The complaint didn’t stop Holly.

Jack looked up from the table. His eyes roved over Emma’s naked body. Her olive skin. Her big tits. Her still erect nipples. Her very hairy dark bush. Cum was smeared on the inside of her thighs. She blushed but with only one free hand couldn’t cover up.

‘Uncle Jack isn’t as strict’. That’s what Holly had said. Still, getting a soda while nude was something altogether different than screaming ‘make me cum’ while having sex with his niece. Emma waited for the lecture, for the punishment, for the phone call to her parents.

“The meatloaf is getting cold. Sit down and eat.” Emma felt like Alice Through the Looking Glass as the conversation turned to a recent lacrosse game, their first victory of the new season. Nothing was said about their nudity until the table was being cleared.

“Did you enjoy it?” Jack was looking straight at Emma. She knew he didn’t mean the meatloaf. She blushed and said nothing. He waited.

“Yes.” she said casually. “It was my first time with a girl.” Emma was trying to restrain herself, trying to be cool. Jack raised an eyebrow and said nothing.

She couldn’t restrain herself. She burst out “It was so fucking great! It was unbelievably great! It was … it was … beyond great!”.

“So I guess you liked it.” Jack teased dryly and turned to his niece. “Did you tell Emma about the house rules?”

“No. I thought it was a secret.” Holly replied.

“Well the secret seems to be out.”

Turning to her BFF Holly said “I kind of lied before about being naked in my room. The first rule is you have to be naked in the house kaçak casino at all times except when there is company. The second rule … ” she glanced at Jack and he nodded ” … is you have to do whatever Uncle Jack says even if you don’t like it.”


Holly grinned. “Anything he wants. Any. Thing.” Holly pointed at her tits and pussy to make sure the message got through.

Emma’s jaw dropped. “You mean … you and him? Doing it?” Holly nodded.

“You little shit. You’ve been fucking your uncle and you didn’t tell me? I’m your best friend. You little shit.” She furiously slapped at Holly’s tit. “My god you really are a slut!”

Holly responded by straddling her friend’s lap and reaching down to play with the dark patch of hair. “And aren’t you glad I am.”

“Yes, I am.” Emma kissed Holly. She snuck a look at Jack. He was watching but not objecting, not disturbed.

“Before you go too far … ” Jack interjected “Since you are a guest the rules can be more flexible for you. So Rule Number One. Do you like being naked? Do you want to get naked when you come over?” Emma nodded a definite yes.

“Now Rule Number Two. The tough one. Doing whatever you are told.” Emma looked nervous.

“Let’s see what that might mean. Did you like what you and Holly did? Would you do it again?” Emma blushed a light shade of pink and gave a double nod.

“Would you like to do that with me? Or with a boy?” Emma turned deep red and began fidgeting in her chair. Clearly she was concerned about something. Jack gave her a minute.

“Out with it. You’re naked in front of me. You and Holly had sex. You came at the top of your lungs. How much worse could it be?”

In a tiny voice Emma said “I don’t … really … kind of … I don’t like boys that way.” With a hasty glance at Holly, she cowered in her seat.

Holly pulled back. “You’re a lesbian? How long have you known that?” She stood with her hands on her hips.

“A little over two years. That’s why I said we had to stop taking baths together. I got so horny looking at you naked, looking at your cute little wet pussy, that I couldn’t stand it. I was afraid to tell you cuz you’d think it was weird or gross. Or maybe wouldn’t want to be friends anymore.”

“Now who’s the little shit.” Holly lightly slapped Emma’s tits making them bounce. “Two years without telling me! I am going to make you regret that.” She pinched Emma’s nipples and reached for her pussy.

“Calm down you two. Back to the house rules. You like girls. How about instead of doing what I say, Holly gets to be in charge and tell you what to do. But girl stuff only.”

Emma relaxed a bit and thought about it. “Anything?” She was still doubtful. Holly had a habit of taking things too far.

“Anything she can get away with.” He smiled. Emma nodded.

“Oh boy. You’re my fuck toy” Holly shrieked. Emma swatted her on her bottom and glared at her. “Fuck toy” Holly said as she wiggled her bottom. Another swat. “Fuck toy, fuck toy, fuck toy”. Emma pulled her friend down on her lap and began spanking her hard. By the count of ten, Holly was moaning and starting to cry. Emma looked worried and confused.

“She likes pain. Pinch her nipple.” Jack suggested. Emma did and Holly almost fainted with pleasure as her pussy glistened.

“I think you’ll be able to keep her demands reasonable. Why don’t you finish her off while I do the dishes.”

Still feeling like this was a strange but wonderful dream, Emma pushed Holly off her lap. The girl rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, opening her pussy with both hands. Emma knelt between the legs and began to lower her head. First though she grabbed both nipples and pinched them hard. Holly let out a loud moan. Emma could actually see the girl get wetter.

She bent and licked at her BFFs open slit. Up and down. With a quick glance at her friend, she lightly bit the clit before sucking on it. Another loud moan. Holly wrapped her legs around Emma and lifted her pelvis. “Do me.”

Emma took three fingers and shoved them in the hole. Wiggled them around. Went in and out. She put her thumb on the clit, rubbing and pressing. Holly writhed on the kitchen floor. Her pelvis bounced up and down. Emma bent and sucked on the clit. She bit it. Twice.

Her best friend thrashed and yelled. Cum oozed out into Emma’s hand and slid off onto the floor. Holly’s legs tightened their grip and held on until it was over. Holly lay there with a grin on her face. The girl reached up and took Emma’s wrist, bringing it to her mouth. She licked the cum off.

Holly rolled over and licked her own cum off the floor, just like Uncle Jack had taught her. When she was finished with the floor, she delicately wiped her lips with one finger and sucked it clean.

The two girls went back in the bedroom and fondled and fingered until finally Emma said “My pussy is too sore to take anymore. Besides I have to pee again.”

This time Holly lay in the bathtub and demanded “Pee on me.” Emma hesitated. “Remember you’re my fuck toy.” Instantly angry Emma straddled her BFF, pulled her lips apart, and aimed at Holly’s face. By the time she was done, Holly was wet from her head to knees. “I knew calling you that would get you to piss on me.”

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